Earth Expansion and Receding Seas

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The Tsunami Disaster In SE Asia has its genesis in the Earthquake that occured off the Island of Sumatra. On one Island the inhabitants, having been constantly reminded about a similar occurance in 1883 i.e. earthquake then tsunami. The entire population ran to high ground like the animals. They somehow knew that an Earthquake had occured. They were all spared.

In his books " IS PLANET EARTH EXPANDING' and "THE MYSTERIOUS RECEDING SEAS" Author Richard Guy tells us about his experiences as an Engineer working in several locations around the world. His observations of Earthquakes and the damage they do has lead him on a lifelong quest. He is convinced that Earth Expansion caused Seas to recede from shorelines worldwide. The recession process is slow and hardly noticable in the average lifetime. Over hundreds and thousands of years however the recession makes quite a difference. How are we to prove this theory? Guy takes us back into History. He shows how Roman History was influenced by Sea levels. He shows us how Troy and Greecian Civilization were influenced by higher sea levels. In fact Guy goes on to show how all ancient civilizations evolved, first of all, in the high mountains of the world. Mesopotamia the so called cradle of civilization may be true. But Guy points out that the civilization came down from the Zagros Mountains, The Mountains of Palistine and Asia Minor. In Biblical History Guy points out that Noah,s Ark came to rest on the top of Ararat. Scholars are still debating that perhaps the flood was lower down in Sumer lower Mesopotamia. Guy supports the Ararat story from the Bible. Noah and his family stepped out of the Ark and was told by God to go forth and multiply. Noah has three sons Shem Ham and Japheth. Ham had a son named Cush and Cush had a son named Nimrod. Nimrod built the city of Nineveh. Nineveh is located coming down from Ararat and is established high up on the Tigris River. Nineveh is known as the oldest city in Assyria. What is not commonly known is that Nineveh is the highest and oldest city in the entire Mesopotamia. All other cities coming down the Tigris and Euphrates Valleys are younger in decending order. In other words the other cities were built on the way down to the Persian Gulf. They were all built after Nineveh with the most recent being nearer to the Persian Gulf. How does Guy prove this. He points out that the Shoreline of the Gulf has moved out considerably. The City of Ur of the Chaldees Guy points out was once a busy port on the Gulf when Abraham lived there. Today Ur is one hundred and fifty miles from the Gulf and 125 feet above sea level. Baghdad was also a port on the Gulf but is now 350 miles inland on the Tigris. Guy also points out that where Noah is supposed to have landed on Ararat is 16900 feet above sea level today. He also points out that Jonah who was swallowed by the Whale lived in Nineveh and is supposed to be buried there. From what he has found it is quite plausible that Nineveh was also once a port in ancient times.
The seas recession is caused Guy states by the Expansion of our Planet earth. As a structural engineer he has built Harbors, Docks, Airports, Highways and Oil refineries on lands that were once under the sea but are now deserted by the sea. Guy is convinced that the seas have been receding for millions of years as the earth expands getting bigger and bigger.
Richard Guy has been giving talks on these subjects for years and his talks are getting more and more attention. He is in demand as a speaker and his talks are always well attended. He speaks of the anamolys in Biblical History that have to be corrected. He brings his theory to bear on the Exodus revealing facts that no other scholar has unearthed. He questions Isostatic Rebound. He says that theory keep us in ignoance of what is really happening on our earth. Guy states that Sea level datum is the greatest factor of deception in the earth sciences. Sea Level datum is a myth and deceives us. The sea levels are falling which creates the illusion that the land is rising. The land is not rising but rather sea levels are falling. You may visit Guys Web Page at: Guys E-Mail address is: or

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Earth Expansion and Receding Seas

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