The Second American Revolution : Religion and Capitalism

A brief examination of the 'family values' of a happily married couple.

Capitalism is system deliberately designed to place power into the hands of a few little Caesars, and under Capitalism whoever holds the power holds the wallet.

If there was to be an end to poverty and slums under a Capitalist system, you would have Capitalists begging for workers rather than workers begging for jobs. Since this is a dog eat dog system, based on the concept of the gun fight at the OK Corral, and winner takes all, whoever holds the power holds the wallet. After the workers take power, which would happen when poverty was eliminated, the Capitalist would lose the wallet after paying all those benefits, and would no longer be able to play the top gun slinger role he was intended to play under that Napoleonic system. Inflation would destroy the savings of everyone else and the entire system would collapse. Therefore Capitalists must be brutal and ruthless oppressors, and even though life under capitalism is immoral and unjust, all the institutional structures of society will be found to be conspiring together with that Capitalist in acts of wickedness and oppression.

Because you cannot have Capitalism without having lots of wickedness at the same time, it becomes obvious that Capitalism was a system which was designed by deviant wicked pricks who were very clever. They understood that the best way to get away with being a murderer and robber was first to design a system based upon the idea of gun slinging and robbery. The murder and robbery would follow just a evening follows sunset, thus allowing really wicked pricks to sit on huge stacks of cash while everyone else collaborated in their filthy scam.

Wicked oppressors and greedy pigs cannot expect lots of help from the rest of the population, since the population, unlike them, has a sense of morals. Therefore to facilitate evil in the world and cause it happen all the time, the wicked require the design of wicked systems, which is what Capitalism is, since it facilitates and then requires wickedness. This turns out to be the right strategy for the wicked as history demonstrates, and has filled the world with wickedness. Since the wickedness is built right into the system and is required, the wicked are now safe from any of the brainless appeals of religion for ‘moral reformism'. You have to give credit where credit is due, and note that wicked oppressors are very cunning. The wicked system they designed will inevitably destroy the planet and human civilization if its wickedness is not stopped, and this can only happen if we have a revolution and get rid of that brain dead Frankenstein the wicked created, which is known as Capitalism.

Throughout the history system of ruthless oppression have required the services of the priest, who was always found beside the King's throne. The reason for this is that such systems are wicked, and thus require morals, but since morality would be incompatible with such wickedness, and since nature abhors a vacuum, priests were required to fill that gaping hole with moral hypocrisy.

Now the King could have chosen Merlin the Magician to sit beside his throne, but he did not. He chose the Priest, because the Priest was an expert on ‘moral values'. The way this works is quite obvious once you know what to look for and thus develop a nose for sniffing out deviant hypocrites. The Priest touches the heart of the people, but diligently avoids touching their brains. This deeply moves the people, who then admire the Priest for his morals. The Priest then cries out for ‘moral reformism' which means that not only is the Priest a godly man who cares deeply for the oppressed but he is also a hero because he is always valiantly waging the battle for ‘moral reforms'.

As just one example, the Priest will make a heart touching and deeply moving speech about the plight of the poor and the unemployed. He will then cry out that we must all say ‘no' to poverty and must look into our own originally sinful hearts to find the heart to make a small donation and stop being such original pigs. He cries out for Charity in the name of God. A deeply moved old widow will then give her last coin to that valiant Knight in Shining Armor, the Pharisee, while condemning the rest of the ungodly population for being such hard hearted sinful pigs. The ruthless system of oppression is free to carry on destroying the planet and brutalizing humanity. The King saw this Emmy winning performance and invited the Priest to share the throne, for he was better at swinging a watch back and forth and hypnotizing an audience than Merlin the Magician.

The Roman Catholic patriarchy, having had the most time to take acting lessons, is very skillful at this sort of watch swinging bullshit so watch out for the Pharisees of Rome.

The Priest does not touch the head, only the heart, but by touching the heart the Priest has worked his way into the part of the head known as the unconscious mind. There he has placed his moralizing bullshit regarding sinful pigs. He feeds on the sin of the people, and his moralizing religion nourishes itself on the guilt his lovely and heart moving sermons inspire among those who have never met a revolutionary, and thus are still confused enough about what is going on to be manipulated by a cabal of scheming Pharisees.

It is for this reason that when a prophet appeared the priests went down, because you see the prophet was not prepared to put up with their planet destroying moral hypocrisy. You can tell that Jesus was a true revolutionary because he invested so much time in feuding with the Priests.

A revolution is a propaganda war, and its crucial battles are not won with guns. It is for this reason that we have brainwashing systems, and it is for this reason that we have priests. The most important task of the true revolutionary is the complete destruction of priests and their religious bullshit, for once that defensive wall is destroyed and moral hypocrisy is ruthlessly exposed to the full light of day the propaganda offensive can begin against the system of brutal oppression that was hiding behind that defensive wall of venal religion. The revolutionary accomplishes this task by appealing to the head. You leave the Priest to appeal to the heart, and you appeal to the head. This destroys the Priest. What once worked no longer works, and the fact that the priest would give such deeply touching speeches becomes powerfully offensive and the priest looks like a deviant prick, the effect growing worse and worse the more a Priest opens his deeply concerned moralizing mouth. Once the Pharisees have been destroyed the way is then open to make very short work of Capitalism, or whatever system of brutal oppression the Priest might have been propping up in whatever historical age people might have wanted to have a revolution to get rid of the wicked pricks by getting rid of their wicked systems through which they operate..

There are two possible explanations for why someone would be a Priest. They are either an addle headed confused twit or they a deviant pervert (take your pick). If they are an addled twit then it is most likely true that they actually feel for what they are saying when they make those heart moving speeches about some damn thing or another, but being a twit when it comes time for the grand finale they wind up vomiting up some idiotic moral reformism because they are twits and that was the best idea they could come up with. After that they would just cross their fingers and hope that maybe if a speech is touching enough moral reformism might actually save the world, although as they think in their minds about the thousands of years when it did not work, perhaps they will just go home and feel depressed and grieve over the sins of those bad sinful pigs who will not respond to moral reformism. If a priest is a deviant pervert he will be found plotting with Kings and other brutal oppressors, taking breaks from time to time from his rotted out wickedness to give another performance in the hopes of winning another Emmy.

Who is the current Roman Catholic Pope. It is hard to say. Sometimes he seems like an addled twit and sometimes he seems like a deviant prick. The solution to this strange mystery is probably that like so many people in systems of ruthless oppression, the Pope is probably double bunking and has taken on a room mate. According to the research done in the field of the science of psychology when people are forced to participate in systems of ruthless oppression they develop two selves. One is the trained professional, who has horns, fangs, and a long pointed tail. This Frankenstein they send to do their job for them at work. If you confront them later about the evil deeds they are involved in, they will deny that they did it and blame the whole thing on that other Frankenstein, the horned devil they have been sharing a flat with, and say that their room mate, the horned devil did it and it wasn't them. It was their trained professional job and that devil is kept on ice when they get off work and want to try to have some kind of normal life once again. Psychologists call this ‘doubling', and it is required given what a wicked system Capitalism is, always requiring people to do dreadful things like completely crush and ruin the poor and ruin tens of thousands of people by taking the bread out of their mouths. Since only a few capitalists and aristocrats have crossed the Rubicon and become evil wicked pricks, while the rest of society is normal, people struggle to exist under the system designed to require wickedness and since they are unable to make the rent on the suite themselves, they take on a room mate to split the cost.

The way to deal with a society of people who are splitting a suite with a horned devil is through the practice of exorcism. The way you drive out a devil is by targeting their victim's head. This will wake them up and make them fully conscious. After that they will find that no devil can get away with splitting a suite with them and thus that horned devil becomes homeless. People then wind up being forced to go work by themselves from now on and do all those atrocious deeds by themselves from now on, since no horned devil remains behind to do their job for them just because they couldn't make it into work themselves. This will make it impossible for them to live with themselves. They will either have to join the evil capitalists and aristocrats who have made the decision to cross the Rubicon, and become like Ted Bundy, thus being a well integrated personality, and able to go to work and not be bothered by their job, or they will be forced into the revolutionary camp.

The science of psychology also describes another phenomena, known as cognitive dissonance. When someone is sharing a suite with a horned devil, their unconscious mind is tormented by contradictions which must be kept repressed. The result of this suppression of inconvenient truths is the creation of the confused addle headed twit who has been brainwashed, and who then becomes bigoted or bad tempered during the exorcism process. The way to deal with this problem is to make sure that the exorcism is thorough job, since cognitive dissonance can survive partial attempts at exorcism. A full swing of the wrecking ball is required which will leave behind a high wall, cracked and bulging, the collapse of which comes suddenly as that wall falls into a heap of ruins. At this time those who blinded by the confusion of deviant brain washing systems regain their ability to see and those lamed by the system find that they can walk once again, and so on.

We can see, if we can see anything at all, that what is required is the destruction of a system of oppression and the liberation of the people who live in forced bondage to sinful systems under the brutal yoke of ruthless oppressors who designed a system that would work to achieve such ends for manipulative sociopathic evil pricks. A system is merely the concrete manifestation of an ideology, and from all this we can see that Capitalism is the ideology of wicked scheming oppressors who just loved money, and were willing to murder and rob to get money, and thus designed a sociopathic system which would allow them to murder and rob and then get lost in the crowd while at the same time all of societies institutions would be forced to conspire with the wicked to prevent the house from burning down around their ears.

We can see, if we can see anything at all, that what is required is the complete destruction of systems of oppression, and we have had religion for thousands of years, and now, at the very last minute, as the planet is facing a ruinous destruction because of all that wickedness that is going on, we find ourselves stuck with the task of making a determined last minute attempt to bring salvation to the world. What this tells us is that for thousands of years religion consisted of nothing more than ignorant moralizing twaddle produced by addle headed twits or deviant pricks. The purpose of such brainwashing moral twaddle is to protect systems of oppression from being exposed to the light of day in all their operations, accomplishing all this by blaming the world's problems on ‘original sin' which then resulted in the creation of nations of sinful pigs who were responsible for sinning. Now under systems of sinful oppression, it is easy for some frocked up hypocrite like a Pharisee to catch someone in a sin, since they are forced to sin by that corrupt system, and so there is always plenty of guilt around and Pharisees prey on the people's sin. This is the opposite to the salvation of the world, but then the true purpose of religion never was ‘salvation' but rather it turned out at the end of it all to be ruinous destruction and the apocalyptic end of humanity.

Because the work of religion is to protect the oppressor by hiding the workings of systems of oppression and blaming the world's problems on ‘original sin' the end result of the operations of wicked systems is not the salvation of the world but rather the world's ruinous destruction. This occurs because the population is brainwashed with idiotic moralizing twaddle, this task accomplished by the touching cry of the oppressed that comes flowing from the florid lips of some priest, who is also a hero, because he calls for moralizing as the supposed solution to that problem. Unfortunately, given that systems of ruinous destruction are at work, with their gears and wheels crushing and grinding the planet and all of humanity, some venal appeal to ‘moral reformism' and a call to sinful pigs to stop sinning like that and thus stop ruining everything, leads inevitably to one defeat after another and the planet continues to slide into destruction. Everyone keeps real busy trying to find ‘salvation' in moral values, having been trained in that stupid thought style by the manipulative hypocrisy of the Priest, and thus no one recognizes the truth about what needs to be done, and therefore what needs to be done never gets done. The oppressor hides safely within his oppressive system, crushing the poor and getting rich, while the Priest seals his own ruinous fate by going about like some moron appealing for ‘private charity' by making those brainless appeals to moral values and crying out for repentance on the part of sinful pigs who are to hard hearted and thus not making enough donations, thus causing poverty.

Therefore you can have religion for thousands of years and you will always have poverty and war and murder and ruthless oppression. At the end of it all, when all the contradictions build up into a great heap and the buzzards begin circling overhead, humanity finds itself looking into the abyss of ruin, just as their ancestors did so many times before them. When the time of ruination comes, humanity plunges over the cliff like a pack of lemmings again and again. Therefore, given this track record one would expect humanity to plunge into the sulphurous abyss yet again, thus maintaining a perfect track record. The reason for this repeating pattern is not that humanity is a congential sinner (the priest would have us believe that God invents defective toasters and then gives the task of toaster repair man to the priest). Rather humanity is persistently brainwashed and those evil systems are never recognized and properly understood, and all activism to stop the crisis gets poured down into that same worthless sewer hole of moral reformism. The system is corrupt, not humanity, and this error, drilled into the unconscious of humanity by that deviant stage actor the Priest, results in one plunge into the abyss after another.

At the end of it all, the gift of religion is the creation of a population of people who stand beside the toilet bowl watching a turd swirling around and around in circles, while anxiously everyone worries and wonders whether or not this means that the turd is heading down to the hole in the bottom of the toilet bowl and thus out into the sewers of destruction (as though there was really some doubt about whether or not a flushed turd is heading down to the hole and then out to the sewer....but then when you don't have a clue and you feel hopeless, entertaining that delusion that flushed turds do not flush counts as one slim distant last hope, and thus constitutes the ‘hopeful option' giving someone a reason to be ‘optimistic' for at least a little longer). Because people are brainwashed they become just this clueless because they don't know what is happening and thus cannot formulate the correct strategy. What has happened is that the system of oppression has decided that it was time to take a shit, and then it wiped its ass, and as is the custom after shitting and wiping, the system then reached for the lever and gave the dropped turd a good flush. As for humanity, they find themselves riding that swirling turd as though they were riding a pony, around and around that toilet bowl, while everyone wonders if a flushed turd really does get flushed or if maybe it doesn't happen all the time which means there are reasons for optimism.

Humanity is found riding that turd like a pony around and around the race track because humanity is real busy trying some more moral reformism, instead of trying the correct solution which is a revolution. Now if we know anything at all we can understand that moral reformism is a dropped turd and that, for example, if you wanted to get rid of poverty you would have to get rid of capitalists, the Federal Reserve Board (who watch poverty and if it drops they crank it back up real quick). That would be the right way to get rid of poverty, and the same principle applies to all the other turds that get dropped and flushed by that rotten and corrupt system of oppression known as Capitalism. Only an addled twit would consider ‘moral reformism' to be a viable option under a system which requires such destruction because it was designed by ruthless pricks who wanted destruction. Thus time and time again humanity rides the swirling turd down the bowl, and then down the hole, and then out into the stinking sewers, there to join the rotting remains of all the floating turds of moral reform movements of the past, which didn't work, as you can tell by noticing the persistence of both moral reformism and ruinous destruction and open wounds and constant puss, those two twin turds always found to be sharing the rent on some suite as well, for obvious reasons. A ruthless oppressor and a moralizing Pharisee are two twin turds and when those two turds get flushed down the bowl over and over again humanity rides the turd around the bowl and follows those two turds into the sewers every time.

And down the hole those two turds go, over and over again, because, you see, ruthless oppressors are brain dead vegetables when it comes to plotting a strategy. The capitalist system they designed resembles some lumbering brainless Frankenstein with its arms stretched out stumbling and lumbering over the planet. You are not allowed to disturb Frank, because you see when you have robbers shooting it out at the OK Corral, that is called ‘freedom'. Therefore Frank is allowed to lumber and then occasionally Frank will trip over his own feet and stumble and fall face first to the ground with a great crash. At this time it will be necessary for some moral reformists like the Democratic Party to help Frank back on his feet so he can once again start his lumbering journey around the planet. Being moral reformists naturally the Democrats would have to sign a deal with Frank in which Frank promises not to be evil and in exchange he will once again be allowed to resume his brainless lumbering over the planet. This agenda receives wide spread public support, even though it is idiotic to expect a lumbering brain dead Frankenstein whose required diet consists of ruthless oppression and gun fights to promise to be good, but unfortunately it turns out that America had lots of religion and therefore no common sense, and thus lots of ‘moral values' leading to ‘moral reformism'.

Well since that last time Frank stumbled over his shoe laces, Frank has continued his aimless lumbering over the planet, and we now see that once again Frank's shoes have come untied, and we all know what that means. That's right, Frankie is about to stumble and fall on his face again. Hopefully this time people will have a lot less religion and a very poor opinion of Pharisees so that instead of doing something idiotic like helping Frankie back to his feet they will just put that brainless collection of body parts out of its misery and just get rid of the thing as should have happened long ago, thus stopping that monstrous thing before it can kill again. This would be a good example of ‘moral values' for anyone who finds themselves going through withdrawal and thus feel the need to make a moralizing judgment.


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