Tons of WMDs in Iraq

Contrary to the corporate media's spin, tons of WMDs have been discovered in Iraq. Only problem is, they are Made-in-U.S.A. varieties such as 1,000-lb bunker busters, anti-personnel cluster bombs, and untold numbers of Depleted Uranium shells. But the American public is not likely to learn of their brutal and often indiscriminate use by U.S. Occupation forces, from the "Capital-bin-laden" media reporting inside the USA.

The ideological hegemony & self-censorship inside the U.S. are so great that even the framing of a issue is completely spun to reflect the W Oil Cabal's fantasies. Hence the Bush Regime's showcase "WMD search" in Iraq avoided any detection of U.S. use of WMDs on the innocent Iraqi civilian population.

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Yet again....

Peter Bevan 18.Jan.2005 15:55


Perhaps just for F-ing once, you think the people who post here *might* jsut think about backing up their claims with evidence?

U want Evidence, just listen to BBC instead of FOX

DLi 18.Jan.2005 22:27

To Peter B,
If you are even half open to objective reporting from international media(other than embedded U.S. 'journalists' like those from the FOX propaganda teams), you will know that the USAF has dropped tons & tons of the so-called 'bunker buster' bombs on civilian houses in Fallujah alone during Novemebr & December. Numerous accounts of the U.S. Invaders deploying those WMDs indiscriminately on civilians are freely available in any number of news outlets' websites. And human rights activists have openly charged that these brutal tactics are a gross violations of Geneva Convention rules regarding treatment of civilians in a war zone.

Wake up, Peter, and smell the acrid smoke of DU "donations" from the Washington DC's Evil Empire!