Government of the United States Releases Documents Related to Server Seizure

08 Aug 2005 13:53 GMT
In response to a freedom of information act request by Indymedia and the Eletronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), the government of the United States partially released some documents relating to the seizure of an indymedia server in 2004. On October 7, 2004, an indymedia server in England was seizied by the American FBI, taking offline about twenty Indymedia sites. The seizure included a clause of secrecy that forbade the company which housed the server to comment on the case and the content of the seizure order. Indymedia thus has its server seized without any knowledge of who ordered the apprehension and why. After an international campaign by groups that defend the freedom of the press and the civil laws, the server was returned without any information being given on the reason for the seizure or the restitution. After a judicial battle that lasted almost a year, Indymedia and the EFF, an organization that defends civil liberties on the InterNet, obtained the partial release of documents relating to the case. The reason for the seizure, now divulged, was the inquiry of the Italian government into a letter bomb sent to the European Commission President Romano Prodi in December of 2003. Apparently, many indymedia websites are being investigated for having published the manifesto of a supposed Informal Anarchist Federacy that assumed responsibility for the attempted attack. The documents also disclose that and are being investigated for the same reasons.
The attempted attack on Romano Prodi and claim of the authorship for the Informal Anarchist Federacy is viewed with distrust by the anarchist community of Italy, which was completely unaware of the groups that composed the supposed federacy. Many Italian anarchic organizations had published declarations repudiating the act, classifying it as "vanguardist" and suggesting that the supposed anarchist attack on Prodi is being used as an excuse for the persecution of militant radical groups.


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Sed 15.Aug.2005 00:26

No offence, but I cannot seem to understand any of this.


JWL 16.Aug.2005 14:51

It occurs to me that the reasons for the seizure have nothing to do with the fictional anarcist organization and much to do with harrassing Indymedia. The documents released are merely the cover story for the heavy handed assault on the freedom of the press.