After death of Brasilian general, UN and elite have increased violence in Haiti


The commander of the MINUSTAH (United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti) forces, General Urano Bacellar, was found dead on January 7th with a bullet in his head. It is unclear whether he was murdered or whether it was suicide, but it is known that he was constantly being pushed to escalate the occupation of local neighbourhoods in Haiti. In particular, they demanded that UN troops occupied and acted with "more energy" in the local districts of Porto Principe, with the justification being that in those areas were groups involved in recent kidnappings. Human rights activists state that the real reason is the persecution of opponents to the current regime.

The Brazilian government, who are trying to negotiate a permanent position on the UN Security Council, does not want to give up the command of the troops in Haiti. So far, Brasil has spent 340 milion Reais (almost $150 million USD) on MINUSTAH, with which the result has been almost 300 deaths and the destruction of a number of houses in the local districts.

The death of the general has lefts doubts about the politic scene on the country. Presidential and parliamentary elections have been again schedual fot february 7th. However nothing garantees a substantial change in relation to the current gobernment of Gerard Latortue and Boniface, impossed after 2004 that took Jean Aristide off the power. Opponents candidates, such as Lavas, are facing problems to be accepted. An exemple of it is father Gerard Jean Juste, that is arrested and forbbiden to registerd. The opponents to the government, friendlly or not of Aristide, states that the elections are illegitimate, and fears repression of MINUSTAH, that should use violence to contain probable protests on the districts during the election.

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The Dragon Strikes Again!

yezbok drahcir 16.Jan.2006 12:08

Thanks to the following three key kings for playing their roles in clearly revealing the abomination of desolation:

Tyranny – Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran

Terrorism – Osama Bin Laden of Anywhere

Desolation – Kim Jong Il of North Korea

Well played by the Supreme Leaders of Islam and Christianity too. How they made us seek a temple that is made with hands – those idolaters!

Well placed by Jerusalem and Christ the martyred (dragon suppressed) prophet (whistleblower).

What a fascinating prophecy it was…

The people will stop the abomination of censorship and the suppression that is being written by the Devil’s blue pencil. Innocence will not claim the luxury of willful or neglectful ignorance.

It is up to you people of this world to slay the dragon and make the serpent eat its own dust. This time the abomination of desolation will be revealed before and not after the expectation of yet another holocaust. May we no longer write in grim retrospect?

Have you ever seen a living book grow larger by the day, where anyone from anywhere can safely have a say in how to judge the grief we bear and make it go away?

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Have you ever tasted something so sweet that words cannot deride, because the words you failed to find left you bitter inside?

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