CBC subliminal hate message

CBC TV news uses subliminal message technique to inspire hatred of muslims.

To:  Ombudsman@CBC.ca

I just saw the opening of CBC news (6:30pm) fri aug 25. In it, the first
headline appears at the bottom of the screen,
(something) fear.
It is replaced immediately with the second headline
(something) muslims.
The words "fear" and "muslims" appears in direct succession in the exact
same place on the screen, the lower left, where it will be seen, but not consciously noticed.
This is a well recognized technique of subliminal advertizing, and what is being advertized is clear and evident, we are to fear muslims.
Personally, i'm more afraid of you.

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CTV is even Worse!

Fauxlosopher 26.Aug.2006 20:11

CTV a division of the giant media group Can-West Media is owned by the Pro-Israel Zionist family the Aspers and they use every opportunity in their t.v. and newspaper editorials (Toronto Sun,Vancouver Sun etc) to Hate-Monger against Arabs and Muslims! Its not all that suprising that the newly elected Canadian Prime Minister Stevn Harper was finaancially backed and supportd by the same Asper family!

Be careful

Matthew Pettit 13.Aug.2007 16:08

For the sake of preserving the credibility of real leftist critique, we should be more careful about our claims. Assuming an intentional and systematic program of subliminal technique on behalf of the CBC, based on a single instance of what MIGHT be what you claim, is irresponsible. Paranoia doesn't justify a complete lack of research or methodological rigour.