Ukrainian Coalition of Protest: "We will stay to the end."

In response to Yushchenko's recall of protest in Tent City, a coalition of activists declares to remain until the inauguration of their democratically-elected president.

Declaration addressed to V.A. Yushchenko:

We, the protesters of Tent City, make this address to V.A. Yushchenko to state our position regarding Tent City, Xreshchatik, in response to the call made to clear its grounds.

1. The protesters in Tent City gathered in Kyiv in order to support the campaign of V.A. Yushchenko, to demand fair and transparent elections, to advocate democratic power in Ukraine, and to assist in turning over the previous oligarchic-criminal regime.

2. Our presence in Tent City will uphold the spirit of the Revolution until its logical victory, i.e. the inauguration of our democratically-elected president, V.A.Yushchenko.

3. Our presence in Tent City will also prevent the supporters of opponent, V.F. Yanukovich, from occupying the territory claimed by the Orange Revolution.

Therefore, we consider the clearing of the tents of protest prior to the inauguration of democratically-elected President Yushchenko to be strategically inappropriate.

Activist Group: Coalition of Participants in the Orange Revolution (CPOR)


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Are you people crazy?

Red neck 17.Jan.2005 23:30

Sit out in the freezing snow in January for a gangster!
Go back to your apartment idiot and be careful, I just read an article that 18,000
people died in fires in Russia last year! It’s just as bad in the Ukraine, same dilapidated, crumbing infrastructure. At least those babushkas in Russia have the right idea.

Maybe you have been bedazzled by Yuliya’s hair?