The Choice We Make (This November)

One Americans view on America

The Choice We Make

By Mark Scott

What are you an an individual prepared to do this November if the election goes to the radical right? Will you sit idle and take another 4 years? It seems a lot of middle class people are currently happy with the Bush administration for the increase in their tax refunds they've been getting in the last 3 years?

Do you happen to be one of these people? It's easy to tell if you are. For starters in addition to your larger tax refunds which in reality are loans you have that huge write off from owning that gas guzzling SUV! You also don't seemed too concerned that your elderly mother can no longer afford her medicine thanks to the botching of Medicare earlier this year but that's ok because your buying a 2nd SUV which of course is much more important.

It also doesn't matter much that you will be paying 30% more for your kids college tuition this year either because you'll just charge it on your credit card and pretend it doesn't exist. All this debt you've amassed isn't a big deal because if worse comes to worse you'll just declare bankruptcy and blame it on the left wing liberals for not allowing you to live above your means. You think “How dare these people try to convince me that 2+2 = 4”!

Americans with this frame of mine MUST WAKE UP! You do yourself and the lives of your children no good. The average American is incapable of staying out of debt. They really think they deserve all this material wealth despite the amount of debt they create.

A personal friend of mine makes well over $150,000 a year yet he carries with him in excess of $40,000 in credit card debt with no sign of slowing down. In addition to being a staunch republican he really believes he is part of the wealthiest 15%! This of course is a false belief based on the usual bullshit the right wing feeds their own people on a regular basis.

Do these Americans care about how they haven't been able to even start saving for their kids college education? Maybe, but how can they start? They barely have enough to cover their mortgage and make the minimum payments on their credit cards each month. Yet it is these same people that will cast a vote for Bush in November because they want those larger tax refunds to keep coming!

Will they be taking that refund money and investing it in a college trust fund? No, instead they will use it to pay off some of that credit card debt they have amassed so they can go out and purchase more material wealth they of course cannot afford. It's these Americans that the republicans are counting on for their vote. They will vote the GOP ticket because they know they can count on the GOP to create an even more powerful false sense of security.

It is these sleeping voters who prefer to live in a material fantasy rather than lucid reality that have the ability to propel the GOP to a 2nd term. It's these “Nascar Dads” and “Soccer Mom's” that must be reached and woken up which is itself an almost impossible task it seems due to various reasons in their thinking.

These people have a hard enough time acknowledging reality even exists much less accepting reality for what it is and being able to live their lives within it's boundaries. They are too busy creating an artificial environment in suburbia America with their homes and SUV's serving as “material shields” to keep reality at bay. It should be no surprise that these people help elect politicians into office who embrace this shallow and artificial way of life.

The current majority in congress wants to pass laws and budgets that make no logical sense. They too are too busy living in this reality of material nonsense to be able to govern for the better good of all. They're priorities are not in line with the greater good instead they are focused on what it will take to keep this “material shield” alive and functioning no matter what the costs to our freedom. It is because without such falsehoods in place these people will be forced to face their own lucid existence, which for most will be unbearable because there are so many that have been sleeping for so long that they thought of waking up to the real world can be a greater fear than the fear of death itself.

This fear is something that will drive them to protect their falsehoods at all costs. This has already been demonstrated on a massive scale with those of us who have chosen to speak out against the war and the Bush administrations policies. I have witnessed people accused of being unpatriotic, called traitors. These “nascar dads” will show up at the anti-war protests to protest people speaking out against the war with some even willing to risk their own freedom by making death threats, carry out physical assaults against the protesters and even unleash attacks on their own flesh and blood. An example of this comes from a posting on Indymedia from a mother who's daughter was arrested while attending an antiwar protest in Austin in 2002. Her post bashed her daughter and called her and her friends unamerican and went on to say how happy she was that her daughter was in jail for daring to question the presidents policies. She went on to talk about how she was planning to cut off her college and take her car away. This is a great example of how far these people on the extreme right will go to defend their own false reality.

Let me not forget to mention those right wing religious kooks who are waging their own jihad against the American people. To hear them speak they claim bush has been chosen by god to lead the world out of sin! When you combine these religious crackpots with the nascar dads & soccer moms this results in an extreme force to be reckoned with.

What can those of us of what seems to be the minority at times who are grounded to the real world do to teach these people that the game they are playing with themselves is a loosing battle? This is a question I cannot answer but I like to remember what Abbie Hoffman said in that it is possible to make real changes happen in the majority of society even if you are only a minority. It is going to be up to us to find a way to affect the masses in a way that they actually understand yet does not conflict with their “happy place”.

This November “We The People” will be making a choice! The choice we will be making effects boundaries that extend well beyond just that of the presidential election. The choice that we will make as Americans is one which will begin to shape the entire future of our cultures and country. From these choices several questions will be answered. We will choose whether or not we as a people wish to regain some sense of control to the madness that we have chosen to submit to since the 2000 election such as:

Corporations and their executives cooking the books and getting off Scott free while making the Securities and Exchange Commission appear totally powerless in their ability to enforce fair trade.

Unjust foreign invasions and unbelievable laws such as the Patriot Act being passed through congress.

After 9/11 we as a people has no choice but to trust the President and his aides to guide this country. That trust was abused and thus we will choose whether we as a nation will be united or continue to be divided. We will choose whether search and seizure of our private homes on suspicion of “terrorism” is justified. We will choose whether it is acceptable to question our leaders motives whether right or wrong and not be seen as unamerican for doing so. We will choose if in the event of another flaky election whether we will sit in silence and allow other elected officials make choices for the people on who their leader is to be. Reality or myth is the choice we will make. Will we as a people choose to make our own choices or will we resign to letting our already elected officials make those choices for us while half of us live in our happy place and the other half of us continues to be what seems to be the eternal struggle.

We as a people united or divided? That is the choice we will make.

© 2004 by Mark Scott

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