The Inaguration Different in Santa Fe NM

PO Box 861 Cerrillos, NM  

Photos from the march and inaguration
Photos from the march and inaguration

The residents of Santa Fe NM celebrate an alternate version of what four more years of W could be.

The Martin Luther King Jr. holiday was the occasion for "The Inauguration Different" in Santa Fe NM. Academics for a Democratic Society sponsored a vision of an alternate reality wherein W has a change of heart, fires Carl Rove and embarks on a totally different second term. The event started at the New Mexico State Capitol building where a team of Billionaires for Bush lead a procession to the Plaza. After the Billionaires stated their objectives for the country W and his new cabinet presented a very different view. Changes in the cabinet included the replacement of the Defense Department with the Department of Peace, which is incidentally actually a real department in the New Mexico government. The departments of Energy and the Environment are combined and the Attorney general promises to focus on real crime rather than arresting protesters. Just before the actual inauguration we learn that one of the reasons for W’s change of heart is that he has declared his love for the former press secretary, Ari Fleisher. After the signing in the crowd danced to the music of a local rap group.


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