world stuff, commentary How Many Nails In The Coffin That Is The 60's?



I guess there are two rules I have learned from my elders. One, never argue about Hitler. He is always wrong. And two, never argue about John Lennon. He is always right.

We are always told, "if it wasn't for the 60's, ___." But let us look closely at the civil rights movement and the Black Panthers and pop music and pop art and LSD. And let us realize that the babyboomers is who we are talking about and that what we are talking about is that the babyboomers discovered the world just as the greatest generation ever, those who fought the "world wars", created the world.

Let us truly talk about abandoning the Sixties. That means no more music industry (which, maybe not so surprising at this late point to aging babyboomers, happens to include MTV). It does mean rock and roll, but it also does not mean the punk as a movement, or the grunge movement. These are all remnants of the sixties, only as dogma instead of just rule.

Let us absolve ourselves of the idea that all things are war and all war must be compared to Nam and therefore all movement is protest.

Let us realize that MLK was not the first to carry a torch for this thing called, Rights (re: rights defined as being those granted by the State). Liberalism certainly was not born out of sixties' communes. Vegetarianism was not either. But now, you see, I carry part of the Sixties Burden - even writing about these things contributes to the Sixties by making them the centre of linguistical discourse (in oratorical, musical, artistic, cultural, sociological, political, ...).

"This Is Not The Sixties"

What is truly required here is that folks from the Sixties capitulate. You are not forever youth. You therefore cannot tell me what it means to be young and to be musical and prance about on stage because of the new hip drug Prancatol and fuck teenage girls because of the other drugs that keep dicks hard and how to party correctly and what things really mean and why I should hate the system to become the system and somehow not be a complete fucking generation of hypocrites. There is nothing amazing about gay rights because of the groundwork laid out as a result of Free Sex. I am not going to be righteously indignant because some great cultural leader (and it seems those are the only leaders the sixties really produced) okayed capitalism for the rest of us, having gone through the baptism of fire that you could only have gone through if you lived at the time of, what else, 1967 on the christian calendar.

"Iraq Is Not Vietnam," so says the american Marines. We need sixty year olds rejecting the clausterphobic inducing concept of "generation x", "sixties radicals" rejecting the idea that teenagers need to pick-up electric guitars and save africa, punk and grunge rockers rejecting punk and grunge rock movement in favour of punk music and grunge music. Rejecting notions, like "rebelling" against the establishment and against parents means you are "learning" (ultimately, learning How to conform). Rejecting free sex imaginary pandemics in favour of understanding HIV/AIDS. Rejecting the entire notion that we need three hundred thousand musicians on MySpace, each with their own Sergent Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band and Led Zepplin and Who and Morrison-Hendrix-Joplin. Less "radicals". Less "antiwar" set to a backdrop of playing movies and WW2.

What do You want more of. Now, go get it - oh yeah, and shut the fucking hell up about it! One thing about the Greatest Generation and the Babyboomers, they never stop talking about it. How does the elder know the child is absorbing anything if all that the elder does is just simply keep moving air out of their blowhole?






That is not "cynical generation-x speak" (oh woe is me, if only Orwell was a sixties radical). Just like the sixties, that is life. There are no new discoveries; there is no great -ism or movement that is going to change the world into anything different than it has already been changed into before. The generation of the Sixties repeated the sins of the father by making it all about "generations" instead of the various alternatives. At this point, anything would be better than Hitler and Lennon.

My only fear is that this can only be accomplished by disavowing ourselves from social liberalism and the apparent necessity that is the Enlightenment. For that is most surly high crime.

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And the greatest crime of all?

£ 13.Jul.2006 16:39

Think for a moment that the Revolution means nothing.