Rigging Elections in the USA

The United States has seen its last two presidential elections decided by voting fraud, each time placing the Bush-Republican Far Right in the White House to perpetrate 9/11, the decimation of the Bill of Rights, Afghanistan&Iraq wars, etc. The 2008 election is certain to be rigged also -- UNLESS we educate the uninformed, misguided General Public so they can demand and enforce a fair election. And urge Hillary Clinton to fight for this.

Myron (Mike) Stagman, PhD

     Rigging Elections in the USA:
Voting Fraud versus Fair Elections

I.  Rigged Elections

[The USA leads the world again !!]

If something is not done about voting fraud, accomplished primarily via rigged technology in the USA, then one might predict that the Democratic candidate in 2008,  Senator Hillary Clinton, will receive 75% of the popular vote, and the Republican candidate will ONCE AGAIN (third time in a row) eke out a narrow victory.

Note:  The General Accounting Office (GAO) of the U.S. Government has recently published a report indicting the Bush Republicans for having committed voting fraud in the 2004 election, and thus stolen the presidency. 

Yes, believe it or not, even a department of the U.S. Government (the most honest one, maybe the only honest one under the present regime) points the finger at the guilty.

[ Just after the 2004 election, what appeared to be  a very reliable source reported via email that the Republicans committed massive voting fraud in at least 15 states.  The source also stated that journalists were frightened for their jobs and did not dare speak openly.]

[See Indymedia Miami, "GAO Report CONFIRMS Stolen 2004 Presidential Election";  and take note of a book written by the authors of that article, Bob Fitrakis and Harvey Wasserman, entitled How the GOP Stole America's 2004 Election + Is Rigging 2008, available via freepress.org and harveywasserman.com.]

Voting fraud is becoming a Western world bore.  The USA and now the UK and EU are doing it.

The Blair-New Labour Government has to date relied on all-postal voting for their fraudulent practice. But Blair ---  obviously with USA fraudulent practices in mind --- has proposed the use of voting-technology, predictably for more ambitious fraud in future.

The European Union has its own version of the rigged election.  The unelected, unaccountable (except to its Corporate masters -- e.g. the Chemical-Drug--Biotechnology cartel, the giant banks) European Commission simply ignores election results --- as in France and the Netherlands regarding the proposed European Constitution --- AND outright bans a popular political party it does not like.

Of course, there was the recently rigged election in Mexico whereby the U.S. Corporation-friendly candidate eked out his counterfeit victory.

II.  What To Do About It
      [regarding the USA]

We must get around the Giant Corporation-Government-corporate Mass Media axis which has been responsible for perpetrating voting fraud and rigged elections in 2000 and 2004, and suppressing public knowledge of the facts.
[And, naturally, now suppresses knowledge of the General Accounting Office's ultra-consequential Report.]

Grassroots Public Information Campaigns are the way to establish a People's Mass Media, thereby getting around the Corporation-Government-corporate Mass Media axis and its Thought Control practices.

Although the Internet can play a significant role in agrassroots Public Information Campaigning movement for fair elections, the bulk of the job really must be done
(1) door-to-door with leaflets / talking and
(2) similarly amongst college/university students.
Major information campaigns MUST be conducted in universities/colleges.  MUST.

(1) No technology should be allowed in the voting process, and most certainly not when provided by extreme, unscrupulous, corporate Republican partisans.

(2)  Voting should involve, simply,  papers and pencils and citizen watchdogs to see the count is straight.

(3)  Perpetrators of the 2000 and 2004 voting frauds, who have placed the wrong person in the White House each time, must be publicly pilloried, disempowered utterly, and dealt with severely according to principles of Justice.

(4)  The American Public, as always with important matters, is largely ignorant and hence passive.  They need to be educated and politically activated to demand fair elections and to set about enforcing the demand.

College/University students should be prime recipients of such PUBLIC INFORMATION CAMPAIGNS.

The campaigning must begin NOW !!  NOW!!

I urge you to CONTACT HILLARY CLINTON and urge her to fight for a fair election.

P.S.  Question:  Is there any sap left in the American tree?  Or are there only saps?

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