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The nightmare in Oaxaca, Mexico.

IMPOSTERS. - He follows the bush giving and now nonsingle they invent in the Self-appointed Popular Assembly of the Town of Oaxaca, aggressions, are so paranoicos that by means of newspapers to its service, the same newspaper that before becoming spokesman of the proletariado one defended to a repressive governor like Diódoro Carrasco, is today "light of hope" for the fight that groups nonidentified, have come carrying out, as he burns of buses the assault to houses or businesses of people who work as the case of "clinical Santa Maria", the kidnapping of civil employees, the destabilization actions who has had like objective creating ungovernability, but no they have been able. Like APPO, they try to weaken a fight of masses that has not been able to consolidate one of two, because they did not understand the manual when reading it or of plane the town does not endorse them. There are some who incline by the second. We said then that so paranoicos they are that they invent official notices, car are sent postal and positionings of antagonistic groups, and difficult it is possible to be thought that they are reality when operating of the armed groups he is the one to spread to all means to national and international level his point of view, the manual revolutionary forces them to generate what this type of groupings nonfunnels call action of revolutionary propaganda that try to surprise the Public opinion. But in short, it is doubtful that the armed groups today raise themselves against the freedom of expression when is not revolutionary to do it, every one has their way to think, would be an annoyance that all thought the same. The position that plays those that threatens mass media is the one of "slowed down", because nobody that it says a combatant can nor must force others to shut up, on the contrary this forced to guarantee the freedom in the exercise. By this among other points it is doubtful that the armed groups are showing their position in winch of which happens in Oaxaca, of a visceral way according to emphasize that received the official notice of a well-known armed group, which these reveal against, feel like owners of the truth when distributing threats to all the oaxaqueños that do not share the form to think that the personages of the APPO, Is prudent the previous thing, the each who has answer, no organization, group or individual can force other to make activities that does not wish, we spoke clear of a free society, not of groups in where threats and agreements are governed by means of. That is spoken of a self-defense and in this case coordinated them, it is not possible to be spoken of self-defense and clear defenses when to the town one does not say to him what is to defend itself. A thing is to throw stones and mentioned of mother and another one to face the Mexican army or police or trained, because it is to justify a capital aggression to have martyrs to those who to go to leave to flowers Sundays to him to the pantheon or to remove them day after day like revolutionary trophies? No grouping is of the extreme right or of the extreme left, it has the right to call to the arms to the town and to leave it in the interrogation. There are some who in the town in their methodical socialism and romanticism create in fact that this being constructed the revolution in Oaxaca when it is not certain and who they call to the arms they know, understand that with these manifestations they did not obtain anything, the project de1978 is not the same one to the one of the 2006, already passed many things, see that the wall of Berlin fell, Russia no longer is power and in Cuba apples have supper and foreign chickens in Christmas and to top it all Fidel loved Fidel, is chocheando and perhaps until he becomes hero when summoning to elections. Not is possible instigar to town, to do to think him that with its death the revolution is constructed, that is sweepings revolutionary and all they know them, but lie insists on to continue repeating lie after, doing species of valuarte to perversidad in handling of masses, when the town wants to work and to live peacefully and that consists not in La Paz of the tombs or the pantheons, or La Paz of the churches or the sermons. The people who work to advance, not that that hopes that everything gives to him and that this looking for patrocinadores in the teaching or the "social organizations", so that they look for resources to them of productive projects, because if something fight today on the part of leaders like Mendoza Cloud, Enrique Wheel, Mendoza González, Insipid Flavio Villavicencio is a part of the pie that has Oaxaca to distribute through the federal and state government, with those names, qualities and fame so that it wants plus that so discredited movement, the people of the town wants to work and they are not the bourgeois, because oligarcas to those who the armed and social groups say to fight are suffering wave of aggressions, is town pressed, that that moves in urban buses, that it has to walk to go to his work of where it eats and it obtains a minimum wage or to the school because they want to go out the poverty, is to that town to which this attacking itself to them Is that revolution or fight of classes? Of course that No, it is barbarism, anarchy without sense and approach, a fight to huarachazo clean, where the town is the one who this being affected. The civil employees and those of more high hierarchy are not in Oaxaca, live in other states whereas the terrified oaxaqueños undergo the golpeteo of the "revolutionaries" who nonsingle affect sources of work but to the children of the farmers, workers and employees, which are on the verge of losing another scholastic year That is revolutionary justice. The political system did not accept that a governor falls, Because then to mobilize the town and to take it to a wearing down, because to make pretexts to continue playing the war and the revolutionary romanticism can apply actually what in theory it has studied all these years? One is not worth. The violence comes from where it comes is the worse thing than a town can live, he is not acceptable and it must be criticized by all the sectors, the institutional violence that is protected in the law or the violence that the groups as the APPO makes, outside all order and breaking the law to which they go when they feel attacked, is the part of the history that is written with black letters. Llama the then attention that the groups armed of form very closed, in a funnel, present their point of view in winch of the problematic one which Oaxaca lives, because it is not his form to act, is doubtful that the even-tempered and revolutionary groups that are saying they today choose to secrete to other means and to even make presiciones not absolutely certain, on the form to write of the journalists and of anybody, mass media, person or grouping this in the position to criticize or to indicate to no means or journalist, all are free to write what they create. To defend the freedom of other to say what pleases, is to fight by the universal freedom of the free thought and will, to do it in con is fascismo. They say that praise in own mouth is vituperio and Oaxaca some mass media have entered the field of vituperio thousands of times. Mass media that have been being possible to remember it until for 28 years were the spokesmen of the bourgeois power, oligarca and caciquil, denied the qualities of a director like Felipe the Martinez Soriano, accusing it of assassin, who do not create happen to the archives of some means that today are elevated in the source of the democracy. Today they make all the opposite Why? They were affected in his economic interests and auque others say that vipers do not change them of skin but they continue being poisonous. The bourgeoisie no matter how hard revolutionary says itself and until guerrilla, will continue being the opportunistic class that knows to be, to hide and to climb is its specialty, for that reason nobody must have confidence to them. Oaxaca must advance, the majority in the tired town this of this type of manifestations, that create the opposite are mistaken. Oaxaca and Mexico do not deserve desperate actions of subjects that they try to make of this country a field of training and laboratory of insurgents. To call to the arms (self-defense), is to make believe motivated people him that the revolution takes control of disordered shouts, kidnapping trucks or violating the guarantees of the town inner to me, those manifestations are vandalism projects and anarchy but is not revolution, those that request action and demand not to waver to the APPO, would have first to obtain the changes in the classrooms, not through lies and of revolutions of paper or Internet

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