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Israel reaction on the hatred from islamic fundamentalists (recent events in Ghaza and Lebanon.)

Hard-core islamic fundamentalists in Palestine and Lebanon developed a new way of making war. While they would like to appear legal political movements involved in governments in their countries, they remain uncontrollable militias using terrorism as a method of choice in they continous war against Israel. Since Hamas and Hezbollah managed to install themselves in the governments of Palestine and Lebanon we may observe their tricky game to separate military operations of their armed forces from responibility of their political representations. This idea was extensively practiced in Northern Irland (IRA vs. Shin-Fain). Unfortunately, both Hamas and Hezbollah are driven by unacceptable credo expressed by Ahmadinedzad: "Israel must be wiped off the map of the wold". While the state of Israel has interesting origins ( ) it is clear any attempt to turn this credo into practice must result in the war in the region. This makes a significant difference to Northern Irland situation where Great Britan could in fact sacrifice separation of Ulster for the price of peace in the mainland. Consequently, this leaves door open for all sort of Isreali retaliation against states involved in theating its existence. Recent Hezbollah military action on the territory of Israel proven there is no other way to secure its border but destruction of hostile infrastructure on the south of Lebanon. Of course, this will not reduce tension in the region but this tension cannot be reduced in any other way at the moment because of the intrinsic hatred of the muslim world against Israel. While there is no strategic plan to bring peace in the Middle-East we are forced to accept tactical solutions. Only major conflict in the region, with hundred thousands of casulties could result in the effective stabilization and clear status-quo. Of course this is rather unimaginable right now, so we must live with this situation for longer time, at least untill Iran has nuclear weapon and such a conflict finally begins. Israel is not attacker, Lebanon or Palestine is not a victim. Israel is the land of conflict. We have to wait to see who is the winner.


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