Israel's True Reason for Invading Lebanon

Israel, always desperate for more water to supply illegal settlements, has invaded Lebanon not for their avowed purpose of finding two IDF POW's, but to steal more land. Land that contains a river....

On the web page,, there is a story about the true aim of Israel's naked aggression against Lebanon:
Israel plans to drive and capture territory up to and including the Litani River shows Israel's true aim.
Israel is desperate for additional water and is using the pretense of looking for two captured POW's to illegally and immorally enter Lebanon in order to steal Lebanon's Litani River water.
What power does the Zionist war machine hold over the leaders of what was once know as the "Free World" that prevents any of them to vehemently protest Israel's homicidial actions?
Neither Lebanon or the Palestinans should expect any type of help from Washinton, DC.
Both war criminals infesting the White House, Cheney and Bush, are laughing with glee at Israel's continued murderous assault against civilians in both Lebanon and Palestine.
They realize that soon, Israel will engage in military action against Syria, who has a defence pact with Iran.
When Iran tries to aid Syria, that will give the Zionist masters the excuse they need to instruct their puppets in Washington--Cheney and Bush--to nuke Iran.
Meanwhile, ExxonMobile and the other Big Oil companies are laughing all the way to the bank.

Greg Bacon
Ava, MO


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