Boston Indymedia Denounces Deaf Writer as a Crank

315 Maynard Ave. S. #309 Seattle, WA 98104  
A deaf writer had his work disappeard'oed by Matthew at Boston Indymedia this week, calling it incoherent and a troll.

To Seattle and Boston Indymedia Concerns:

My posts were recently marked "Hidden" by a man named Matthew at the Boston Indymedia.

TROLL, from my understanding, is a person who spends their time in the Internet generating hostile and prank writings intended to disrupt ordinary traffic. I did not do that. That is not what I am. I am a badly injured deaf person who aspired for a long time to be a writer. You can look into such groups as Seattle Poetry SLAM where I once came in Second Place, no mean achievement for a deaf person fighting neurological injuries. What Matthew means, is that I took exception to his role in his institution and characterized him in a way that he thinks is unfair. Instead of saying so and challenging me to revise my opinion in light of new evidence, he decided to exercise his POWER over me as a writer submitting material.

I have no intention of TROLLING Boston Indymedia. I doubt I will make a habit of posting here, and had my initial posting remained up would have been unlikely to continue with it, but TROLL is not what I did.

If the content of my allegations about Peter Gabriel, Mt. Desert Island and the letters of Gail Burstyn had been completely void and empty, the U.S. District Court of the State of Washington would not have troubled to sign them into a case voucher and agreed to hear the case. Judge Pechman would not have saught to protect her interest in the case by issuing the caveat, "Unable to establish jurisdiction", while leeringly presenting a general disposition which would have fallen pleasingly on the ear of Matthew of the Boston Indymedia.

The point is that examination of the evidence proves that my allegation: New evidence was found in the murder of Lennon while investigating signs that AIDS was manmade, are true and indisputable, but that those responsible have erected an effective ruse that limits the liability of the courts, thus permitting accomplice. From there the fact that I was tortured and my girlfriend raped can be written off as ravings by someone deluded, even though the proof that it was done by Peter Gabriel's offices with the knowledge of the Beatles has shocked many people as bright, but more open, than Boston Indymedia.

While writing this defense of my poetry and art, I could hear the wall of sound eminating from Matthew's brain and am sure I will receive note in a timely manner that this writing, always open to an honest rebuttal, has been hidden under some reason of scorn or another.


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