Pluto's Republic: Shadow government, Doublethink and Soviet ideology

slandewr, doublethink and teh contunuation of practices b=used in the Soviet era by poliburo enforces combined tomake socialism a world enforcer of tyranny and oppression -- as well as a philosophy that successfully assasniated another one -- anarchism. taking advantage of people's lackof historical understanding: racists lied for nationalism in the United States and many other countries, in a tune Robert Smith of the Curecals "Just Like Hitler."

Pluto's Republic
Shadow dictatorships and economic Slavery
mikal x

The belief that destruction of existing political or social institutions is necessary for future improvement.
4. also Nihilism A diffuse, revolutionary movement of mid 19th-century Russia that scorned authority and tradition and believed in reason, materialism, and radical change in society and government through terrorism and assassination.

The truth of the following statement shall remainperennia, ongoing yet becoming newly relevant with the passing moments: thoe who claim righteousness but whoesposue philosophies based on ignorance -
are kind of obviously something else when you realy think about it.

anarchism was like the most beautiful girl in the world showed up to the most broing hardcore show in the lamest scene in a bit city. all of a sudden all the other philosophies turned and saw anarchism and thought,

damn, that babez foin. if i could get that hook up i would rule the scene. got to get that!

and so socialism coopted anarchism. socialism did this to anarchism: it walked up to anarchism with a club and smacked it in the back of the head. then it dragged it back to its cave brain damaged and almost completely unconscious. later it died of hemmorage. but socialism was necrosick: it didn't care and then the years from 1888-1991 were like weekend at bernies - as socialism dragged anarchism's corpse behind it and said 'hey lok at my hot girlfriend.'

but anarchism had been sublime, beautiful and rare and socialism was nihlism -- crass cold mterialistic and unspirtualistic bullshit meant to dominate decieve and OWN EVERYTING IT SAW from the beginning - it's got - punch "miner now!" collectivizm was never ever the open hearted share, there's enough for everyone that anarchism has always truly been.

deep truths proliferate.

truth seethes and tyranny goes on its quest to crush, quell, quash and supress truth for so to retel history to make it seem necessary.

deep truths that show this goverment as half of a necessary evil exist. when people acknlowledging but comprimising say that governmenmnt is a necessary evil... might respond tha tey are half right.

there were other greek philosophrers but Platoand Aristotle are the most easily recaled to many. and they got the kings' ear in their day - and so works by philospphers like Xeno of Citium, Ceno of elea, Socrates and others that might have created a different fiuture for western civilization did not survive -- in much the same way as the gospels other thanteh four syndoic gospels were also silenced by tyranny that came from teh mediterreanean to slowly conquer region after region withideology - and the edge of the sword.

where are the legendary powers of the original hero-priests of Christian legend? where are the powers of the european druid, the meso american priest and shaman?

the deep truth that the tribes of israel's antiquity, the earth tribes of the meso americas, the picts and the bantus, the maori and all other earth close cultures share - it was one rigid mentality that enslaved them and denied them the way of life they chose to live. the kushan, the ainu, this has happened in every part of the world and it has a been the same mentality claiming to represent god and religion but wielding harsh repression, rape and disregard for the earth's bounty except as tolls of leverage. to has happened over and over -- and then they proudly say
"this is OUR land, not yours. get the hell off my property or i will call a cop! that's my god goven right as an american."

the Buddhaic wisdom of the nirmanakaya -- nothing is mine - is otherthan a denial -- it is an affirmation that cosnmos is equal in providing to all sentient beings. the false Christains, arriving in the 1600s tothe meso americas, didn't care. they came and tok property - and lives and human dignity wascomprmised by their false christian philosophy and dogma, a gift from Plato haded to eurppe by Constantine the Tyrant. The stories that could have filled out an understanding of the sorceror and healer yeshua antorus were left out - how could a peaople who understood healing arts that included raising teh dead and curing blindness be dominated by barbarian slaves with gladi and scutum?
they could not have been, So Imperial Rome went out of their way to co-opt the philosophy of the healer and talmiudic priest yeshua and his associates.

what they did contributed to creating a new Sahendrim that today follows the twisted letter of the law and denies teh spirit in myriad ways. Bombs have fallen on the children of the book whom god loves, and intelelctual descendents of kingmaker Pladou (hey -- it's all Greek to me...)

an intelligent six year old alone in a library with a card and a few hours to waste can learn the histor of brutal Imperialism.

When the Totalitarians of Eastern culture baited Imperialists it was half hearted -- they wanted the old empires out so that they could imperialized themselves with the military monarchism that bolshevik attitudes always have been -- even without a crown the rich higher ups were still regal rulers - living in riches while those they had decieved into embracing the Bolshevik derivative of Plato's ideal of philosphical monarchy - the Republican Council --

in every nation now the champions of brutal statist police culture can be found enforcing laws that cause suffering and pain and imbalance, driving people into --

that is what all those kids were ACTUALY saying.

And Plato's greedy greek fingers were in the pot in meso america when the invaders kame, killing and colonizing -- this is not a guess, this is histry that is taught. And Pladou's greedy Greek fingerprints could be seen all over the world thousands of yeas after he walked the hills of Hellas -- as something caling itself the Union Of Soviet Socialist REPUBBLICS tyrannized a region -

I love greece. the good people pf Greece, and people all over the world who believe close to the land have suffered under the slavemaster's whip oiof iinstitutionalized, rigid and intimidating tyranny for too long.

al a contrivance to make the United states look like some sort of hero.

but Objective understanding of words saves pour minds here. in the United States representatives like proud John Warner (R. Tenn) have pointed out that the United States is a Constitutional Republic. And it is: it was so framed and somoted by those slavedrivers and ilers who rebeled against the British crown - also shabby and in fallen state from the times of Imperialist colonization. (Tyrants have not always ruled the British isles. And shall not always.)

without the need to bias myself with an alliegance to teh dictators of almost 250 years of organized brutality- killing and rape, i see the same mentality that petendied to be representative of Christ but echoes the hatred, brytality and deception of a Aryaman or a Lucifer has masqueraded as righteousness.,\

in almost every nation.


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