July 24, 2006: Protest for Dick Cheney's visit Northwest Arkansas

A bus of antiwar activists and local antiwar protesters will protest outside of Vice President Dick Cheney’s Fundraiser in Springdale, Arkansas.

When: 10am-Noon, July 24, 2006.
Where: On the sidewalks of the Holiday Inn and Northwest Arkansas Convention Center which are side-by-side at 1500 South 48th Street in Springdale, Arkansas –
Take Exit 72 off US-71/I-540/62.
more information:
call toll-free 866-973-4463, email  getonthebus@worldcantwait.org (to reach the the tour bus) or  omniprotest@yahoo.com for the local protest organizer.

Ihave posted a bunch of aerial and ground level photos and maps of the site at the following link.
Just click on the thumbnails when the page appears.

e-mail:: omniprotest@yahoo.com homepage:: http://worldcantwait.net/ phone:: 866-973-4463

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