President Bush Awards Bronze Star to Spec. Darby for Heroism in Unveiling Abu Ghraib Scandal

n a dramatic impromptu ceremony at the White House today, President George W. Bush awarded Specialist Joseph C. Darby the Bronze Star for his courage in bringing the Abu Ghraib prison scandal to light...

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Well that's rather sick...

King Amdo 01.Aug.2004 08:57

Considering the christian pervert Bush ordered it. (the racist and sexual abuse of detainees).

No holding back with this boy.

What a facade!

American 01.Aug.2004 16:27

If the Americans believe this, then I regret to say that the believers are extremely stupid!

Really!..this is the sort of thing Bush would do...

King Amdo 01.Aug.2004 17:05

...yes of course christian believers are very stupid. (as in the meaning dumbed down, reduced intellegence)