Rally For Peace- Rhode Island


Post this Flyer to Rally for the Cause!
Post this Flyer to Rally for the Cause!

I am the cofounder of a small activist organization called Solid State. We are currently organizing a "Rally For Peace" to take place on January 15, 2005.

Support our troops, our money, our safety, our liberties, and our nation by rallying for peace Saturday, January 15, 2005 at Station Park; Providence (across the street from the mall) Solid State is looking to organize a peaceful, meaningful demonstration. We will make clear that we oppose the current administration's policies on everything from global warming to national security, to education. The ideals on which this great nation is based grant us the freedom to organize peacefully toward a common cause. Show the world that Americans support a peaceful end to this bloody war, and Support our troops by donating money to buy supplies which will be sent to R.I. soldiers serving in Iraq and Afghanistan!
"I pledge allegiance, to the world. Nothing more and nothing less than my humanity!" -Strike Anywhere

e-mail:: solid_state_org@yahoo.com homepage:: http://www.geocities.com/solid_state_org

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