Boycott Boston and defend America

The City of Boston, Massachusetts is fast becoming the flagship city for the new American order.

Even before the Democratic National Convention, the MBTA subway system instituted a new policy of random searches of people and their belongings to be conducted anywhere, anytime in the MBTA system. The MBTA itself acknowledges that the police are not acting on probable cause- a clear violation of the fourth ammendment to the US Constitution.

The City of Boston's Mayor Menino and the rest of the governmental leadership in the state, including representatives to Washington, conspired to, and did act to, deny the people of Boston, and all American people, their due rights as citizens and humans, and particularly those rights guaranteed under the Constitution. These include the right to peacably assemble and to petition the government for redress of grievances, which were both actively denied during the period of the convention.

The City of Boston, and other branches of the government, also actively denied people their fourth ammendment rights, in the manner previously noted, and also through the installation of an array of new spy cameras around the city.

Furthermore, the rights guaranteed under the second ammendment were also denied, and are regularly denied, both in the City of Boston and in Massachusetts.

Finally, the rights of the people of Boston and surrounding areas to work and conduct business were denied and restricted to facilitate the other violations already noted.

It is well known that the location of the Democratic National Convention in Boston was an event particularly desired by the political leaders of the City of Boston, especially Mayor Menino. It is also well known that Boston relies on its suburbs for a large part of its workforce and income.

It is fair to say that the government of the City of Boston under Tom Menino bears a large part of the responsibility for the violation of our rights which occured as a result of the convention. It is also fair to say that Menino and his supporters lied to the people of the CIty of Boston, and of the United States, by insisting that the convention would be beneficial for Boston, as well as for other areas of the state, and for the United States as a whole.

Therefore, since this was clearly a lie,

Since the Democratic National Convention and the governments of the City of Boston, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and the United States have contributed to the destruction of the rights of the American people and to the destruction of the American Republic,

And to the impoverishment of Boston merchants and suburban workers and businesses,

And since the City of Boston has clearly been chosen as a showcase of what is to come when the rights and the Republic of the American people have been entirely extinguished,

We call for a boycott of the CIty of Boston.

We call for a boycott of the City of Boston until such time as the unconstitutional subway searches are permanently discontinued,

And until such time as the new spy cameras are permanently removed,

And until such time as the City of Boston will guarantee to the people their rights under the Constitution, and their right to earn a livelihood through lawful work.

The City of Boston is intended to be a showcase of the success those who are enemies of the American people, and their freedoms, and their government, and their livelihoods.

Let us show them that this is not acceptable.

By this boycott let the city be transformed into a showcase to our enemies, and to the world, of the continued determination of the American people to live in freedom, peace, and prosperity.

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