What is Wrong with the World?

The ideas and dreams of great men have been squashed by the corporations, war-mongers, and hateful throughout history, but what is really wrong with the world...the people of the world? Don't have time to see or to care? Is ignorance an excuse?

What Is Really Wrong with the World?
Can you put a face or name on the THING that is truly wrong with the world? Can it be blamed on groups, corporate or otherwise? Or is it just that this THING is everywhere and not really understood?
By Ravenaeus Sunday, January 16, 2005

In the century following the colonial period we did see an end to most of the colonial rule in many regions of the world. However, we also have had to watch the resulting civil wars that were created by retreat of the colonialists and have been the direct result of their patchwork creation of nations without regard for ethnicity or religion. In the former English, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, Russian, and others former colonial lands there is now war and genocide and starvation and disease and poverty that is truly unimaginable without having witnessed such things first hand.

Be Kind to yourself today and patient with me, and allow yourself the minutes needed to reach the path I want to lead you to...and I will, try to answer the question I opened with....WHAT is wrong with world?

The difference between insurgents and freedom fighters and revolutionaries and terrorists is only perceived from the view you have on global economics or global politics. For example, in Central and South America, you are a revolutionary to those, usually the poor or tribes being assasinated, who oppose the takeover of their nations by foreign nations or foreign corporations while in the nations attempting the takeover, you are called a "guerrilla" or "terrorist." In Arab nations you are only a terrorist if you stand against the governments that support the economic policies of the US and international development groups and you are a "freedom fighter" if you are standing up against a government that is against those policies. You see? It is all perception and that is what has lead me to writing this article.

Perception is always based on your social status and employment and well-being and education. It is also always based on the outside influences of your life like the corporate media and family and events you have witnessed first hand. It is very important to point out that the outside influences are not always truthful...in some cases it is actually their "sworn duty" to "mis" or "dis" inform you into believing something that is not true. FOXnews is one such organization and the men who are behind the scenes have no intention of speaking truth, but rather want to "manufacture consent" on your part for war, unlawful interventions, and unlawful international policies that serve their corporate interests. To speak very plainly, this organization to me is the worst of all such groups, but in truth the organizations behind CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, and others are just as guilty (please see former articles for lists of their holdings and parent organizations and individuals behind these groups.."This is Your Liberal Media" is just one of my articles.).

This individual perception, this intangible thing, is the most difficult for me to wrap a thought around. While most Americans rush to work and worry about the bills (more in the mail than ever), and merely try to survive the day to day of paying for the real necessities of living, there is no time for them to consider the other events, truths, or situations that drive this madness they are forced to live in. In the anxiety, fear, and manipulation that they live in they have no time for events beyond the maintenance of their ability to exist: food, electricity, gas for their vehicles, payment of their mortgage or rent, clothing, and child care now so expensive that both family adults work at a slaves pace just to exist in some sort of normalcy.

I have been asked how the individuals who have conspired against the people of our country and other nations have been able to plan and perceive these concepts that have invaded the natural order of life and destroyed the true way of living on this now global scale. It is necessary that most Americans and citizens of the world use their imaginations in order to understand. These men, the worst of corporate and global criminals, do not ever...EVER...have to worry about paying their telephone or electric bills. They rarely even have to buy their groceries let alone worrying about eating on Thursday night. What would you do if you had this truly immense burden lifted from your mind? Can you even fathom how much of your time is dedicated to worry over job, bills, and taking care of your own living needs?

Think about this for a minute...then imagine never having to worry over these things again. Car broke down, immediately replaced or repaired without any inconvenience or financial turmoil. New house... Immediate without worry over payments. Food for the year...paid for while you sleep and carried to your house while you are swimming. Children, medicine, doctor, hospital bills... all paid without your concern or worry or working extra hours "to make up the difference". Now, what would you do with all this extra time....what could you do with this extra time? Plan a global economic policy? Consider other things? Manipulate other people? Get extra education or conduct extra research into something you've always wondered about? The possibilities, without the everyday worries and concerns and anxieties, are truly endless.

I know that I often take a very long road to reach a short path; if you indulge yourself just a little longer, however, this long road and a difficult thing to make sensible will make sense of the hectic lie you have been force to live for your whole life.

However, you and I worry about things that those individuals have absolutely no knowledge of. They have no idea why we get so easily distracted from their crimes and manipulations and international terrorism and environmental terrorism, but they know we are distracted and pay almost no attention unless they bring it into our towns. As long as we don't see it, we have no time to pay it any attention, and do not have to take the time to "care", and for 20 plus years they have "played" in the neighbors' yards, not ours.

There is an inherent lack of understanding by the "laymen" and "laity" of the world because we have no time for education (real intellectual education), no real knowledge of the world because we have no money to see the "real world" through travel or interaction and because we have had our personal travel restricted for centuries and can not see the world with our own eyes. (Vacations do not count..why? Because most do not see the "real" nations when they travel...they see the "tourist" industry.) The events of the world, for most, are seen in a little box called TV. Economics and politics are viewed from a distance and through the manipulative and deceptive lenses of the people who stand the most to gain from policies that are quite literally the damnation of humanity and the global environment.

I confess that for many years, trapped in the false"work and spend" economy that most will reach their deaths still trapped in, I had no time for consideration of anything, including things of personal interest or hobbies or environment or politics or economics. I was frantic with the fear of losing my job, the factory closing, the house being reassessed beyond by ability to pay, the doctors, the hospitals, the loss of my health insurance, the car, the car insurance, and on, and on. I had no time to understand, to see, or even to care.

And, now I reach the tip of the narrow path I have wanted to lead you to.

Why is it that just when we found out that the second parent could work 10 hours a week, everything became so expensive that both parents have to now work overtime? Why is it that the media has been able to convince us that the only way to have dignity, self-worth, and "values," is to work sixty hours a week, own an elaborate and expensive home, and to have a new car, family, and some kind of social status? Why is it that "Patriotism" is no longer supporting the best interests of our nation and has been touted as an unquestioning support for our government (this is not even close to the words of our founding fathers)? Why is it that most of America is willing to give up their constitutional rights, watch our government continue violations of international treaties and conventions, and say nothing...while when the exactly the same things were done by the "Nazis" to other nations and the people of Germany in W.W.II there were so many outrages that we went to war?

Have we become so desperate to exist, in this false "work and spend" society that we have been manipulated into for the last century that we can not see a better way to do this? Have we become so isolated and socially inept that we no longer can see atrocities, especially when it is our government committing the crimes? Or do you not care about innocent deaths, unlawful acts, international treaty violations because it is not your home being destroyed?

And here is the path behind, the one created for us all.... 150 years ago the county gathered to build a barn for the farmer whose barn burnt down and everyone exchanged work, produce, and service for needs and very minimal wants. 100 years ago, a stranger passing through was treated like a human being even if there was some concern. 50 years ago, we had time for our communities, families, neighbors, and sitting on the porch and the police still "protected and served" the people of the world. 30 years ago, most understood that racism and hatred of a man solely for his religion or lack thereof is wrong. 20 years ago, there was hope and expansion.

32 years ago, an evangelically supported liar was president, Nixon. He acted just as the "religiously" supported always have and was caught. People understood that the church leadership that supported him were just as corrupt (100 million a year for personal spending, please.). 25 years ago, the president who created the "Salvador solution" and School of the Americas also broke the unions, forever ruined the general public's right to healthcare, and began the end-destruction of the US economy. 12 years ago, a liar and fraud was elected for president and signed the NAFTA agreement that gave the corporations all the legal loopholes needed to continue breaking the unions and to move offshore while still pillaging ours and other nations natural resources. 5 years ago, an "ex" drug addict/drunk, with a history of fraud, economic incompetence, and gross negligence became president and has violated all the truly good and beneficial treaties and conventions of the century before.

I understand that living is expensive and terrible and horrible and anxiety filled and more and more difficult. I understand that the time to see and hear and look more deeply is not available to everyone. However, I also know that every human on this planet could have a much better life if there were changes.

Why do our cars not get 90 miles per gallon? Is this lack of improvement in almost 100 years intentional? (this feeds the "oil" companies billions each year, but the technology has been available for years to triple and quadruple the performance of combustion engines.) Why did we, the people of the world, pay for the damns and power lines and power plants and roads, but now private companies own them? Why do companies log, mine, and destroy public lands for free without having to give the majority of their profit back to the country's budget that they are getting the resources from? Why do the workers now pay all the taxes (excise, property, SS, income, etc.) without receiving any of the benefits?How can they take a man's home in order to put a strip-mall or other "private" development in its place under "eminent domain" that is supposed to be for "greater public works"?

And, here is the path so many would like to give to us...

...why is it that our lives more difficult, more anxiety ridden, more chaotic while the politicians and "barrens" lives are less difficult, more easily gained, and without real consequence for crimes and international criminal activities? Why is it that there is no accountability, no real structure provided to enforce the laws of the globe upon these men and corporations while "everyday" people are arrested and detained without trial or rights? And, why is it that these "Great Achievements" of the last century did nothing to really improve the living standards, living means, and living conditions of the rest of the world, including most Americans?

I say this....the great wealth gathered to the "churches", the "church" leadership, the "political" men and parties, the corporations, and the "think tanks" and "international development groups were not entitled to them because they "work the hardest". That is another lie you have been sold. What is the truth? They were willing to kill whole societies of people and destroy the environment and murder the most individual people to gain the economic and political and corporate leverage to get to their station.

I know it is hard to believe, but just like the men and women in uniform today in Iraq and Afghanistan, the "lower" people in the companies just do the work without seeing the "whole picture" and, they "follow orders." The pipelines and oil and timber and coal and minerals and economic control have always been the goal and most of the world's people have no time to dig and search and research and discuss the actions and manipulations, and it is not in your town or neighborhood so you don't have to see it. Yet, it is still the truth.

SO, what is wrong with the world? The world is fine...the people of the world are not. We no longer have time to talk over dinner or to discuss what we see or to seek other information or to meet new people or to open our minds to views opposing our own (truthfully, most peopleget their opinion from TV and therefore the opinion is not really theirs, "manufactured consent") or to seek the truth about anything or to defend the poor or unfortunate or to know our neighbor, community, county, and even our family in some cases or to make sure our "patriotism" is true and real instead of manipulated and used......or even, to really find out if the things that Ravenaeus is saying is true or not?

I know there is a better life out there for every human being on this planet...I know there are men and women and young children, religious and non-religious, black and yellow and red and green and orange and even, white, old and young and middle-aged, who could truly make improvements and invent truly worthwhile things and create better living conditions and teach the lessons of life that are needed for a truly humane, human life that is friendly to the environment of the world on which we are presently confined.

What's wrong with the world?......The People do not demand that these things are done and created and made and are freely provided to everyone. The people are too busy taking care of themselves to think about the possibility that we really are only one humanity. The people allow the fools and greedy and hateful and ignorant to create and manipulate and manufacture a false hate and pretentious wars and environmental destruction for profit instead of allowing the wise and selfless and loving and truly educated/enlightened to teach life and love and healing and community and peace. The people allow the money to be spent on guns and tanks and nukes and planes and ships instead of demanding healthcare, medicine development, housing, improvements in global farming, population stabilization, renewable (real and truly renewable, not hydrogen) energies, and environmental care.

When are you going to take the time to learn, research to see if yours or the opposing view is not the correct one....or even to care? The few who already have taken the time are waiting.

What is Wrong with the World: Part II???
Much to say, many thoughts and much research to pass on, but more importantly, what does history tell us? by Ravenaeus January 17, 2005

OK, so I have laid out part of my case, and please understand, I don't like two-part anything because I usually miss the second part; however, this one is right here for you to see whenever you'd like.

Historically, no empire of any kind has lasted forever or even for very long in the brief time that human "societies" have existed. Atlantis, if it were real, was similar to Athens and Troy, was destroyed by the planet itself, as were the Minoans and many, many others. The Roman, Turkish, and Soviet empires were destroyed by their own aspirations, overgrowth, overspending, and through self-isolation. There are NO empires that have survived and yet, each will insist and actually continue with the same self-destructive plans and actions of the last. Does this not speak to the insanity of this "work and spend" global society that was manipulated into being by the most ancient civilizations and then spread throughout the world with religion?

Gold and silver are merely metals, yet, you have been convinced that they (as well as platinum, aluminum, and others) are more valuable than an hour of your life? Diamonds and emeralds and rubies are merely stones like those lining your driveway. Yet, you are willing to sacrifice hundreds and even thousands of dollars for this quarts? How many hours of your life will you work for my alabaster or pipestone? Let us talk work hours.....do you not see the absolute insanity and idiocy and stupidity and ignorance? Do you not see the immense and global manipulation it took to convince you of the false and manufactured and deceptive value that the corporation selling these things wants in cash....for your work and your money?

The great and wonderful and over-engineered and streamlined and truthfully beautiful crap and junk and thrown-together to be eye candy not practical, that they are now selling as cars and suv's and trucks...and you continue to flock to the dealerships to purchase a vehicle that will not last (or barely will) until you can pay it off? Where are the cars that last 25 years? I have one, built in 1979. I rebuilt it after 25 years on the road with original parts...try that with these new cars, I dare you. I did some customization and get over 35 mpg out of a 350 cubic inch that is also bored and beefed with dualies and big tires (32.50). If there were a way to hold ALL manufacturers responsible, there would be 70-80-90-120 mpg cars and trucks by now and the adapters to allow my Blazer the same. There should be demand for this from everyone, not just environmentalists.....why haven't the people of the world demanded improvements instead of the electronics and flash? I admit my '79 Blazer is not as "pretty," but damn, I'll get another 25 years out of the rebuilt Blazer and only spent $7500 dollars doing it AND, MY TRUCK still has individuality and character and better gas mileage than the crap they are selling you today.

Why do you still support the "churches"? Have you not noticed that they now always have and still horde gold and silver and expensive hardwoods like schrews? If you could get the Catholic Church to sell only one half of what they have, no person in the world would be hungry for at least a decade and probably two or three decades. If you could get Falwell, Graham, Robison, Robertson, the Christian Coalition, and others to give up their nearly 100 million dollars each year for personal expenses, we could use the over-half a billion dollars for the charitable work that they "SUPPOSEDLY" stand for. Give me a break, how damn stupid and ignorant do you have to be to believe these men who have 60-70-100-130 million dollar a year salaries, oh, and tax free? Just think of all the "real" people you could help if you just gave that money to a homeless shelter or food bank.

Missionaries, spreading the word and doing the works...This is another lie. History should teach you all very well why missionaries are sent and the results of their "great works." In Africa it lead to centuries of slavery, in the Americas right up to today they are used to centralize tribal peoples so that the wealthy international developers and corporations can take their lands and/or kill them, and now in Asia and the Indian Ocean they are being used to do the same. Where missionaries go, corporate mercenaries, international conglomerate murder squads and death and genocide and environmental as well as human rape follow....you are being used to spread death and sickness and to increase profit and corporate holdings. I hope you are very, very, very proud of your centuries old tradition of destroying whole societies and cultures for businessmen and corporations and governments that are run by them.

National Defense is another great lie used world-wide to funnel billions into the pockets of the same men who started the wars and atrocities and violence that the militaries become needed to defend nations against. In ten years, 9,555 billion dollars was spent globally by the 15 largest defense spending countries of the world...this does not include the other 190 or so nations of the world, only the top 15. That is enough money to feed, shelter, educate, and train every person in the world. This number does not even include the hundreds of billions that are spent but that there is no way to account for. In 2002 alone, 895.3 billion was spent by the top 15 alone. What if that money were used for "real" agricultural developments instead of tanks, or "real medicine" research instead of ammunition, or "real" humane relief efforts instead of billion dollar planes?......Oh, this also does not include the billions of dollars spent globally in secret and covert activities that have historically been proven to have caused the need for actual war and military interventions.

Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, South and Central America, Africa, Southeast Asia, and Indian Ocean conflicts of the last 50 years...ALL...have been the direct result of overt and "secret" interventions and the unlawful international actions committed by global "intelligence" organizations. Just to clarify that, the covert/overt/secret agencies go into a nation and supply guns or money or "unspecified support" or "military advisers" and then the actual and real and expensive military is sent in to clean up the conflict that results from the actions that the agencies had taken.

So, they get billions to start conflicts that will bring into power leaders that support the policies of the US and international conglomerates, and they get hundreds of billions to supply the military technologies and equipment that is needed to go into nations and clean up their messes...for this they get nearly free access to natural resources and near-slave labor and our military to protect their "investments" whether they are pipelines or factories or whatever...and they get billions upon billions upon billions for starting wars/conflicts in order to get cheap natural resources and unlimited cheap labor and don't have to care about environmental laws and clean water and all those pesky things that developed nations really like to see enforced. They make billions more just by avoiding the regulations, and even more when they sell the world the "product" that they got for nearly nothing and are getting protected for free by whatever country's military.

The best minds and the best thinkers and the most humane and the people who are truly peaceful and wise and kind and value things that are real and genuine instead of money and property and "what I have" are being devalued as the corporate empires swallow them whole, murdering and destroying and "removing" the human obstacle to their cheap resources. You can deny it, but one keystroke in the search engine and you will be proven wrong. The history of the death, enslavement, and exiling of the truly generous and wonderful humans of the planet is open for all to see who care to look.

What about the brilliant scientists and inventors and biologists and environmentalists and ecologists of the world? What if they were actually working for the good of MAN instead of corporate profits? What if the best and brightest were working for everyone instead of the corporate vampires of the world? Do you not think that they couldn't create real plants to feed the world or cars and trucks and suv's that get the gas mileage we deserve or homes that are more efficient or electricity sources that are genuinely renewable or medicines that cure us without killing us? These men, the smartest and most brilliant and most intelligent and best in their fields are the greatest hope of humanity and we allow them to be blindfolded and handcuffed and shackled by the demands of greedy and insidious and dishonest corporations that seek only to profit from us. What could they do for the world without their chains?

Global over-population is not a "right of man"...I do not care what your religion...you are irresponsible to the whole of your religion, community, country, and world if you insist on the right to have 3-4-5-10-15 children. You do the children and yourself a disservice. Our planet is limited in size and raw supplies. It is not only arrogant, but flies in the face of any faith if you claim the right to over-populate for the sake of rights or your religions. I think that it is time that everyone on this planet own up to the fact that this arrogance is another leading factor in environmental and social retardation of our global humanity. One child to two parents is an acceptable limit and should be enforced globally by the religions, governments, and spiritual/movement leaders of the globe. Our children are being born into a world that is a literal hell just to survive in, to attain the living space needed, to attain the mere physical needs to live a full life. Take some damn responsibility for their needs.....one is enough...they will have one...and eventually, we will again after 10 or 20 generations, reach a sustainable population. The "DESIRES" of an adult, the crap that is spewed about having children does nothing to make their lives better or easier or less terrible than yours has been.....do you really want them to have to do as you have your whole life..or your grand-kids or great-grand-kids to have to be slaves, quite literally, to survive and to meet their needs?

Lastly, I point out that there are no modern religions that teach truth and wisdom and fact, historical or otherwise. Each has been bastardized by MEN who wanted to control mass populations and found religion to be a key in accomplishing this goal. They all have had massive renewals that deleted and changed and lied to accomplish this goal. I had a friend who had epileptic seizures, he couldn't breath and his heart raced and he couldn't move and he felt like someone had his whole body in a vise...he saw GOD or an angel each time and claimed "spiritual enlightenment," the truth is the seizures had ruined his mind. Think about that the next time you read your "good books" and spew your hatred of men who don't share your twisted and repressive and socially inept views of the world. (I have numerous articles that prove your mythos is nothing but lies upon lies upon lies used to conquer and destroy and dehumanize the real humanity of the world.)

I ask three questions more and then I will quit.

1) There was a time when a person could exert effort and for those efforts there were instant results (food, clothing, shelter) and a "real and actual benefit" to your family or community could be seen, if not immediately, by harvest time. What does your job and the product you produce actually do to benefit you and your community? (paycheck is a scam, money goes quickly and hence no real benefit and taxes are used for stuff that really does nothing for you or your family.)

2) If you only had to work two days a week and were guaranteed health care, electricity, heat, clothing, shelter, college/vocational education, and food, would you work those two days? Catch...no one in the whole world would ever have to do without and no one would ever have money (cash) again...two days...16 hours and everything you need....extra hours for extras like cable, entertainment, car, and the like, but only one extra day (24 hour week maximum). Everyone, teachers and plumbers and factory workers and construction workers and farmers (would need extra help) and everyone else...3 days..no money, just the stuff you need...would you do it?

3) 24 hours a week, direct benefit to you and your family and your community, no more cash or payroll....healthcare, education, a home for everyone in the world......why am I the only one who knows that this is the way the world should be.....????

What is wrong with the world? Not a damn thing.....especially when the "willfully ignorant" humans among us are finally gone...and they will be...there is no other thing that can happen if they continue to insist that "Money and Profit" are more important than "Man and Planet"...

The problem? They are going to take the rest of us with them....

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