Over One Million Join Student Fight Against CPE


Since the start of March, protests, occupations and direct action against the new CPE employment law in France have been increasing, with university and school students leading the dissent. Railways have been blockaded, airports disrupted, and up to two thirds of France's universities have been occupied or disrupted, as well as many schools. Clashes with police have occured throughout the country.

On Thursday 16th March well over 300,000 people took part in growing protests throughout France [report and pics] as more universities were occupied, roads blockaded and the town hall in Rennes was occupied. In Paris up to 120,000 protested [report and pics | gallery] followed by clashes with police using tear gas, rubber bullets and water cannon [report and pics | gallery]. Around 150 arrests were made in Paris bringing the total to around 300, with over 40 police injured. (See also Censier University occupation report and pics).

Much international publicity came from the occupation and violent eviction by riot police of the Sorbonne university in Paris on Saturday 10th March [Video | Report + Pics | Gallery 1 + 2]. On Tuesday 14th the protests escalated as a student day of action saw thousands of school students taking part in occupations and blockades [report and pics | gallery] as well as more street fighting around the Sorbonne area [gallery].

The CPE is a new employment contract due to take effect in April. The CPE would allow firms to hire people aged under 26 for a two-year trial period, during which they could be easily dismissed without a reason. Students and others complain this will only increase the precarity of everyday life in France where unemployment currently runs at 10% and 50% in some areas.

See other reports [1 | 2 | 3 | 4 ] Plus recent features at IMC Germany | Poland | March 22nd London CPE report back | STOPCPE |

For breaking news see French IMCs: Paris | Lille | Toulouse | Marseille | Nantes | Liege | Auvergne | Grenoble and Libcom Blog

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Captain_Monkey 21.Mar.2006 14:59

the_girl :)
the_girl :)



As I have mentioned in my blog the other day ( []-> entry via e.mail) being a student of a Zagreb's University which has recently started with the adoption of the Educational Declaration agreed in Bologna am supporting this cause completely with my gang just that we seem to choke a bit too much for actualy doing anythin' public for the reasons mentioned in the blog not to repeat myse4lf.
Of the other thing to mention I am realy stunned by the beauty of the girl holding a speech on this photo so if anyone could get me out of here since ama political dissiiiiii... if anyone could get me a ...
I_> )
Man. I seriously would get there to help bash the cordons jus not certain if it would fit in your protesting since am not certain in which way students may unite if you get my point. Certainly would not bring retards over there which I have realized you also have. As I've said Declaration of Bologna kicked in this semester so I went to study, having dogs after me, tho ignore that, tried to establish voice+video link with university of Denver, Colorado and got rejected and yeah I know it's overseas though shouldn't matter that much. If you people could fill me in on Bologna Declaration in France I'm sending my brigades over that is need to know just how exactly and in which way is Zagreb coresponding to France as it comes to student since if links are not strong, this solidaritat should be understood on a different level. on the other hand if the B. Declaration actualy is connecting all the students in Europe, then we all are feeling the same ''thing''. If not _> our brigades will have to go in as support 'from_other_countries suchas non_eu and other categorization) for the sake of not disrupting the entire thing.
We could get up to 50 militant f****s and an outsanding tech support (ignore those CE stickers).
Let me know.
Captain Monkey, University of Zagreb, Faculty of Philosophy, Department of Philosophy

no help.. but good to see your still up for it!

armedpoet 22.Mar.2006 17:48

Just thought I would say - completly unrelated, that it is great to see you doing sutff outside of ADF!

And good luck to all our french comrades..

vivez sans temp mort!

French Indymedia

an anarchist 22.Mar.2006 23:40

France Protest
France Protest

Dont forget to read the French Indymedia!

hey armed poet

monkey 23.Mar.2006 17:33




Yeah, well. Since you're mentioning, teh ADF website/chat/community is down. It has been down for months jus that there were back doors to it till a week ago.
RU sitte/ is up. And I'm hosting it on my computer jus that the entry is only via e,mail since, if you've been familiar with the ADFchat, you may have noticed a massive appearance of nazis mostly from chezc rep. and netherlands. So we are keeping it clean.
Been having a flu for nearly 14 days with a highest temperature culminating at 39.4 degrees.
I am seriously interested in that girl so, gonna prostitute myself some more and put some pictures of me here in case she ever sees (strange word) _> notices (even stranger) stumble upon (not good) if she ever ran.incorrect _. she everrrr rrrrun into them.
And some confidential CIA documents for everyone's pleasure below.
(jus noticed that there is only 3 image upload slots so gonna have to put only one confidential CIA document and 2 pictures of myself since I realy cannot stop thinking about that girl).
actualy... hmmm... gonna put all 3 pics of me since I'm a whore and .
the confidential CIA docs are @ www.de3edermaa-> and gonna put em here later anyway.
Have any of the agreements been made yet between the gov and teh students?

hey anarchist

monkey 23.Mar.2006 18:25




well, haven't been using french in a while, tho while browsing paris.indymedia only catching a vibe and photos of cours3.
lemme try.

bon jour, c'appelle monkey. sava? [mind the characters are wrong]

-> pour liberte desssstudentes avec liberte industrielle, yeah well, gonna take a course next week,.
oh right,t hedocuments.
ah, si, les documentes!

blog(what's the use of it if no one can access/read it?)

monkey 24.Mar.2006 11:35




Blog(what's the use of it if no one can access/read it?)public_computer = PC

Keep on Topic Please: French Student Protests

activist 25.Mar.2006 20:54

Nantes 21st March
Nantes 21st March

If you people want to talk about Ex-Yugoslavia or the CIA, please take it to another article or discussion thread. This thread is about the French Student CPE protests.

Please only post appropriate on-topic images.

This is a time-critical subject.


Maybe I'm a bit confused

RobG 02.Apr.2006 11:05

As much as I agree with a lot of what I read on this site, I find it hard to be to upset about a law that allows employers to fire employees because of economic reasons or otherwise. There is a terrible crisis of unemployment of the young in France...wouldn't more freedom to hire people on a trial basis provide some alleviation to this problem?


monkey 04.Apr.2006 19:49

HI rob. I appreciate your input. It's above baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
Yeah well it has some grounds I'd say jus that in that case (say_positive_opinionon trial_employees) the dynamics of change should be rapid. And, wouldnt' say it's solving the problem since, rapid or not, the circulation of vacant 'workers' has to have an attribute of 'absorbtion', or to put it better-> a sector has a certain number of free 'jobs', right, and whether trial or contract, or whatever the nature of your 'agreement' with an employer is, that number is fixed and obviously not increasing. So , your statement is a bit absurd,.
From this standpoint, the 'desision'/'lavv'|-| that will enable employers to fire people is motivated by different mot.. basicaly-> there are different reasons behind the 'law' from this standpoint and those may be=> segregation/selection of students/people. Pretty banal street language translation: if you gonna obay, you will get a job, if not, you get fired. Simple as that, korse the entire 'riddling' and 'noising' of this simple statement is what usualy happens and pisses people off bigtime. More control it is-> selection of students. Penalties, if you will.

monkey, University of Zagreb, Faculty of Philosophy, Department of Philosophy.


monkey 04.Apr.2006 21:03



The protestation in France changes face

bo 09.Apr.2006 22:18

Since the start of april month, as most of the reformist worker unions decided to come back to the negociation table with the government, most of students are getting more and more radicalized. So after the two big organized protests which gathered between 1 and 3 millions (depending on the the police or worker association sources), students are experiencing new resisting forms, while more and more university and school are getting blocked. Here is a non-exhaustive list of resistance actions that took place in this last few days.

On the 31 march, in Paris, after the president Chirac anounce the CPE law validation, many student gather on the evening to the Bastille place and start a spontaneous protest march all around the town claming: "Paris, wake up !". Video link:
In many town if France, student assemblees agree on a economic paralysis strategy.

On the 3rd april, 200 protesters free a highway paying point in Mantes la jolie.

On the 4th april, in Caen, 3000 student invade the roundway.

On the 5th, in Toulouse, students block a postal sorting center. On the same day, in Nantes, 600 protesters block the MIN (International Interest Market). In Reims, the 500 demonstrators ends with the march and blocking the main train station. In Lyon, 150 precarious workers and students symbolically invade an ASSEDIC (social assistance agency).

On the 6th, in Montpellier, students invade the UMP (the main french right party) agency and empty it into the street. A same action tooks place on the same day with a MEDEF (the main french employer association) agency in Avignon. In Nancy, 400 students block highways on the morning and the postal sorting center helped by employees on the afternoon. In Brest, students block the Iroise bridge. In Toulouse, the Matabiau train station is blocked, the police reacts violently, two studend are seriouly wounded and bring to the hospital. In Paris, four of the main train stations have are blocked by more than 2000 protesters. In the same day, other groups block the Paris roundway in some point.

And it is going on...

CPE is announced to be canceled

bo 10.Apr.2006 17:26

Today, on the morning, the french government announce they will "replace" the specific point which is the CPE contract in the ironically called the "equality" law, by limitted a system based on State "helps", specific to "precarious" youngs.

Considering that those State helps are not aim to "help" those youngs but make them even more flexible and precarious,
Considering that the movement cannot give up a party of the french population to the capitalist greed,
Considering, also, that this movement cannot end up on so limitted aspect as others are now legalizing the 14 years old young work (and 15 years old for work by night),
Considering that another CPE-like law, called CNE, has been voted and is already applied to small buisnesses since a few month,
Considering again, the recent law, proposed by the Éric RAOULT deputee, to criminalize next protests in France is unacceptable,
Considering that, at final, this movement should not be a specific protest against this or that law, but a global and deep questioning on the capistalism system, and its corollary aspect such as wage-earning work,

More and more french universtities are now declaring that they will not give up the protest and blocades on such a thin result.

Let's hope we will see effects, in the few comming days, of all those declarations.


hunger_strike 11.Apr.2006 03:55

Greetings bo.
Yes, indeed, a global questioning of capitalism. One way to go on the track of what I've had in mind -> regional/hellGlobal support/solidaritat to students currently being in France, since, it's happening to all of us, again, you were the ones to actualy do something.
I'm on a hunger strike , don't see what else I might , in which way I might contribute.
Allow me a short p[aragraph on this subject, please.
I'm following the protests since they've started. Was struck by a nasty flu soon after. Creeped out of bed started writin' here since the board I'm usualy writing on is down (*wonders*).
Went back to University and !NOTHING!. Retards creeping over there. Nothing happens!
Ending up, as usual here (SE Europe/Balkans), with a guy who claims to be astudent representative publicaly supporting YOUR CAUSE on a !!!!national_television!!!. sayin: we(?whoever WE are) have sent an email of support to French_Student_Union.
Man I hope you have some decent filter on your email account.
Me is on a hunger strike not coz of your protest (that would be good, though it's not the case). I'm on a hunger strike for 2 reasons.
1. No one understands why I'm on a hunger strike.
2. I am on a hunger strike because I don't have a right to protest.
the key is in: 12
Even the h. strike is hard to pull. Nowhere to report it. If you do, you get hospitalized (been there too much). The rules (say 1 candy every 5 hours) are getting sabotaged constantly. etc. etc.
Above all, it's not debatable at all jus that I need to start eating soon since... (bones are sticking out bit too much, it's not nice)
I dunno how many days I've been on strike, must be nearly a week alltogether. Second of all, no one is sabotaging the classes, at least have some decency not to show up on 20% or somethin, don need to be the same ones, jus... nothing happens since 'THEY ARE OBVIOUSLY SUPPORTING THE STUDENTS IN FRANCE'.
-told 2 tv crews to fuck of yesterday (went in the university to make footage on: +are you nervous before the tests & the usual morphine of the national tv.
Wanted to buy off the tape of the first crew, .no way.
[bo, if you got this far-> what is the police using these days on the streets?]
oh yeah, bout my hunger strike. You wanna meet the people that mofo from the national_tv appearance is representing saying: 'I saw monkey eatin' a fatass sandwich the other day?' in an amusing way?
There are no protests in here untill we clean out the student population, we are living in croatia. -> on the track of that, the minister of Family (dig that), issued an order last September for the children of war vets to get to study for free, etc. Lovely, eh?
500 servants right there, to sabotage everything you ever think of doing, from writing a seminar, studying without a noise, now jus dream about supporting your French_collegues of course, proved to be already done on national television prime time. While the retard forums are bursting with activity and discussions on this matter with no general purpose whatsoever, the most embarrasing thing right now would be people on the streets led by the ones mentioned.
Diversions, sabotages, (crews up to 5 people), plastic explosives, things like that would be nice over here. Anything on the greater scale wouldn't work that easy -> bt2w. if you get caught in here blasting a server or messing with plastic exp. _> you get KILLED. period. You know how?
The Student_representative is actualy gonna defend another person who blasted a server or a power supply with the plastics on a primetime national television and that another person is gonna walk free. Get in papers, etc. While you. Gonna end up dead.
Its the way things are done here.
I know it's pretty much the same thing you are dealing with over there. And the pretty much same thing everyone is dealing with since 1939, and 1915 and the days of Antient Rome.
Hell. We need to syndicate, one way or another.
Dunno if Silvio won the elections in Italy, gonna check it out, if so, fuck me I'm sellin my soul to the Italian.