2nd Annual Hip Hop For Healthcare Benefit Concert

Currently, the music industry has a policy of not insuring artists on their record label. Medicaid and other programs such as those providing Child Health Plus and Family Health Plus offer insurance only to very low-income people. For instance, if you make $10,000 a year as a single adult you are not eligible for any of the above health plans.

Director of Operations L. James who designed the G.A.ME (Grassroots Artists MovEment) HealthCare Network, which is developed to provide G.A.ME members with healthcare, said "there is a serious problem when your government can show a trillion dollars spent on health care and still not accommodate the nation's health crisis. We unite with Congressman John Conyers' bill HR 676, but, at the same time our resources are concentrated on applying our grassroots health solutions right now . . . we're very grateful for doctors participating in the network and look forward to building with thousands more across the states by middle of 2005." The 2nd Annual "Hip-Hop for HealthCare" Benefit Concert will support G.A.ME's effort to continue to provide healthcare to uninsured artists.

The Benefit Concert will take place on Tues. Jan. 4th @ Joe's Pub, Located at 425 Lafayette Street, NYC on the corner of Astor Place. Mr. Cheeks will be the featured performer and M-1 of Dead Prez , G.A.ME’s Lead Spokesperson will be hosting the event. C-Rayz Walz is back in the G.A.ME lineup along w/ some of G.A.ME's finest Red Clay, Division X, Majesty, Hasan Salaam, Slik dA Relic, & Ravage. Tickets in advance are available at Music on Myrtle, BK & Fat Beats, NYC.

Free G.A.ME Compilation albums featuring G.A.ME members Dead Prez & Immortal Technique will be distributed to attendees before 8:30pm.

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