Cosmos as Meditation: Mystic Musilm Philosophy

Cosmos as Meditation: Sufi and Shi'a Muslim Reflection on the Spiritual

Cosmos as Meditation: Sufi and Shi'a Muslim Reflection on the Spiritual

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the following work is a compilation of studies I have made of the symbolic
cosmology of the mystic Muslim schools of Shi'ism and Sufism. In it you
will find philosophical explanations of esoteric doctrines of the Shi'a
and Sufis. Some of this has been presented at the Hajj Mehdi Arjomand
Colloquia on Baha'i Scripture, while part 5 was presented at the World
Congress on Mulla Sadra in Tehran in 1999. Part 7 was to be presented at
an academic conference in Israel which I boycotted in protest of the
occupation of Palestine. Parts of this work have already passed academic
peer review, such as parts of part 3 and all of part 5. If you are
interested in discussing this work you can subscribe to the Shi'a Esoteric
discussion list "irfan" at My next
work in terms of Islamic studies will be on theories of the State from a
Muslim perspective which is part of a series of articles I am working on
about different theories of State governance: Liberalism, Socialism
(Anarchism and Marxism), and Conservatism.

Part I:Symbolic Cosmology and Interpretation
a discussion of sufi symbolic interpretation and principles of
intepretation contained within the Qur`an.

Part II:Cosmos' Being According to the Qur`an
a discussion of the Qur`anic creative process.

Part III:Cosmic Vocaubulary in Islamic Philosophy and Sufism
a comparitive analysis between Neo-Platonism, Isma`ilism and the Baha`i
viewpoints on the doctrines of the One and Intellectual Principle

Part IV:Ithna Ashariyya Cosmology and Mulla Sadra's Teachings
a discussion of the symbolic cosmology of Shi'ism and the cosmology of
Shi'a philosopher Mulla Sadra. Includes a discussion on the concept of
Unity and Diversity (wahdat wa kathrat) of Mulla Sadra and how the Baha'is
and Sufis viewed this concept.

Part V:Witnessing, Quiddity and Knowledge
a discussion of Knowledge and it's impact on the doctrines of Mulla Sadra
regarding Unity of Being (wahdat al-wujud) and the doctrine of Unity of
Witnessing (wahdat al-shuhud).

Part VI:Baha'i and Sufi Cosmology
a discussion of the symbolic cosmology of the Sufis and the Baha'is, both
are based on the same symbolic

Part VII:The Ineffable in Context: A Study of Sufi Symbols in the Haft
Vadi a discussion of the Haft Vadi of the Baha'i teacher Mirza Husayn-Ali
Nuri (Baha'u'llah) and how it relates directly to Sufi teachings regarding
the same subject matter. (

This study is available in Rich Text Format (RTF) and as an HTML archive
at Cosmos as Meditation Zip Archive

-Michael "Salim" McCarron
Montreal, January 2005 1

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No, No...this is blasphamous and idolitrious....

Whahbbi Sunni islamic police boneheads 17.Jan.2005 21:59

....and cannot be allowed.

must be truth then

fundamentalists suck 17.Jan.2005 22:40

well if it is a threat to reactionary backward fundamentalist then it must have some truth to it. looks neat...

Always on 2 extremes!

sufo-wahabi 18.Jan.2005 03:26

Mystisism and literalism seem to be attractive to those looking into Islamic
literature. Both at the opposite extremes of true Islamic precepts.
Ironically the symptoms of Sufism and Literalism seems to be atleast similar as

If you notice both types of Muslims (ie. Sufis and Literalists) have a tendency
to keep away from socio-political issues. Both have a tendency to be ristricted
to individualistic spiritual and ritual growth.

Neither seems to have a practical solution to the socio-political issues of
oppression, injustice and tyranny. As a matter of fact on the contrary, both
have a tendency to implicitely support authority dispite of it's tyranny and
oppression. Both dogmatically feel that individual cleansing will "automagically"
lead humans out of oppression!

And last but most important, both are excellent tools for the imperialist's
and the tyrant's use to maintain and reenforce oppression and exploitation
of the masses!

The whole point of religious disiclines.....

King Amdo 18.Jan.2005 17:34 to 'test out' negative energies so that one may transcend to higher states of consciousness where magic is real...and certainly not for these disiplines and rules to become a rule in themselves...that's when it becomes dumb...see? Be it fundimentalist christians ... an inherently screwed up 'religion' anyway by ritual design! (*) Christianity is just a unbelievable horrific con trick.... or whatever religion.

Islam has it's value because it's based on good ritual and so on. (not the anti 13/mother/lunar thang with christianity....this really isn't some kinda joke...this consciousness has a real dodge occult basis. Pure evil and nothing can be as bad a s that. I've dealt personnally with the fallout...which explains Mr Bush's etc, the western in fact, stupidity.)

I've experienece real and amazing magic whilst being part of Islamic senarios. Like seeing space and time freeze for everyone else apart from the Muslims that I'd connected to on a magical level. This was in London. However , I'm a free man...not fixed in one religion or doctine or anything.

People need to remember the original idea is this transcendance and not for rules to become a containing and limiting thing consciousness wise. The 'hitchhikers guide to the galaxy satarises this sort of 'little mans worlds' type way of thinking. The answer may be 42 (Hey! I live at number 42!) ....what was the question again?

You need to have the option to listen to cool Islamic music, for example, on a stereo, if you want to, and not for this to be made 'illegal' by some 'Islamic police'.....even though, of course the essential thing , idea of this is sound...because you hear the music anyway!

I know this because I've speant years in meditation without radios etc.

I wouldn't sit down and read this Sufi tract, by the way, but I've made various alters (free range, kinda buddist) and I'd put it on this, and again you here the teachings, the magic anyway!!!

having said all this, there is definitely inredible magic in Islam, fundimentalist or otherwise...the call of the Holy Man from the Mosque in Morrocco I shall never forget. You need to experience this for real, as a independent traveller, with no artificial barriers between you and the local people and the vibe to see this. I started to see this in Morrocco...and there was more that I only just touched amazing pyscik brotherhood of love...(something never ever experienced, again by ritual design, in the west)

Again, it's like we are trapped in head games that prevent us from...'realising'. So one doesn't want the religious senario to become part of the trap!

Fear is the great head game controller..and don't governments just know that.

Allah Akbar.


Quoting myself...

King Amdo 19.Jan.2005 01:04

"You need to have the option to listen to cool Islamic music, for example, on a stereo,if you want to, and not for this to be made 'illegal' by some 'Islamic police'.....even though, of course the essential thing , idea of this is sound...because you hear the music anyway! "

....But if you are part of a facsistic senario, (please note 'Taliban' great gamists) then perhaps all you'll hear ultimately is screaming!