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Scientific Theories Fall Into Three Domains
Scientific Theories Fall Into Three Domains

A key principle in such situations will be to limit the time that any individual can serve in political office. One or two terms should be the limit, there should be no opportunity for people to make a career out of politics. Nor should it be possible for generation after generation of any family to be employed in politics or as politicians. One only has to look at the distortions and inequalities that some of these political dynasties have introduced to the course of legislation in Australia and the US to know that long-term careers and generation to generation successions are not a good idea.

Some Other Guidelines For Free Cities [197]
Besides the need for a fundamentally new education system, along the lines outlined, there are some other changes that free cities and regions should consider. Most of these innovations are designed to moderate the inclination for the old habits of 'rulers' in the Level 3 Civilization to reassert themselves. Except in circumstances where entirely new cities are founded in desert or remote regions, there will, inevitably, be a need to radically remodel or dismantle the institutions of the former nation state. In order to attract people with the technological expertise to enable each free city to rise above the economics of scarcity and develop a leaver-giver society, the conditions of residence will need to be attractive.

People who join the building of a new civilization will not wish to reduce their standards of living, and there is no reason that they should need to do so once the new engines of abundance are in operation. There could be a short period in which things don't get a lot better, but the conditions should never become worse than they were under the old order. Some of the fundamentals that people in free cities will expect are listed below.

*Low, real value-for-money tax levels, in contrast to the extortionate rates that typically apply in conventionally governed states.

*Safe surroundings for all residents and low rates of crime and poverty in the community.

Rather than attempting to achieve such outcomes through bureaucratic programs and a plethora of regulations, free cities will be better advised to rely on supporting neo-tribal based self-regulation on a wide scale, and also freely distributing essential foodstuffs, clothing and shelter to everyone in need. Initially, all residents - without exception - might need to perform one day of free community service per week, so as to lower the cost of such initiatives. However, freely distributed goods and services will be essential to breaking down the poverty traps that more than a century of capitalism and artificial scarcity have created.

*Unrestricted access to magic-age health services and facilities.
Nation states have universally made a complete mess of health care. Government, even in its limited local services role, should have no part to play in the provision of free high standard health care facilities and services. This is a job for specialist, highly dedicated leaver-giver interest groups, and medical practitioners and technologists. One of the keys to success will be medical technology alliances with other free cities, and the breaking down of patent protected profiteering by traditional 'ethical' drug companies. The days of the latter are numbered, but it might well be necessary to deal with them for several years after the formation of free cities and regions. It seems improbable at first thought, but without big governments to protect them, multinational corporations will be at the mercy of progressive local communities around the world.

*Unrestricted banking and money transfer facilities.
While the role of banks and governments in financing and regulating national economies will quickly break down, there will still be a need to accord the people who will form and operate talent collectives financial freedom. If they wish to send funds out of the free city they must be able to do so. If they decide to bring money in or raise funds outside they must also be able to do that. As the economics of scarcity is literally 'put out of business' by the economics of abundance there will be less and less need for financial regulations and controls. Free cities and regions must begin as they intend to continue - financially open and unregulated.

*Absolute freedom of movement and association.
The talented people who will settle in free cities and regions, and spearhead the abundance revolution, will not tolerate restrictions in these areas, which they regard as fundamental to a free society. These folk won't want to live in anything but a genuinely free community, and they will also wish to associate with whomever they choose, whenever they wish to do so.

Free cities are sure to also attract the less fortunate of the old civilization, why wouldn't people living in refugee camps for years want to come to a place of rising abundance and growing equality? They are sure to seek relief from their plight, for the sake of their children, if nothing else. However, there need be no problem with an inevitable migration to free cities. Neo-tribal principles can be used to achieve an orderly process that does not overload community resources, but meets much of the demand for resettlement and a new life. In such a system each neo-tribe would agree to help support a specific number of new arrivals, and the city would also contribute to the cost. Thus there would not be an overall immigration quota set by a government, which can often be of a defensive or blocking nature, but sectional commitments to supporting new arrivals. The latter arrangement would lead to higher immigrant intakes, but still keep volumes within the capacity of the communities to absorb them. Of course. the more free cities and regions there are the easier it will be to do this, because other centres will more effectively share the load of settling immigrants.

Other Circumstances that People in Free Cities Should Look For. [198]
These are important because they will not always be obvious to those who have grown up and lived under nation state regimes. People won't necessarily expect these conditions and freedoms because they have never had them before. However, these initiatives will be crucial to a successful transformation to a Level 4 Civilization. If they are not put in place it will be too easy for a new society to slip back into the familiar old structures and practices that typified politics and government in nation states and federations. If we want no more of such things we must ensure that we put the following conditions in place.

*No secret police or covert intelligence agencies. None at all!
Having seen how easily dark forces can capture centres of surveillance and control, even in declared democracies such as the US and Australia, the members of free city societies should not want any of the 'protection' they or their parents experienced under federal or state administrations. There can be no compromises on this point. Either there are no snoops, no budgets to fund snoops, and no legal provisions or powers for snoops, or you and your family should not join the free city or region. If there are snoops there take your talents and energies elsewhere.

*Reverse surveillance systems and rights of access to public premises.
This form of surveillance involves citizens watching city administration and other officials, hence the term reverse. In nation states the servants of the government, their officials and police, routinely conducted surveillance of ordinary people. This was always justified by claims such it being 'in the national interest' or 'for the public good' but is was often just a form of control, or a political or commercial weapon.

In a free city the people should have unfettered access to administration offices and records, including computer files. Such access must be an inalienable right of citizens in a free city or region. There is further information on reverse surveillance on the Surveillance freesite

The 'Surveillance' freesite link is here.

Apolitical administrations without career bureaucrats.
It will be preferable for city functions, including a legitimate police force, to be staffed mainly with people drawn from the various talent collectives and neo-tribes. Local area policing should be largely a community based and staffed operation. Wider policing might require a mix of specialists, forensic scientists and the like, and shorter-term representatives provided by the community. However, none of these officers should ever answer to a central administration. Rather, they should service and report to local policing groups that are predominantly controlled by local people. The aim should be to avoid the formation of centralised power structures and career officials whose interests are furthered by serving those entities rather than the people of the city. There is ample experience from the 20th century to show that such a centralisation of authority and power inevitably breeds a 'class' of officials that acts in its own best interests rather than those of the communities it should serve.

Note that the form of law that will increasingly apply in free cities is 'the law of reason and obligation', that is administered by collectives and councils. The present-day 'rule of law', that is administered by a professional elite, and often twisted to serve the interests of unelected cliques and cartels that are beyond the political process and often the law, will not persist in the 21st century.

No career politicians or political dynasties.
Given the long history of political processes and institutions in nation states, many of the old ideas and conventions can be expected to carry-over to the transition period of self-rule in free cities and regions. Although it would be desirable for cities that separate from a federation or state to run along fully neo-tribal lines from their commencement, the reality is likely to be different. In most instances there will be remnants of the old city administration and state and federal institutions operating in conjunction with a web of local area councils. A key principle in such situations will be to limit the time that any individual can serve in political office. One or two terms should be the limit, there should be no opportunity for people to make a career out of politics. Nor should it be possible for generation after generation of any family to be employed in politics or as politicians. One only has to look at the distortions and inequalities that some of these political dynasties have introduced to the course of legislation in Australia and the US to know that long-term careers and generation to generation successions are not a good idea.

As the above items show, there are a multitude of issues involved in achieving a wide restoration of civil freedoms in the 21st century. But it will be essential to tackle this task as part of the process of moving society and civilization beyond the failing concepts of capitalism and federalism.

It is clear that one of the major difficulties that secessionists will face is identifying the less familiar issues, so that they can be addressed. Whenever matters of civil freedoms are discussed, the obvious issues are instantly perceived. For example, people know that freedom of speech and association are fundamental rights that must be attained and then preserved. But the issue of the right to know the truth is not obvious to many citizens because they believe that our present society both teaches the truth in its schools and records and pursues it in all fields - history and science to name just two. Nothing could be further from reality, but most people have been conditioned to think that what they read, see on TV, and even hear that their children have been taught at school and university, is correct and well-proven knowledge. It isn't, most of what is presented as truth is based on incomplete theories, or worse still, it is deliberate misinformation and lies.

As already noted, the most important freedom that present day children, the future citizens of a new civilization, can have is access to the truth. Yet, because they do not recognise the need for this freedom in their present-day society, many parents will not perceive a need to do anything about this vital freedom. They trust those who supposedly 'know' to tell them and their children the truth. They don't necessarily trust their present government to keep its election promises, nor do they trust corporate developers to commission valid environmental impact studies for their projects, and so on. The general public are aware that many corporations are managed by people with questionable ethics and few scruples, who might often sanction their marketing and public relations departments lying to the community. But these ordinary citizens trust the state education system, the teachers, the university lecturers, and the like, to present the truth and qualify doubtful theories. Likewise, they trust mainstream scientific institutions to provide correct information and facts about the natural world and the universe beyond. Sadly, their trust is often misplaced, although they remain unaware of such betrayals.

Learn About NEW Science and Share Your Understanding Widely. [199]
Science involves making observations and forming theories to explain the results of observations. While modern science has made rapid progress in the development of technologies that enable ever more detailed observation of the natural world, there has been less change in its theoretical framework. With a few exceptions, such as the Big Bang theory, most of the theoretical models used by institutionalised science were originated prior to 1920. There are many gaps and inconsistencies in current scientific theories, and there is no single unified model - no Theory Of Everything.

This is not to say that modern science is not making great advances. Due to vastly improved equipment for experimentation and observation, and because of increasingly powerful information processing tools, scientific discoveries are pouring out of laboratories and research centres. New technologies based on these discoveries are transforming our lives, and providing the basis for abundance and the end of capitalism. However, this does not mean that institutionalised science has valid theoretical explanations for all the new discoveries and technologies. It simply doesn't.

Scientific Theories Fall Into Three Domains [200]
Not all theories have the same degree of scope. Many attempt to explain quite localised phenomena, while others seek to explain the nature of the universe. The following diagram shows how scientific theories can be considered to fall into one of three domains, or to apply to all of them. When comparing various theories it helps to have this diagram in mind, because not all scientists are theorising at the same level.

In 1687 Sir Isaac Newton published his laws of mechanics and gravitation. These still hold good today provided that the problems are in the first domain of theory, where we are able to observe effects with our senses. Thus, an engineer can design an amusement park ride using Newton's mechanics, or NASA can calculate the trajectories and orbits involved in putting an astronaut on the Moon using the same principles. The theory always holds good in observable, 'drop it on your foot', circumstances.

However, Newton's laws have been found to break down at sub-atomic scales and where high speeds and cosmic scales apply. To address these failings Albert Einstein, together with others such as Max Planck, Niels Bohr, Werner Heisenberg, Erwin Schrödinger, and Paul Dirac developed alternative theories in areas such as relativity and quantum mechanics. These theories operate in the second domain of the diagram, beyond the abilities of our normal senses to observe the phenomena involved. Scientists have used technologies such as cloud chambers, scanning tunnelling microscopes, and radio telescopes to 'see' events in this domain, and 'prove' or 'disprove' their theories.

In both the first and second theory domains it is possible to test hypotheses by observing events that involve material objects. This is not the case in the third theory domain. There, the events are of non-material origin. The Russians seem to have done the most scientific research in this domain during the 20th century. In other countries there has been a reluctance to venture into the non-material, metaphysical, world. Yet, it is there that the whole truth about the universe, and our existence within it, must be sought. Neither of the other two domains can ever yield a complete 'theory of everything' (ToE). Because non-material phenomena are real, albeit impossible to observe and difficult to explain, this domain must be considered fully in formulating any credible 'theory of everything'.


2nd Renaissance -18

It is worth learning geometry as the ancients taught it because music is geometric. It is worth studying music in a geometric sense because this uncovers truths about vibrations and patterns of vibrations, Vibrations are important because all matter is formed from them. The 2nd Renaissance involves an explosion of knowledge and discovery that is taking humanity beyond the old 'drop in on your foot' materialistic and mechanistic view of the world and the universe beyond. The 21st century talent collectives that will build new technologies to defeat scarcity and create abundance will do most of their work in the realms of invisible vibration patterns. All young people, both boys and girls, now need to learn within these fields of knowledge, because humanity's future will be built there.


2nd Renaissance -17

Education systems in free cities and regions must be very different to those of nation states. It is not just the methods of encouraging learning that will distinguish education in free cities from that of nation states, but the truth that the knowledge is rooted in. There is no point in swotting to pass examinations in subject knowledge that is wrong. Yet, that is exactly what young people in state education systems are doing. Neither they, or their parents, or their teachers realise this fact, but it remains the case.


2nd Renaissance -16

Supporting secessions and the formation of free cities and regions is going to be crucial. Only in these new beachheads of tomorrow’s society will such innovations as home-schooling, and a lack of state censorship and media spin, enable young people to discover the truths they will need to know to build a Level 4 Civilization.


2nd Renaissance -15

Historically, there have been periods when legal distinctions between animals and humans have been blurred. For instance, in medieval Europe, in the 14th and 15th centuries, numerous trials and executions of animals occurred. One source identifies 34 recorded instances of pigs having been tried and cruelly put to death. Besides pigs; rats, chickens, goats, and bees were similarly tried. Some of the pigs were fully dressed in human clothes at the time they were, inevitably, found guilty. In one case a vicar excommunicated a flock of sparrows that infested his church. All this happened despite the theological stance that animals had no soul, and no morals or conscience. They could not really be guilty of transgressing the Rule of Law.


2nd Renaissance -14

Withdrawing Support For Militarism [179] The problem with revenge is that it lowers the humanity of those who exercise it down to the same level, of even below, those who committed the original crime. Although we can't yet know who was responsible for 911 or 1012, we do now know that forces of the Coalition of the Willing (CoW) have, on occasions, been just as barbaric as the people who killed on those dates. This has been amply demonstrated in Afghanistan and again in Iraq. If you doubt this, seek out more facts about the CoW's use of DU and NDU weaponry and cluster bombs. These horror weapons continue, to this day, to put young children and adult civilians at risk of injury or death from unexploded munitions, radiation, and toxic substances in the ground water and the food chain.



It is up to ordinary people to raise the level of debate about the undemocratic surveillance practices of the many faceless and unaccountable agents who make daily intrusions on individual privacy, and about the apologists and propagandists for the War nn Terror who applaud every new attack on human rights and freedoms as "prudent" or "necessary". If there is no discussion of reverse surveillance in the national media, create it on the streets on a citizen to citizen basis. If nobody is talking about the outrageous assaults on privacy and human rights embodied in the new antiterrorist acts forced through US, UK and Australian legislatures, start talking about it to your neighbours and friends.


2nd Renaissance -13

Such a development is part of the phenomenon of reverse surveillance that will come to characterise the 2nd Renaissance and a rapid transition to a Level 4 Civilization and a truly free society. You can learn more about reverse surveillance at the 'Surveillance' freesite. Reverse surveillance principles extend well beyond the use of ubiquitous digital imaging technologies, and include audits of all aspects of federal government operations, by randomly selected teams of citizens. The Feds and the parrot people will be quick to pronounce that such monitoting is "not in the national interest," but it will definitely be in our interests, and those of future generations of humanity.


2nd Renaissance -12

There are reports that in one Balinese kampong that provided labour to the clubs in Kuta Beach, seven empty coffins were buried, because there were no identifiable remains of the missing workers. It was as if they had been vaporised. Scores of people, mainly locals, are thought to have disappeared without trace.


2nd Renaissance -11

Fortunately, the power and control of government and military elites is illusory in the 21st century. The world no longer works the way it did, and there is nothing to compel people to support failed, outdated systems any longer. This is an understanding that must be widely and quickly shared. The future of our children and the planet depends upon our changing our thinking about governments, and our support for them.


2nd Renaissance -10

In the Afghanistan turkey shoot the CoW forces used vast numbers of hard target weapons and other munitions containing depleted uranium (DU). This substance is almost twice as dense as lead. When it punches through concrete bunkers, armour, or mud huts, DU disintegrates into a chemically toxic and radioactive dust. In contrast to the earlier DU weapons used in Gulf War I, the newer ordinance produced deaths and deformities within weeks of the start of military action by the CoW. Between 1990-91 and 2001 the US arms manufacturers are thought to have "improved" the DU technology by introducing milled uranium ore to their warheads. This non-depleted uranium (NDU) is - wait for it - cheaper to produce and far more potent than DU. It poses massive health risks to civilian populations exposed to it, and constitutes, in every sense of the word, a weapon of mass destruction, or WMD. "Hey they're hunting them in Iraq, aren't they?"


2nd Renaissance -9

The Old World Order will not do anything to smooth the path to a Level 4 Civilization, and a better world. On the contrary, they will do whatever they can to make it difficult. The police, the military, the media, the financial system, the rule of law, and all the mechanisms of civil control and surveillance will be mobilised in defence of the status quo. But, once they understand their options, the people of the world will not engage in a battle with the forces of the OWO. They will simply abandon the old way of living under national rule, for a better, freer, life in new tribal societies. Kinship mechanisms will help people cope with the pressures of official opposition to radical changes that will finally enable them to escape the invisible prison that the OWO had fashioned around them.


2nd Renaissance -8

Ultimately the old order will lose the battle to preserve their privileged way of life, based on all prevailing scarcity, pseudo-democracy, and the rule of law. But in the interim, hundreds of millions of innocent people might lose their lives in bloody resistance to the changes being made by the Old World Order (OWO).. If such a terrible thing happens, it will all have been for nothing, because:


Tales of Adam
Daniel Quinn*

2nd Renaissance -7

When coupled with the introduction of artificial scarcity and taker concepts of property ownership and legal tender, Western death-fearing religions played a significant role in subduing, otherwise independent, tribal peoples.


2nd Renaissance -6

The second route involves the setting up of entirely new living spaces on tribal lands that were previously seized by colonising governments that espoused and followed Taker philosophies. This route has greater credibility, in the sense of secession rights, where clear historical ownership of the land can be shown.


2nd Renaissance -5

Quinn contends that while governments can imagine a revolution they can't imagine abandonment. As he puts it, "..even if it could imagine abandonment , it couldn't defend against it, because abandonment isn't an attack, it's just a discontinuance of support."


2nd Renaissance -4

In due course, there is one achievement of overriding significance that Caral might well provide. One great contribution or lesson that can be applied to the 2nd Renaissance. How to live in peace, with spiritual meaning, and without warfare, for a thousand years.


The New Renaissance
Daniel Quinn*


2nd Renaissance -3

Plichta writes of this model as follows. "There was a time I used to make fun of the Apocalypse of St John and believed it to be a totally unreliable historical source. Today I am filled with deep humility, perhaps because I am now able to give a concrete description of the foundation of the world as seen by St John with my mathematical discoveries, and thus possibly open a new way to all of humanity which has now reached a dead end."


2nd Renaissance -2

Georg Cantor (1845-1918), by his origination of modern set theory and his studies of the nature of infinity, left science a valuable legacy. Cantor was regularly admitted to a psychiatric clinic within the University of Halle, in Germany, where he lectured and worked as a Professor of Mathematics. On each occasion that he became ill he had been thinking about infinity and the continuum hypothesis. Such intense thought, at the boundaries of his comprehension, caused Cantor to suffer repeated mental breakdowns. Infinity drove him mad.


2nd Renaissance

This story was published in September 2004 and it was a big secret. I received it on disk but I think it should be public by now anyway. It is interesting to look back at it and in terms of today's world some two years on. I will link each chapter as I go along over the coming weeks.- The Old World Order - Happy reading!


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It seems we are in the thick of it again - the stupid, heartless "Law & Order" auction.

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