Bush Plans for 2005

There are things he has said, he claims to have earned "collateral" to use during this presidency. What they have said, planned, and already begun should scare the hell out of the US and the globe.

Anther Four Years...of BushCO?

Can the World Survive It? Yes, but will the American people survive it? by Ravenaeus

OK, what do we really know about George W. Messiah Bush and his 13 rotating apostles of the round cabinet table and what do we know that they have discussed and planned and organized for the past four years. I bet the KNOWN answers will surprise you. My friends and I have organized our predictions for the next two years based strictly on the current and previous actions and speeches that have been made by the individuals who are BushCO.

Most importantly we know that he wants to dump massive amounts of government funds on the US stock markets. This is to be disguised as a "social security" program to re-invigorate the social security funds. It is known that those who are in the market will sell off their stocks gradually as the social security money is added. They will suck all the profits off the stock market leaving those who really need the "Social Security" pensions with nothing. Just like Carnegie, Wiess, Rockefeller, Meuller, Vanderbuilt, and the other barons did before the crash in the 1920s. Oh, and by the way, when the basement is reached, they will also re-purchase all their former stocks for pennies on the dollar just like their ancestors did in 1929. Only, this time it will be BILLIONS that they make in the scam instead of millions.......

(check the records, I dare you...they dumped their stock, drove the prices into the basement while taking the profits the whole time from selling, and then bought back the same stocks for pennies on the dollar, making millions...oh, and our grandfathers built their roads, power-lines, railways, bridges, and dams for almost no cost which they also purchased for pennies on the dollar...in essence they stole twice and were paid to do it as well and their corporations still make billions from the infrastructure they got in the exchange, guess they actually have been stealing the third time for nearly 80 years.)

First, there is going to be an across the board draft to fight their Arab-Christian war in Iran. This option has been referred to by Bush of OZand Rummy the Dummy as a "selective draft of medical, technological, and specialists to fill the needs of a more technological and innovative military." However, there is also well known precedents that will not allow this "selective" plan and the administration also knows this. They will be taken to the Supreme Court which will rule that this proposal is UNCONSTITUTIONAL and then, with great and heartfelt and sincere apologies, BushCo will have an across the board draft because of the "great need to spread freedom to other nations."

My personal suggestion is that every member of the Bush family who is of age, every eligible family member of the dumb-asses who voted for Bush of OZ, and every eligible member of every elected official in the US are the first conscripts and the first sent into the "War Zones" that BushCo has created. NO others should be drafted until all their relatives are dead....then we can end the damn thing and do it right, with humane actions and diplomacy.

Second, the POPULAR election of the president and federal representatives will be taken away from the public and given to the state assemblies before the mid-term election. This can not happen right? Wrong! The Bush Messiah and his wonderful, former apostle Ashcroft made a presidential petition to the Supreme Court soon after he and Duke Jethro Lumpy Bush of Florida committed election fraud in that state. They asked if, "there is any reason why we cannot return to the electoral process as outlined in the constitution?" The answer was correct and it was that there was absolutely no reason that they couldn't. Let me explain. The constitution calls for an election of "STATE" representatives who then would select the electors that would actually be voting for president, vice president, and the state assembly would APPOINT the state's representatives to Federal Congress and Senate.

If you have wondered why there were so many chances taken, laws broken, and billions of dollars poured into states to insure that the electoral districts favored the RNC, there is your answer.....RNC running state assemblies will mean RNC president, senate, congress, and Supreme Court for as long as the drugged, drooling, dumb-asses among Americans will let them get by with it.

Third, the most heinous and wonderfully, criminally complicit, Duke Jethro Lumpy W of Florida is being groomed to run for President in 2008. His recent trip to the ravaged and destroyed areas of the Indian Ocean is just the first of the gradual buildup and propaganda that those who only watch the liars, misrepresenters, and blatantly treasonous of FOXnews, ABC, NBC, CBS, and CNN will be subjected to in the run up to the primaries. Oh, yeah...another criminal, liar, election tamperer will be running for pres in 2008, and we will see him more and more if we turn on the news channels that are frauds and propagandists.

Me, I just shut them off....great when you can remove them from your satellite channel list....don't even see them while channel surfing. And, I believe that if the people of the US are so damn stupid that they would, say more than 20%, vote for King Messiah Bush of Oz, the Second...they are also salivating idiots who would vote for a man, Duke Jethro Lumpy W of Florida, found to be guilty of election tampering by four independent panels, thereby effecting the fraudulent election of his Dubya of Oz brother.

Forth, all protesters will be harassed, tear-gassed, rounded up, arrested, and given criminal records...maybe added to the very questionable "NO-Fly list" that has been used very aggressively against any Bush opponents. There will be more brutality, more pepper spray used on quiet and nonviolent and peaceful protesters, more batons in the crowds used by undercover police that are beating people randomly in an attempt to start a riot and there will be more pictures and propaganda and rhetoric and less truth and facts and questions that should be asked.

The last conclusive thing that I can say with all honesty is that we, American citizens, are now in Germany in 1929 and the fascists have taken over the TV and the radio and the newspapers and the propaganda is so thick that you can taste it in the air and the lies, misrepresentations, deceptions, and the secrecy is growing and the people don't question and don't ask and don't stand up and just drool and nod their heads and beat their war/patriotic drums without any consideration and the president and his representatives lie and deceive and lie again and there is no outrage...

...and we have unlawfully invaded two nations and are occupying, illegally, two sovereign countries while we would never stand for another to try it on OUR LANDS and our nation has killed over 200,000 civilians and there are 100,000 children who have died and our military is committing atrocities under orders of the President and the Sec. of Defense, but are being tried by the military and there are violations of every convention of the last century being carried out under orders and the people of my once great and good and just and wonderful country just stand by and let this continue..........welcome to Germany in 1938 folks....except its the US.

I just hope this whole thing collapses...that would be just what racist, hate-mongers, warmongers, fascists, and lying hypocrites deserve, you know, the ones who voted for the new Messiah....and as for those of us who didn't vote for the Nazi principles for which the Bush Messiah stands, we can take care of ourselves without this false economy you so faithfully slave away in to make the masters their money, that is if we are not rounded up and detained without trial in our country like thousands of others have been for the last 4 years.

I'LL NOT PARTICIPATE or Protest in the Streets, NOR WILL I SUPPORT THIS FASCIST....NAZI RNC....you elected him and the rest that are like him, you do something about it.

Me?...I will keep reminding you about the crimes, frauds, lies, and international terrorists that our military, our government, and our people have become by supporting BushCo......and I'll be laughing at home while watching on TV when the whole "glass house" shatters, and hoping that the "real" people of our country are forgiven for what the dumb-asses among us have done and have allowed to be done in our names.

The Wait.......Sometimes waiting is the painful part, but not this time. By Ravenaeus Have you ever been to the dentist? You know....the hour you have to set and wait in the lobby and the 30 minutes you have to wait in the chair with the funny bib and the lip-clip while you are listening to that awful and horrible and seemingly much closer than it actually is sound of the grinding and screeching and squealing of the dental tools that makes your teeth ache just reading about it let alone actually having to picture it again?

Have you ever went to the hospital for surgery? To the doctor for a dreaded shot? They put you in the chair with the paperwork and the magazines and you wait and listen and the baby is crying and the kids are screaming and you still wait and the anticipation of the pain however minor or major and the memory of the last time, gets you to aching and dreading and worrying and you just want to leave, but then the nurse smiles that wonderful smile and leads you to what you are sure is going to lead to the most intense pain you can imagine?

Have you ever heard the description of a heart attack? Not the nice and quiet and calm and "I didn't know I was having one" kind. I am talking about the ones that knock you down and run over you with a truck and kick you in the chest like an old-fashioned wrecking ball and the pain fills your whole body and you just want to die and the pain is literally killing you ?

I personally can relate to all three....the grinding and squealing and the smell of smoke as the practicing and I can't overemphasize the word practicing, dentist grinds your pain away leaving you with the next four days of really intense pain in order to do away with that terrible and chilling and eye-watering pain you were getting from sucking in the cool winter air. I know the anxiety of waiting for the needle and the surgery and the sudden and intense and gut-tearing pain that follows. I have had one of those wonderful and frightening and walloping and heavy and knock you on your rear heart attacks. The kind that leaves you wishing that the heavy and enormous Peterbuilt or Mack or Kenworth or all three would come back and finish the job.

We, the intelligent and educated and informed and spiritual and BLUE STATES and progressive and understanding are waiting because we know. We know that the mortars and bullets and napalm and armored and infantry are on the hill and loading up the ammunition and pain and deceit and lies and manipulation and corruption and more divisive rhetoric and that the attacks are coming and that there will be pain...more pain than even imaginable to those of the US as well as those in other nations.

The great and wonderful Bush of OZ messiah and the new rotating apostles of the round table are loading the guns of the media and fueling the tanks of the propaganda machine and shoring up the infantry of their lies and deceptions and making repairs on their armored carriers that deliver the hate and prejudice and rhetoric. They are equipping the aircraft that will soon begin to drop the "smart bombs" on the intelligent and knowing dissenters of our country and they are loading the computer programs into the unmanned drones that will spread more fear and insecurity and lies to those most susceptible. They are swearing in the new soldiers, newly elected by the deceived, that will take away the rest of the rights they began to thief in the late-nite senate sessions of the last four years and they are rounding up all the chiefs-of-staff of their hate machines to be sure that their real armies are ready to besiege those who are not willing to comply.

We wait.....we wait for the real immoral and diseased and sick-in-the-head and warped who are the BushCo advisers and administration and the senators and congressmen and the chiefs of the FBI and CIA and Homeland Security Agency and we wait for the deceived and those made fearful and those propagandized into believing the lies of Dubya and those who are the Neo-con Christians who seem to love to hate and the fearful RED STATES who watch only FOX News and haven't noticed that there was and is no real terrorism and the soccer moms who really believe BushCO cares.....we wait because that is just the army BushCo needed. We wait knowing they will serve their new messiah well because they believe his lies and still wallow in their ignorance like the loyal children of a horrible and terrible father because their great and good "spiritual" leaders forbid them to look at anything that migh take away their power..

The pain is coming.......The Pain is Coming.....but the servants will feel it too. Especially, those who actually work for a living....The pain is coming.

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