Skating with the Hezbollah

Beirut can't win. It was barely recovered from the tragic effects of a 15-year-long civil war and now it is the target of daily bombardments from the Israeli Air Force. Just before the bombing started VICE met with the notorious Al Aqsa Martyr's Brigade in the city's Palestianian refugee camps. They also sang and danced with the Fateh Boy Scouts, children who are being groomed to be the suicide bombers of tomorrow.

For the VICE Guide to travel VICE contributors, founders and friends were sent around the world to visit the planet's most dangerous and weird destinations. VICE sent cameras to such far-flung places as the Pygmy villages of the Congo, the radioactive ruins of Chernobyl, Rio's City of God favela, the hills of the failed Aryan utopia of Nueva Germania, the black-market weapons portal of Bulgaria, the illegal arms market of Pakistan, and the bomb-pocked refugee camps of Beirut.

A film crew was sent to Beirut to do a follow up on a VICE Magazine article from a few years back and took a lot of footage, but didn't really understand what they had captured until it was brought back to the editing room and a translator went over the interviews. Munir Muqada, the head of Al-Aqsa Martyr's Brigade spoke about being a "people whose land is occupied" who are seeking any means of resistance until they are able to return to their land, Palestine. VICE was invited to visit a PLO Boy Scout Troop in Bourj al-Barajneh, talked with Mia Bloom and after discovering all that had been captured, VICE Co-founder Shane Smith, the editor of VICE Magazine Jesse Pearson and Spike Jonze sat down to discuss the footage and the problem of the hate in the Middle East. A snippet of the segment can be viewed here.

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that guy 17.Aug.2006 16:38

looks like the boys of vice have grown up from half naked hipsters....