Armenian Activist Fears For Life - Help Him

An Armenian anarchist, activist and human rights campaigner has until 7th April to fight deportation where he faces a show trial or violence by neo-nazi groups. He needs your help.

Vaagn Orujyan is an Armenian member of the anarchist/libertarian communist group Autonomous Action, a network of anarchist activists across the Russian federation, Byelorussia, the Ukraine and other parts of the former Soviet Union. Vaagn and other activists were distributing literature calling for a boycott of a government referendum when they got into a fracas with a group of thugs from right-wing groups with links to the Yerevan Mafia and, through them, the state authorities. Afterwards one member of the group was attacked and severely injured while Vaagn was charged with disclosing state secrets. He fled the country but has had to leave a wife and children behind. Finding things hot in the Czech Republic, he has landed in England with little English and no support network. If his appeal for political asylum fails, he could face twenty years in jail although being handed over to the local neo-nazis and their racketeering allies is more likely. Please email Vaagn’s solicitors with as much information as you can about the repression of human rights in Armenia, the level of violence being meted out to people advocating democracy and human rights so that representations can be made at his appeal on 7th April 2006. Email or Vaagn’s story is posted on the a-infos site at while a report of the most recent meeting of Autonomous Action can be found at An e-bulletin of Avtonom, the group’s newsletter, can be found at For information about repression in Armenia which you can use in your representations, go to and


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