I was lured to work in Iraq by a Halliburton job recruiter. I was injured in Iraq, not paid as much money as I was promised, AIG Insurance company is refusing to pay for my medical care and I am now homeless. I cannot work until my leg heals but I need Physical Therapy for that to happen.

How I got the job working for KBR/Halliburton in Iraq:

I was unemployed in San Diego, California and cruising the Internet for opportunities. I was working as a beach lifeguard in North Carolina’s Outer Banks and the local paper was the Virginia Pilot. I remember reading the VA Pilot every Sunday while I was working in NC. I noticed there were a lot of jobs for lifeguards in the Maryland, District of Columbia and Northern Virginia areas. So I contacted American Lifeguard Association (ALA) and was given a fantastic job offer. See ALA job offer letter. However, just to be cautious I checked the United States Lifeguarding Assn website ( so that I would have a back up plan in case all the promises made by the ALA were just words.

That is when I discovered the KBR advertisement: Lifeguards in Iraq and the contact was
David Morgan – KBR/Halliburton recruiter. 713-753-3767

I explained to David Morgan that I had some very good offers in the USA and that I would prefer to work in the USA until September 10, 2004 because I had these fantastic “sure things” lined up.

Well Mr Morgan told me that I would earn $6625 per month tax free based upon working 12 hours per day, 7 days per week. I know I could have definitely earned $1500 per week for at least 6 weeks teaching classes with the American Lifeguard Assn, per enclosed job offer letter, but then I would end up getting a job that paid $400 to $600 per week until the middle of August, then my salary would peak to $800 to $1000 per week to work until Labor Day for 7 days per week.

However, while every job opportunity past the American Lifeguard Assn was speculative I knew that I would have a solid pay period with ALA. So I really had no desire to take a big chance where I would lose big if everything that Halliburton jobs recruiter David Morgan ended up being a BIG LIE.

However, David was a smooth talker and a great liar and he persuaded me to give up all the other much better opportunities for his lie that I would earn $6625 per month tax free. Well I only ended up earning $1700 for the 3 weeks that I was overseas. The 26 days I wasted in Houston waiting to get sent to Iraq I was unpaid.

In addition to not getting paid any amount near what I was told that I would be paid I injured myself and have lost many opportunities as a result of the denial to pay for physical therapy so that I can recover from my injury or any manner of compensation for my inability to work. AIG insurance company handles Work Comp for Halliburton. The AIG Claims rep that denied my claim is Mr Joe Johnson. Tel. 214-932-2217 email: See Claim denial letter.

Halliburton Insurance Dept. contact: Faith Sproul 281-575-3526

So I gave up several good opportunities, got hurt, and lost several good opportunities in order to provide a commission check to the lying salesman (Halliburton Employment Recruiter) David Morgan.

I feel very unhappy that I allowed myself to be pressured and deceived into taking a job with KBR/Halliburton. I will never work for them ever again. At this time I just want my injury to heal and I want to move on with my life. Since I have been sleeping in my car, eating junk food and not exercising I have gotten fat and out of shape. If I try to run or swim I am in pain. My savings are almost gone and all the jobs available to me at this time require me to be able to pass run, swim, rescue tests within specific time requirements. Which is something that I currently cannot do until my injury heals.

Any assistance that you provide will be very much appreciated. Enclosed with this letter is a list of supporting information.



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My own opinion of KBR Halliburton

Gina 12.Jan.2005 11:03

My husband now works in Afghanistan as an employee of KBR and I too feel like they lied ot us in order to get him to work for them. However I must say I am a firm believer that some of the things the original author is complaining about can only be his fault. When my husband went to houston we prepared everyhting ahead of time and made sure before he got there that his i's were dotted and his t's were crossed and therefore he was only there for 2 weeks which was the normal time that they told us he would be there. I feel like in that regard if you have everything ready that they ask you to have ready you should not have been unnecesarily delayed in Houston. This is where the first lie came in for us. Let me start by saying we had laid out our complete financial situaton to our recruiter (not the same one that this nice gentleman had but I don't fel right giving out names) and explained that we had very little savings and 5 children and would have to wait for at least a month for my husband to leave so that we would have enough money to make it until his first pay period. At this point she told us that as soon as he got on the plane to go overseas he would receive $500.00 that he could send home and after that he would be able to get a $500 pay advance each week that he could have deposited in our account at home. Well this was not so. He did get his first $500 but then they told him that he could not send it home becasue he was going to be held responsible for all of his traveling expenses besides the airfare and once he got overseas he immediately asked for the first pay advance to be sent home and finds out that they are not eligible to receive the pay advances until they have been there for 30 days (at which time they were supposed to get their first paycheck anyway) so even though we layed out our situaiton completely honestly I feel like we were lied to and in the process I was left home alone without my husband and with no source of income for almost 2 months during which time I had to ask my churhc to buy groceries for my family or let them starve. Also he has only been over there for 3 months now and received only 2 checks niether one of the was for the amount that he was supposed to be getting paid. Both were about $1000 short which is a huge difference. The only other complaint that I have is that the medical insurance sucks really bad and they require you to have it which cancels out any other policy you may have for your children (like my kids were on Peachcare and then it got canceled) well the deductible beofre the insurance company will pay 80% is $1000 PER PERSON. Well this might not seem like much to someone who does not have 5 children but they are telling us we have to pay $7000. per year before they will cover 80%. What is even the point in paying the two hundred and something per month right??? Well I will stop complaining now although the other thing i might add is that I don't think KBR can be to blame for you living in your car or being homeless. I think every person is in control of their own destiny and even though it might not be in your chosen position you could find a job somehwere I am sure until you healed well enough to be a lifeguard again. I do feel like their opening lies and high pressured do it now attitude are very wrong when trying to convince people to move to another country are very wrong though. I will be praying for you and hope everything ends up ok for you!