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”Wake Not the Brain Dead”

In order to understand the current situation, I think one needs to appreciate that assassination, blackballing, smear tactics, dirty tricks have been used in secret and openly now for some years by certain powerful spirit people and their immediate servants. People are encouraged by incessant and regular propaganda to become desensitized to deceit, injustice and cruelty. It is by such means the demonist and false religious have managed to shape our culture and government (in this order.) They come into power through such methods, and once there, will reward and offer employment to persons who they know to be (mostly) irrational, weak and or ineffective. At the same time capable and sincere people are kept out from participation. Because spirit people are guiding the lead criminals, and because spirit people (typically in the use of demons) are involved, the nay-sayers ordinarily have no idea how to combat such forces. The dupes are led to think that they have been empowered and promoted through their great talent, and cleverness in understanding how things “really are.” Together with the original wrong doers and then the dupes or know nothings a power block, along with a phony consensus, is formed. The not so guilty, yet ignorant dupes act a shield of legitimacy for the murderers and demonists, left or right it doesn't really matter. This is what happened in Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany, and now here in the U.S, albeit in a guise more acceptable to the nation. This method is not fool proof, but it has been shown to be very effective. The real test of legitimacy is honesty, integrity and rationality. Now if this is true, how legitimate would you say many of those in power are today?
Your Counter-Terrorism Dollar

I take the attitude that if you gratuitously hurt or attack helpless children or animals (say for purposes of spiting someone or inflicting cruelty) you have got to be among the very worst of people, all the more so as you have no shame about doing such. Now the people I am combating are exactly of this sort. They are the ones who, among their other crimes, murdered by cats (of which all told I had more than a dozen), as well as a number of other local animals, with a mind to intimidating me. Yet when I have gone to seek someone to help me fight them, no one, except perhaps for a few exceptions unknown to me (and God truly bless all such!), I say, no one will help me! Not the police, not the church, not the lawyers, not the government, not the academics, not the activists, not the media. You all blame someone else for what's wrong in the world, but as far as I can see you are the real assholes! If that’s not true then get over to 1604 NW 70th St., Seattle, hear my now 12 year plea of human rights abuse and victimization by the world’s worst terrorists, and stop being such a two faced Januses and hypocrites! I've tried very hard these past years to see any one or all of you, but you can't face me honestly.

I understand the government spends millions of dollars to fight terrorism. Well if they passed along some of that money to me, then the real terrorist would have a real fight on their hands. But they won't do so because they don't really mean what they say, are afraid of the real terrorists, indeed, when all is said and done, take their orders from them.
Stop and think. There are demon filled people in our midst, violent, raging, incoherent, abusive, and it goes on like this from day to day without our taking explicit cognizance of the fact. One sort of person may smolder in hatred over something which they do not begin to think rationally about, while another curses loudly, decrying all good. We might just run into these sorts of people (say at work, on the internet, or on television) and then avoid them.

Have you ever felt a sharp dislike for someone or something that didn't make the least bit of sense after you thought about it? That is a good sign that you had a demon or sprite in you, so that if this has happened you can say that you too have been possessed.

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Thanks for your attention,

William Thomas Sherman

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you data's imbalanced. do it better.

doctor_jones 19.Jan.2005 03:27

i know wht your data was removed - it's for two reasons.

first your articles are comprehensive but your rwriting style could use a little strunk and white. it;s all one paragraph mate!

people here will need to go a long way -- they might have the'tude but they don't know how to construct a compelling and readable piece of copy more often than not. it results in information that is valid looking great -- if you cn stomach reading jarringly constructed and -- it;s all one paragraph man. you need to brush up on basic skills. who. what. when. where. why. i know you aren't concerned about making it as a journalist -- but if you want to really convey ideas it only helps you to study massmedia and see -- not what they do but how they do -=- mass media is compelling ion -part because they have insititutionalized an art form. they have standards and while many important articles oare gagged there is still a tradition of production integrity that by and large leaves indymedia.geeks looking, well, like geeks. like dumb smart kids who couldn't make it in the real world.

the second thing is that -- socialists don't want you exposing the new world order, man. socialists ARE the new world order. Hitler, Stalin, Castro, Putina dn Dubya's grandfather prescott -- all for socialism just like the dirt piunks you know who hate anything that didn't come out of the communist Mephistophoes opr whatever it is. they don't wanna hear it -- they are totalitarias -- the exact complement to the brutal dictatos of the Right wing. they are no better and don't want anyone else to know, so they censor like fascists. that part -- in their stupid way they were patting you on the back by censoring you because socialists despise anarchy and all it stands for -- including exposing the truth about socialist collusion with big government (i mean a soviet is nothing but a governing body -- giving rest to their pretentions and obvious even to non anarchists LIES about 'anarchosocialism" -0- that woudl be like Satano-Chrsitianity -- contradictions are real.

so anyway thosetwo editorial things. work on your article writing skills. paragraph.s break things up so they are easier for the human eye -- remember people are adjusting to the constant deluge of ifo and if they they can't dig what your work LOOKS like they will read two articles and go find the info somewhwre else.

it;s not about competition -- that is what sets independent media apart from corporate media and has the potential to make us a more factual and representational sorurc eof information -- it's about having a compelling article and not turning of fthe reader. of course this whole thing needs to be rethopught because its current format just cycles things up and out -- it's like a mass grave of news and information all piled up. which is bad. but also the socialists are counter to anarchy and want it that way -- even if and precisely because they won't admit it.

it's called "doublethink." and "groupthink." digital collectivists are practically cyBorgs with little will of their own. look yup the horoor tales of russians who live dthrough the Soviet horror and you will realise why the socialist geeks don't like your articles.

they loathe mine. i'm an anarchist.