In response to DU banning me because of my Asia disaster story

In response to Democratic Underground banning me
because they think the Asia disaster is natural and me having
an opinion that it may be man made.

This article is my reply to Democratic Underground banning me because they claim that that I defamed the good name of DU so much to the point they claim that the New York times and Fox were using my theories to prove that all on DU were kooks. First of all, resorting to name calling to assert that your point is better then mine logically sort of suggests that the person that they are defending as in this case those that have theory that the Asia Disaster is natural as probably the only reason for the earthquake and anyone that says otherwise is just a kook is unreasonable and illogical.

For example if the theory or the references that I cited by Skinner the owner of DU were so offensive to the DU philosophy why not just quote the actual wording that was "kooky" after all what better way to prove how I defamed the goof name of DU and show
that my theory is kooky.

They assert that anyone that even asks if it possible for the earthquake could of been man made is in itself kooky. It really was a very simple theory that I cited from an actual scientist Background on the HAARP Project by Rosalie Bertell.

To really prove that my ideas aee kooky why not just have a scientist disagree with the theory that HARRP weapons can cause earthquakes then call the theory kooky. But to resort to name calling is unreasonable.

About the New York Times, Fox News, and Kooky Tsunami Conspiracy Theories
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