Toxics In Your Drinking Water 1988

“It is simply not true that people 20 years ago( 37 years ago now )did not understand the toxicity of chemicals.

If you want exhaustive proof that people have understood the toxic properties of modern chemicals since the early 1900s, you have only to glance through a book like Donald Hunter's The Diseases of Occupations. The third edition of Hunter's classic appeared in 1964, 24 years ago and among its 1225 pages one can find early knowledge of every chemical we are concerned about today. Benzene toxicity was first reported in 1897. Phenol toxicity was reported in the 1880s. Cyanide toxicity was well understood in 1934. The toxicity of halogenated organic compounds (chloroform, trichloroethylene, carbon tetrachloride, for example) was reported extensively in the 1930s. And on and on. “

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