Nuke Tests Cause Quakes

There is overwhelming evidence that there are relationships between the global testing above and below ground and the cataclysmic events that have followed. After 900 pages of data and a serious anxiety about the results, statistically there is only minimal deniability.

Can Nukes Cause Earthquakes?

People are just looking for an answer, right? But, what if they are on to something??? Do you really want to know? By Ravenaeus, Friday, January 14, 2005

I really can not help myself, because I like to know and I like to find out and I will never blame the entity that I call the "Great Mystery" for pain and violence and utterly horrible events that I witness. I personally find that if one digs deep enough, MEN do not need any help from God or Buddha or Allah or Yahweh to destroy themselves.

Going back to 1945, an August day in which the single worst series of atrocities against human beings and the earth began, I have used seismographic, actual nuclear test dates/sizes made public by the respective governments, historical earthquake data, and historic volcanic data and have found myself pondering even more seriously...if that was possible when I began this task.

I began by getting all the data on underground and surface testing of nuclear weapons. There is much I can not get data on because of their recent date; however, through 2000 I am reasonably confident that I scoured all the information that would be available to someone who is not hell-bent on destroying something or at least trying to scare the hell out of "them" by acting like I have the biggest....nuke.

Then I added to that the "seismographic" readings (with the magnitudes) that have been gathered when underground detonations have occurred. I then switched motivational techniques and dug into all the earthquake data I could find on events that were 5.0 or larger and have occurred since the first two dropped on the "CIVILIANS" in Japan (guess Dubya is just following the bad example set 60 years ago, and that proves he is taking this country in the wrong direction.) I also added to that all the volcanic activity that occurred in the same time period and erased the earthquakes that were directly associated with the actual eruptions. (I know...long, doesn't make sense, what the heck was that seisa--du-whats-it? READ ON.)

Now, I am not a geologist or a nuclear scientist nor a physicist or a volcanologist and I don't want to be. I do, however, know how to correlate information by date, size, plate tectonics, and event. I took the individual pieces of informationand overlapped them like you would a "trace" drawing.'ll never believe what I found....

The more data I overlapped the more strings of events connected. I am going to include a short list right here (Just to keep your attention.)

Japan August 1945--Unimak Islands, Adreanof Islands------Bikini Atoll June-July 1946--Alaska-----Eniwetok Atoll April 1948--Alaska----------Eniwetok Atoll August 1949--7.1/8.1 -----------1951-1955--85 nuclear tests--52 California, Russia, Spain-----Bikini Atoll---9.0 in Russia--------------Eniwetok/Bikini Atolls in may and June---July 10, a 7.7 in Alaska----------Feb 1960 Algeria--Feb 1960 a 5.7, in Morocco-----Underground Tests Late 1963/early 1964--P.W.Sound, Niigata-Japan-----May-Sept 1966 on Lop Nur, French Polynesia, Mururoa--June 28 & Sept 12 California This goes on and on and on....... -

Volcanos, Earthquakes, and followed by tsunami in some cases.

Can I definitively say that this bastardization of humanity and willingness to flex the phallic radioactive symbols and rockets bearing nuclear weapons or the stupendous stupidity that our great leaders have displayed for 60+ years is what has caused these things? NO, I am not a qualified scientist and I don't have years and years and whatever of education and experience and I am not qualified to say or have or display an opinion according to our always truthful and forthcoming and completely trustworthy and honest and sincere and open defense department and scientific community.

I will have to say, though, that with my limited and unworthy experience figuring odds in my head and winning at blackjack and with my common sense that seems to have been lost even by those wonderful minds of our scientific and leadership communities and the photographic memory that someonecursed me with and a sincere desire to only speak the truth whether you like it or not and with my 900 pages of data and my migraine and the way that the dates of the volcanos and earthquakes seem to correlate with the magnitude disruptions created by the blasts underground and the earthquakes follow by as little as a day or week with the 3000 to 15000 kilotons while it takes 2-3months with everyexample to reach across the ocean when it is a series of 20-500 kiloton tests and the continuous consistency in "magnitude disruption" created by underground tests that is over 5.5 can be linked to following events and the fact that every time I layered another set of data into the equation it increase the likelihood that the tests caused the resulting events.....

Nah, you figure, I'm pretty sure that these insane and thoughtless and inhumane and nonsensical and never truthful and dishonest and untrustworthy bastards have been killing millions for 60 years and probably didn't even know it....(or knew and didn't care)

Maybe, we should find out what they have been exploding underground for the last five years, especially since the "Ring of Fire" has come alive in the last 4 weeks...they may "get" us all yet.

(Thanks to USGS for historical data on earthquake and volcanic activities, Won-Young Kim and the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory for the seismic data, and Wm. Robert Johnson for the chronological listings of the above ground nuclear detonations 1945-2001)

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