Dance & Social Revolution

The leading social event in Latin America in which both the working poor and other of lower economic classifications are Latin social dances. This should be common place here in America. Moreover, it is one of the most significant community event in which vital inforamtion is socially exchanged.

Dance & Social Revolution.

The 1930s through the 1960s social dance was the main staple of socializing within America which was independent of both public education and the church. They key factor for its, then, existing popularity was due to the fact its was mostly attended by the working poor and middle classes. This was an outgrpowth of the ' Great Depression ' and went into high gear as a result of WWII and servicemen facing the realities of the war. Later on during the 50s and 60s social dance was penitrated by the Franchise studios systems, the high profile marketing, the workers could not compete with the modny being invested, and slowly the workers lost interests as a result of rise of these dance studio systems.

At Ithaca, New York there is an effort to develop an American Economy Social Dance program in which to re-empower the workers ( working poor and middle classes ) in developing social dances. Classes like for exmple Ballroom Dance Classes Ithaca have attracted those who needs ballroom dance for their weddings. Once the cost went down, the demand went up for ballroom classes. The same also applied to Latin Dance Classes Ithaca in as much as this attracted those who were recent immigrants. The highlight of this effort was the Swing - Lindy Hop dance classes in as much as this is the dance of the working classes - blue jeans, bubby gum, pony tails and all. It was the swing element which indicated that as the cost of the lessons ( most certainly woith swing ) went down, the demand for social dances went up, almost immediately.

What was also observed, in those events in which the workers controled, the more pleasant the social atmosphers, as well as personal better manners. The single importance of which produced social stability first and foremost. this translated into other form of social interaction, but it is still the stability this approach which should be motivation to promote this nation - wide.

Not only the quality of every day life increased, but the value was being placed more upon character as a result. Thus, the conditions for role modeling was set as a result.

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Dance Community Get Together

Roger M. Christian 07.Dec.2005 00:10

Social Latin Dance
Social Latin Dance

Shall WebDance
Shall WebDance

Bring back social dance back to the workers ( this is not left ended - but is typical of those who made social dance popular in the first place - along with dirty finger nails from working in the steel factories and mines of the 30s - 90s ) is the main onjective of Dance Community Get Togethers to fill the void cause by Dance Meetups dues requirements. See for additional information about the operational scope.

Both Tri Falcon and Dove Productions, Ithaca Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC , and Tri Falcon and Doave Dance Academy have established market visiability ( one of the reason why the more liberal indymedia was cautious examined and applied as a valued resource ), and form which founder Mr. Roger M. Christian of Ithaca, New York feels he can make it happen. Nonetheless, with a growing dominance in the dance INTERNET marketing niches, Community Dance Get Togethers are now obtaining their footing within the INTERNET of keyword searches. This is the fuirther faciliate the means by which to expand the clinet's rights to self-determination as these Get togethers are targeting the Amauer dancer to get involve in planning dance events.

Addtional Links.

Rachel Cohen 12.Dec.2005 15:50

I love the ballet too!
I love the ballet too!

The responce to this has been wonderful. Mr. Christian has told me to do all the additonal posts. I looked through the article and found it had a missing links. Here it is.

Dance Ithaca E - Magazine [ ]

I got attracted to Mr. Christian simply because of his earnest attitude of return social dance to the workers. Moreover, and even though I am a member of the Middle Class, I have been aware of the reasoning behind his motivation. The workers would guard the interest of keeping social dances open simply because of the class'less nature of the social ethics they have had traditionally. We, who are part of the middle class has the tendency to be a little snobish, click'sih, and somewhat escap'ist, and often we make dance more of a spirit of the moment, rather than as serious social interests-for we have many interests as we can afford to pay for them. The workers on the other hand can not afford much, and when they expend their dollars they do it more carefully, especially if they have children.

I do not live in Ithaca. Even as far as I am in the DC area, I can only hope that Mr. Christian visions works out.

Rachel Cohen " Links Manager TFDDA "

Contra Dancers are now the dancers of the workers

Lisa Andershone 20.Dec.2005 21:36

A small Contra Dance Circle
A small Contra Dance Circle

Right now and in every city there is a Contra Dance Circle. This reflects the nature of the dance and who cellebrates it. Primarily the working poor-like me and my friends. Nonetheless, as I and my friend Cassandra will be backpacking in the up coming Summer of 2006, we are already doing research on who, what and where in Contra. Moreover, there is no professionals out there hot under their collars teaching for loads of money. That is very good news. Lets keep it as unprofessional as possible...Please

Is there money involved in Contra ? No, except a modest entry fee to our social dances to pay for the rent everything else is voluntary. Moreover, and something similar to contras is line daning-and that exist everywhere too.

I and Cassandra do appreciate Mr. Christian efforts though. It is hard to get people aware of how dance has become the play thing of the upper middle classes, and how they have ruin alot of social dancing as a result of their petty politics. So far they ( the uppers, as Casssandra and I call them ) have not shown any interest in either contra or line dancing. We just dont want them.

Even the working poor can have some sort of license at rebuff....

Lisa Andershone.
Womyn Radical, Ithaca, New York

Do not forget Belly Dancing:

Emily Finegold 23.Oct.2007 03:16

Del Negro Dancing
Del Negro Dancing

Vintage History from Turkey
Vintage History from Turkey

Speaking for when I found this on " Del Negro is a mexican-italian bellydancer, currently living in Toronto.
She is definitly one of the very best bellydancers in Mexico.

In Canada she has performed in places such as Shiraz, Ambrosia, 1001 Nights and Myth Restaurant.

She's currently searching more places and venues to perform, therefore contact her via this e-mail offering her work.

Currently she has two styles of shows. One, Traditional Bellydance, suits perfectly in Greek, Arabic, Fusion or Oriental Restaurants and Lounges.
The Other, Modern Bellydance Fusion, is a more energetic, uplifting performance, dancing to the newest trance, house, and electronic music. This goes perfect in private partys, social and special events, clubs, bars, concerts, etc. "

Thats what I got when I went to Toronto to see her perform. And the level of Fushion was extremely creative. Alot of times we forget the art is ever present in every form of dance.

Thus I want to interject this little quip.