28 Detained for insulting Putin?



Police have brutally detained 28 peaceful human rights protestors in the Polish city of Krakow today (Wed 26.01.2005). Claims of human rights abuses against the prisoners include: throwing people into water despite the sub-freezing temperatures; kicking people in the genitals, pulling their hair (dreadlocks) in order to exert pain, throwing two women to the ground and putting their knees on the women's backs despite no violence from the side of the protestors.

It appears that the 28 people detained will all be prosecuted for having insulted Putin</ a>, under legislation which makes it illegal to offend a foreign head of state present on Polish territory.

Urgent appeals to the Polish Police Minister, Premier and President and directly to the police detainment centre at Mogilska street 109 (telephone +48 12 615-49-21 - fax at central police station: +48 12 615 2607) where the human rights protestors are being detained may help free the victims and prevent any continuation of these abuses.

The main aim of the protest (pl) was against tomorrow's planned presence at the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp of war criminal Vladimir Putin, responsible for the continuing systematic human rights violations in Chechnya. Protestors consider it hypocritical to invite a known war criminal to the anniversary of the freeing of a concentration camp. A wide consensus exists among protestors that other visitors like Dick Cheney are also war criminals who should be the target of protests, but points of view diverge on the degree of responsibility for war crimes or other human rights violations by the president of Israel (Moshe Katsav) and whether or not this is an appropriate time/place to protest against his policies. There is total consensus in supporting the paying of homage to the victims of the Holocaust: people are only protesting the presence of leaders themselves responsible for systematic human rights violations.

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XaViER 27.Jan.2005 07:01

Among detained are members of Polish Anarchist Federation and several members of polish section of Amnesty International.

latest info

durruti 27.Jan.2005 11:43

The 28 detained people have not been released. In front of the Police Station (Komisariat) at Mogilska street 109 (telephone +48 12 615-49-21), the friends and families of the detained people are starting to gather. The police are giving no useful information, refusing to give information to private individuals, claiming to pass on to the next competent people.

In Warsaw at 17:00 at the Russian Embassy (Belwederska street, not far from the intersection for pedestrians) there will be an anti-Putin demonstration as well as solidarity with the detainees.

please send urgent appeals

solidarity 27.Jan.2005 11:57

Minister of the Interior (Police)

Greeting: Szanowny Panie Ministrze,

Ryszard Kalisz
Ministerstwo Spraw Wewnętrznych i Administracji
Stefana Batorego 5
02-591 Warszawa

+48 (22) 621 02 51



Minister of the Interior (Police) - second address

Dyrektor Wydziału Skarg i Wniosków Departamentu Nadzoru i Kontroli
Ministerstwa Spraw Wewnętrznych i Administracji,
ul. Batorego 5,
02-514 Warszawa

tel. +48 22 603-43-57;

tel/fax +48 22 849-76-62.

Prime Minister

Greeting: Szanowny Panie Premierze,

Marek Belka
Kancelaria Prezesa Rady Ministrów
Al. Ujazdowskie 1/3
00-583 Warszawa

telefon +48 (22) 694-60-00
fax +48 (22) 625-26-37




Greeting: Szanowny Panie Prezydencie,

Aleksander Kwaśniewski
Kancelaria Prezydenta RP
ul. Wiejska 10
PL-00-902 Warszawa

Tel. +48 (22) 695-29-00

[pl]  http://www.prezydent.pl/poc/index.php3

[en]  http://www.prezydent.pl/poc/en_index.php3

*local police station (komisariat) where people are being held (as of 27-01-2005 10:42 GMT, there are still 28 people detained):
Policyjna Izba Zatrzymań 31-571 Kraków ul. Mogilska 109 (+48 12) 615-49-21

Movie from Cracov, Poland

FA 27.Jan.2005 15:33

On  http://http://video.indymedia.org/en/

there are available two short movies from wednesday (26.01.2005.) manifestation against Putin's policy in Chechnya and his visit to Cracow for Holocaust commemorations.

Holocaust in the Caucasus

Article @ indy.germany

kraut 27.Jan.2005 16:57

article @ indymedia.germany:
Krakau: Polizei misshandelt Menschenrechter wegen Kritik an Putin


pannekoek 27.Jan.2005 19:37

The Shoah is a historical singularity without precedent. Attempts to draw historical parallels between the destruction of the European Jews and other human rights violations are ill-conceived and in poor taste.

Even the oft-mooted comparisons between Auschwitz and the genocide of Native Americans are completely unacceptable, for the sole reason that there was NO RATIONAL MOTIVATION BEHIND THE HOLOCAUST.

Most genocides in history have been the result of the drive for territorial acquisition, wealth accumulation, control over resources, etc. The Holocaust is a genocide sui generis, because it fulfilled no rational function within the context of the second world war, and even diverted valuable resources away from the German war effort.

Holocaust and Nazi comparisons are cheaply bandied about by the Left to score cheap moral points. This must stop. In continental Western Europe, where the left has a higher level of theoretical sophistication than its American counterpoints and people bother to read texts by the likes of Adorno, Lukacs, Korsch, and other thinkers, people have no problems understanding the singularity of the Shoah.

That's not an attack on American leftists and other progressives in English speaking countries. But it is a call to wake-up and get serious. The Holocaust is not something to exploit for your pet causes.

there is no such comparison here

XaViER 27.Jan.2005 20:29

I would like to underline that nobody before and during this protest did such comparison. This protest was against Putin, and protestors wanted to express that Putin, as murderer of Chechen people, has no moral right to commemorate auschwitz genocide.

Relacja z demostracji w Krakowie

gurinder 27.Jan.2005 22:46

Do utarczek z policją doszło w środę w Krakowie podczas protestu kilkudziesięciu demonstrantów z Komitetu Wolny Kaukaz i Amnesty International, zorganizowanego przeciwko wizycie prezydenta Rosji Władimira Putina w Oświęcimiu. Zgromadzeni na płycie Rynku Głównego policjanci dali się zaskoczyć demonstrantom, którzy nieoczekiwanie wyszli z Kościoła Mariackiego. Doszło do przepychanek z policją, która zablokowała i zatrzymała kilku demonstrujących. "Stop ludobójstwu" i "Holokaust na Kaukazie", "Bankiet w Krakowie", "Precz z rosyjskim terroryzmem" krzyczeli m.in. demonstranci.


harcesz 28.Jan.2005 09:51


all arrested all free, at leas 5 of them are gonna be prosecuted under heavy charges ( attacking a police officer and so on), under the link above ( ;) ) you can find info in different languages, we are preparing also a bigger article if multilingual version

You have no future!

Red neck 01.Feb.2005 10:41

Putin is an asshole. But why are you wasting your time and blood on this?
You should be out protesting your hopeless misery!

“EU enjoy economic growth of 2% a year, and the countries joining in 2004 and 2007 (including Bulgaria and Romania) grow by about 4% a year, then it will take the new members, on average, more than 50 years to draw level with the old ones (see table). If the new members manage only 3% growth, it will take them 90 years to catch up.” That’s no 5year-plan comrade!

You starting rioting under communism every time kielbasa prices went up. Now that you’re being totally raped by capitalism, people starving, with 20% unemployment, nothing.....

You know the Russians liberated your country from the nazis, lost millions doing so, they heavily subsidized your economy especially with cheap (under market price) gas and oil under communism... and you still hate them....

something wrong

red neck 01.Feb.2005 11:03

with this site?

Chechens are terrorists!

The Don 05.Feb.2005 00:03

Putin is a Hero for standing up to Chechen terrorists. You dare call him a war
criminal when Bush has murdered millions of people world wide.

You stupid people make me sick. Chechens have killed kids in Beslen, people in apartment buildings and the Moscow metro was attacked too.

Long live Putin you dumb westerners!

stop it

___ 05.Feb.2005 12:47

Most of those 'protestors' seem to know nothing about Chechnya, Putin's policy and even their own history. Stop making conclusions when you don't have enough information on the subject.

we know enough

XaViER 05.Feb.2005 18:55

We know enough to condemn actions of Putin, who is murderer of Chechen men, women and children. Members of Polish Anarchist Federation were in Chechenya with humanitarian aid, and they SAW with their own eyes what russian fascist army is doing there. In Bieslan were terrorists (and they WERE terrorist as Putin is) not only from Chechenya but whole Caucasus. I condemn these sort of action too. But this is not explanation for Putin.