Whistle Blower - Congressionally and Presidenitally appointed Federal Officer under attack by United States of America/ Department of Homeland Security/ Department of Transportation/ US Coast Guard


BE ON THE LOOK OUT - BOLO - warning may be dangerous.......
BE ON THE LOOK OUT - BOLO - warning may be dangerous.......

Federal Officers under attack by criminal enterprise and war profiteers who have seized control of the Federal Government...... all three branches...

The WORLD be warned..... FASCISM is alive and well and headed your way again.

All concerned Citizens and Patriots,

Please stand tall and be counted.

NOW!! Before it is too late for you too.

Take the time to open-up the attached TRANSCRIPTS [partial - redacted - even altered] and read them and see what is headed your way [volue I - of II, II to follow].

The Transcripts have been redacted somewhat by the Judge, plus many conversations were held off the record which I was adamantly opposed to. In addition, there are numerous typos are errors [as example "MATSON" should read "MADSEN" which was a US Coast Guard case on appeal and more....].

Furthermore, you must remember at the time of the "proceedings" which were not properly calendared or noticed I was being evicted from my home, under attacks from all sides by creditors and such, in about 10 jurisdictions and venues all at once, being continuously stuffed under conflicted and/ or corrupted counsel and denied so much as a hearing in any and all courts proceedings while I was being overrun by the "UNITED STATES" [as a valid whistle blower]. This all carried out in so many various forms so that there would be no way for me to enforce my Shipping Articles as valid ARTICLES OF AGREEMENT with the United States.

Plus, the USA put out a BOLO [Be On the Look Out] Warning poster on me even though it had me "captured" in Court and was torturing me with gross violations of DUE PROCESS and human rights. And the "USA" or whatever rogue group of fascists that has now taken it over also seized my vehicle, blocked me from filing an appeal to the Ninth Circuit and so much more.........

Our COURTS are being used now as INTERNMENT CAMPS for "dissidents."

Who needs to "kill" somebody with conventional weapons when a "paper" tiger cuts so nicely.

This is what is going on in America right now and anyone who speaks up about anything is in danger. We are all in danger, each and everyone of us.

I implore you all to act now before it is too late.

We're even now being MARCHED into World War intentionally.

Think of your children and stand tall now or they will never be able to.

Layer upon layer of corrupt and corrupting bureaucracy is being created to distance us all further from our Constitution and its Bill of Rights. Our God given rights.

The clear intent at least here for me and soon for you also, is to "invite" as many DISPUTANTS and parties in on the complainant, or whistle blower, or party seeking redress so that very soon the original complaints are forgotten under a pile of continuing and tortuous behaviors and violations of human rights that are intended to "break" a person so that then you can be "CHARGED" with being "broken."

the you join the ranks of the infirm and are sent off to the "showers."

GANG-STALKING has become the "official" contemporaneous term for much of what is going on now and just some of the tactics being used by our own Government.

Something that is being taught in each and all Protection and Indemnity Insurance Club Groups.

The American People are under attack. Worse, Federal Officers who are charged with protecting the people are under attack, and often times doing the attacking.

There is so much more to all of this so do not take anything on its face, but the intent and the desire of this Judge [one of about 15 or more involved in gross human rights violations all the way up to the 9th Circuit and Kosinksi andothers] to not allow me to speak and rather focus on "how I feel" after being "keel-hauled" should hopefully be more then apparent.

This and more that is so much worse is what is headed your way very quickly.

I even attempted to report the criminal enterprise going on within the maritime industry and the ALJ stifled me so that I could not be heard. CONGRESS is well aware of all of this and has gone to great lengths to ensure that I would be stifled. In response to my whistle blower letter to CONGRESMAN HUNTER and SECRETARY OF TRANSPORTAITON NORM MINETA and [former] US Coast Guard Admiral Loy [who is now in charge of the TSA and playing worse games over there] the DHS filed the retaliatory charges against me in direct response.


This one Judge "Ordered" me to an unlawful psychological examination, but when I appeared with an attorney and video-grapher, "HEIR Doctor" would not carry on the "examination" if it were to be on the record. Sounds kind of odd and actually kind of screwy. [??] Wait, I was trying to hide something by HAVING IT ON THE RECORD????

Worse, the Judge took negative inference from the "examination" not going forward "off the record" and said that I must have something to hide. [??] This same Judge spoke of "SOVEREIGN IMMUNITY" as if it were his "ultimate" protection to act like the SADIST that he is and THAT FAR TOO MANY FEDERAL [especailly Administrative Judges] have become.

The Judge eventually ruled to accept a "CONTINGENT" Motion for Summary Judgment filed by the United States of America about 7 months later after more and more tortuous behaviors by some real criminals in black robes.

The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA spent untold American Taxpayers money and time [in this war on terror - against me] to somehow "prove" that I was "depressed" or "suffering from" something "else", that was to again somehow be decided "off the record" without any proper due process or valid charges being brought against me for a violation of law, rule or regulation.

I was even sequestered in a HOTEL for 7-8 months as the US of A prosecuted me for "being depressed."

US Attorneys offices were involved, FBI, DOJ, DOT, DOD, and more..........

I must have something pretty scary our important or disturbing to say......


The WHISTLE BLOWER PROTECTION ACT has been "nixed" for the entire Dept. of Homeland Security which now also includes the Department of Transportation under its enormous wing.

Take a look at the title page for "TRANSCRIPTS" and you'll see clear "pecking order" and assumption of power by the DHS under Executive authority. We are at WAR, but it is the American People and our Civil Rights that are in the cross-hairs. As I understand it there is a flow chart for the "NEW FEDERAL GOVERNMENT" which actually places all other "Departments" under the Department of Homeland Security. Is this what CONGRESS voted on?

A sign of the times.

Vertical Integration of the Federal Government under the Executive Branch [King] and the complete and inseparable marriage of the CORPORATE and STATE MINDS.


The "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" and "DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY" and "DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION" and "US COAST GUARD" have brought retaliatory charges against me as a valid Federal Officer for whistle blowing and exercise of my Constitutional Rights as expressed there and in its Bill of Rights.

And sough to DESTROY me for exposing gross corruptions and the general intent and actions of a bunch of PRIVATEERS.

Take a look at "INTEGRATED COAST GUARD SYSTEMS" on the internet and it becomes real clear what is going on.

Packaging of a WAR and War Platforms and training for the rest of the world. WAR PROFITEERING to the extreme.

The ATTACHED Transcripts are of a "Pre-Hearing Settlement Conference" where the "United States" had brought retaliatory counter-charges and a complaint against me for "being depressed" so as to pull me out of Federal District Court and injure complaints that had been filed there against several Federal Employers/ Federal Contractors and the Federal Employees Labor Union for enormous civil, contractual, constitutional and even basic human rights violations.

Wait until you see ALL of the letters back and forth to CONGRESS and others that have been stored on a remote SERVER that are to soon be released, especially in the event of anything happening to me. CD's have been passed and instructions given.

God Bless America and our People and those of the World. We have literally months if not weeks to stop this and CONGRESS is not going to do it for us. Trust me on that one.

What is going on in America is out of control and can only be stopped by the American People.

People need to start stepping forward and helping to protect their fellow man [and every woman and child] and especially WHISTLE BLOWERS from the onset of a Totalitarian Dictatorship and system of forced Feudalism that is seizing our Country, our Constitution and soon all of its people in its strangle hold, if not the World.

Respectfully submitted under DURESS as a prisoner of conscience,

Eric N. Shine

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