A Detroit-based organization seeking to demonstrate popular opposition to Bush administration policies is urging an inauguration day consumer and worker strike on its website,

Detroit, Michigan – A Detroit-based organization seeking to demonstrate popular opposition to Bush administration policies is urging an inauguration day consumer and worker strike on its website,

The Black Thursday group urges members of the public to boycott all economic activity, including work and the purchase of products, for the twenty-four hours of January 20th. Stating that “the only language the Bush administration seems to understand is dollars,” the group urges those disaffected by Bush policies and proposals to “keep your money and your power where it belongs – in your hands.”

The group urges boycott participants to write letters to media outlets and members of congress announcing their personal participation in the project and stating their individual reasons for participating.

Individuals interested in learning more are invited to visit, or to write to


(The full text of the site announcement follows below).

The re-election of George W. Bush, in spite of his innumerable failures of policy and practice throughout his first term, inspires disbelief among many. How is it that a man who has overseen the deaths of over 100,000 people in the course of a war fought on specious grounds at a cost of hundreds of billions of dollars and in violation of international laws manages to retain his office? How is it that a man who seemingly dedicates himself to the eradication of virtually all socially-beneficial government programs from public education to social security retains the confidence of a large portion of the population? And how is it that the national press can continually ignore the abundant evidence of incompetence and malfeasance, maintaining a posture of ostensibly impartial reportage even as they recount a once-unimaginable litany of absurdities, deceits, and insanities ranging from the scuttling of social programs to state-sanctioned torture in military prisons?

And, how is it that the wishes of the majority of Americans for such things as a decent living wage, a sane healthcare system, a modicum of environmental protection, a few reasonable limits on corporate power, an equitable taxation system, and laws which respect rather than mock constitutional rights are so cavalierly disregarded? Simple: Our leaders aren't listening.

Well, perhaps we aren't speaking loudly enough. And perhaps we're not speaking in a language that the administration, its corporate supporters, and the media readily understand.

There is, though, a language that they understand, and it's one that you speak: The language of dollars. The dollars they make from your purchases, the dollars they make from your labor, and the dollars that flow into federal coffers when you pay your taxes.
Your dollars are their power. The more of your dollars you give to them, the more power they have. Conversely, the more you keep for yourself, the more power you have. It's that simple.

While one person deciding not to work or spend for a single day won't make a noticeable difference, there is strength in numbers. 49% of this country - at least - voted against George W. Bush, his wars, his neglect of the lower and middle classes, his assault on the environment, and his disregard for the rights and liberties enshrined in the U.S. Constitution. That's 49% of the population who could - if they wanted - take the day of George Bush's second inauguration to let him know in no uncertain terms that they're sick and tired of being exploited, sick and tired of unjust wars waged in their name, sick and tired of having their grandchildren's legacy squandered through ballooning deficits, sick and tired of seeing their country's natural resources plundered by his corporate pals.

On January 20th, people across the country will join together to speak in one voice. By staying home from work, by not buying products from chain stores, by turning off their cable TV, by not buying (or using) gasoline or other oil-based products, by not making long-distance phone calls - in an infinite number of ways, Americans will send George Bush a message he sorely needs to hear. America expects accountability, transparency, humanity and justice from an administration which has, up to now, provided little in any of these areas.

For one day, why not keep your power where it belongs: In your hands. Pass this message along to your family, friends, and co-workers, and let them know that they can make their voices heard too. On January 20th, let your voice join with thousands of others in rising from a whisper to a shout - a shout that the Bush Administration can't ignore.


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