Citylocal – a new way for entrepreneurs to get started

Citylocal – an entrepreneurs dream

Nazir Daud created Citylocal to be a city hub for each & every city in the UK.

Citylocal -provides information about tourism, local news, local events, cinema listings, entertainment, businesses, dating and the weather in Dundee.

Unlike other business directories, Citylocal aims to be a fun place to be. You can date for free & make new friends. The site has free arcade games as well as allowing you to play interactive crosswords & sudoku puzzles.

Most people starting out in business struggle to raise the initial sum of money required to get on the first step of the ladder.

He has a novel approach to helping any entrepreneurs launch Citylocal in their area. “Franchisees will not have to pay the franchise fee for a full 12 months whilst they get their territory up & running. They will only have to pay a monthly fee of £300 per month with a minimum commitment of 12 months. Once they have built a successful business, then they will have an option to buy the franchise after a year”

Citylocal is “live” in Dundee & Mr. Daud is looking for people who have basic computer skills, drive, ambition and like to network with local business to launch it in other towns & cities.

He said “Local businesses in Dundee love the “look & feel” of Citylocal. The site is very easy to navigate making it a pleasure to use. An entrepreneur who enjoys interacting with local business can easily create a good source of income in a short time frame”

The franchise fee is very simple to work out. It is £1,000 per 10,000 populations. The maximum fee is £20,000. Population areas greater then 300,000 will be carved up into multiple territories.

He added “There are enough businesses in a small town / area of 100,000 people for someone to be successful. When you get to larger areas, then it becomes difficult for 1 person to visit & maintain the territory even if he has help at home. It only makes sense then to have additional people running different parts of the City”.

The website address is
If you require further information on the franchise then go to:

e-mail:: homepage:: phone:: 01382 779831

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