Naomi Klein backs Kerry

Naomi Klein has crossed the political picket line by backing Kerry

I was saddened by Naomi Klein's decision to cross the political picket line and support Kerry. I read her article which was reproduced in the UK Guardian with interest.

The question is at what point do we stop voting for the "lesser evil." The answer of the union leaders and the "Demogreens" in America would seem to be "never." It is never a good time to break away from the two party system. In reality, as Naomi Klein seems to acknowledge, it is a "one party system" party for the rich and powerful.

The Republicans will always field some unconscionable travesty and therefore the Democrats will expect to profit from the "other team" batting for capitalism will be elected.

Nader/Comajo are anti-war and anti-corporation. Kerry is not. A movement against the parties of the corporations can be built around the Nader/Comajo campaign. Naomi's only argument for voting for Kerry is to expose him: it is not good enough. This is not a fight for the soul of the Democratic Party. Big business has bought and paid for the soul of the Democratic Party.

Nader detailed some of the dirty tricks which the Democrats have used against him in an interview with Amy Goodman

No saviours from on high are going to deliver us and Nader does not believe that any more than I do. People who vote for Nader/Comajo are rejecting the doctrine of the lesser evil for good and all. People in this country ought to understand this - is Blair less evil than Howard? It is a time for "difficult decisions" ....In this country the time is ripe to oppose both parties of war, both parties of the corporations - and the same is true of America.

Derek McMillan

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Arrogance eventually leads to ignorance

. 01.Aug.2004 19:19

It is unfortunate but true.
Today most in USA and Britain think that there is no other form of governance *superior* to the
**lesser evil** forms of government that they are fooled into supporting.
Sometimes education without a clear-cut guidance of spirituality leads the most educated and many
times arrogant human to utter ignorance.

Try Islam for a change. But first sincerely learn about it from original sources and not from
New York Times or CNN etc.


By Peter Miguel Camejo 01.Aug.2004 23:16

There is a mystery to the 2004 presidential election; a silence has fallen on America regarding a glaring contradiction. As we enter the second half of 2004, there is massive popular opposition to the war in Iraq and to the USA PATRIOT Act -- possibly a majority of Americans. Yet these same people are about to vote in overwhelming numbers for John Kerry for President.