Onda de Mobilizaçõe pelos direitos dos imigrantes ganha força nos Estados Unidos

immigrant rights graphic Seguindo o exemplo das massivas mobilizações do 25 de março e das marchas de estudantes durante a semana seguinte, o 10 de abril abril foi um dia histórico de ação para os direitos dos imigrantes através de todos os EUA. Dezenas de milhares de pessoas tomaram as ruas em Los Angeles [ 1 | 2 ] e em Santa Ana, enquanto que 5.000 manifestaram-se em St. Louis levantaram suas vozes na maior manifestação da história de Fresno San Diego também fez sua história com uma manifestação de umas 100.000 pessoas no 9 de Abril, como fez Houston Houston com mais de 50.000, cidades por toda Arizona, e uns estimados 100.000 em Atlanta. Houve manifestações em Bay Area, em Tennessee, em Rochester, NY, e em DC. Em Portland, até 8.000 protestaram, enquanto que milhares se reuniram em Love Park em Philly. Aliados mobilizaram-se em Pittsburgh. Houve grandes manifestações e ações em NYC e Boston, e o Indymedia Houston proporcionou um segmento ao momento de ações no Texas. Em Porto Rico, centenas tomaram as ruas do Barrio Obrero. (Essa incríveis histórias são somente uma pequena amostra da cobertura do dia 10 de abril em todo o país; para mais informação vá ao Imc Local). O Congresso foi forçado a retirar a brutal legislação anti-imigrante, porém não são nem de longe as demandas do movimento, especialmente a anistia para todos. Tanto que o movimento para a justiça com os imigrantes segue crescendo, com mais ações planejadas nas próximas semanas: 15 de Abril é um dia de ação de estudantes, e 1º de Maio será um dia histórico de ação, com chamadas a uma greve geral, boicote, não compras ou vendas, greves, manifestações e ações nos centros financeiros e nas corporações anti-imigrantes em todo o país.

Fotos do A10 : 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 Vídeos: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 Radio: WBAI

A10 Photos: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 Videos: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 Radio: WBAI

Antecedentes: 25 de Março | 10 de Abril | Indymedia EUA | Campanha New American Opportunity (Campanha da Nova Oportunidade Americana) | Site do Immigrant Solidarity Network's No HR 4437 | National Council of La Raza (Concílio Nacional de Raza) | El Tecolote | AFSC | Bay Area Immigrant (Coalizão dos Direitos dos Imigrantes da Bay Area) | O filme "A Day Without a Mexican" | San Joaquin Valley Peace e Freedom Party | O filme "Un día sin mexicanos"

Próximas Ações: 15 de Abril | Informações legais para estudantes em manifestações | 1º de Maio: Chamada a ação | Chamada do IWW para a greve geral | Trabalhadores Imigrantes de Chicago em manifestação no dia de Maio | Baixe o pôster do 1º de Maio: .jpg (124kb) | .pdf (552kb) | Mais gráficos do 1º de Maio da SCAFLA.


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Racist ANSWER now tries to HIJACK Coalition? wonderful!

A Holes 14.Apr.2006 23:15

Who would have thought that ANSWER would try to be such movement imperialists that they would try to jump in front of a movement of oppressed people like this. Our local coaltion is now talking about dropping out of May 1st marches because Latinos here do not want to be associated with ANSWER. Not because they aren't against the war but because they don't want to be perceived as being led by a bunch of white collegfe kids. This movement has no need of paternalistic white children who think they know it all. There is nothing unique about their call for " a national work walk out".The protests had thus far have basically been just that with people missing work to go to protests. ANSWER wrexked the anti[war movement and now they want to wreck this. YOu guys must be working for the government.

Bad Summary Posted About Demonstrations

Tony 14.Apr.2006 23:17

How sad to see such a bad summary of these demonstrations posted on Indy. To not mention the Half Million that marched in Dallas, nor the gigantic turnout of close to 200,000 in Phoenix is incredible! Nor was the 100,000 that turned out in Atlanta mentioned. Please get a better summary up online soon. These are the most important mobilizations in the US since the late '60s and early '70s, and it is just criminal to see so little mention of this here.

re: bad summary

schock 15.Apr.2006 00:29

Thanks for pointing out other major mobilizations. The summary above was written immediately on the evening of April 10th, and we included links to all the stories from local IMCs that were already up at the time we were writing. The mobilizations were so widespread that to add links to everything would basically mean copying the list of all US IMCs! If you and other people could please copy and paste the links directly to additional stories from other cities, that would help more than just mentioning them. Thanks!

What's the big deal?

Curious Canadian 15.Apr.2006 03:03

Don't take this as trolling or bashing, because it's not - I'm legitimately in the dark here. Why is this protest-worthy? All that's happening is that they're changing the penalties for illegal immigration, right? They're not making anything new illegal, they're just modifying the punishments currently on the books. I can see people saying that's a bad idea, but street protests? Why is this big enough to justify that? The media up here doesn't spend too much time on this issue, so it's possible I'm operating on bad premises here, but from what I understand, this seems like a really minor issue. Please enlighten me. Thanks.

The issue at hand -why its important?

Latino from the Midwest 15.Apr.2006 05:40

The big fuss about these proposed changes in the law is that these would "criminalize" not only Latino immigrants presently in the U.S, but would also be an assault on Latino citizens civil rights. An assault for the fact that they would also be incriminating themselves for 'assisting' someone who is without the proper paperwork to be in the U.S. This is bad law since it would permit the police from 'infringing' on Latino 'phenotypes' under the suspicion that they are 'illegal'... As far as the 'mainstream' media goes it comes as no surprise that they fail to pay 'justice' to the issue at hand.. For a more informed perspective I would rec indimedia or

Seriously we should thank ANSWER for screwing up everything

twister 15.Apr.2006 08:53

By being obnoxious in the way they are they slowed the movement down at a time the nation was too reactionary to handle the anti-war movement. Just kidding. It was interesting to watch Cindy Sheehan disapeer from the headlines after it was shown she was tagged by ANSWER. Now the front page of the New York Times is talking about immigrants that lost their jobs because of protest. Here we go again. ANSWER really needs to wake up and realize none of us consider them to be the movement, leaders of anything, or of consequence.

Feeble Article - Missing 500,000 MegaMarch in Dallas

Sheik Djibouti 15.Apr.2006 17:43

So, your article links to the 50,000 in Houston & claims it represents coverage in Texas? A barrage of locally-written articles & multi-media coverage are on the Dallas IndyMedia site ( ), some posted beginning April 9th. I'm relatively new to IMCs but wondering howcome the tilt toward Houston?

Dallas had 500,000 (police estimate) and good photos; Austin ( ), San Antonio and even Fort Worth had more than Houston -- how does this get omitted, especially in comparison to the others around the country?

Boycott ANSWER

Jack asses 15.Apr.2006 18:39

DOn't let answer do to the migrant worker movement what they have done to the Anti-War movement. Boycott evertything they do as a predominantly white college educated usurpation of the movement to liberate Latinos, Haitians, Africans, Asians, and all others from the starnglehold of US wage slavery. Wear something or carry a sign with the word answer and a slash through it. If Answer has hi-jacked your local rally plan another one nearby people will come. ANSWER sux. ISO sux and they always will.
Boycott evertything they do as a predominantly white college educated usurpation of the movement to liberate Latinos, Haitians, Africans, Asians, and all others from the starnglehold of US wage slavery. Wear something or carry a sign with the word answer and a slash through it. If Answer has hi-jacked your local rally plan another one nearby people will come. ANSWER sux. ISO sux and they always will.

to those criticizing the lask of certain demos

imcista 15.Apr.2006 19:26

indymedia is participatory journalism. it isnt supposed to be one person presenting something and all others consuming/criticizing it. that is where the comment system has failed, too many consumption/criticism comments.

it is participatory in that, the imcistas that put this together are not presenting it and offering it as authority or saying that this is ALL that happened. to those that are deriding that some notable demos were left out. before assuming that there was some ill will in that omission, recognize that with this medium you have the power to add to the story and say something productive like:

Also, in Dallas (link) there were 500,000 that took to the streets, here is what i gathered from that demo. (etc.)

be proactive, think for yourself and be the media!


Basim Najjar 15.Apr.2006 22:33

the boss
the boss

Somebody has to rebuild the Gulf States! Hey they can always join our armed forces if they want citizenship!
Lets go, lets register them, and teach them English so the white man doesn't get angry or feel he is being over run in his own country!
Bring America up to date asap, change is needed, new leaders,laws, new blood, new ideas and management!

Pictures of NYC rally

Paulo 16.Apr.2006 07:48

Hi, i'm brazilian, immigrant here in NY, and i went raise my hands at the April 10th Immigrant rally here. I'm a photography student and i took several pictures there. I'd like you to take a look at some of them on my websites: (in Portuguese); (in English - choose the April 10 Gallery)

Thank you... and c ya on May 1st!


* 17.Apr.2006 12:01

don't hate the media, be the media.
if people didn't make the feature as good as you think it should be, help them to make it better.
we human make errors...
are you in the features list?
also you can collaborate if you write a title and a url.

don't hate the media, be the media :)

To "Latino"

LEGAL Immigrant 17.Apr.2006 15:50

You're just one of the many people who are apparently intentionally confusing the issue. You state the "proposed changes in the law is that these would "criminalize" not only Latino immigrants presently in the U.S..." WRONG. It is not criminalizing immigrants but ILLEGAL immigrants. Either you can't understand the difference or choose not to. My parents were immigrants to this nation and I'll be damned if I'm going to just stand by while we coddle those that break the law and try and "jump the line" when others like my parents were patient and went through the legal process. FUCK ILLEGALS.

American White Trash Totalitarianism

Anti-American 17.Apr.2006 21:03

the way homeland security works is the same way social security works, except its for the police, local police all over the country get all sorts of gratuities they can spend anyway they want, what that amounts to is some uneducated pig with poor hygiene doesn't like your car or just doesn't like your face he call's the police chief who he drinks with at the local bar with the fire chief and says there's this suspicious looking character lives at such and such a street, and he can get all your private information by just saying that, everything you ever bought at, what kind of mail you get, what internet websites you visit, what you rented at blockbuster video, what kind of library books you take out and so on, than he shares all this with his drinking buddies down at the local bar for laughs, that's homeland security, the whole neighborhood knows everything about you

american Low-Life's

Anti-American 17.Apr.2006 21:43

why are you white trash american fascists so concerned about immigrants anyway? it's not like you have anything to lose, do you know how many puerto ricans celebrated puerto rico day in new york city? 3 million ! so just what are trying to preserve? america was always a commode.

Coalitions start to pull awayt from May 1st

ANSWER SUX 18.Apr.2006 03:41

So just left a meeting of over 40 orgs in Fl that have decided not to go with May first because of ANSWER a non-immigrant group trying to stake out May 1st as their own providence. They are going with May 31st.

Guess it wouldn't be a movement without some white folks trying to hi-jack it!

Bull SHIIT 18.Apr.2006 03:43


authoritarian types

T.Rios 18.Apr.2006 16:27

"ANSWER really needs to wake up and realize none of us consider them to be the movement, leaders of anything, or of consequence."

Generally speaking the authoritarian types could care less whether or not anyone considers them to be legitimate leaders. For them the ability to sucessfully impose their leadership is all the legitimacy that is needed, it's almost as if power is legitimacy in and of itself. The main concern for such types is that they will lack the means to impose that leadership in the first place.

A Call for May Day Art

Canek 19.Apr.2006 23:22

Visual Resistance ( announces a call for artwork to promote and support the actions of May 1st. We welcome art by organizations, collectives, or individuals. Whether you are a professional graphic designer, a fine artist, or just someone with a lot of heart and passion that needs expressing, please, SEND US YOUR ART! Our hope is that this archive of imagery will help contribute to an aesthetic expression of ideas and actions against government repression of immigrant communities.

E-mail designs to visual.resistance [at]

Un mundo sin fronteras es posible!
A world without borders is possible!

Listing of May Day events

Rocky Mountain Resister 27.Apr.2006 02:15

To find the nearest May Day event to you or to add an event to the list visit
May Day Events. For the Rocky Mountain region check the Rocky Mountain Resister page.

Kill Americans

Anti-American 28.Apr.2006 15:46

Tim Russert looks like a bug eyed cherub with ghonorrea. Pious church going Washington cock-sucker.


ANTI-AMERICAN 28.Apr.2006 16:40

Tim Russert looks like a bug-eyed cherub with gonorrhea. Pious psalm singing Washington cock-sucker.


Get Real 29.Apr.2006 17:25

Their members should be chastised everywhere they go. There "April 25th Coalition" was absolutley ridiculous on FOX yesterday. Why are these gringos accepting donations for Immigrant rigths rallies? Why are progressives not taking them to task? What is wrong with you people? ANSWER has no connection to the immigrant rights movement except the three Workers World people they got on a committee in LA. ANSWER IS on my shit list forever. This is the final straw. How the group is getting away with this highlights the racism of the white left. Can't you people be involved with anyhthing without trying to figure out how to control and make money off of it? ANSWER this is your warning. It is oficially your turn to be taken over by others and driven into nonexsistence. YOu farted in the pool and it's time to get out of the pool.

May 1 Day Of Action Video Channel

WRC 01.May.2006 14:02 is collaborating with the Participatory Culture Foundation to create an online video channel dedicated to the May 1st Immigrants' Rights Day Of Action:

The goal of this channel is to aggregate footage of the boycott from all across the nation to show how different communities are speaking out on this pressing issue. The Democracy TV video platform makes it possible for anyone to self-publish video footage- you become the journalist and create your own local news channel that is free and open to everyone. From New York to California, you can share your stories and link to communities across the continent. Help record the actions of May 1 as they happen and only how independent media can.

Submission details:

1- ANYONE can submit videos without needing extensive technical expertise, we welcome all submissions.

2- Keep it video-bloggy, keep it local -- no need for elaborate production. Edit as much as you have time for.

3- The ideal video for this project is probably 5-10 minutes long. Videos can be as long or short as you prefer -- the main limitation is the size of the video file, you probably want to keep it under 40 MB if possible, otherwise it will take too long for viewers to download.

4-Your video file needs to be in a format that plays in QuickTime version 7 -- so the following formats *are* acceptable: .mov, .mp4, .mpeg. The following formats are *not* acceptable: .wmv, .avi.

Submit your video -- more instructions will be posted very soon at:

Do you know someone documenting the event? Pass on this email and help spread the word!!


blah 02.May.2006 08:33

What would a day without illegal aliens really be like? Let’s try to imagine it.

On May 1, millions of illegal aliens working in meat-processing plants, construction, restaurants, hotels, and other “jobs Americans won’t do” are supposed to stay home from work to show the importance of their labor to our nation’s economy. Doubtless, there will be some inconvenience if that happens, but there is another side to the story that is not being reported.

We are talking about illegal aliens, not mere “immigrants.” If legal immigrants stopped working for a day, we would miss the services of physicians, nurses, computer programmers, writers, actors, musicians, entrepreneurs of all stripes, and some airline pilots…as well as the CEO of Google. That would be more than an inconvenience, but it won’t happen because legal immigrants are not out marching angrily for rights that are already protected by our courts.

But if illegal aliens all took the day off and were truly invisible for one day, there would be some plusses along with the mild inconveniences.

Hospital emergency rooms across the southwest would have about 20-percent fewer patients, and there would be 183,000 fewer people in Colorado without health insurance.

OBGYN wards in Denver would have 24-percent fewer deliveries and Los Angeles’s maternity-ward deliveries would drop by 40 percent and maternity billings to Medi-Cal would drop by 66 percent.

Youth gangs would see their membership drop by 50 percent in many states, and in Phoenix, child-molestation cases would drop by 34 percent and auto theft by 40 percent.

In Durango, Colorado, and the Four Corners area and the surrounding Indian reservations, the methamphetamine epidemic would slow for one day, as the 90 percent of that drug now being brought in from Mexico was held in Albuquerque and Farmington a few hours longer. According to the sheriff of La Plata County, Colorado, meth is now being brought in by ordinary illegal aliens as well as professional drug dealers.

If the “Day-Without-an-Immigrant Boycott” had been held a year earlier on May 8, 2005, and illegal alien Raul Garcia-Gomez had stayed home and did not work or go to a party that day, Denver police officer Donnie Young would still be alive and Garcia-Gomez would not be sitting in a Denver jail awaiting trial.

If the boycott had been held on July 1, 2004, Justin Goodman of Thornton, Colorado, would still be riding his motorcycle and Roberto Martinez-Ruiz would not be in prison for killing him and then fleeing the scene while driving on a suspended license.

If illegal aliens stayed home—in Mexico, Guatemala, Brazil, and 100 other countries—the Border Patrol would have 3,500 fewer apprehensions (of the 12,000 who try each day).

Colorado taxpayers would save almost $3,000,000 in one day if illegals do not access any public services, because illegal aliens cost the state over $1 billion annually according to the best estimates.

Colorado’s K-12 school classrooms would have 131,000 fewer students if illegal aliens and the children of illegals were to stay home, and Denver high schools’ dropout rate would once again approach the national norm.

Colorado’s jails and prisons would have 10-percent fewer inmates, and Denver and many other towns would not need to build so many new jails to accommodate the overcrowding.

Our highway patrol and county sheriffs would have about far fewer DUI arrests and there would be a dramatic decline in rollovers of vanloads of illegal aliens on I-70 and other highways.

On a Day Without an Illegal Immigrant, thousands of workers and small contractors in the construction industry across Colorado would have their jobs back, the jobs given to illegal workers because they work for lower wages and no benefits. (On the other hand, if labor unions continue signing up illegal workers, no one will be worrying about Joe Six-Pack’s loss. Sorry, Joe, but you forgot to tell your union business agent that your job is as important as his is.)

If it fell on a Sunday, Catholic Churches in the southwestern states might have 20-percent fewer parishioners at Mass if all illegals stayed home, but they would be back next Sunday, so the bishop’s job is not in danger. The religious leaders who send people to the marches and rallies will never fear for their jobs, because illegal aliens need their special “human-rights” advocacy and some priests and nuns seem especially devoted to that cause. The fact that most Catholics disagree with the bishops’ radicalism doesn’t seem to affect their dedication to undermining the rule of law.

All of this might be a passing colorful episode in the heated national debate over immigration policy if it weren’t for an odd coincidence: The immigration-enforcement agency responsible for locating and deporting illegal aliens is also taking the day off today. Of course, they didn’t call it a boycott. It is just (non)business as usual.

To "Legal" Immigrant

Native American 02.May.2006 09:36

Hey "LEGAL" immigrant. Wake up and smell the fucking coffee. The US does not care if you're a "legal" or "illegal" immigrant. The law will affect you as long as you remain an "immigrant". Apparently, just like the rest of the racist American hypocrites, you have forgotten you can never be a native of this land. You can train yourself in believing you belong with terms such as "LEGAL", but it does not mean this land belongs to you. Either you can't understand the difference or choose not to. Sorry to burst your little bubble, but you're as much as an immigrant as anyone in "Amerika". Now go pity yourself and remain a patient American instrument.


curious 03.May.2006 00:40

Hello, I'm just curious as to who ANSWER is.
If someone could fill me in or provide a link to some info it would be appericated.

Pictures of NYC rally

Paulo 03.May.2006 15:32

After all this blablabla, and differend points of view and sometimes stupid ideological arguing which takes no one nowhere... would you like to take a look at some of the pictures i made at the May 1st NYC march? Ideology kills all action. We talk and talk and talk and do nothing.

ANSWER Coalition

answeringy 04.May.2006 04:05

ANSWER is an anti-war group that one of the posters claims came out in support of immigrants' rights. Exactly why the poster believes this (no mention of ANSWER in the IMC article) or why the poster believes this is bad is not explained. Just a handful of insults and racist attacks ("paternalistic white children") interspersed with hypocritical allegations of racism on the part of ANSWER. This most likely a crank posting out spite or boredom.

Stop Red Baiting ANSWER

just stop it 04.May.2006 18:54

You people who are redbaiting ANSWER need to find something else to do with your lives. The fury with which you attack them is nothing more than FBI COINTELPRO tactics. ANSWER has discredited itself in the antiwar movement by not being able to effectively mobilize anything for quite some time now. The general collapse of the antiwar movement has to do with liberals who coopted and destroyed the movement during the elections to back prowar Kerry. UFPJ is a bigger problem than ANSWER. While I disagree with both coalitions in their methods and practice, ANSWER's politicis is much better and much more needed for a confident Left in the US that can counter the liberal sabatoge. ANSWER's role in the immigrant rights movement is a good development. All antiwar forces should try and link arms with immigrants, especially to expose the sham of the "war on terror" which being used to justify the attacks on immigrants. Lastly, the liberal groups like National Capitol Immigrant Coalition and politicians like Kennedy, McCain, Hillary, and Obama should be our targets for criticizing in the immigrant rights movement for their liberal orientation and no connection to the real movement. They are the ones askign the movement to accept guestworker programs and indenture-servitude NOT ANSWER which has in a principled way come out for Full rights and Amnesty. Direct your criticisms at liberals instead of fighting Leftists, as much as we all disagree with them. And stop your soapboxing on the internet and go out and actually organize something. My guess is a couple of people are engaing in this, no one should listen to them. Let's organize and fight together!

Didn't red bait ANSWER once!!

A holes 04.May.2006 23:22

Where did we once say screw ANSWER becuase they were Communists. Many of my best friends are commies. That doesn't mean they think it is ok for white folks to try to brand an issue pertaining to the liberation of people of color as theirs and try to colllect money off of it. Furthermore, ANSWER is from what I can see, doing the governments work for it.

ANSWER is Racist!

A holes 04.May.2006 23:28

Be clear. It is not leftist nor revolutionary for an organzation run by white folks to jump out and begin accepting money for and trying to drive a movement being built and led by Latinos, Haitians and other oppressed people of color. ANSWER's website makes it look like May 1st belonged to them and they are taking credit card donations for the events. Racists. The event our local coalition did was listed on their website as if they had something to do with it. Fuck that. We never talked to them nor do we want them taking donations for our work. They are movement imperialists and trolls.

ANSWER racism charge is just stupid!

just stop it 05.May.2006 14:52

Listen "A hole," as you like to call yourself: The list of groups that are part of the ANSWER coalition includes many many many people of color organizations, including leading Muslism and Arab organizations, Filipino and Haitian organizations, and Latinos as well. Their steering committee is more diverse than any other national coalition. ANSWER was the only national antiwar formation that took a principled position when Muslisms came under attack and has taken a principled position in support of Palestine, and against the occupation of Haiti. I for one as an Indian Muslim immigrant am glad to have forces like ANSWER on the American political scene. I don't agree with their tactics and methods, which is bureaucratic and undemocratic to the movement, but to attack them as racists is ridiculous! I bet you are White yourself? No? Correct me if I'm wrong. But I'm also not into this segregationist approach you are taking to movement building. I'm for a mulitcultural/ multiethnic movement led by people of color but that also include whites and blacks. That is the only way to defeat the racist power structure in this country: Unite and Fight! Your racism charges are not based on reality and you are doing more harm to the cause than helping it. Again why don't you attak Obama, Clinton, McCain, and Kennedy for rushing to put themselves at the head of the movements and make us settle for a back of the bus comprimise? Why don't you criticize the tactics of National Capitol Hill Coalition that is trying to accept similar comprimise and take this movement off the streets and destroying its independence by allying with anti-immigrant Democratic party. If there are enemies in the movement its liberals not ANSWER, or ISO, or any such Left formations, who are all doing a valuable service in rebuilding a fighting Left in this country. And your charges are based on redbaiting. "I have commie friends" is as ridiculous as asserting I'm not racist because "I have black friends."

As if?

You are Weird 05.May.2006 18:51

Yeah right.

I remember a time when ANSWER (Workers WOrld Assholes) showed up at a young man's funeral in Lexington Ky who had been murdered by police. When the family asked for his friends to speak in memorium this Indian/Muslim woman (maybe you) and gave the family a guilt trip for allowing the mayor to attend the funeral and screaming for a revolution. Turned out this woman who got up didn't know the young man. In fact she and the 5 white boys she brought with her from Detroit had no connection to the community at all.These holier than thou more radical than thou (Fighting Workers Party assholes) actually disrupted a black families funeral to make their pigeon holed point.

That is ANSWER though and the "fighting Worker's Party, and Worker's World. We know who your sorry asses are. 5 white guys with some token pushed forward so you can say you aren't white taking over other people's shit. We get it. Did you think we would forget? No I ain't white. I am a commie sympatheic leftist who is sick and tired of you assholes bullshit. You have no place collecting credit card donations for the immigrant rights struggle. You have no place disrupting people's funerals. You have no place being allowed to fuck up our movement any longer and by the way this shit is on video tape if you would like it down loaded. You are fuck ups doing the government's job and you do it well.

This isn't about anti-commie this is about the biggest troll operation in the movement. ANSWER!! Everybody knows it. Everybody laughs at you. No one goes to your rallies cause everyone knows you succk. Too bad you can't see how ridiculous we all know you are. You are lame. YOu don't want to share ideas you want to dictate them. got to hell.

by the way ISO sucks as well

Painstaking 05.May.2006 18:57

Hey thanks for bringing up that other troll group ISO that is tearing down the movement. You really believe what ANSWER/ISO/Worker's World/Fighting Workers Party are rebuilding the left? Your insane. Why do your rallies suck? Why aren't they getting bigger? We know why. We don't want anything to do with your bullshit front group politics.

Let's stick to the facts

feelawful 07.May.2006 20:56

1)ANSWER Can't turn out shit and never really did.
2) They try to pretend to be the mainstream anti-war caolition whne we all know they are a front group that then saps up cash that could be going to a viable movement.
3) They are now trying to pull the same shit with the immigrant right's struggle and people are correct in telling them to check their bullshit.
4) There are many communist organizations that don't pull the front group bullshit and would feel morally wrong floating themselves as the mainstream of any cause.
5) A handful of egotistical, cult like people in two socialist/communist orgs try to get steering committee reps on the board of every coalition that pops up and then they claim they organized this or that coalition. Bullshit like that hurts the social justice movement and the cause of socialism. They won' listen and they never will.
6) We are to blame for allowing them to get away with it because we are too lazy or to unmotivated to organize coalitions that are representative of broad groups that represent thousands. The reason this is happening is because a handful of cult members have more motivation.

Who was that woman disupting the black man' funeral? Shanta Driver

Bamn SUX 07.May.2006 21:39

Bamn sux, Answer sux, Fighting Workers suck, RWL sux, and Shanta Driver who disrupted a black man's funeral sux. A black man she and her 5 whiteboy friends didn't even know. They rolled into town from Detroit on rumors that a riot they could try to claim they had something to do with if they had gotten to town before the riot ended. The riot was over the shooting of Tony Sullivan by a Lexington Police officer. Fortunatley for the black folks of Lexington they knew how to riot without any help from Ms.Driver and the 8 mile crew. Ms. Driver disappointed with the fact the funeral had disapated the rioting (yes people stop rioting to go to funerals sometimes), decided she would go to the funeral of the man she didn't know and accuse the family of being coopted by "the man" for allowing the mayor of the city to attend. When friends of Tony were asked to get up and share their memories of Tony this moron got up took the mic and started screaming about the family selling out and the need for armed struggle in the middle of the church. This might have been righteous if Tony's brother or sister had gotten up to speak but the "Fighting Workers Party of Detroit"? Pashtun please!!
These same people started By ALl Means Neccessary to be a front group for affirmative action battles as has been exposed. Same group rolls around the country tagging other group's demos and then claiming them as their own. Shanta and friends saw a golden opportunity with the frist Iraq war as well when at a National Student Coalition Against the War meeting where CBS, ABC, and NBC were present. She and 5 white friends got up and hoisted a banner theat read "Viva Saddam". They then demanded that the students adopt a statement refferring to Saddam as "an anti-iperialist revolutionary". This was voted down but not before the news got video of teedle dee and dumb with their stupid ass banner. Roll forward to 2004? Shanta and friends can't help themselves and infiltrate the steering committee of ANSWER and try to claim leadership of the new anti war movement. Roll forward to 2006 and they are tagging the Immigrant Rights struggle. Anyone see anything interesting here? Who did it benefit to hoist a Viva Saddam banner at a meeting of 2500 students? The government. Who does it benefit for the Immigrant rights movement to be linked to the Revolutionary Workers League? The government! Who does it benefit for black folks struggle in a small southern town to be mischaracterized by Ms. Driver? The government!. Hmmmm I really don't know if I think Shanta is working for the Gvment but if she really cares about the struggle she should think about who her actions actually benefit.
Shanta we told you we wouldn't forget and you laughed. This shit goes way back past this war. The Sullivan event is on tape. You never even appologized. The family members beat the shit out of her 8 mile entourage that day (also on tape). These folks still don't learn their lesson. Shanta we don't need your law school frontin ass to rise up or step in front of us or our movement. Learn now or keep learnin the hard way like you did in Ky. We don't need your Viva Saddam ass in our way we can speak for ourselves.
Now I am sure you are typing out your response with "I was an immigrant and a Muslim/Indian woman blah blah blah like you have for years as you r excuse. We know who yoiu represent and who is pulling your chain and they have used you well. Isn't it time to stop the bullshit and march in the ranks rather than jump in front of struggles others have already built and tagging them as yours? Come on! Join the revolution and realize you aint the revolution.

Shanta Driver

?? 07.May.2006 21:53

Typical poor immigrant? Grauated from Harvard 1975? Practicing Lawyer? Yeah typical farmworer here. Rich girl here. Sometimes it is time to apologize!! Like after you disrupt a mans funeral you don't even know!!

National Coordinator, United for Equality and Affirmative Action (UEAA)
1997 - present
Responsibilities include recruiting and mentoring the 41 named student defendant-intervenors; planning legal strategy and participating in every aspect of the legal work for the student intervention in the University of Michigan case Grutter v. Bollinger; directing publicity, outreach, and fundraising campaigns for UEAA.

National Director, Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action, Integration and to Fight for Equality By Any Means Necessary (BAMN)
1995 - present
Responsibilities include oversight and direction of campaign to increase minority enrollment and overturn the ban on affirmative action at the University of California; building broad support for affirmative action and the student intervenor's defense in Grutter v. Bollinger through organizing forums, rallies, marches; building and advising high school and university support groups; increasing the visibility of the legal case and movement to defend affirmative action through national speaking tours. Speaking engagements include: The U.S. Department of Transportation; the A. Phillip Randolph Institute; Rainbow/PUSH Coalition; American Association for Affirmative Action; Society of American Law Teachers and numerous colleges, high schools and unions.

Legal Assistant, Scheff and Washington, P.C.
1997 - present
Responsibilities include legal research and writing on labor law, employment discrimination and criminal defense cases; witness preparation and jury selection for trials; steward training; representation in arbitration and administrative hearings for union locals and members.

Health Unit Coordinator and shop steward/organizer, Detroit Medical Center
1979 - present
Responsibilities include unit coordinator of the Karmanos Institute Bone Marrow Transplant Unit and serving as a union steward, chief steward, bargaining committee member and union organizer of currently unorganized workers at the Detroit Medical Center.

Teaching Assistant, Wayne State University Law School
1999 - present
Provide weekly classroom reviews for first year Property students and individual tutorials during the 1999-2000 and 2001-2002 Academic Years.

Director of Child Advocacy Training Institute, Massachusetts Advocacy Center
1975 - 1978
Developed training programs for parents of school age children to serve as child advocates for special needs students.

Wayne State University Law School, law student in the class of 2002.
Harvard University, B.A. cum laude, 1975, Psychology and Social Relations.

Selected Scholarships and Awards
Alan R. Waterstone Memorial Scholarship
Ernest and Freda Goodman Scholarship
Wolverine Bar Foundation Scholarship
Damon J. Keith Scholarship
Richard Kress Scholarship
D. Augustus Striker Scholarship Award

front group infiltrations:
American Association for Affirmative Action
National Student Coalition Against the War (Not successful)

groups she is fronting for:
Revolutionary Worker's League
Fighting Worker's Party of Detroit
ISO (not a member but will work with them to coopt a coalition)

Obviously this isn't about red baiting it is about movement Imperialism!!

Can't you see? 07.May.2006 21:55

This is about bullshit tactics. Not about commies. It is about your bullshit tactics.

Here are just a feem of the Fighting Workers Star Chamber

STING 07.May.2006 22:04

The movement coopters from BAMN
The movement coopters from BAMN

The BAMN Speakers, L to R, top row: Candice Young, Miranda Massie, Yvette Felarca, Kate Stenvig. Bottom row: George Washington, Shanta Driver, Luke Massie, Tania Kappner. Not pictured: Jodi Masley.

Bamn recently posted on their website taking credit for 50,000 person march in Oakland. Think that there might have been some immigrant groups leading that? Think Bamn may have just left that out? C'mon, you suck! You know this is bullshit. Go to ANSWER webpage and you see the same shit. Same bullshit people behind it.

How many of the speakers above are students? 0

Well if you count shanta? 07.May.2006 22:40

BAMN is supposed to be representing students. Ok Shanta has been is school since forever so she can continue saying she is one. She graduated from Harvard in 1975.
BAMN's website is claiming credit for organizing 50,000 in Oakland. I know some Hermanos from the barrio that want to talk to your asses about that claim. Let's see now Shanta is claiming leadership as an immigrant as well? Harvard grad in '75, Law School grad, parcticing lawyer? Think she might have permanent status like as far back as 1975? Huh? Why don't you pick some tomatos for a couple of years and come back and talk to us.

Bamn didn't organize 50,000 in Oakland and ANSWER has no businees saying it organized shit for May 1st. Maybe your right Shanta. Maybe it is more about calss than race. You elitist!!

Interesting not one media outlet in Oakland mentions BAMN

What morons 07.May.2006 22:51

Why BAMN clams credit for 50,000 marching in Oakland is amazing. The media never mentions them anywhere. Not even the left media. Furthermore not one media outlet claims more than 20,000 on April 10th and 8 thou on May 1st so what the fuck. Your tripling the turnout estimates? BAMN isn't even a group that has anything to do with immigrant rights. It is an Affrimative Action group (by the way good job screwing up that struggle as well) started as a front for the RWL and the FWP of Detroit. Good job getting that grant money though.

ANSWER webpage looks like the immigrant rights struggle was their idea. Hell they are collecting credit card donations off of it. Wouldn't it be more progressive to see that money in the hands of campesino orgs? Of course it would.

You are just jealous somebody kicked off a real movement and you are desperately trying to find yourself at the lead of it like everything else. You are always two steps behind the people trying to jump in front at the last minute to claim you lead them. You don't. You want to let someone else do the hard work of organizing and thenm jump in front with an RWL banner like a surfer riding a wave. You aren't the wave you just climb on top of it till you fall.

Shanta the woman who disrupted funeral

here 08.May.2006 01:25

Shanta in better days
Shanta in better days

better pic

ALL that talk of affirmative Action and only one black speaker? Bamn that sux

no latinos 08.May.2006 02:00


ALL that talk of affirmative Action and only one black speaker? Bamn that sux

no latinos 08.May.2006 02:00


What's with the black blok immigrant graphic?

nell 10.May.2006 15:02

I was kind of interested in what ever the graphic for this story is supposed to be. It looks like the poster for "Immigrant" the Broadway musical. WIth the sleek jumper with the bolt cuttters.

BAMN Does A Lot Of Great Work.

Me 17.Dec.2006 07:33

I don't understand why you feel so compelled to alienate yourselves from people who are fighting on the same side. There are countless students and young people in LA, Oakland, Berkeley, Detroit, and the DC Area who continue to work with BAMN because of their tireless struggle to defend integration and affirmative action programs both nationally and locally. Members of BAMN appreciate any constructive criticism you can offer us, we are constantly working to improve ourselves as an organization. People in BAMN are real and dedicated people and want to find a way to be a part of the struggle for immigrant rights and BAMN provides a real bridge for black, Asian, Arab, and white students in Detroit, DC, etc. to do so. Thank you for all of the work you do, hopefully we can work together in the future. :)


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basura del stalinoid

mí 19.Dec.2009 22:02

BAMN, largo bajo control del RWL misnamed, se ha engañado por años, y ahora las necesidades de considerar un camino revolucionario delantero o lo degenerarán en una pandilla social buena para una foto optan por el periódico, pero nada otro. El conductor de Shanta del RWL, y la actual copresidencia nacional de BAMN tiene una larga historia de poner trabajadores y a estudiantes en la sala psiquiátrica cuando se oponen a su dirección.