Worldwide Anti-War Protests - March 2006


Saturday 18th March was called by the World Social Forum as an International Day of Mobilisation against the war and occupation in Iraq, marking the three year anniversary of the war. Hundreds of demonstrations took place throughout the world demanding to end to the occupation of Iraq, and protesting against a possible attack on Iran.

In London, the Stop The War coalition said 80 - 100,000 people marched through the streets, however as usual there was disagreement over numbers with the police saying the turnout was as low as 15,000 (a figure which was then printed in mainstream media across the world). See reports and pictures from London [1 | 2 | 3]. The march sparked some personal commentary about the day and the tactics [ Brian B | riot act | Jo Wilding ]. Locally protests also took place in Glasgow, Newcastle and Dublin.

In the Arab world, demonstrations took place in Baghdad and the Syrian capital Damascus. Smaller ones took place in Beirut, Cairo and other Arab cities. In the Tunisian city of Sfax, police stormed into a crowd of about 3,000 people and beat them with batons and truncheons, injuring at least 20.

In the US tens of thousands took part in protests across the country (500 demonstrations were scheduled). For news, pictures and video see the following Indymedia reports: Rallies & Marches: Akron, OH 1 2 | Albuquerque | Arlington, TX | Ashland, OR | Binghamton | Boston 1 2 | Chicago | Colorado Springs | Columbus 1 2 | Concord, NH | Connecticut | DC | Eugene | Fayetteville, AK | Fresno | Houston | Kansas City | Los Angeles | Milwaukee | Minneapolis/St.Paul | Nashville | New Hampshire | New York | Olympia | Orange County 1 2 | Pittsburgh | Phoenix | Philadelphia | Portland | Rochester | San Diego | San Francisco Bay Area | Santa Barbara | Santa Cruz | Seattle | Springfield, Mass | Tuscon, AZ | Vancouver, WA | Vermont | Worcester
Civil Disobedience: Boston, MA: Demonstrators visit several ROTC Offices | Eugene, OR: Civil Resistance activists arrested after sit-ins | Lakewood, OH: Arrests at Lakewood Military Recruitment Center | Lansing, MI: Five Arrested at Lansing Military Recruitment Center | Los Angeles, CA: Eight Arrests at Senator Feinstein's Office -1 -2 | Portland, OR: 19 Arrested while Delivering Anti-War Petitions to Senator Wyden's Office | Washington, DC protesters target Halliburton, Bechtel, and Carslyle

Indymedia Centres around the world collected reports of demonstrations from Hundreds to Thousands of people. In Germany the demands were often broadened to include protests against repression and or the liberty of political prisoners.
Worldwide IMC reports: Estrecho: Sevilla, Córdoba | Maritimes: Halifax feature and photos, Fredericton | Ontario: London, Toronto, Windsor | Ottawa Video | BC Vancouver | Winnipeg Victoria | Alacant | Barcelona: 1 2 | Bruxelles: 1 2 3 4 | West-Vlaanderen | Bulgaria | Cyprus: Greek English | Euskal Herria: Ermua | Ireland: Dublin | Germany: Berlin, Duisburg, Trier, Tübingen | Italia: Roma, Palermo, Saronno and Gorizia | Nederland: Amsterdam | Norge | Polska: Warszawa English report and photos, Wrocław, Poznań | Portugal: Lisboa | Scotland: Glasgow | Switzerland: Feature, Ginevra | Brasil: 1 2 3 | Peru: Lima | Puerto Rico | Aotearoa: Wellington, Hamilton and Auckland | Perth

See also: [Infoshop] Global Protests Mark Iraq War Anniversary | [A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition] Initial Reports on March 18 Antiwar Actions and corporate media coverage [ 1 | 2 ]

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vienna protest

anti-militarist 23.Mar.2006 16:02

some 300 people participated on a demonstration against war in iraq, palestine and afghanistan.
report (in german) and pictures:

Pro Peace People

Basim Najjar 27.Mar.2006 02:42

give what a chance?
give what a chance?

It is much eaiser in war to use propaganda then it is to use the truth!
In the olden days even though relatively not too long ago, if not still today, Leaders would
motivate the masses by painting the enemy as a demon.
They are differnent then us, they will kill us if they have a chance, they are dirty, they will as mike tyson so eloquently said " I will eat your babies."
What if our leaders just tried the truth my wallet is lite, lets get me more money!
how many 18 year old men and women would fight under these circumstances, the truth?

about my last statement

basim najjar 27.Mar.2006 09:51

it is obvious that Bib Laden is crap, dirt, and a twisted person, but how that lead us in to Iraq baffles,
since Saddam Hussien or what we call him Sodamn Insane hated Bin Laden due to the threat
he possed to his Iraqi rule! The war in Iraq is just out right wrong and i have published this in detail at two years ago!

War on Terrorism?

F Espinoza 30.Mar.2006 12:26

War is Terrorism!
War is Terrorism!

War on Terrorism?... War IS Terrorism!!


basim n 01.Apr.2006 09:29

God bless America the leader in women's rights
God bless America the leader in women's rights

no, we have have to fight terrorism it is after all a horrid crime, two wrongs don't make a right!
but people in america are more conserned with health care like every one should since health is first
and foremost. america is great country, too good, with people of hearts of gold. The International community
should not take advantage of us or play us, we are not stupid and regardless of media and critics we bust wrong doers
unlike other countries where corruption is rampid. look Ambrimof i bet he's banking on a bush pardon.
America first, my true love, the new kingdom, honestly i only care about america and her future, the conflict in the middle east
with israel and palestine has made me hate them both talk about match made in hell!
My message to my great country America is take care of your own and forget the rest of the world they don't deserve
our good hearts. america first

Filling the Page

Basim Najjar 02.Apr.2006 04:08


i just watched a re-run of Sir. S,tepen Colbert's show an off shoot of The great John Stewart's daily show on comedy central, about
religion and politics and i must recommend it very highly if " truth, well being, and health are your goals in life?

I have a top five comedy review at, going and goes like this:

1# sir stephen colbert
2# sir carlos mancia
3# sir bill maher
4# sir john stewart
5# sir dave chapple

u c, after 911, us good folk in America had to turn to our comics for real news since the government restricted our media's 1st amendment right freedom of speach.... so comedy is telling the truth inorder to make one laugh, it is the best medicine in the world!!!!!!!!!!

new column boom or bomb

basim najjar 05.Apr.2006 00:19

crazy world
crazy world

Instead of just using Indymedia to vent or rant I decided to use it to create a column of colossal proportions, hence- boom or bomb!
I was going to avoid this subject since it hits nerves and uneasy solutions other that making the 11 million illegal's-U.S. citizens. Giving the land back to mexico which is not going an opption, nor do we want it to be since in comparison the standard of living is just better in the USA so raise those california flags I mean ole' glory in stead of the mexican ones its cool to be prud of your heritage but you are an american now so act like one what ever that means other than watching sports and eating chess burgers!
You guys can keep bush in mexico though, president Jo Biden from delware has takin over the country:)
Furthermore, I wrote a letter of congradulations to the "kadima" party which in hebrew means the "forward" party since i was under the impression that a third party would lead to change. Today I learn the Isreali airforce is bombing north Gaza, as if that getto with 50% unemployment is big enough to have a north or south for that matter, come on pick on somebody your own size! kadima in Arabic means "old" like this stupid conflict of 60 years, there are always retalations from my historical study of this conflict so everybody pay your taxes so more people can get whacked in the middle east.
Lastly, the native American Indians were compensated for what the white man did to them so there is a precident to work from to get some Mexician rights back!

Praise Peace People

Basim Najjar 07.Apr.2006 20:11

the new city
the new city

The Jewish people are great because they truely help each other more than any other group I have studied, and after never again they got really good at kicking butt!
They are a briliant people and are pretty much allways in high postions of power. I request that the focus less on Israel if they are American citizens since we need thier talent and help. I am tired of the bais they have created through thier political power which has ruined the America name in the Middle East.
Currently there are some major issues in the planet that need promt alltention and resolve:
1. the unjustifed war in Iraq
2. the potential war with Iran
3. U.S. immigration policy
4. the 60 year old conflict with the Palestine, it's not fair when they are bombed by one of the best airforces in the world, and
they don't even have a single airplane, fight fair, furthermore, this is the sticky issue in the entire mid-east so imagine how fruitful it's resolve would be!
5. Religion needs to be toned down in a big way since it is the cause of more deaths than cancer.
6. Human rights for all even gays.
7. End the waste
8. care for the envirnment
9. the promtion of peace amongst all races.
10. more rights for children.

Get that done and we can take it from there. I know some times i write some things that might offened people but I mean well.
Let love rule as Lenny K. said. I want to start a church, the true church of jesus, I don't know how people misunderstand the true
message of love he gave us, he had different priorites than some seem to present. I am sure of one thing he would never condone the abuse of children by his so called reps. Also it is very ironic that this religion was the greatest export from Palestine or the entire Mid East, expect oil but I am also sure He would not killing for either one...Peace Salam Shalom!

Citizen's Arrest

Basim Najjar 24.Apr.2006 05:06

I Basim Najjar would like to inform the authorities of the United States of America that I place under citizen's arrest George W. Bush II. for the crimes of perjury, murder, and crimes against humanity and the American people his true employeers. The evidence for this action Is caught on Video Tapes and published government documents in many occassions and any court of his peers can decide and will decide of the nature and consequences of these crimes.
Yours Truely

citizens upset

Basim Najjar 25.Apr.2006 08:26

new leadership
new leadership

How can I say it? I am starving artist, Goerge Bush Is president, so yes, how do i have any power to say what I said? If the the boys come and get me you all know where I am, in Paris somewhere. But really, George I need a job and I am actually qualified now, plus I know Arabic, come on cut me some slack, hire me, I'm a left wing, peace person, to help you, my Dad worked with your Dad, and that's a fact, I am in touch with people and I can help, I am sure of it, what do you got to lose at 33% approval?
yours truely
Basim Najjar