Dominion Of Melchizedek Network Deals



"...Individual investors were convinced of their great financial business stock investment deal - Reviewed by Lawyers, Underwritten by Insurance Brokers, Investigated by Risk Managers, Offered by NASD approved and Licensed Stock Brokers, with Escrow account Agents – but still became victims of this new sophisticated fraud network..."

Dominion Of Melchizedek Network Deals
by, Offshore Informant

November 5, 2006

An elusive hidden network of South East Asian, Pacific Asian, Malaysian, East Indian, and Eastern European businesses have held interests in the computer internet cyberspace based company networks within THE DOMINION OF MELCHIZEDEK ( DOM ) that saw its DOMINION OF MELCHIZEDEK STOCK EXCHANGE ( DOMEX ) - private stock exchange – where dumped for investment sales are non-transparent smoke and mirror international business companies, independent offshore banks, and other entities as ‘before’ and ‘after’ launching platforms for international financial business criminal frauds.

Founded in 1988 by American David Evan Pedley, DOM centralized management was inherited by his son Mark Logan Pedley (aka) Mark Wellington until 1995 when decentralization took control under Pacific Asian Elvira Grace (“Maria”) Gamboa whose family ties in The Philippines saw her reigns transform DOM into a complex array of international financial business networks instead of a few easy targets for traditional financial institution blacklist government warnings against non-transparent businesses.

Although individual and business victims have filed U.S. Court actions against DOM business defendants for a variety of reasons including allegations with evidence of financial frauds, stock manipulation, and breach of contract losses in the millions to victims, U.S. Courts are mysteriously ‘dismissing’ cases filed by victims against DOM.

Government law enforcement investigations see complaints shelved and/or suspended as a result of what it claims are higher priority targets because of inadequate government budgetary circumstances.

DOM international financial business company networks working their well-oiled machine development of “quick collective frauds” operating under DOM government protection umbrellas are fast approaching epidemic proportions unbeknownst to many high net worth ‘private individual investors’ as opposed to others who wisely hire verifiable licensed professional consultants with excellent track records. The scope and breadth by which DOM quick collective frauds operate has even penetrated insurance and risk management professional arenas so much so that even when an investor believes they are provided with proper “due diligence”, the due diligence may have been provided by a member secretly hiding within the DOM network chain.

With the DOM network now off the official grid of law, floodgates and loopholes are left open for these free flying “quick collective frauds” to operate undetected by law enforcement financial business investment radar screens, however collective DOM network activities may not always escape private professional watchdog detections and warnings designed for those never having done business with DOM business network members whom are “commissioned fraud sales agents.”

Individual investors were convinced of their great financial business stock investment deal - Reviewed by Lawyers, Underwritten by Insurance Brokers, Investigated by Risk Managers, Offered by NASD approved and Licensed Stock Brokers, with Escrow account Agents – but still became victims of this new sophisticated fraud network.

Recently, a wide array of international business companies surfaced within a complex support network connection to DOM that included an electronic digital metal currency exchange named VERTORO GOLD with co-founders Kevin Bruce Wilkerson and Jim Davidson.

In October 2005, VERTORO captured co-founder Jim Davidson’s New Zealand friend’s ( Sidd’s ) firm, which was named PRIVATE VENTURE CAPITAL STOCK EXCHANGE ( PVCSE ) - similar to the DOMINION OF MELCHIXEDEK STOCK EXCHANGE ( DOMEX ) - seeking private investments for its long privately listed ‘never-before-heard-of’ international business companies also spawning a computer internet cyberspace offshore bank - similar to the DOM DOMEX listed CYBERWORLD BANK – with this one named CYBERGOLD BANK (aka) CYBER GOLD BANK (aka) CYBERGOLDBANK.COM supported by an Asian and Malaysian international business network company named CYBERFRONTIER GROUP of companies. (See Below)

- - - -


CYBER GOLD BANK (aka) CYBERGOLDBANK.COM (aka) CYBERGOLDBANK.NET is a joint project of the CYBERFRONTIER GROUP. CYBER GOLD BANK ( CGB ) is an un-licensed and unregistered company in the real world, existing solely in cyberspace, for lack of applicable legislation in any country, like cyber banks registered in THE DOMINION OF MELCHIZEDEK ( DOM ).

CYBER GOLD BANK ( CGB ) claims to be an old-style gold bank with an internet flavor, a gold bank in the original sense, there are no common deposit or savings accounts, no investments, and no common banking services. Instead, CYBER GOLD BANK ( CGB ) offers members the option to store their gold safely, and in that sense CYBER GOLD BANK ( CGB ) could be seen as a 'gold depository' operating the private GOLD CREDIT NETWORK storing electronic digital gold for its customers, both of which don't match the typical description or prerequisites of a common depository.

CYBER GOLD BANK ( CGB ) is still shopping around for a suitable jurisdiction to register in so, CYFRO ASSOCIATES SDN BHD. administers the assets of CYBER GOLD BANK ( CGB ), and manages CYBER GOLD BANK ( CGB ) day-to-day operations.

A once-only registration fee of 0.5-grams of digital gold currency is payable before you can begin using CYBERGOLDBANK.COM


- On February 5, 2006 CYBERGOLD BANK ( CGB ) launched the CYBER GOLD BANK ( CGB ) Credit Network;

- On March 1, 2006 CYBERGOLD BANK ( CGB ) announces another 2-milligrams dividend distribution;

- On April 2, 2006 CYBERGOLD BANK ( CGB ) announced its 6th dividend since listing on PRIVATE VENTURE CAPITAL STOCK EXCHANGE ( PVCSE ) 6-months ago. PVCSE is supported by Jim Davidson and Kevin Bruce Wilkerson;

- On May 1, 2006 CYBERGOLD BANK ( CGB ) announced last monthly dividend distribution; and,

- On October 29, 2006 CYBER GOLD BANK ( CGB ) made a dividend distribution of 9-milligrams per share, released 32,000 treasury shares, and announced plans for a further share split.


- - - -


PRIVATE GOLD EQUITIES EXCHANGE LTD. ( PG2E.COM ) is registered in Seychelles, a company specializing in development and operation of online market places. PG2E.COM accepts 'listing applications' from businesses, and focuses on small to smallest business operators in established industries.

As part of the CYBERFRONTIER GROUP, PRIVATE GOLD EQUITIES EXCHANGE LTD. is developing as a privately run and owned 'alternative to public stock exchanges', and operates solely in cyberspace, much like THE DOMINION OF MELCHIZEDEK STOCK EXCHANGE ( DOMEX ).

PG2E.COM seeks - with easy and straight forward business listings - to do to stock markets, what GRAMEEN BANK did with micro loans to commercial banks, spreading benefits of free market capitalism to villages and cottage industries of the World.

- - - -

Chicago, Illinois

P.O. Box 2801
Novato, California 94948
TEL (Voice Mail)/E-FAX: (888) 418-1294

In 1999, CYBERFRONTIER CORPORATION was incorporated in Delaware (USA), and acquired an Australia new media firm AUSINQUEST PTY. LTD. ( AIQ ), including the assets of SYSTEC LTD. ( UK ), and ASEANET INC. ( USA ), amongst others.

CYBERFRONTIER CORPORATION oversees operation ventures of the CYBERFRONTIER GROUP, and offers corporate consulting and management services to a select clientele.

CYBERFRONTIER CORPORATION is an international network of companies, subsidiaries, franchises, agents, and representatives operating under the CYBERFRONTIER brand name.

P.O. Box 1313
Byron Bay
2481 New South Wales
TEL: (02) 668-56-866

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CYBERFRONTIER ASSOCIATES PTE. LTD. is the local Singapore agent of CYFROCA$H INCORPORATED ( Wyoming, USA ) and CYBERICA ENTERPRISE ( The Philippines )

- - - -


CYBERFRONTIER ASSOCIATES CC is the local South Africa agent of CYFROCA$H INCORPORATED ( Wyoming, USA )

- - - -

562/5 Soi Suanplu
Bangkok 10200
TEL: (02) 679-4087
FAX: (02) 213-2430

Lot 9, Blk. 6, Domingo Street
Christine Village
Brgy. dela Paz
Pasig City
TEL: 09163914647

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CYBERICA ENTERPRISE operates the CYFROCASH CYBERCAFE in Cavite ( The Philippines ).

- - - -


In 2001, CYBERICA.NET LTD. was registered in Seychelles, and in 2005 was spun-off into an independent firm.

CYBERICA.NET LTD. provides retail website and application hosting, dedicated server hosting, and maintains offshore server co-location computer internet servers for data centers in Texas ( USA ), Hong Kong ( CHINA ), and Malaysia as one of the more dominant service providers to the electronic digital gold currency industry hosting internet websites and computer servers of many electronic digital gold currency merchants, digital currency exchangers, digital currency providers, and understands the need for privacy and security in business.

CYBERICA.NET LTD. operates a number of hosting and domain registration platforms at and as one of the mainstays of the CYBERFRONTIER GROUP.



3A-4-07 B/J Complex
11900 Penang
TEL: (04) 646-7110
FAX: (04) 646-6110

In 2004, CYFRO ASSOCIATES SDN BHD. was established in Malaysia as a majority-owned joint subsidiary of CYBERFRONTIER CORPORATION ( Wyoming, USA ) and CYFROCASH INCORPORATED.

CYFRO ASSOCIATES SDN BHD. is the center of operations of the entire CYBERFRONTIER GROUP, with subsidiaries and partnerships of its own in several countries.

CYFRO ASSOCIATES SDN BHD. further serves as the central processing facility for CYFROCASH INCORPORATED, and systems support and administration for CYBERICA.NET, a company that also operates a number of websites itself.

- - - -

- U2ASEAN.COM is an ASEAN specific directory website with free e-mail, and more.

- - - -

- MYLANGKAWI.COM is a travel website portal for Langkawi, Malaysia.

- - - -

- E-CYBERJAYA.COM is a hosting service for the market of Malaysia.

- - - -

- MYMSC.COM is a hosting service for the market of Malasia.

- - - -

P.O. Box 2801
Novato, California 94948
TEL (Voice Mail)/E-FAX: (888) 418-1294

In 2000, CYFROCASH INCORPORATED was established in Wyoming, USA as a subsidiary of the CYBERFRONTIER CORPORATION.

CYFROCASH INC. is the e-commerce division of the CYBERFRONTIER GROUP and operates the website payment platform where processing and support are provided centrally by jointly owned CYFRO ASSOCIATES SDN BHD. in Malaysia.

CYFROCASH INC. has independent franchisees in the United States, Canada, and Panama.

CYFROCASH INC. has agents and representatives in the European Union, Singapore, and The Philippines.




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Industriestrasse 29
44892 Bochum
TEL: (0234) 588 35 83

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In 2001, MONDIAL CONSULTING GROUP LLC was incorporated in Delaware, USA as another spin-off of the CYBERFRONTIER GROUP.

MONDIAL CONSULTING GROUP LLC specializes in website project management, application development, data warehousing, and a development firm in data processing and profiling.

MONDIAL CONSULTING GROUP LLC is responsible for the outsourcing division, run from Malaysia.


CYFROCASH FINANCIAL SERVICES, Langkawi Development Authority [an archipelago island amongst 99 small islands offshore from the Kedah state of Malaysia in the Indian Ocean south of the Thailand border.], the German Association of Partnership Agencies, FASTRAK COURIER, the World Air Forces Directory, and JUPITER DATA to name a few customers from a wide range of industries in different countries.

Amongst MONDIAL CONSULTING GROUP LLC partners is the website development company U2NETWORKS, a website service provider begun in 1991, servicing Southeast Asia and Australia since 1997, software development departments of University Sains ( Malaysia ), an infrastructure and hosting specialist for CYBERFRONTIER, machinery and automation supplier for LIME and various registries, data warehouses, programmers, developers, and more.

Software platform providers for MONDIAL CONSULTING GROUP LLC include Microsoft, Oracle and Sun Microsystems, just to name a few.

MONDIAL CONSULTING GROUP LLC teamed up with a number of individual developers and suppliers such as Blue Sky Soft, SilkFX, and Geliga Marketing for specific projects.

MONDIAL CONSULTING GROUP LLC welcomes partners who offer complimentary services, technology platforms, infrastructure, and data records.

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Internet domain registration service for CYBERFRONTIER CORPORATION ( Cook County, Illinois ).

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WWW: [ EZEZ S.A. ]

- - - -

A closer look into the backgrounds and activities surrounding Kevin Bruce Wilkerson, Jim Davidson, their associates, and associations (below):

Kevin Bruce Wilkerson (aka) Julian Cranhay was/is treasurer of the United States Libertarian Party ( Colorado ), is an activist for the U.S. Libertarian Party, and a freelance author.

The Libertarian Party newsletter for June 2000 saw Kevin Wilkerson as its Treasurer [ ], and provided:

Kevin Wilkerson
458 Pine Tree Lane
Boulder, Colorado 80304
TEL: (303) 443-1870 (home)
TEL: (303) 413-3013 (work)

Kevin Wilkerson was the contact person for a computer internet and network business, at:

1731 15th Street - Suite 220
Boulder, Colorado 80302
TEL: (303) 546-9151 ( Denver, Colorado )
FAX: (303) 546-6220 ( Denver, Colorado )
TEL: (970) 407-9151 ( Fort Collins, Colorado )
CONTACT: Kevin Bruce Wilkerson

During a political election campaign, Kevin Bruce Wilkerson sought to become a State of Colorado legislator for its 11th District, and submitted his 'biography', as follows:
- - - -

Kevin Bruce Wilkerson - Biography

I was born an Air Force brat, at 00:36 on September 23rd, 1963 in a base hospital in Rome, New York (near Syracuse, New York ).

Like most Air Force families, we moved around a lot, living in places as diverse as Binghampton, New York; Moultry, Georgia; Harlington, Texas; Appalachan, New York; Sacramento, California; and, Arlington, Virginia.

In 1971, no longer in military service, we moved to Littleton, Colorado. I grew up there, when Littleton was the southern boondocks, and graduated magna cum laude from Heritage High School in 1981.

I attended Lewis and Clark College, a small private institution in Portland, Oregon and graduated summa cum laude in 1985 with a degree in mathematics, and concentrations in computer science, physics, music, and history.

I moved back to Colorado, got a job with UNICAD INC. in Boulder, and moved here [ Boulder, Colorado ] in October of 1985 when I got sick of commuting from Littleton [Colorado]. UNICAD, unfortunately, didn't make it through the winter.

For the next 7-years, my professional home was GRAFTEK INC. - a small CAD / CAM subsidiary of UNISYS - where I worked as a software developer.

I purchased my present home in December of 1988.

GRAFTEK INC. was eventually bought by bozos, and I left it in November of 1992 to pursue contracting opportunities.

Since March 1993, I have been doing contract work in telecommunications, specifically in the area of interactive cable TV. I am currently on a long-term contract with GTE for their MainStreet project.

In the election year of 1992, I joined the Libertarian Party during the Andre Marrou Presidential campaign, after years of unhappy flirtations with both major parties.

The Libertarian message of fiscal responsibility and limited government, coupled with human rights and individual liberty, provided a political home for me that neither the welfare statist Democrats nor the social fascist Republicans ever could.

Since July 1993, I've served as the Chairman of the Boulder County Libertarian Party, an office I will be relinquishing at our July election to pursue this candidacy.

I was raised a Methodist, but am no longer a member of any church, or even a practicing Christian. (Read ‘Luke 14:26’ to find out one reason why.)

I'm a classical music buff, and a decent amateur classical pianist. My favorite composers are Chopin and Mahler.

I also enjoy reading, backpacking, skiing, writing, and net surfing.

I have two (2) science fiction novels in progress that I hope someday to finish when I get serious enough about them, plus plans for a second string quartet.

As a Boulder resident for nearly 11-years, and a politically aware and involved citizen, I believe I have the qualifications to represent the 11th District in the Colorado House -- not as a career politician but as a citizen legislator.

Only when we begin to elect people whose only goal is to clean the stables and then come home and enjoy their life in a freer society will the face of politics begin to change.

I hope you'll take the time to read some of the material on this web page, and consider supporting an alternative to our failing two-party system. I intend to run a clean, issues-based campaign, and win or lose, to steer the debate in a substantive and positive direction.


- - - -

Kevin Wilkerson is also a computer consultant, internet and network security guru who has been a busy little bee applying his talents and creating private computer internet telecommunication messaging systems and electronic digital metal currency transfer systems providing technology cloaking benefits for international financial business criminal network organizations and individuals seeking services that will circumvent, mask, and/or defeat high technology monitoring and/or tracking detection system methodologies designed for use by law enforcement seeking to halt alternative technology means for international money-laundering for terrorist financing, financial business fraud, and income tax evasion.

Documents prove Kevin Wilkerson kept himself personally involved with his own financial stake interests alongside international criminal elements, several of whom are clients.

Wilkerson appears fixated on these, their collective notions, while masterminding and continuing to circumvent ‘The System’ governments use under law that diametrically oppose religious, socio-economic, and political belief system radical fundamentalism Wilkerson does not hide very well from his Libertarian Party activism, which corresponds in many aspects to his odd clientele’s radical religious fundamentalism successfully used to commit a plethora of affinity frauds around the world.

Wilkerson’s ‘counter-counter fraud technology systems’, when combined with his criminal element practices and activities, have kept him and many of his clients from being arrested by law enforcement. How long their combined efforts and luck - against law enforcement - will continue to hold out, is anyone’s guess.

Experts indicate that the only thing from stopping these types of financial business investment fraud crooks is their lack of ‘good organization’ and ‘enough money’ to launch their technology and methodologies, however from what now appears on the horizon (below), it would seem both have been recently married into a well-oiled machine where Kevin Wilkerson organizational leadership and technology business activities designed to assist international money-launderers around the world has surfaced.

VERTORO GOLD ( Houston, Texas, USA ) website is believed-protected under the cloak of its parent firm EZEZ S.A. ( Panama City, Republic of Panama ), which supports a long chain of spin-off company websites inextricably linked back to one (1) man named Jim Davidson who’s co-founder happens to be Kevin Bruce Wilkerson.

The VERTORO GOLD company website supports a plethora of what at-first appear to be partner affiliate company websites, which to an untrained eye appear all named differently and located around the world away from each other, however upon closer scrutiny all are inextricably banded together as ‘exchangers’, ‘dealers’, and/or ‘brokers’ offering boutique financial business services surrounding private money transfers handled through a corresponding network chain of Muslim and Asian company internet website network services transferring electronic digital metal currencies over the internet, electronic checks and bank money wire transfers over the internet through e-mails, ATM anonymous debit card number issuances linked to electronic digital metal currency transfers over the internet, and all designed technologically through multiple chains of smoke and mirror internet networks successfully effecting financial deposit transferences for organizations and individuals seeking to hide monetary transactions from the prying eyes of government law enforcement designed to stop non-transparent monetary transactions of money-launderers.

In 2002, Kevin Wilkerson had developed his counter-counter money transfer technology he coined ‘Private Money Movement’ Internet Technology ( PMMIT ), applying it for his criminal organization client’s internet casino gambling website, at:

In October 2006, U.S. President George Bush Jr. signed an Executive Order into law that stopped a once open public internet entertainment activity known as gambling online at internet website casinos and paying for international website gaming through the use of either a credit or debit card by gamblers around the world.

Details surrounding reasons ‘why’ government agencies identified this activity as a threat to national security, would’ve taken the majority of gamblers around the world by surprise if they really knew the complex route their money takes after it leaves their credit cards and debit cards from online gaming transactions.

After taking into consideration fair treatment for all businesses, online casinos or otherwise, the pandemic of complex international business companies, foundations, trusts and indirectly related bank accounts could not all be investigated thoroughly and quick enough without protracted litigation and the time it would take to stop company website internet networks from funneling untraceable money transfers where international territorial cross-border jurisdictional disputes surrounding evidence to support foreign injunctions, seizures, and prosecutions of defendants and companies eventually found guilty in courts of law on offenses between money-laundering for terrorist financing, narcotics trafficking for organized crime, and income tax evasion where those groups financially benefiting from profits derived from online gaming proceeds could not all be judicially decided upon until decades of time had passed. Unbeknownst to many is the shear complex nature of actually where and to whom huge online gaming profits land, a law enforcement task akin to searching for the Holy Grail before multiple time bombs explode throughout several different countries. Easier to eliminate bomb making material worldwide, and so credit and debit card use for online gaming was banned by the United States.

The next problem the government has yet to solve is, how to stop non-transparent international money transfers using electronic digital metal currencies over internet transactions through secure website network computer servers linked to the same complex network of smoke and mirror international business companies, foundations, and trusts linked to foreign bank accounts that online gaming was influenced by, which now provides support for online entry transactions and e-mail transferences facilitating non-transparent money transfers for any number of reasons including terrorist financing, narcotic trafficking, and tax evasion.

At the present time, complex international technology website networks are expanding from Asia, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, The Philippines, and Eastern Europe are multiplying in unbelievable proportions and banding together to provide secure privacy through anonymous internet boutique digital payment systems masterminded between international financial business investment fraud criminals and the finest computer internet network security technology experts they hire, whom build custom multi-layered companies with multi-layered internet networks and advanced intrusion detection systems within a level of technology providing ring-fence insulation protection for organized crime network kingpin’s cyberspace kingdoms that avoid law enforcement arrests and prosecutions.

In 2002, Kevin Wilkerson established a successful quadruple redundant multi-layered ( HAVENCO and THE PRINCIPALITY OF SEALAND ) secure co-location internet network facility website providing an ultra secure online money transfer payment system as an internet technology fraud support vehicle, mentioned as his Private Money Movement Internet Technology ( PMMIT ) in a November 23, 2002 e-mail sent using the same ultra secure system from founder and first CEO Van Arthur Brink of the now defunct independent offshore bank FIRST INTERNATIONAL BANK OF GRENADA LTD. ( FIBG LTD. ) who identified Wilkerson and his PMMIT in his message to a small group of professional businessmen - hand-picked by Mark Logan Pedley and Frank Merovingi for THE DOMINION OF MELCHIZEDEK ( DOM ) - whom were committed to operationally activate and maintain with DOM Ambassador Van Brink, an international financial business crime network, which would remain outside the reach of international law enforcement by operating safely from within the safe haven criminal cyberspace kingdom on the internet known as THE DOMINION OF MELCHIZEDEK. A reasonable facsimile copy of that secure e-mail is presented, below:

-------- Original Message --------

From: "Van A. Brink"
To: "Tom Swenson" , "Allan Sanford" , "Rodney B. Beyer" , "Joseph R. Cavness"
CC: "Storm T.G. Gill" , "Kevin B. Wilkerson" , "James G. Zig Ziegler"
Date: Sat, 23 Nov 2002 02:22:08
Subject: Preparing to take over a publicly listed company




Each of you have volunteered to assist in the "Restoration Project" for depositors in the banking system formerly associated with FIRST INTERNATIONAL BANK OF GRENADA LIMITED ( FIBG ).

Each of you come highly recommended and are believed to be honest and trustworthy. Further, each of you have pledged to keep matters confidential and to that end each of you have been awarded complimentary Seamail / Sealand secure e-mail addresses to further aid in the preservation of privacy in these matters.

The top listed four of you I've never met. The next two of you I've met on one or two occasions. The last one of you I've known all my life.

All of you have been generally informed on the status of the overall Restoration Project. What will occur within the next few weeks (I believe before Christmas) is that an asset-rich Oregon limited liability company ( FIRE'S GLOW LLC ) will be sold to a publicly listed shell corporation, the purchase price being all in shares issued by that shell company. The final name of that shell company is not yet determined; there are two (2) available for this purpose and it will depend upon which one is still available at the time the sale is set for conclusion.

Each of the two shell corporations has no present assets and no liabilities. Each also has a couple hundred thousand shares that have been issued to as many as 1,000 shareholders. Due to the size of the sale of FIRE'S GLOW LLC ( FGLLC ), stock shares to be awarded to the sellers number in the Billions so, the couple hundred thousand other outstanding stock shares do not constitute any threat to the control of the corporation as we will be able to name the corporation Board of Directors.

In that each of you above-noted "future" directors have expressed a willingness to participate in a key Restoration Project role, I'm asking you to consider accepting appointment to this corporation's Board of Directors.

One of the natural things you would want to know is basic background information on your fellow directors - hence the attached resumes. One of you ( Thomas Swenson ) is a licensed, practicing attorney. Another of you ( Joseph R. Cavness ) is a licensed, practicing certified public accountant. Another ( Allan Sanford ) is a businessman of quite interesting versatility. The fourth ( Rodney B. Beyer) has actual experience in the minerals industry (in addition to good business background) and is something of a visionary/inventor. All of you are of sterling personal, business, and professional reputations.

I've hand-selected each of you prospective directors from among a couple dozen willing volunteers. I've selected you because I feel that if you choose to agree to the assignment-

(a) The company's existing shareholders might have reasonable cause not to dump their shares on the market instantly, but hold and exit slowly, thus preserving what I believe will be a trading value in the range of $10.00 a share;

(b) Those considering the company, as an investment, would have room for a most favorable impression, based on the named directors and being able to read of their diverse backgrounds;

(c) I believe the prospects of actual good, informed, reasonable decision-making would exist on such a constituted Board of Directors; and

(d) I also believe that in each of you there is hope for creative, innovative thinking without the risk of going off the proverbial deep end.

Initially, FGLLC is taking total assigned interest to 1.5 square miles ( 1.5 sections ) of mineral claims in Pinal County, Arizona. I believe that by year's end, that figure will grow to 3.0 square miles. We're working on it, and more is available as soon as we have more investment capital.

The attached items, written by Dr. Storm T.G. Gill, will give you an overview of existing geological and other studies that have been performed in the alluvial mineral plain of Pinal County, Arizona. For any of you who might not be acquainted with the term "alluvial," it is the easiest of all mining prospects. Literally scoop it up and haul it away for processing. No blasting. No mineshafts. No possibility of gas leaks and explosions trapping or killing workers underground. Scoop it up. Haul it away. End up with a huge hole in the ground, potentially 1.5 to 3 square miles in area and from 1,000 to 3,000 feet deep (depending upon where bedrock lies. That's a lot of dirt, a lot of potential value. See Dr. Gill's cover letter, and lengthier summary of study materials, to get more of an idea of the potential value that exists in such a mining claim.

Storm is my co-producer, partner, and "financial angel" in this project. I met him once or twice in Grenada during 1999 in brief passing at a dinner party. I don't think we spoke for more than 90-seconds. I also don't believe he was a depositor in FIBG or any of other associated banks, but when he heard about what happened he was quick to volunteer to be of whatever help he could be. He has been working with me for nearly 2-years in lining up mineral claims in Pinal County, Arizona. Don't know what I'd do without him.

Joe Cavness also has zero involvement with any of the Grenada banks related to FIBG (or to FIBG itself). He is a close friend of an elderly statesman-like depositor at CROWN MERIDIAN BANK, and when he heard what happened, asked how he might help be part of the solution. Depositors, for good reason, tend to fight a victim mentality. If they only knew of the good people whom were never involved are, yet are rolling up their sleeves and pulling for them, I think they'd be astounded. But, I bite my tongue on announcements. Better we just get the job done quietly and celebrate / tell stories later.

For those of you who haven't heard the name Kevin Wilkerson before, he is the guru who put together both SEAMAIL and SEAGOLD. He has also designed a system he calls Private Money Movement ( PMM ), totally legal and totally private. We will be using his system in moving restoration payments to depositors. He's someone that I've tried to keep in the loop all along. If something should ever happen to me, I think he is the natural one all of you should be turning to make sure we finish what has been started.

By the way, Kevin, please set up a simple group name for e-mails that any one of us would like to send to everyone in this circle. First word, and I have not a clue as to why that comes to my mind is, “Zanzibar.”

*** Everyone: Give a couple days for Kevin to set it up and let us all know, then when you want to send an e-mail, all of us will get and read it, you’ll just type the word "Zanzibar" in the "To:" line so no need to even add the “” suffix to the e-mail address. ***

Zig Ziegler I've known all my life, my oldest brother and the one who has often helped me in the background set up various entity structures in far-flung jurisdictions, create, staff offices, etc., I've had him arrange with a Montenegro attorney [ Vera and Igor Ostojic, Ulaz 64 Slabode, 1 Sprat, Podgorica, Montenegro, E-MAIL:  ostojic@cg.yu WWW: ] to provide Trustee services for the primary Trust created to hold the Restoration Project stock shares. Zig will be doing the actual work of administration, just taking items to the attorney for formalization.

SIDE BAR: No offense Tom, but when it comes to Billions of dollars in publicly listed stock shares - and hopefully millions, tens of millions, and hundreds of millions of dollars in proceeds - I want to make sure this gets channeled into Kevin's PMM system for distribution to depositors. I don't want some attorney to get dollar signs in his eyes and decide to retire somewhere else with everything over some weekend. Need someone I can trust with my life. That would be Zig. I've included Storm Gill (my partner), Kevin (my potential replacement), and Zig (my protector) in this e-mail because, each of them also need to know those who will be on the front lines of the Restoration Project.

Every Trust has one or more beneficiaries and one or more successor beneficiaries. From among other volunteers, I am creating a Board of Beneficiaries to stand for all depositors in writing necessary Letters of Wishes upon which the Trustee is requested to act. Such communications would pass through Zig, who would then be in a position to make sure that the Trustee acts upon them and to immediately pull the plug on the Trustee and have the Trust's Protector replace the Trustee if something smells even slightly amiss).

Now, as I see it-


Assuming you proposed Directors are willing to accept the engagement, you need to get acquainted with each other and elect from among yourselves a Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer. That way when the ‘reverse merger’ is completed, we will have the initial Board all determined and implemented - maybe even as part of the merger signing process.


The company has no cash. The shareholders have no cash to advance. Directors still need to be fairly compensated. What we can do, until we come to the place of having company income, is award stock shares in the company for services rendered in the early going. The four of you need to get your heads together and work out what is fair and reasonable in the circumstances.


We start working on a cash capitalization plan. If we choose to go into mining, we need to raise the funds to do that. If we choose to do general financial investing, we need to raise capital for that as well - and develop a plan on how it will be managed. The company may already have a website, I don't know. If it does, we'll need to update it. If it doesn't, we'll need to create one.

I passed along Storm's letters on the mineral claims to Rod a couple days ago. He's already written back with some comments and questions. I'll be forwarding his notes to you other three proposed Directors and to Storm immediately after pressing, "Send" on this e-mail.

One of the things we'll also be doing is searching for ways to raise loan funding against stock shares so we can more instantly put a large amount of funds to work. I would like to see an informal management division of the company devoted to that purpose. But that's really not my decision - it would be the decision of the Directors to make.

You truly need to do those things that, in your eyes, are best for the company at all times. It's your responsibility. Shareholders can express opinions and wishes. Directors determine policy - not shareholders.

So that's it, for now. Glad to have you all on the team.

All the best,


-------- Original Message --------

From 2002 until December 2005 the DOMINION OF MELCHIZEDEK ( DOM ) Ambassador Van Brink group grew the aforementioned company, Formed in late 2002, EQUITY RETIREMENT DISTRIBUTORS LTD. ("ERDL"), an Ontario, Canada holding corporation, acquired FIRE’S GLOW LLC ( Oregon ), holder of 1.5 square miles of mineral claims. FIRE’S GLOW LLC Managing Director was Rodney B. Beyer. See press release (below):




Toronto, Ontario, Canada - EQUITY RETIREMENT DISTRIBUTORS LIMITED ( ERDL ) today, announced it has acquired the assets of STEELY LLC ( Oregon ), including its mineral claims issued by the U.S. Department of Interior Bureau of Land Management in Phoenix, Arizona covering parcels of land located in Pinal County, Arizona. These parcels cover 1.5 square miles of alluvial mineral claims adjacent to the 1.5 square miles already held by ERDL wholly-owned subsidiary FIRE’S GLOW LLC ( Oregon ) with precious mineral deposits estimated to be worth nearly $81,000,000,000 Billion dollars.

The $12,500,000,000 Billion purchase price of this acquisition (STEELY LLC ) was paid-for with shares of ERDL Common Stock by exercising an option that had been acquired earlier.

ERDL President Allan Sanford stated, "Doubling the size of our mineral claims in the same mineral rich ore body and considering the forecasted increase in the price of precious metals makes this acquisition a real bargain. This should significantly enhance the market value of the company stock."

According to the Pink Sheet marketplace, ERDL Common Stock was last traded at $23.00 per share and Preferred Stock traded at $100.00 per share.

Commercially significant minerals present in these claims include gold, silver, platinum, palladium, rhodium, magnetite, Ilmenite, plus sand and gravel, all of which can be reclaimed in processing. As of March 23, 2004 gold traded at $416.00 per ounce (oz.), silver at $7.54 per oz., platinum at $911.00 per oz., palladium at $290.00 per oz., and rhodium at $760.00 per oz. showing an average value increase per ton of these claims of 28% since acquisition.

With regard to mining plans, Rod Beyer, Chemical Engineer and ERDL Vice President of Mining Operations has stated, "We are currently exploring new extraction technology which suggests it may be possible to remarkably increase precious mineral recovery. Research that the company has been doing on newly developed mining techniques makes the development of these claims very feasible. This should further enhance the value of this acquisition."

President Allan Sanford added that the company has contacted sixteen ( 16 ) major mining companies, located in the U.S., U.K., Canada, and South Africa to solicit their interest in a Joint Venture project with ERDL to develop these mineral claims.

Also, consideration is being given to ERDL funding an open pit mining operation, on its own, which might commence later this year.

ERDL shareholders may follow this Canadian company and its stock’s performance on Pink Sheets at trading symbol ERDTF and on the BELIZE INTERNATIONAL STOCK EXCHANGE at located under trading symbols ERDTF and ERDJF.

- - - -

Those involved with EQUITY RETIREMENT DISTRIBUTORS LTD. (aka) INFINITY MINING CORP. who participated and argued amongst themselves on how to divide-up proceeds from now-defunct FIRST INTERNATIONAL BANK OF GRENADA LTD. ( FIBG ) bank system network depositor victims’ (aka) Restoration Project contributors’ Trust fund monies, James Gregory “Zig” Ziegler targeted those ‘first (1st ) time around depositor victims of fraud’ for a ‘second ( 2nd ) phase fraud’ by sending them solicitations and promises via internet broadcast e-mails asking them to send monies to him for what Ziegler called “their Restoration Project’ for them to get their original fraud monies from FIBG returned, plus up to 300% above their original loss.

Between 2002-2006, Zig Ziegler directed, from the comfort of his home over the Internet, an elaborate and complicated financial business investment fraud crime scheme he had foreign lawyers handle for him upon receipt of his e-mail instructions as to what he wanted those attornies to do for him with his group fraud monies, a portion of which he had sent monthly to ERDL officers and a small select group of ERDL stock shareholders, while he kept the vast majority Restoration Project Trust fund fraud victim monies, all for ‘himself’.

James Gregory “Zig” Ziegler had his foreign lawyers establish an elaborate and complicated array of international business companies (IBCs) that were registered in Nevis, Anguilla, Panama, Serbia, and elsewhere. Ziegler used an El Batey, Sousa, Dominican Republic attorney named Dr. Epifanio Vasquez-Santos, who on Ziegler's e-mail instructions, coordinated with Ziegler’s other foreign attornies, hundreds of foreign Trusts and foreign Foundations, and used several foreign bank accounts to launder millions of Ziegler’s fraud victim monies based on what Ziegler wanted to do with it all.

Another foreign attorney, Herman Weston “Bobby” Liburd ( Charlestown, Nevis ) saw THE BANK OF NEVIS used to wire transfer - and thereby launder Ziegler’s financial business fraud crime victim monies - to ERDL officers, a selected group of ERDL shareholders that included Kevin Bruce Wilkerson, a few others, and to Ziegler’s wife ( Ivanka Lekic Milanovic Ziegler) for Ziegler himself, accomplished simply upon Ziegler’s e-mail instructions to his Dominican Republic attorney Dr. Epifanio Vasquez-Santos and/or his other foreign attornies.

Jim Ziegler financial business fraud crime victim monies for himself were laundered through his wife, Ivanka Lekic Milanovic Ziegler, enabling Ziegler to completely rebuild his wife’s two (2) inherited homes in Smederevska Palanka, Serbia and Bosnjane, Serbia and purchase 3 luxury Mercedes Benz 450s plus 2 other cars including another Mercedes Benz and an Open Astra station wagon, purchase and install a complete computer controlled color closed circuit television ( CCTV ) security system, a satellite telecommunication computer internet system, a line-of-sight wireless internet system in a technological deficient geographic region, numerous multiple luxury appliances, furnishings, personal computers, vacation home rentals, vacations throughout Serbia and Montenegro, establishment of multiple Serbia and Uganda international business companies, and much-much more. Ziegler told people, he owed money to, he didn’t have much money at all, but Ziegler would change his ‘poor act’ only when interacting with people he convince to invest into his financial business investment opportunities that always turned out to be fraudulent schemes.

Ziegler, using his foreign attornies and international business companies, siphoned millions of dollars from hundreds of victims between 1998-2006 using his internet websites, e-mails, e-FAXs, occasional telephone calls, meetings at upscale residential rental properties he lived at, upscale temporary offices, and upscale hotel resorts to convince his financial business fraud victims they would reap unbelievable amounts of money in the not-too-distant future if they would invest in stock of a company – hiding that it is only a ‘paper company’ ( shelf company ) with fraudulent assets pumped into them on paper – that he controlled, which he told investors would provide huge returns on their investments because of new on-going projects that would make them all richer, however after he got his victim monies hidden in his chain of foreign Trusts and Foundations, he would begin giving phony excuses to his victims as to why they didn’t get the returns he promised them earlier. If he couldn’t convince all his victims to exchange their paper stock for other paper stock that would be worth even more, using the catch word “soon,” he would eventually abandon them and flee to yet another foreign country to start-up his frauds all over again on new victims using his internet.

Ziegler's financial business fraud crime games extended to even his partners in crime who actually provided monies or professional services, just as Allan Sanford, Richard Warriner Downes, just as many others had done before them, whom were all eventually cut-off from receiving monthly payments from Ziegler when it became apparent to them that Ziegler’s false promise returns would never repay them.

Reasonable facsimile ( FAX ) communications (below) provide a quick look at what the Ziegler’s Restoration Project was all about, including information surrounding the two (2) companies EQUITY RETIREMENT DISTRIBUTORS LTD. (aka) INFINITY MINING CORP., and a few instances of individuals involved with Ziegler’s financial business fraud crimes from 2002 thru 2006 where Ziegler saw to printing-up certificates for corporate stock investment deposits that were supposed to pay monthly or quarterly return dividends with interest, corporate and offshore bank foreign money exchange ( FOREX ) investment certificates that were to pay monthly or quarterly plus interest, and offshore bank certificates of deposit Ziegler peeled-off, printed, and sailed out to con people and businesses out of their monies.

From 1993 through 2006, James Gregory ('Zig') Ziegler walked away without any law enforcement prosecutions, and with the vast majority of his financial business fraud crime victim monies.

From October 2000 through 2003, DOM Ambassador Van Brink and his brother James Gregory “Zig” Ziegler, had amassed in-excess of $47,635,463.90 (USD) in multiple foreign currency exchange ( FOREX ) accounts providing them with considerable monetary disbursements while Zig Ziegler continued to defraud even more financial business victims around the world using others as his money-laundering conduits. Zig Ziegler believes is intelligence level far exceeds those of many financial business professionals although he didn’t possess mental faculties for low-income high school scholastic aptitudes because of his inability to learn, which in-turn prevented him from graduating even from an extraordinary simple high school.

Ziegler has used six (6) wives in less than 15-years to assist him in unlawful endeavors beginning when he was in the U.S. Army in Germany. By 1997, Ziegler married his fifth wife Jean M. Wahls (aka) Maggie Ziegler ( New York ) who he met in an internet chat room, but dumped her in an island jungle, and married a barfly working out of a Podgorica, Montenegro café he frequented in 2001. The barfly conned Ziegler into believing she was working there to put her teenage daughter named Dragica “Ga-Ga” Milanovic, who was majoring in ‘art history’, through college. In 2002, after Ziegler had gotten a real good look at his wife’s daughter, he began showering her with money and gifts, and got her to pose on a bed for him in revealing lingerie and in Montenegro beach scenes she spread her legs open to him for his further photo opportunities. From 2004-2005 Ziegler gave his wife’s daughter money to rent several apartments in Belgrade, Serbia and continued to spend more of his financial business fraud crime victim monies furnishing her apartments lavishly, totally supporting her financial needs every month, and then bought her a car in 2006. Ziegler’s wife became jealous after having noticed Ziegler had his eye on almost every woman in Serbia and Montenegro except her, and mysteriously - only a few months later - his Serbian wife died of a stomach illness near the end of October 2006. His wife’s daughter “Ga-Ga” left Belgrade to live with Ziegler, but not before Ziegler had his wife and her daughter put their names on his Serbian and Uganda international business companies as fraudulent business front names. It is believed Ziegler is now using his step-daughter Dragica Milanovic Serbian bank accounts as money-laundering conduits for his financial business investment fraud crime victim monies he continues to survive on in addition to his U.S. Social Security checks he applied for through a Zagreb, Croatia based U.S. government office.

Here (below) is how percentages of EQUITY RETIREMENT DISTRIBUTORS LTD. stock shares were split-up amongst only specially selected individuals where the actual quantity of stock shares totaled in the billions as are depicted on yet other documents, which Ziegler controlled the vast majority of that even his financial business crime partners were unaware of, until now:

- - - -

THIS AMENDMENT made as of the 26th day of February 2004 to the Joint Venture Agreement made between the Parties as of the 4th day of April 2003 under Transaction Code No. TPGL/JVP/N/C23265 is hereby made, BY AND BETWEEN:

THE PILLAR GROUP LTD. [TPG (aka) TPGL], incorporated under the provisions of the Nevis Business Corporation Ordinance 1984 as company registration number C 23265, with its Registered Agent and Registered Office at:

Herman Weston “Bobby” Liburd, Chambers
Government Road
Charlestown, Nevis (West Indies)

with its principal place of business at:

Spencer H. Howell Building
Suite 202-A
P.O. Box #631
Charlestown, Nevis (West Indies)
TEL: + (869) 469-0995
FAX: + (869) 469-0400

and with its secure email address for authenticated electronic communications at:

and represented herein by its Attorney-in-fact, Mr. Charles L. Webb, U.S.A. passport number 120400564, whose personal contact information is:

MOBILE: + (507) 603-1794
FAX: + (507) 236-7150

(hereinafter referred to as "the Company") of the first part;


REDIRECTION TRUST, an unregistered Anguilla Trust in care of its Trustee:

Misa M. TODOSIJEVIC, Advokat
Trg. Heroja 7/1
11420 Smederevska Palanka
TEL: + (381) 26 323-378

(hereinafter referred to as "Joint Venture Partner") of the second part,


ABLE TRUST, an unregistered Anguilla Trust in care of its Trustee:

Misa M. TODOSIJEVIC, Advokat
Trg. Heroja 7/1
11420 Smederevska Palanka
TEL: + 381 26 323-378

(hereinafter referred to as "Joint Venture Partner") of the third part,


AMPLE TRUST, an unregistered Anguilla Trust in care of its Trustee:

Misa M. TODOSIJEVIC, Advokat
Trg. Heroja 7/1
11420 Smederevska Palanka
TEL: + (381) 26 323-378

(hereinafter referred to as "Joint Venture Partner") of the fourth part,


FAIRBANKS TRUST, an unregistered Anguilla trust in care of its Trustee:

Misa M. TODOSIJEVIC, Advokat
Trg. Heroja 7/1
11420 Smederevska Palanka
TEL: + 381 26 323-378

(hereinafter referred to as "Joint Venture Partner") of the fifth part.


Joint Venture Partners have previously entered into the Agreement referenced above; and,

Joint Venture Partners now desire to amend that Agreement in order to conduct their affairs as they deem fit; and,

All Joint Venture Partners concur with and freely approve the Amendment detailed below, NOW THEREFORE:


Section 1.1 of the referenced Joint Venture Agreement of 4th April 2003 is amended to read:

"1.1 The Joint Venture Partners (hereinafter "JVPs") agree to share as set forth herein all gains that may be generated by TPGL as a result of the provision from time to time by the Joint Venture Partners by way of Assignments of various assets to TPGL for the purpose of utilizing those assets as assets of TPGL.

The schedule for the sharing of the gross gains of the Company shall be as follows:

- Three percent ( 3% ) shall be retained by THE PILLARS GROUP LTD. ( TPGL ) to cover its operating and other expenses, including any fees and reimbursements owed to its manager, ADMINISTRADORA PANAMENA DE BIENES INTERNACIONAL S.A.

- The remaining ninety-seven percent ( 97% ) shall be divided among the other JVPs and certain other parties they wish to remunerate in recognition of services performed, as follows:

1.1.1 Seventy-five percent ( 75% ) shall be allocated to JVP REDIRECTION TRUST ( Nigel J.M. Francis ), and shall be disbursed by TPGL as may be directed by its Board of Trustees or Attorney-In-Fact ( Kevin Bruce Wilkerson );

1.1.2 Two point eight percent ( 2.8% ) shall be allocated to JVP ABLE Trust [ Wu Tong (aka) Tracy Wu ], and shall be disbursed by TPGL as may be directed by its Trustee or attorney-in-fact [Storm T.G. Gill];

1.1.3 Two point eight percent ( 2.8% ) shall be allocated to JVP AMPLE Trust ( Katongole Sande Yude ), and shall be disbursed by TPGL as may be directed by its Trustee or Attorney-In-Fact ( Van A. Brink );

1.1.4 Two point eight percent ( 2.8% ) shall be allocated to JVP FAIRBANKS Trust ( Ivanka Lekic Milanovic Ziegler ), and shall be disbursed by TPGL as may be directed by its Trustee or attorney-in-fact ( CORPORATE AND TRUST SERVICES D.O.O. – Serbia ) via James Gregory "Zig" Ziegler );

1.1.5 Two point eight percent (2.8%) shall be allocated to BUENA VISTA Trust [ Charles L. Webb ], an unregistered Anguilla Trust having the same address and Trustee as the JVPs, and shall be disbursed by the Company as may be directed by its Trustee or attorney-in-fact [(05JAN04) REBECCA GOHA FOUNDATION A.G. (Panama) protector GOLDEN AGE SERVICES LTD. ( Nevis ) [now known as, TOWERHILL MANAGEMENT LTD. ( Nevis )] via James Gregory "Zig" Ziegler pursuant to Elena Rodriguez Moran, president of PRESIDENT SERVICES INTERNATIONAL INC.];

1.1.6 Two point eight percent ( 2.8% ) shall be allocated to BRIGHTSEN TRUST ( Kevin Bruce Wilkerson ), an unregistered Anguilla Trust having the same address and Trustee as the JVPs, and shall be disbursed by the Company as may be directed by its Trustee or attorney-in-fact [ ADMINISTRADORA PANAMENA DE BIENES INTERNACIONAL, S.A. (Panama)];

1.1.7 One point five percent ( 1.5% ) shall be allocated to QASAR TRUST ( Allan Sanford ), an unregistered Anguilla Trust having the same address and Trustee as the JVPs, and shall be disbursed by TPGL as may be directed by its Trustee or attorney-in-fact;

1.1.8 One point five percent ( 1.5% ) shall be allocated to COL. OO Trust ( Robert Emery Shaw ), an unregistered Anguilla Trust having the same address and Trustee as the JVPs, and shall be disbursed by TPGL as may be directed by its Trustee or attorney-in-fact;

1.1.9 One point five percent ( 1.5% ) shall be allocated to REDSTART TRUST [ Joseph R. Cavness ], an unregistered Anguilla Trust having the same address and Trustee as the JVPs, and shall be disbursed by the TPGL as may be directed by its Trustee or attorney-in-fact;

1.1.10 One percent ( 1% ) shall be allocated to Rodney B. Beyer, manager of FIRE'S GLOW LLC, or to legal persons representing his interests herein, and shall be disbursed by TPGL as may be directed by him or his agents or assigns;

1.1.11 One percent ( 1% ) shall be allocated to Thomas Joseph Swenson, legal advisor to EQUITY RETIREMENT DISTRIBUTORS LTD. ( ERDL ), or to legal persons representing his interests herein, and shall be disbursed by TPGL as may be directed by him or his agents or assigns;

1.1.12 One percent ( 1% ) shall be allocated to Richard L. Banting, Director of EQUITY RETIREMENT DISTRIBUTORS LTD. ( ERDL ), or to legal persons representing his interests herein, and shall be disbursed by TPGL as may be directed by him or his agents or assigns;

1.1.13 One percent ( 1% ) shall be allocated to Douglas Christie-Ferguson, or to legal persons representing his interests herein, and shall be disbursed by TPGL as may be directed by him or his agents or assigns;

1.1.14 One percent ( 1% ) shall be allocated to Wesley Stevenson, or to legal persons representing his interests herein, and shall be disbursed by TPGL as may be directed by him or his agents or assigns;

1.1.15 One percent ( 1% ) shall be allocated to Scott Rautmann, or to legal persons representing his interests herein, and shall be disbursed by TPGL as may be directed by him or his agents or assigns;

1.1.16 One half percent ( 0.5% ) shall be allocated to Chad Perry, or to legal persons representing his interests herein, and shall be disbursed by TPGL as may be directed by him or his agents or assigns."

IN WITNESS WHEREOF the parties hereto have executed this amendment with an agreed effective date as of the 26th day of February 2004, even though the date of any signature or notarization hereunder may be later.


(the party of the first part)

Charles L. Webb
USA Passport no. 120400564
Attorney in fact


(the party of the second part)

Kevin Bruce Wilkerson
USA Passport No. 074528865
Attorney in fact


(the party of the third part)

Dr. Storm T. G. Gill
USA Passport No. 700696279
Attorney in fact


(the party of the fourth part)

Van Arthur Brink
Grenada Passport No. 201860
Attorney in fact


(the party of the fifth part)

Ivanka Lekic Milanovic Ziegler
Yugoslavia Passport No. 003079455
Attorney in fact

*** AUTHENTICATION per SeaSignature Agreement via Coded Address ss_rafaphes ***

- - - -

James “Jim” Davidson of VERTORO GOLD today, is mentioned with his former electronic digital metal currency exchange firm CAMBIST within a June 30, 2002 e-mail (below) exchange between James Gregory “Zig” Ziegler and one of Ziegler’s hundreds of financial business fraud crime victims:

---------begin original message---------

From: "James Gregory ( Zig ) Ziegler"
To: "Claude Ellsworth Martin"
Subject: (no subject)
Date: 30 Jun, 2002


Thank you for your questions, and, letting me know that you know The Picks ( David Pick and Margaret “Meg" Pick - Oregon ). In my position I must be sensitive to everyone's privacy so can't ask if anyone knows "so and so".

I have been trying to communicate with the Picks through Bruce (i.e. Bruce Ripley E-MAIL: ). Since his stroke Bruce has a very difficult time, including with e-mail. I frequently hear from him that I haven't answered an e-mail of his, but I have responded to every one of his e-mails, he just doesn't or can't read them.

Though it is very expensive for me I have called Bruce several times, he says "Yes, I get your e-mails and starts reading me one I sent in January or February [ 2002 ]. Maybe he doesn't have his e-mail program set to show the most current first, or, or, or? He does acknowledge that he still can't read his computer screen very well. I love Bruce and wish him a full recovery. In the meantime we all have a few frustrations, as Bruce does. Bruce also has an answering machine attached to the number he uses for FAX, as do The Picks. My computer won’t FAX to a number that answers as an answering machine, or a person answering the phone first.

Having bored you with the above, can you help me communicate with The Picks? I would sure appreciate it and I feel they would also. As they have disclosed their investment to you, please feel free to read the attached letter to them and please forward it to them.

I believe the letter to them addresses any suggestion that I kept anybody's money. I wouldn't be living like this if I had. I also wouldn't be working towards getting everybody, including myself, restored financially.

There also wouldn't be any settlement coming from anyone. If there weren't expectations of settlement the other company would not agree to exchange their SLATECO INTERNATIONAL GROUP INC. ( SLIG ) shares to The Picks for their anticipated settlement from HARBOR SAVINGS BANK A.D. (aka) HARBOR S.A.

If you can also FAX a copy of The (attached) Picks' letter to Bruce I'd appreciate it, I think he can read FAXs, even though he has trouble reading his computer screen.

1. Regarding simple conversion of U.S. dollars to Euros:

[EDITOR NOTE: PLATINUM S.A. was one of many international business companies James Gregory “Zig” Ziegler ordered his Dominican Republic attorney Dr. Epifanio Vasquez-Santos to establish with a foreign bank account for Ziegler’s control via e-mail instructions, and although Ziegler did not “own” PLATINUM S.A. he instructed his Dominican Republic attorney how funds would be deposited and from whom as well as how, when, and where funds would be transferred out of PLATINUM S.A. bank accounts.]

PLATINUM S.A. would hold the Euros in your behalf in a non-interest bearing account established with a local commercial bank. Commercial banks are backed / supervised by the Central Bank (meaning backed by the government). As PLATINUM S.A. could not invest those funds, this would be a courtesy account for you, no real benefit to PLATINUM S.A. In creating a "courtesy" account, nobody relies on any expertise from me, the Government of Montenegro is responsible for supervising the bank in which neither PLATINUM S.A. or Zig have any ownership.

[EDITOR NOTE: PLATINUM S.A. was one of many international business companies James Gregory “Zig” Ziegler ordered his Dominican Republic attorney Dr. Epifanio Vasquez-Santos to establish with a foreign bank account for Ziegler’s control via e-mail instructions, and although Ziegler did not “own” PLATINUM S.A. he instructed his Dominican Republic attorney how funds would be deposited and from whom as well as how, when, and where funds would be transferred out of PLATINUM S.A. bank accounts.]

2. Regarding FOREX,

Several months ago the PLATINUM BANK A.D. Board authorized establishing an account with a professional FOREX trading firm [EDITOR NOTE: GLOBAL CAPITAL INVESTMENT LLC (aka) GCI LLC ( Wilton, Connecticut and New York, New York )]. PLATINUM BANK A.D. needs a $5,000 opening balance, which PLATINUM BANK A.D. has so far not achieved. The funds of customers are sent to the trading firm by PLATINUM BANK A.D. PLATINUM BANK A.D. does not do any of the trading, that is left to the professional trading firm. The benefit to PLATINUM BANK A.D. is earning a portion of the returns. The contract with the trading firm has a 20% stop-loss provision, which is further reduced by contract stipulations, meaning nobody (including PLATINUM BANK A.D.) can get wiped out on a "bad hair day". In a nutshell, nobody is relying on Zig's expertise on the FOREX account [EDITOR NOTE: FOREXAFRICA.COM LTD. ( Kampala, Uganda )].

3. Regarding you and your wife not wanting to get involved in anything like what happened to HARBOR BANK (aka) HARBOR S.A. I couldn't agree more. I also don't want more accusations of theft, etc. To that end, I have made these personal choices:

a.) I'm not going to risk my name, even just being a data processing center like I was for HARBOR BANK, for any firm that does "high-yield, offshore investments". I don't care how many years of successful experience they may have. Color me gone. What worked last year, no longer works. The "FED" and other major governments are systematically putting good "programs" out of business.

b.) I don't make any decisions for PLATINUM BANK A.D., we have a Board of Directors of nine ( 9 ) great people. I will hopefully never be accused of running a "one man show".

c.) If the Board of Directors approves a product, it can be offered to PLATINUM BANK A.D. participants. Otherwise it is not offered.

You might recall that I proposed, and the Board agreed, to withdraw all products except:

a.) The non-interest bearing account, those funds are simply held in a cash account with a commercial bank, no gain to PLATINUM BANK A.D. or the customer;

b.) The FOREX account, PLATINUM BANK A.D. has zero management input into that account and that fact is clearly disclosed to everyone;

c.) At such a time that PLATINUM BANK A.D. develops some reserves (to cover potential losses), the Board can re-evaluate and approve alternative investments, and the offering of various interest bearing accounts based upon PLATINUM BANK A.D. success in investing.

Both the potential investments, and the products potentially offered are Board decisions, not Zig's.

Hopefully I have answered your questions.

Thank you in advance for assisting with communicating with The Picks ( David Pick and Margaret “Meg" Pick - Oregon ).

Please note the attachments.


---------end of original message---------

[Circa: 27OCT02]

Cowpoke! [ Claude Ellsworth Martin !]

There is a much quicker and easier way to get money to me (e-gold). I can then use the e-gold to buy more cards, so, everything works great!

Below are details from CAMBIST, one of the world's larges e-gold exchangers:

We accept funds via Money Order, Official Bank Checks (cashier's or treasurer's), and Bank Wire Transfers.

1. If sending funds by Money Order or Bank Check:

Please make the payment out to "CAMBIST" and mail to:

c/o Jim Davidson
5300 North Braeswood, # 394
Houston, TX 77096

Please be sure to write:

"I am buying gold e-Gold account # 603849 IVANSKIH PROPERTIES" [ EDITOR NOTE: Ziegler’s e-Gold account where original funds came from for Ziegler to have his wife ( Ivanka Milanovic ) completely rebuild two (2) of her inherited homes in Serbia. ] on your Bank Check or Money Order. This is a security measure; if the statement is missing or incomplete, we will not be able to fund your account. Please make a copy machine copy of the completed Money Order for your records before mailing it.

2. I only have 3 cards [ CASH CARDS INTERNATIONAL ( Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA ) anonymous debit cards. ] on hand, which I will put in the mail to you tomorrow, Monday morning 28th. I should have more cards in about one week and will mail the other 4 to you promptly.

3. As you use / sell the cards, I'll be happy to do the CASH CARDS INTERNATIONAL set-up for you for each card. However, you've been through that learning curve now and can do it just fine. Let me know it I can help. Feel free to register the cards under your Trust names.



Ivangradska 7
81000 Podgorica
TEL: + 381 69 226-904
FAX: + 381 81 267-027

You must use a different e-mail address for each new CASH CARDS INTERNATIONAL ( CCI ) account sign-up. Use the 14-day free trial e-mail address offered by Seagold.Net

More exciting things later.

God Bless


-------- Original Message --------

In 2006, EQUITY RETIREMENT DISTRIBUTORS LTD. President Allan Sanford – with help from IMC stock promoter Jimmy Bernard Sanchez - tried taking Zig Ziegler’s 85% and Mark Pedley’s DOMINION OF MELCHIZEDEK stock shares in ERDL by convincing individuals, whom held the Trusts Ziegler created, to turn over their ERDL stock shares to INFINITY MINING CORP. ( IMC ) because IMC held the assets of ERDL, and thus would soon make ERDL stock shares worthless.

Ziegler, protector over the Trusts he created in other people’s names as Trustees to hold ERDL stock shares, was too slow to act. Ziegler did not contact his Trustees ‘before’ Allan Sanford had.

Charles L. Webb notified Ziegler ‘after’ he had turned back ERDL stock shares held by Mark Kennedy who was the former CEO of the DOM Ambassador Van Brink founded FIRST INTERNATIONAL BANK OF GRENADA LTD. ( FIBG ), and other ERDL stock shareholders as well.

-------- Original Message --------

From: "Allan Sanford"
To: "James Gregory ('Zig') Ziegler" eurotrustee@s………net , "Robert E. Shaw" , "Joe Kelly" , "Martin Brian Tobias-Gibbins" , "Charles L. Webb" , "Storm T.G. Gill"
Subject: (no subject)
Date: Tue, 2 May 2006 11:12:50 EDT


No one has been able to make you understand much of what has been going on. I don't believe that my response will do that and am only responding so that it is on the record that these facts have been presented to you.

If you continue to communicate with the contributors [ Restoration Project 'victims' ] without making these facts available to them, and solicit funds from them for "legal action," you will not be acting in good faith with these people who trust you.

Can someone give me one valid reason to not allow legal counsel to begin with various complaints and legal actions?

There is no legal basis for "complaints" and "legal actions." Nothing illegal has been done.

Until the reverse split the argument some of us used on ourselves was that with $3,000,000 million cash on the table to start mining and put people on payroll, things would change. Everybody could emerge happy in some fashion. Since the reverse split was done, regardless of begging and advice, we have been told that the deal is dead.

What do we have left to tell the contributors [ Restoration Project 'victims' ] who funded the ERDL / INFINITY MINING CORP. for years? You might try, for once, to tell them the truth. Here's the truth. You might copy and paste these paragraphs in an e-mail broadcast to them [ Restoration Project 'victims' ] so that THEY can decide if they have been wronged, and not treat them like children, subject to your uninformed whims.

If we had left ERDL in your hands, it would be dead by now. What we have done is taken an unbelievable mess and have started the transformation into a viable company, eligible to be listed on SEC approved Exchanges. Did you ever ask yourself why ERDL avoided having anything to do with U.S. Securities Laws?

On this "deal" that you have been dangling in front of these uninformed contributors [Restoration Project 'victims'], the one that was to save the company by putting $3,000,000.00 million into the corporate account, and I've told you this before, but let's try again:

It ran absolutely counter to the business model that Van set up. Van set up the rule that no stock would ever be sold, but only leased. Every undergraduate in a business school knows that it is a common tactic for someone to buy up the stock of a target company, wait until the share price rises to a decent level, dump the stock on the market and collapse the price. Then go in and buy up all the available stock, at pennies on the dollar, and gain control of the company. Van knew this, you don't. All you had to do was read Van's [ Van Brink’s ] business plan. You didn't.

As soon as you used the word "sell," with respect to the ERDL stock going into that deal, I knew that it would put ERDL in jeopardy, and in all likelihood, the $3,000,000.00 million dollars that you've been shouting about would be all the money that ERDL would ever see. In effect, you'd have sold the company for $3,000,000.00 million. The only legitimate vehicle for getting any appreciable amount of money into the RP would be gone, with all the officers and directors fired, and the company securely held by a third party.

Martin [ Martin Brian Tobias-Gibbins ] and Joe Kelly had undertaken a job to do. It was not up to them to evaluate the situation to make sure that ERDL would not be hurt by the sale of the stock. That job was up to you. And you failed. We didn't.

Nothing but demands, supposedly authorized by the Board, that the contributors [ Restoration Project ] have nothing. Shaw, Sanford and Sanchez grabbed everything for themselves. You've already gone on record with this libelous statement in an earlier e-mail to Robert Shaw.

I will only speak for myself, as I am doing with this entire response, and repeat that I have not gotten 1 cent or one share from stock from the company that wasn't on the transfer agents [ TRANSFER ONLINE INC., 317 South West Alder Street, 2nd Floor, Portland, Oregon 97204, USA, TEL: (503) 227-2950, FAX: (503) 227-6874 ] ledger since the company was formed.

When Van invited the officers to take the jobs with ERDL, he said he would suggest that $10-million dollars of ERDL stock per year be issued to each of us. The 300,000 shares of stock currently on the ledger is what remained after the earlier 20:1 reverse split. Pretty good "enrichment," yes? Somebody please give me something other than reporting theft to report, and please do it quickly.

It surprises me that David [Mark Logan Pedley] and Mario [Pino] have not already started proceedings of some kind to protect their interests, even though they never contributed one cent for audits, filings, pink sheets, etc., etc., etc.

Any small shareholder could start proceedings, it isn't only the [Restoration] Project that you have ripped off. You might, for once, face reality.

No one can "report" a "theft," if no theft has occurred. Let me suggest a way out for you. Do your homework. Confirm what has actually occurred with respect to the company reorganization, which is something you haven't done till now.

Ask someone with business experience beyond yours in mortgages, about the probability of, in effect, selling the company for $3-million if that "deal" had gone through.

The question should be "Could something like that happen?" Give that person facts on the reorganization, not aggrieved howls of anguish. Ask him/her if theft has occurred. Then act accordingly with your contributors [ Restoration Project 'victims' ].


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Ref: N1-4Tdfw-QGAy
From: "James Gregory ('Zig') Ziegler" eurotrustee@s………net
To: "Allan Sanford" , "Robert E. Shaw"
CC: "Martin Brian Tobias-Gibbins" , "Joe Kelly" , "Charles L. Webb" , "Storm T.G. Gill"
Subj: One reason please
Date: 3 May 2006 17:32


Thank you for reminding me how stupid and ignorant I am. Every September, since 1960, I have had a chronic memory lapse to enroll in the 12th grade. Perhaps investigators and courts could overlook my being uneducated and stupid? And what excuses will an attorney [ Robert E. Shaw ], CPA [ Joseph Cavness ], and you [ Allan Sanford ] have for taking contributor [ Restoration Project victim ] funds for years to pay ERDL audits, ERDL claims renewals, ERDL Pink Sheets, etc., plus over $100-K to you Allan?

Your supposed legal stance is that claims used to buy shares transaction was not valid. You can't have it both ways. If that acquisition was not valid then neither were the shares issued during acquisition to David [ Mark Logan Pedley ] with some ending up with Mario Pino I understand. Everything is rescinded back to pre-shell acquisition.

Rolling everything back in a rescission means that Sanchez made payments to others with bogus shares, bogus shares are being traded on the market, someone just sold some for $1.01 (real bragging point for the success of Sanchez). Shares issued to you, Shaw, etc. are bogus. Martin [ Martin Brian Tobias-Gibbins ] and Kelly [ Joe Kelly ] have been, are using bogus shares. Many shares out there are bogus.

Is that where you really want to go with this argument? Go ahead, file that suit, I would speculate that at least one large bank and a bunch of little shareholders will be interested in funding as a class against that rescission concept of yours; Sanchez, however is so brilliant.

Instead of giving me one reason to NOT allow an attorney to proceed: you remind me of my honestly earned ignorance. Other than a mountain of junk saying the shareholders have nothing, you have not told me how the [Restoration] Project gets one cent, or one share, EVER.

Martin [ Martin Brian Tobias-Gibbins ] suggests negotiations. Telling the [Restoration] Project they have nothing is not a negotiation.

Telling the Restoration Project, Shaw, you, and Sanchez take all is not a negotiation. Starting at what you have declared as nothing (under supposed Board authority), just what is it the contributors have to lose?

If the contributors have nothing (per your multiple declarations) they have nothing to lose by risking creating a shell out of INFINITY. That was my original question yesterday: "give me one reason."


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Ref: N1-N2vDlj_7-3
From: "James Gregory (Zig) Ziegler"
To: "Thomas J. Swenson"
Subject: ideas please
Date: Sun, 7 May 2006 10:40:20 -0400


The brokers whined that the reason they could not close deals was for lack of trading volume. The primary broker we have used referred a friend who could ostensibly do a fine PR {public relations] job, a Jimmy B. Sanchez (previously sanctioned by the SEC we learned later).

Sanchez was issued a large amount of shares as pre-payment for his services.

Shortly after the arrival of Sanchez he demanded 50% of the company or he would quit. We did not approve giving him 50%, he did not quit.

Since that time (January - February 2006) Shaw and Sanford (and the brokers) have bought into the Sanchez concept that as the claims from Hinds exchanged for ERDL shares had not been paid for (only contracted for) the transfer of shares was not valid, the Project has nothing.

Interesting concept, the shareholders have nothing and certain select Officers take all.

Trading threats and all negotiations have accomplished nothing.

We held an emergency shareholder meeting [Mark Logan Pedley used his vote proxy Philippe Carrier [(Quebec, Canada) of PRISTINE NATURE LLC [ ] with his voting the overwhelming majority of shares including those issued originally to David [(aka) Mark Logan Pedley] in the initial shell acquisition. Shaw and Sanford were terminated which of course they ignore.

If we make a complaint to any authorities or press release regarding management change we risk being dropped by Pink Sheets and possible SEC investigation which would forever tube the company, we also lose all in such a tube. Being vindictive against the crooks would accomplish nothing positive for the Project. Our motivation is blessing the project, not retaliation.

The entire fight is about the shell, not the claims.

We have had a cash on the table deal available since February [ 2006 ] which Shaw and Sanford have blocked. If this situation could be quickly dealt with we might be able to salvage the deal.

Do you have any suggestions for us?



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From: "Thomas J. Swenson"
To: "James Gregory (Zig) Ziegler"
Subject: Re: ideas please
Date: Mon, 8 May 2006 01:20:33 -0400


I'm sorry to take the easy way out, but I have no ideas -- mainly because I have virtually no idea what has been happening the past 3-years, and I have absolutely no idea how the mining rights were transferred from Hinds (presumably to SPRINGBOARD LLC).

In any case, I think you are right that any complaints to the Ontario company authorities or US SEC might simply torpedo everything (as well as get people in trouble). I suppose if some shareholders want to stick out their necks, they could stir things up, but I cannot imagine such an approach being easy to implement, much less achieving anything fruitful.

The only contract I ever saw was the so-called share exchange agreement between SPRINGBOARD LLC and ERDL. That in itself was a mess. I am not sure if and how that was ever cleaned/cleared up.

I am disappointed, but not surprised that brokers/bankers/investors/counterparts are wary of the ERDL (or whatever they're called now) shares. I could name 3 or 4 general reasons why deals are not being closed, one being that the shares have no liquidity, volume being part of the liquidity problem.

In any case, in my view, things are pretty much in Robert Shaw's hands, for better or worse. In my outsider's opinion, there's nothing I can do, and probably not of much of a practical nature that others can do.



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Ref: N1-_HfmwBVQoo
Subject: Re: ideas please
Date: 8 May 2006 08:12
From: "James Gregory (Zig) Ziegler"
To: "Thomas J. Swenson"

Thanks Tom!

Business failure is understandable in just about any circumstance. In this case Shaw and Sanford seem to be much more intelligent than Judas who only got 30 pieces of silver for betraying his friends. Shaw and Sanford have grabbed the entire treasury, or at least think they have.


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Ref: N1-7R6BsEuWaI
From: "James Gregory ('Zig') Ziegler"
Subject: missing something
Date: 10 May 2006 10:27

The two biggest mooches, struggle for me to raise SAM every month, were Charlie [Charles W. Webb ] and Allan [ Allan Sanford ] in that order.

Both Charlie and Allan from time to time raised extra funds that I would learn of later and post appropriate SAM bonuses for. Allan mainly from Scott [ Scott Rautmann ].

Rod [Beyer] raised much money for assays from Wes [Stevenson] personally, not all was posted for bonus.


Rod is a good guy, 75 years old, we'll benefit from his research greatly. Wes [ Wes Stevenson ] and Rod [ Rodney B. Beyer ] are buddies. Wes was fired by Allan [ Allan Sanford ], no love lost there.

Unfortunately Joe Cavness and Scott have not had backbone enough to make independent decisions for what is right though no evidence of their being antagonistic to the RP [Restoration Project], other than not quitting ERDL/INFINITY after learning [Robert E.] Shaw, Allan [Sanford] and JS [ Jimmy Bernard Sanchez ] were out to screw the RP [ Restoration Project ].

Causing investigations today would drag-in the major shareholders (Trusts for the RP), my name would be right on top with Storm [Gill], the only two names giving the RP hope today.

The hope for me and thousands is that the RP is successful. Time is on our side at this moment. They are not making the smashing success of the company that Sanchez led everyone to believe, they are starving themselves.

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In May 2006, Zig Ziegler convinced his financial business fraud crime partner Dr. Storm T.G. Gill to have his brother Jonathan Gill provide a $500,000 check to Tucson, Arizona, USA attorney Robert W. Hinds who represented - Arizona attorney Robert E. Cattany - mining claim assets used to support EQUITY RETIREMENT DISTRIBUTORS LTD. so that a $3,000,000.00 million investment loan provided by Russian investors through Ziegler’s international broker(s) Martin Brian Tobias-Gibbins [E-MAIL: ] and Joseph “Joe” Kelly [E-MAIL: ], whom were also engaged-in establishing an insurance wrap on the Russian’s investment loan to enable ERDL to begin its mining operations in Pinal County, Arizona.

Dr. Storm T.G. Gill delivered his brother’s ( Jonathan Gill’s ) $500,000 check to attorney Robert W. Hinds, however afterwards Hinds backed-out of the deal - ‘after’ receiving Gill’s check - when he discovered Gill’s check was a Non-Sufficient Funds ( NSF ) check. Hinds then demanded Gill return ‘all mining claims’ issued to ERDL, however unbeknownst to attorney Hinds, ERDL President Allan Sanford transferred those mining claim assets into INFINITY MINING CORP. ( IMC ), which Hinds was demanding returned to him from ERDL. ERDL and IMC corporate secretary Joseph R. Cavness, CPA ( Carmichael, California ) physically held part of those claims while Dr. Storm T.G. Gill held the balance of the mining claim assets.

Ziegler rationalized that Dr. Gill’s presentation of the $500,000 NSF check was to be later funded out of the $3,000,000 Russian investment loan to ERDL, however Hinds and IMC President Allan Sanford wasn’t buying Ziegler’s promises any further because Ziegler had already seen to cutting-off monthly funding to Sanford and others who had placed ERDL mining claim assets into IMC against the wishes of the major stock shareholders of ERDL, 85% of which were hidden through multiple Trusts under the control of one (1) person, James Gregory Zig” Ziegler ( 85% ), and Mark Evan Pedley (aka) Mark Wellington of THE DOMINION OF MELCHIZEDEK ( DOM ).

The following letter was sent from Dr. Storm T.G. Gill to the attorney representing Robert W. Hinds, as follows:

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From: Storm T.G. Gill
To: Norris L. Ganson, Esq.
Subject: Robert W. Hinds
Date: Mon, 22 May 2006

Norris L. Ganson – Attorney at Law
6700 N. Oracle Road, Suite 326
Tucson, Arizona 85704

May 22, 2006

Re: Robert W. Hinds

Dear Mr. Ganson:

In reply to your letter dated May 8, 2006 I also very much hope that an amicable agreement with Mr. Hinds can be quickly reached.

There are some small problems in your letter, very possibly a lack of understanding between you and Mr. Hinds:

Your client is very aware that there are two (2) separate groups of mining claims involved here. One (1) set of claims are under my control, and I offered to immediately transfer these to Mr. Hinds and will promptly do so in-exchange for the $500,000 check in question.

The remaining several sections of mineral claims, were transferred several years ago to EQUITY RETIREMENT DISTRIBUTORS LIMITED ( ERDL ) [ Pink Sheets: ERDTF ], which recently changed its name to INFINITY MINING CORPORATION (IMC) [ Pink Sheets: IYFGF ]. At the time of that transfer and from many conversations, subsequent e-mail exchanges and actions, both with me and with company officers, Mr. Hinds was and is fully apprised of all particulars of these transfers by sales contact and he agreed to them fully. He understood and agreed that ERDL, now IMC, assumed full responsibility and liability for all payment to him for all of the claims he assisted me in acquiring including those not under company ownership and control.

Since I cannot transfer the claims that have not been in my control for several years now, I refer you and Mr. Hinds to the IMC executive secretary Mr. Joseph R. Cavness who is the legal signatory for those claims. Mr. Hinds is in frequent contact with IMC officers, so you and he should be able to easily resolve the issue of ‘these mining claims’ held by IMC, which should properly be addressed to them, not to me. Mr. Hinds has the telephone numbers for Allan Sanford, and others related to IMC, and contact details for IMC are available to you at and by using the IMC stock-trading symbol IYFGF.

Additionally, Mr. Hinds has been in frequent contact with IMC officers weekly, if not daily. One of the IMC officers recently informed me that he and Mr. Hinds are currently considering some sort of independent partnership or venture outside of IMC, which may give you insight as to the amount of contact Mr. Hinds has with IMC officers. While I have no objection to Mr. Hinds developing new business relationships, I bring this to your attention only to demonstrate to you that Mr. Hinds is and always has been aware that certain mineral claims are outside of my control and that he is in very close contact with IMC officers.

Further, a few months ago and at his request, I assisted Mr. Hinds in trading some mining claims with IMC, before its name change from ERDL, and with full consent of IMC officers to please the wishes of Mr. Hinds. I directly assisted Mr. Hinds in obtaining ERDL approval for the exchange he requested. This claim swapping, for the benefit of Mr. Hinds, also indicates that your client was happy with the financial arrangement when he recorded the traded mining claims he received with the U.S. BUREAU OF LAND MANAGEMENT in April 2006. Had he disputed the sales contracts involving these mining claims, would he have engaged in such a trade? I undertook such to specifically support Mr. Hinds’ business activities in hope he would earn some money by their sale or other use.

For your information, there is currently a dispute between the management of IMC and certain shareholders comprising a majority, and your client is well aware of details of this dispute. Indeed, his actions have exacerbated it. Should IMC abrogate those contracts, without court approval or return the claims to him without fulfilling their contractual obligations, Mr. Hinds will very likely find himself entangled and ensnared in legal action with INFINITY MINING CORP ( IMC ).

I have evidence that IMC officers have improperly and unlawfully offered Mr. Hinds a stock share in IMC if he would force return of the mining claims sold to IMC with his consent. Mr. Hinds even told me personally that he had taken steps to provide INFINITY MINING CORP ( IMC ) with alternative mining claims to those sold to IMC with his knowledge and consent, which would be in direct support of their attempts to abrogate IMC contractual relations. Perhaps, you might advise Mr. Hinds as to any wisdom in that.

The dispute includes IMC officers, with the direct cooperation of Mr. Hinds, blocking a stock shares transaction that would have netted your client, Mr. Hinds, an immediate $500,000 payment in cash on or before May 1, 2006. That is, Mr. Hinds interfered with and prevented a transaction he knew would pay him $500,000. I wonder if he apprised you fully of his participation in preventing that transaction. Mr. Hinds’ actions stopped this transaction and prevented the shareholders from financial benefit, and prevented acquiring funds with which to start mining operations for INFINITY MINING CORP ( IMC ). It is unfortunate that your client not only blocked his own payment but also participated in the interference with commerce of those shareholders.

Should the unfortunate question of mining claim ownership and the return of those mining claims to Mr. Hinds evolve into litigation, this interference can be demonstrated in court. And, by the way, any action by Mr. Hinds must of necessity include action against INFINITY MINING CORP ( IMC ) and will certainly result in action against IMC officers.

I think that since I am absolutely willing to return mining claims under my control to Mr. Hinds, your consideration of litigation is misplaced and should be addressed to INFINITY MINING CORP ( IMC ) if it is unwilling to abide by its contractual obligation to SPRING BOARD LLC and to Mr. Hinds.

In all actuality, it occurs to me that the threat by Mr. Hinds regarding the $500,000 check and litigation is being encouraged and even instigated by IMC officers as blackmail to try to get their way in their dispute with shareholders, and unfortunately I got caught in the middle trying to please all. I informed Mr. Hinds that a stop payment was placed on the $500,000 check specifically because Mr. Hinds reversed his position regarding the stock shares transaction in those sales contracts, essentially killing the deal. I enclose a copy of my letter to him so you are fully apprised of the facts and can provide Mr. Hinds the appropriate advice.

Please understand, I do not want any part of litigation. I respect Mr. Hinds and want to see his success and financial well being, but would be forced to defend myself vigorously should any action be initiated against me. Such action will of necessity involve Mr. Hinds and INFINITY MINING CORP ( IMC ), however setting that aside in a sincere desire to return the mining claims I control, and as previously offered in good will to your client, I can and will transfer to him or his designees the mining claims currently under my control in-exchange for the $500,000 check in question.

As Mr. Hinds has a working relationship with IMC officers, it would seem to me, he might obtain directly from IMC whatever may be pleasing to him without the necessity, expense, and risk of litigation. IMC has authority over the mining claims and has the legal obligation to pay Mr. Hinds for them. Perhaps, you may find it fruitful to discuss with him some means to compel payment.

It is my sincere desire to resolve this issue promptly and amicably, and I deeply regret that Mr. Hinds and I could not find mutual agreement, but I assert the fault lies with INFINITY MINING CORP ( IMC ) officers.


Storm T.G. Gill, D.C.

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Ziegler became furious with Sanford, Robert Emery Shaw, and Jimmy Bernard Sanchez. Ziegler’s displeasure with what happened is vented through his e-mail replies to ERDL Vice President ( Mining Operations ) Rodney B. Beyer (below):

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From: “Rodney B. Beyer” rb.beyer@i……
To: “James Gregory ‘Zig’ Ziegler”
Subject: RE: WEEKLY
Date: Sat, 8 Jul 2006 10:03:13

Speaking of elephants, we still have a mine or two over here in Arizona ( AZ ) that badly needs funding. Bob ( Robert W. Hinds ) and I have not seen a nickel in the past 5-months, actually 5-years. But, Bob will be the first to tell you, if you come with some earnest money, you will get a mine and all of the methods to mine.

I understand that we now have a new President and Chairman of the Board at IMC. I don't have a clue who they are. Some of Jimmy Sanchez’s cohorts, I imagine.

I asked Jimmy 3-weeks ago if he could come up with even $1,000 dollars for me, and he promised he would. Well, time came and went and no money. So, that doesn't lend itself to trustworthiness in my book. Who knows how much more time he'll want before we get funding one.

Bob says he will give the property to the first on the block with serious money. So there you
have it.

Keep this proprietary, but it is true.


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From: “James Gregory ‘Zig’ Ziegler”
To: “Rodney B. Beyer” rb.beyer@i……
Sent: Sunday, July 09, 2006 1:35 AM
Subject: Interesting

Interesting Rod, thanks!

So, Sanchez has succeeded in stealing the whole company!? Well, hmmm. God has mysterious ways of cleaning house.

If Bob Hinds had not colluded with Sanchez, Shaw, and Sanford we could have held the cash on the table deal together in February and March [ 2006 ]. That deal was scheduled to immediately put $3,000,000 cash into the company to start mining operations and give Hinds $500,000 in CASH. The funds had already been transferred to escrow and were ready for disbursement.

When it was learned Hinds was playing both sides of the table - us, plus the "S" boys ( Sanchez, Sanford, and Shaw ) the investor [ the Russian group ] backed out. I certainly do not blame the investor for not wanting to get serious money tangled up in a dispute, which only Hinds could have resolved by choosing to not play both sides of the table at the same time.

Hinds and over 5000 other people became the losers because of Hinds' choices. This would be easy to establish in Court. Well, spilled milk, huh?

Hinds needs to show some good faith before I would be interested in touching anything with his name anywhere near it. Hinds conned Storm Gill into writing him a pre-closing check and it appears his attorney is trying to blackmail Storm. Storm did not kill the closing, Hinds did.

Storm has offered to exchange claims for the check and to the best of my knowledge not received any reply. It appears Hinds has little interest in keeping claims, which Hinds is also establishing if this ever has to go to Court. How can his claims be worth millions if he won't trade a check for them?

Jesus told us to turn the other cheek. I cannot speak for people other than myself, and there are many people affected by Hinds killing this deal.

Even though the U.S. S.E.C. labeled Sanchez a crook - info I supplied all, including Hinds - Sanchez, Shaw, and Sanford were not the ones stopping our deal, plus they were in the process of being removed from the company.

The bottom line deal killer was Hinds, which will be established in Court, if necessary to overcome any actions by Hinds and attorney. You would be doing Hinds a favor by getting that message to him as a friend.

Thanks for the insight!


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From: “Rodney B. Beyer” rb.beyer@i……
To: “James Gregory ‘Zig’ Ziegler”
Subject: RE: Interesting
Date: Sun, 9 Jul 2006 18:06:25 -0600


I still don't know very much about Jimmy Sanchez.

He is a fast, double-talking type that I cannot tell if he is basically honest or not.

He can't be too bright because of the terrific expense he encountered when he tried to sanitize ERDL and get the stock under control.

His lack of understanding the business cost him (and us) at least 6-months and at least a $200,000 I should guess.

Alan Sanford thinks he is still fired up as ever though, but I suspect his main emphasis is going to build value in the stock, and then do some manipulations to get his money back out fast. Maybe not, but that would not surprise me.

I cannot have an intelligent conversation with Sanchez because, he doesn't like to listen, he only likes to pontificate. That is a sure sign of trouble as far as I am concerned.

Also, he doesn't really know anything about mining and I don't thing he is really interested
in details. All he wants to know is the profitability angle. If profitable, good but if information is somewhat negative or in his mind posses a problem; he gets scared to death.

Anyway, that's my take on Sanchez. Maybe if I were to sit down across the table from him in a normal conversation-planning mode it might be different. But, I really don't think so, because he is so nervous and flighty. He wants to be teacher, not learner.

Do you see any remote possibility of starting anew? Different from ERDL, which was a real looser because of all the free treasury stock that was gifted to so many people for absolutely no cash.

You would need to start with a whole new untarnished company, like the one I have wherein no stock has ever been issued. Bob Hinds is still a problem for me because he is so volatile and unpredictable, except unpredictable is what you can expect. He really has no interest in mining though, so as soon as he gets a reasonable amount of cash - say a million dollars - he would go to Hawaii and retire.

We are going to get a good return on any investment - I feel quite sure - but I really don't think Jimmy Sanchez is going to feel any sense of responsibility to the Restoration Project ( RP ). That would be a total lost cause because, of his control, and the two ( 2 ) major people he is bringing in. I think I may be replaced too because, I mentioned I had some back pay coming to me for the past 4 or 5-years, and he didn't know anything about that. Can you imagine what else Alan Sanford has conveniently forgotten to tell Sanchez? Sanchez didn't want to know about any back salary, and said he wasn't going to pay us for sitting on our butts for several years.

So basically, I think we need to effectively start over and I believe Bob Hinds will be happy to transfer property under his control - Sanchez has not paid him a cent for - to anyone with a realistic payment plan that doesn't insult his intelligence.

Well, think about it.


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Ref: N1R-6nqR-1vMu4
From: “James Gregory (‘Zig’) Ziegler”
To: “Rodney B. Beyer” rb.beyer@i……
Date: 10 Jul 2006 11:33
Subject: RE: Interesting


Sanchez [ Jimmy Bernard Sanchez ] is a stock "pump and dump" specialist [ ].

All he desires to do is to get the price of INFINITY MINING CORP. [ ] stock up, then sell only his personal shares as fast as he can.

During the selling process (dumping) the price will crash and the company will be back to being a worthless shell, no value to the shares. That was the situation of the company when we acquired controlling interest, a worthless shell. That is the only reason we were able to acquire the company, it was somebody else's broken dream and became a worthless shell.

Because the motivation of Sanchez is only share value the only reason he would begin mining would be to increase share value so that he could dump his shares. What this means is that his motivation has NEVER been to put significant money into mining operations. Had he wanted mining operations he would have cooperated with the cash on the table deal that [ Martin Brian Tobias-Gibbins ] would have put $3,000,000 immediately into mining this past February and March [2006]. Sanchez didn't want the deal because he would have lost control, and he wants control so that he can dump shares.

Sanchez is not at all interested in the RP [ Restoration Project - Van A. Brink internet financial network group ], you [ Rodney B. Beyer ], Robert W. Hinds, Allan Sanford [ ], or Robert E. Shaw [ ].

Sanchez is interested only in Sanchez. Sanchez has demonstrated this by not keeping any promise with Hinds, not even paying for claims filings (I have been told). Sanchez got himself on safe grounds by acquiring claims outside of the original ones from Joseph R. Cavness via Storm T.G. Gill through Robert W. Hinds [ ].

Hinds shot himself in the foot by cooperating with Sanchez. Unfortunately Hinds also shot you and thousands of Restoration Project others in the process of buying into Sanchez' wild tales.

Sanchez is not interested in you as demonstrated by not even sending you $1,000. Except for making a website [ ] and [ ] or news release [ ] look good to hopefully raise share value. Sanchez is not interested in your technology [ VORTEX wind tunnel ] or the virtues of anybody else.

Sanchez is not interested in keeping any promises made to anyone. Sanchez is interested in selling shares that Sanchez owns (or will own).

Regarding your take on too many shares issued:

This is the baloney b.s. sales pitch that Sanchez sold Shaw and Sanford on. Who were those shares issued to and why?

a.) Well the minority was issued as payment for the empty shell we acquired. Many people chafed at that amount of shares, but paying some paperwork sure beat $200,000 in cash for a shell, cash that the RP [ “Restoration Project” ] did not have. The old saying goes: "free is a very good price." At the same time an agreement was entered into to not sell (dump) any of those shares for 5-years, protecting share value;

b.) The balance of those shares was issued to offshore trusts for the benefit of the RP. Agreed, what Sanchez calls "rogue shares" maxed-out a reasonable amount of shares to be issued. Shares were issued that way, well thought through, and on purpose (I later learned). The purpose?

1.) Keep majority voting control with the RP [ Restoration Project ] custodians;

2.) The intention of the RP was to NEVER sell one share. To sell a share is to lose its value forever. To lease a share is to have your cake and eat it too. The intention of the RP was to lease shares forever, recycle into a new lease upon the expiration of each lease (typically 3 years).

3.) Issuing a large amount of shares was also a "poison pill" against the likes of Sanchez taking the company over and messing things up for the RP;

All in all, to pull-off what Sanchez wanted to pull-off, Sanchez had to get rid of the stock shares contractually issued. Sanchez has pulled every dirty trick that he can think of to gain back what he calls "rogue shares." Rogue to what, who? Rogue to Sanchez, with his chronic huff and puff, stealing all for Sanchez?

The first trick he tried was to offer bribes; I declined that and caused the RP custodians to decline.

The next trick was to beg and harass by phone various individuals to voluntarily return shares. It is my understanding that a couple people [EDITOR NOTE: Charles L. Webb and Mark Kennedy, et al.] were stupid enough to fall for that, returning SOME shares.

When voluntary surrender wasn't working for Sanchez, he had Sanford send a bunch of bogus official looking emails declaring shares null and void, and the Hinds contract null and void. Amazing, Sanchez even conned Hinds into the concept that it was a good idea to deprive Hinds of $9,000,000. Even though this was unlawful activity, why would Sanchez care as he had Sanford do his dirty work rather than putting his own name on it.

The most surprising thing for me in all of this drama was the fact that Sanchez even pulled the wool over the eyes of an attorney, Shaw [ Robert Emery Shaw ].

The most disappointing thing for me was that Sanchez could convince the Team Members who Van had hand picked to betray the RP in favor of Sanchez, and Sanchez' promises of future personal enrichment to them as individuals.

Where do we go from here?

1. Speaking for myself I am willing to turn the other cheek, get on with life, accept that God cleaned house for the RP, and not put anybody into jail or legal difficulties. Though Van would be terribly disappointed in the Team Members who violated the trust of the RP, Van would also NEVER want to put anybody in prison.

Many people were harmed by Sanchez, Shaw, and Sanford. I cannot speak for them. They "S boys” may not be out of the woods.

The blackmail Hinds' attorney is attempting is dangerous to Hinds.

2. You are correct, it became start-over time for the Restoration Project. How, what, where? How do we get there on zero dollars?

Van [ Van Brink ] was not a geologist or scientist. I am not a geologist or scientist. At one time someone excited Van that ERD could get a shovel into the ground and begin selling limited quantities of PMs ( Platinum metals ) for $50,000.00. Van raised the money and was then told it could not be done.

After Van was kidnapped [handcuffed and chained in leg irons by U.S. FBI agents at Entebbe, Uganda airport on May 24, 2004 and flown to Johannesburg, South Africa then to the United States] someone excited me that for $50,000.00 we could get a shovel into the ground and begin selling a limited amount of PMs. I sought your advice and you told me loud and clear that it could not be accomplished.

Many prospectors have for many-many years claimed that pm's could be economically extracted there ( Iron Mountain ). The various government agencies say otherwise very loud and clear. I am not a geologist or scientist.

Raising money to expand a proved thing is a bunch easier than raising money for experimentation and exploration. That was Van's thinking when someone told him we could do it for $50,000.00. That was my thinking when somebody told me we could do it for $50,000.00. Van was told "can't get there from here." I was told "can't get there from here."

A couple shovels, wheelbarrow, and pick-up truck can move several tons a day. If rich pm's are there, and economically extractable, why are there so many prospectors, who have year after year paid the renewals on so many claims, but failed to get started? Please help me with that answer. The answer from the government is that any such representations are fraudulent.

Yesterday I spent about 10-hours on Google.Com looking for metal refineries. Refiners of recycled scrap, filings, and gold dust are plentiful in many countries including the USA. In reading their websites what they will not accept is "ore" or "black sands." Who would accept and process/refine "black sands"?

Also, someone has mentioned "the platinum cartel." Cartel sounds like a bad word. Does that mean one must sell to them, or does it mean one wakes-up dead one morning like Van [ Van A. Brink ] did? How, where, to whom is platinum processed, refined, sold?

I appreciate you. I appreciate your offer to help. Time will tell where this goes from here.

Many Blessings


Please visit my website:

-------- Original Message --------

Kevin Bruce Wilkerson was put in charge of BRIGHTSEN TRUST as well as Attorney-in-Fact for REDIRECTION TRUST, and accepted laundered funds - sent on order by DOMINION OF MELCHIZEDEK Ambassador Van A. Brink, and through his brother, James Gregory “Zig” Ziegler from financial business fraud crime victim depositor monies within the FIRST INTERNATIONAL BANK OF GRENADA LTD. ( FIBG LTD. ) bank system network from 1998 through 2000 - to put together his PMMIT system for at least three ( 3 ) websites hosted by HAVENCO internet computer servers at secure protected co-location facilities hidden inside an abandoned World War II weapon firing platform, in the middle of the North Sea off the coast of England, where THE PRINCIPALITY OF SEALAND was declared an independent micro-nation, and that was precisely where the primary SEAMAIL account was housed for THE DOMINION OF MELCHIZEDEK Ambassador Van Arthur Brink (formerly known as) Gilbert Allen Ziegler and his brother James Gregory ("Zig") Ziegler, the latter of whom defrauded well over 400 + people from 2002 through 2004 - using Kevin Wilkerson’s PMMIT secure anonymous internet digital metal currency payment transfers and secure anonymous e-mail communications system at SEALAND.PMMIT.COM , PMMIT.COM , and SEAGOLD.NET that used the digital metal currency exchanger, dealer, and/or broker named Jim Davidson operating CAMBIST, INTERGLOBAL PARATRONICS INC., INDOMITUS INDUSTRIES INC. where both Davidson and Wilkerson became co-founders of their VERTORO GOLD and other company websites today.

Van Brink and his brother Zig Ziegler used Wilkerson's PMMIT technology platform to broadcast e-mails to - and collect monies from - their 400 + group members comprised of former financial crime victim depositor victims from 1998 thru 2000 where over $105,000,000 million U.S. dollars was lost through the FIRST INTERNATIONAL BANK OF GRENADA LTD. (FIBG LTD. bank) financial business system network. Further recipients of Ziegler’s broadcast e-mails to their financial crime victims, were:

Kevin Bruce Wilkerson
Mark Logan Pedley [ E-MAIL: ]
Robert Emery Shaw - ERDL and IMC
Allan Sanford – ERDL and IMC
Joseph Cavness – ERDL and IMC
Tom Swenson – ERDL and IMC
Rodney B. Beyer – ERDL and IMC
Wes Stevenson – ERDL
Scott Rautmann – ERDL
and, more…

From 2002 through 2006, Zig Ziegler told victims in this group through his e-mails that whatever monies they chose to send him for what he called their own Restoration Project ( RP ) would be used to support professionals - with what he nicknamed Stay Alive Money ( SAM ) - whom were supposedly working on investment package "Projects" to put together financial business deals so victims would "soon" receive all their money back from the FIBG LTD. bank system collapse, plus up to 300% more than whatever they chose to send him, however Brink and Ziegler's internet broadcast e-mail messages perpetrated another 'fraud upon an older fraud' of their re-targeting the same victims all over again and then asking them to get their friends involved too, a clever confidence game designed to increase the number of financial fraud victims, and bring-in millions of dollars that the Brink-Ziegler Group would need to hide from their new victims.

In 2003, Kevin Bruce Wilkerson and two (2) other men operated TABLETALK RESEARCH INC. ( Las Vegas, Nevada ) whom saw their Las Vegas, Nevada BANK OF AMERICA N.A. [ ABA: 122400724 via Account No.: 004961761099 ] monies grow from receipt of 'monthly payments' from Restoration Project financial fraud victims funding their own PMMIT.COM and/or SEAGOLD.NET secure e-mail accounts in hopes of receiving the latest broadcast e-mail news updates from Van Brink and/or Zig Ziegler whom were promising over 6,000 financial fraud victim monies be returned to them “soon,” plus up to 300% added on top of what these particular victims had lost between 1998-2000.

James Gregory ("Zig") Ziegler wasn't finished with his brother's initial bank depositor victims as he began 'double-dipping' into their '2nd stage internet financial fraud victims' by going on to promote yet a '3rd stage financial internet fraud', which saw victims receiving e-mail through PMMIT.COM and SEAGOLD.NET accounts encouraged to enter a SEAGOLD.NET multi-level marketing pyramid scheme, which was promoted to these '2nd and 3rd time around victims' as a money making scheme for victims to set up their own home-office cottage industry business they could run from their home or office over the internet.

Zig Ziegler brought-in even more financial business crime victims whom received his additional private secure e-mail broadcast fraud solicitations for them to send him money and more money every day from 2002 through 2006 while he sat inside any one of his residences in Serbia and only made trips to his wife's banks to obtain cash wire transferred in her name and cash sent from victims through the WESTERN UNION Money Transfer System, digital currencies sent through his and his wife's numerous e-Gold digital currency accounts, and special checks sent through the check transfer and anonymous debit card systems Brink and Ziegler established through a private firm they gained indirect control of where Kevin Wilkerson was then seen working to improve those firms in money transfer anonymity technologies.

Ziegler along with his infamous "Team Leaders" (See List Below) targeted both '2nd and 3rd time around financial fraud victims' plus new victims encouraged to join, then told victims their "Restoration Project did 'not' involve anyone connected with the failed FIBG LTD. bank network system they had previously lost money in.

Ziegler told his 'financial fraud victims', 'Team Members', and several 'Team Leaders' that a "Committee" had been established by his brother, Van Brink, to direct and/or redirect Restoration Project funds, but did not reveal the fact that Kevin Bruce Wilkerson and others sat on his 'un-named' infamous "Committee".

When victims had heard Zig Ziegler use the word "soon" once too many times, all in his group began to complain, including his financial crime partners whom noticed they weren't getting as much of their victim monies as before.

Ziegler refused to inform any of his group as to how much SAM monies he had collected from 2002-2006, until April 2006, when he secretly confessed to the Offshore Informant that SAM money income from his victims had totaled well over $6,000,000.00 U.S. dollars. Ziegler further expressed fears that he could not stop what he was doing for fear his blood thirsty commission driven financial crime partners within THE DOMINION OF MELCHIZEDEK and elsewhere would most certainly come after him for having siphoned-off the group's fraud monies from 2002-2006 for himself. Ziegler, however expressed confidence that he had hidden victim monies so well that no one, not even U.S. federal law enforcement, could ever find and seize it. Although Ziegler's fear factor barely surfaced at that point, he waved-off and discounted ramifications of his exposure to crimes he continued to commit against victims as well as his partners in financial crime around the world by stating, "They'll have other things to keep them occupied and away from me."

Today, Wilkerson continues to work with a man named Jim Davidson who has been running digital currency transfer businesses for Van Brink and James Gregory "Zig" Ziegler since 2000, and after many business name changes - from INDOMITUS INDUSTRIES INC. in Texas to VERTORO in Texas - these companies continue to diversify and grow larger while sucking in more and more new financial crime victims into a black hole of fraud in the U.S. and around the world, which U.S. federal law enforcement doesn't appear interested in stopping now for over 6-years even though they are well aware of the extent and nature of who is running these financial crimes.

Wilkerson was the computer internet technology guru for DOM Ambassador Van Brink, and Wilkerson was aware of the 'second stage internet fraud' when he committed by written contractual agreement to support and maintain the internet network financial business fraud for profit, and for what Brink's November 23, 2002 e-mail stated, amongst other things, that should anything happen to DOM Ambassador Brink, Kevin Bruce Wilkerson would assume control over distribution of Restoration Project ("RP") Trust funds.

In addition to signed written contracts, Wilkerson’s name turned up in the “Redirection Trust”, and more, as victims of DOM Ambassador Brink and his brother Zig Ziegler’s financial business investment frauds had their monies laundered away from them and in-to and out-of related corresponding bank accounts handled by Brink’s and Ziegler’s foreign attornies who took instructions in their clever legal methods to hide Brink and Ziegler's 'second stage internet financial fraud' monies.

By December 2005, James G. ("Zig") Ziegler was already siphoning-off, even away from even his own financial business crime partners, 'monthly' disbursements being received from over $41,000,000.00 million dollars from the FIBG LTD. bank system network funds from 1998-2000 that were laundered through FOREX accounts, plus over $6,000,000.00 million they tapped victims – the second time around - for Restoration Project funds from 2000-2006, which Ziegler had all to himself when his brother - DOM Ambassador Van Brink - died on December 10, 2005 in Wilsonville, Oregon while awaiting a Portland, Oregon, USA federal U.S. Court trial on 147 counts including mail fraud, wire fraud, and more.

Before he died, Brink had his brother Zig Ziegler use a portion of victim monies to hire several foreign attornies whom establish hundreds of international business companies (IBCs), Trusts, and Foundations that had foreign bank accounts established for them by these foreign attornies whom took orders for bank wire transfers to hide victim monies from all over the world.

And, before Brink died, he gave Kevin B. Wilkerson Power-Of Attorney (POA) over handling distribution of Restoration Project ("RP") Trust funds through a Trust named "Redirection Trust", which Zig Ziegler had one of his foreign attornies establish, however James Gregory ("Zig") Ziegler also had another Trust named "Instauration Trust" ['not' misspelled], the "Riverton Foundation", and hundreds more special purpose vehicles designed to hide while laundering financial business investment fraud victim monies through multiple foreign bank accounts Ziegler had several foreign attornies create, maintain, and juggle for him.

Between 2002-2006, Kevin Wilkerson had also drawn enough money out of Restoration Project funds to become co-founder of an online digital e-metal currency exchange named VERTORO, and with his partner James ("Jim") Davidson, a man who has an interesting history with Free Trade Zones, are currently going strong in business, thanks to the victim monies of the Restoration Project.

Jim Davidson was first approached by James Gregory Ziegler in 2002 on instructions from Van Brink who wanted to control a digital e-metal currency exchange, and once again funds derived from the Restoration Project plus shares of stock from EQUITY RETIREMENT DISTRIBUTORS LTD., which James G. Ziegler pumped into the LAKE VICTORIA FREE TRADE ZONE and FOREXAFRICA.COM LTD. accounts was additionally used in 2003.

- - - -

Between 2002 and 2006, James G. Ziegler (aka) Zig Ziegler busied himself daily, performing the following tasks:

1. Writing and sending his ( “Zig” Ziegler ) broadcast e-mails through Wilkerson's secure e-mail internet system to victims who were told how much more money they would be get back "soon" from funds they sent to Ziegler for their "RESTORATION PROJECT";

2. Driving his wife Ivanka Milanovic Ziegler (nee Lekic) to banks throughout Serbia to collect cash from WESTERN UNION Money Wire Transfers sent by his (Ziegler) victims for their "RESTORATION PROJECT";

3. Checking his online internet E-GOLD and other digital electronic metal currency accounts as well as digital e-Currency exchangers, which registered and logged digital electronic metal currency transactions through E-GOLD, et al. accounts held by victims whom sent monies for their "Restoration Project";

4. Checking his residence postal mail boxes for checks and money orders received from U.S. Global Mail, U.S. Express Mail, and several international courier services (Federal Express, DHL, UPS) sent from his (Ziegler's) victims for their "Restoration Project";

5. E-mailing Jim Davidson at INTERGLOBAL PARATRONICS INC., who received victims' checks and money orders for him (Ziegler) and followed his (Ziegler's) instructions to convert victim check and money order monies into different bank checks, and to send those different bank checks to his (Ziegler's) foreign attornies for deposit into Ziegler Trust bank accounts his (Ziegler's) foreign attornies controlled upon Ziegler's further instructions to send wire transfers out; and,

6. E-mailing Dr. Epifanio Vasquez Santos ( El Batey, Sousa, Dominican Republic ) to notify him that upon receipt of converted victim funds, sent by Jim Davidson, to send those victim monies out to yet other foreign attornies, i.e. Rhonda Collymore (Trinidad), Herman Weston "Bobby" Liburd, Valencia Liburd (Charlestown, Nevis), and others so they could use other foreign bank accounts such as THE BANK OF NEVIS INTERNATIONAL LTD. (Charlestown, Nevis) to wire transfers those victim monies into his (Ziegler's) wife's (Ivanka Milanovic) Serbia bank accounts at DELTA BANK, BANCA INTESSA, SOCIETE DE GENERALE BANQUE, and others around the World.

James G. Ziegler (aka) Zig Ziegler was a very busy bee sucking millions of dollars from hundreds of victims whom were 'not' the only financial fraud crime victims of Ziegler's.

Since October 2000, Ziegler received victim monies sent from out of bank accounts controlled by Trusts established by foreign attornies, he had his brother (Van Brink) fund for him to establish.

Ziegler wasn't satisfied with his receipt of hundreds of thousands of dollars he received from his brother out of hidden victim funds from the former FIRST INTERNATIONAL BANK OF GRENADA LTD. fiasco. Ziegler indicated from 2004 until his brother died on December 10, 2005 that had his brother (Van A. Brink) not "been so stupid to send so much money to others" that he (Ziegler) would have more victim monies for himself over the past 8-years.

While Ziegler was targeting and grooming selected foreign attornies for money-laundering through 'their' foreign bank accounts, Ziegler was doing other things such as inflating prices for anything that his brother would send him money for on any particular project so, Ziegler could make money off his own brother (Van Brink) in addition to Ziegler's financial fraud crime victims around the World.

Ziegler didn't stop defrauding anyone and anyone is whom he sought to defraud, even other international financial fraud criminals too.

Ziegler had other foreign attornies create international business companies (IBCs) using the name "Bank" or "Credit Union," then he used his computer to generate color graphic designed 'bank certificates of deposit' and rubber stamped them to appear as though they were 'official bank instruments' he then sent via e-mail as attachments and couriered, which he sold for thousands to groups of other victims with Kevin Wilkerson SEAGOLD.NET secure e-mail accounts.

Ziegler also sold his banks to international financial criminals.

In late September 2001, Franco Pecora [ 313 Nairn Avenue, Toronto, Ontario M6E 4H9, CANADA, TEL: (413) 502-5824, E-MAIL: ] paid $75,000.00 for Ziegler's independent offshore bank in Montenegro named CHIEROS FIRST BANK AD (aka) CHEIROS FIRST BANK SC.

Pecora bought the bank for Frank Merovingi (Belgium) through Mark Logan Pedley (aka) Mark Wellington and THE DOMINION OF MELCHIZEDEK, by sending $75,000.00 to one of Ziegler's foreign Trust attorney's bank accounts, which was then transferred into one of Ziegler's many Trust bank accounts allowing Ziegler access to withdraw funds via sending wire transfers to other bank accounts.

Ziegler had his foreign attorney (named immediately below) pay $22,500.00 - on the bank sale to Pecora during late September 2001 - for one (1) commission sent via wire transfer to a woman named Alexandra who worked with George Mason at OPC INTERNATIONAL, as follows:

- - - -


January 23, 2001

13 Irving Street
San Fernando
West Indies

Dear Mrs. Rhonda Collymore:

As a portion of your capacity of Trustee regarding the transfer of CHEIRO'S FIRST BANK, you are to pay a sales commission of $22,500.00 (USD), as follows:


Chase Manhattan Bank NYC
ABA: 021000021


ACCT #: 007-066910


ACCT #: 55080162



CC: OPC International, ATTN: Alexandra, E-MAIL:

- - - -

James Gregory Ziegler (aka) Zig Ziegler communicated with George Mason and Alexandra, of OPC INTERNATIONAL, and Franco Pecora through Ziegler’s international business company, below:

TEL: (809) 970-3266
FAX: (809) 970-3265
CONTACT: Zig Ziegler

- - - -

That bank license with all documentation was sent via DHL courier from one of Ziegler's Montenegro attornies to Franco Pecora (as above).

Although Ziegler's bank sale to Franco Pecora through Alexandra and George Mason CEO (16APR01) of OPC INTERNATIONAL [ E-MAIL: ] occurred in late September 2001, Ziegler had sent an earlier FAX on January 7, 2001 mentioning only 3 of Ziegler's 14 banks he was selling, claiming his (Ziegler's) price would be good for them only until January 19, 2001.

The aforementioned FAX in Ziegler's own words describes how he wanted his bank sale proceeds transacted. (see immediately below)

- - - -


FROM: Zig Ziegler
TO: OPC INTERNATIONAL, George Mason, and Alexandra

January 7, 2001

Per your e-mail, I agree to sell one or all three of these bank licenses at $52,500.00 (USD) at any time between today and January 19, 2001.

GOLDEN AGE SPARKASSE - Sweden (credit union)

My attorney in Montenegro will effect the license transfer for the Montenegro banks. I have more if this goes well.

My Attorney in Montenegro provides mail turn-around and fax turn-around to client banks. We use his address for promotional literature. Both banks have correspondent accounts in a large Montenegro bank. I believe the bank balances to be $500.00 but if more Ill take it, if less I'll make it up.

I use REGUS office services in Solna, Sweden for mail, fax, and phone turn around. I do not have a corresponding bank relationship for GOLDEN AGE SPARKASSEE (Credit Union) in Sweden as our GOLDEN AGE S.A., GLOBAL INTERNET DATA PROCESSING S.A., system does not use correspondents for each separate institution we service. We use a system offering more privacy for the bank owners.

Funds should be wired to my attorney, Dr. Vasquez, in The Dominican Republic. Send him a short document identifying the funds are to be held in Trust until he FAXs a copy of the bank license along with the notarized signatures of the current owners signing off (papers supplied by the Montenegro Attorney, which I have on hand).

Dr Vasquez will DHL all originals and the notarized sign-off to the name and address specified in your Trust instructions to him.

Trust funds are to be released to GLOBAL INTERNET DATA PROCESSING S.A. upon satisfaction of the Trust instructions to Dr. Vasquez.

His DHL address to use, is:

Dr. Epifanio Vasquez
Pedro Clisante # 9
El Batey
TEL: (809) 571-3610
FAX: (809) 571-3301

Thanks for your assistance.

Zig Ziegler

TEL/FAX: (809) 970-3266
TEL: (809) 571-3610
FAX: (809) 571-3301

- - - -

[AUTHOR NOTE: A list of Montenegro independent offshore banks including the names and addresses of attornies who filed for those licenses on behalf of their clients is provided in the research reference (immediately below)]


- - - -

Brink had his brother, James Gregory Ziegler, hire several foreign attornies to establish hundreds of international business company (IBC) Trusts giving Kevin Bruce Wilkerson Power-Of Attorney (POA) over distribution and redirection of RESTORATION PROJECT funds through REDIRECTION TRUST, RIVERTON FOUNDATION, INSTAURATION TRUST ['not' misspelled] created upon instructions of Ziegler through a host of foreign attornies [details in files] that he (Ziegler) is Trustee over along with his now-deceased ( October 2006 ) wife Ivanka Milanovic and her daughter Dragica Milanovic named as 2004-2006 directors for their joint partnered Serbia company named CORPORATE AND TRUST MANAGEMENT SERVICES D.O.O., all actually controlled by Ziegler.

At least 30-days before Van A. Brink was arrested on May 28, 2004 by federal agents in Luzira, Uganda Kevin Wilkerson was seen instructing James Gregory Ziegler on Restoration Project redirection of funds, depicted in one (1) of many e-mails. (See Immediately Below)

Kevin Wilkerson sent an e-mail to James Gregory Ziegler, which better explains who held final say-so over DOM Ambassador Van Brink’s brother Zig Ziegler, even ‘before’ Van Brink was ever arrested:

- - - -

FROM: Kevin Bruce Wilkerson
TO: James Gregory ("Zig") Ziegler
DATE: April 30, 2004
SUBJECT: (no subject)


I'm afraid you still don't get what the plan is. This document makes several significant misstatements of the situation, viz.:

1) The I/HH agreements required of members are only in regard to those responsible for the financial loss which they sustained, not across the board. I don't think it's for us (or RF [ RIVERTON FOUNDATION ]) to try to give people a list of things they could sue for, or not sue concerning, in respect of unrelated third parties. To help establish that there is some need for forgiveness, and to use FIBG's adverse publicity in our favor for once, I would make the last paragraph in the first section end with the words: "...through no fault of their own in an investment, partnership, or savings account where wrongdoing is suspected in the loss and insurance was not available."

2) The statement is made that the RF [ RIVERTON FOUNDATION ] solicits and receives donations from the general public. Not true. And indeed, in order to do so it would need to be registered as a non-profit organization in every jurisdiction where it accepted donations. Enough to note that it has secured adequate funding from private sources. Sources which, by the way, are not actually "commercial" – the INSTAURATION TRUST is a humanitarian non-profit trust. These sources do NOT pay the RIVERTON FOUNDATION directly; instead trusts are created of which RF [ RIVERTON FOUNDATION ] is the beneficiary.

3) Foundation "grant" recipients (let's stick with "gift" as our terminology rather than grant) do NOT become the beneficiaries of a trust. The FOUNDATION is the Trust Beneficiary in each case. The RIVERTON FOUNDATION writes the Letters Of Wishes, not the gift recipients. It agrees to write those Letter Of Wishes according to the members' instructions via the online system.

4) The Settlor of the trusts is NOT the RIVERTON FOUNDATION; the Settlor is the INSTAURATION TRUST (a trust presumably endowed by the Redirection Trust). Riverton is the beneficiary, not the Settlor. Most of the rest of your bullet items are accurate, if one replaces “Beneficiary” with “Giftee” and takes account of the items above.

It's great that you're writing this down; that's a good way to see whether we're all on the same page. (And we're not.)


- - - -

James Gregory Ziegler (aka) Zig Ziegler solicited and grouped others he called "Team Leaders" whom received commissions for bringing-in 'new victim monies' that funded the infamous RESTORATION PROJECT second-stage internet fraud that drew over 800 people to become involved with Ziegler’s fraud network of lies and financial treachery on other unsuspecting financial fraud victims. Here (below) is the 'short list' of Ziegler's network of "Team Leaders":

James Nicholson - New York
Robert J. Langley – Modesto, California
Kevin Bruce Wilkerson - Colorado and Barbados
Gary Wilson Lacy - California and Missouri
Nigel J.M. Francis - Grenada and Barbados
Carl Frank Pozzani - Washington
Richard V. Malvini - Florida
Alexander Froehlich - California
Merton R. Troyer - Oregon
Robert John Skirving - Oregon
Melissa “Missy” Skirving - Oregon
Douglas Christie-Ferguson – Oregon
Evelyn McLellan-Ferguson – Oregon, Maine, and California
Charles L. Webb – Panama and Hawaii
June M. Steely - Colorado
Jonathan Reed Gill - Washington
Dr. Storm T.G. Gill - Oregon
Dr. Joseph Flesia
Dr. Thomas Earle Miller - Nebraska
Dr. Bernard M. Bleem - Illinois
Dr. Michael Wollard - Indiana
Dr. Barre Lando - California
Dr. Roy S. Genatt - Hawaii
Dr. Jane S. Lakes Brooks - Florida
Lemuel D. Miller - Florida
Scott Rautmann - Kilauea, Hawaii
Carrie Rautmann - Kilauea, Hawaii
Wesley D. Stevenson - Washington
Allan Sanford - New York
Thomas Joseph Swenson, Esq. - Colorado
Robert Emery Shaw, Esq. – Fair Oaks, California
Eric S. Poole - Montana
James J. Seiler (Hawaii)
Douglas W. Snell - Indiana
Donald J. Howell - Hawaii
Bruce Ripley - Oregon
Bruce Mock - Oregon
John R. ("Jack") Stacey - Oregon
David Zerba - Oregon
Claude Ellsworth Martin - Arizona and Washington D.C.
Dean Gutch - North Carolina and Washington D.C.
BUSINESS EXPRESS INC. eCurrency Dept. - Wilmington, North Carolina and Washington D.C.
James “Jim” Davidson
Joseph Carl Livingston - Virginia
Roy M. Gutshall – Virginia
Margaret A. Tice - North Carolina
David Pick - Oregon
Margaret ("Meg") Pick - Oregon
David Kallinen Saline - Arizona
Lana L. Carter - California
Pamela J. Dyson - Hawaii
Alexa Hatton - Hawaii
Jean M. Starr - Oregon
Carol Thompson - Washington

And, an even longer list of others exist whom were Ziegler’s so-called "Team Members" where the only "Team" they served led more victims into this Restoration Project financial fraud slaughterhouse from 2002-2006 that only netted a select few millions of dollars that James Gregory Ziegler (aka) Zig Ziegler claims just evaporated, however those monies were actually hidden by Ziegler’s and a few other’s into foreign accounts around the world so it would only ‘appear’ as though “no money” remained. Once again for Ziegler and others, the millions remained, but not for any of the victims.

The 'second-stage internet fraud' from 2002-2006 for the Restoration Project became evident it was a total fraud by June 2006 when James Gregory Ziegler claimed that out of $6,000,000.00+ collected from Restoration Project victims, there was simply no money left, however he would not reveal that he was siphoning-off the vast majority of funds being sent-in for luxury automobiles plus two (2) other standard automobiles, major construction and home improvements on multiple dwellings for his family, multiple duplicate appliances, computers, and even a closed circuit computer controlled security monitoring camera at one of his homes located in Bosnjane, Serbia.

Some details, but not all information surrounding the Restoration Project discussed in two-way e-mails between Kevin Bruce Wilkerson [ ] and others are available for further research, however hundreds of additional document pages further prove the extent of Wilkerson's involvement with those defrauding victims of the Restoration Project, as well as money transfers that went right into the pockets of Kevin Wilkerson and others, is absolutely staggering.

Between 2002-2006, Wilkerson drew enough money out of Restoration Project funds to become a co-founder of the online digital e-metal currency exchange that Brink and Ziegler had financially groomed, which is now named VERTORO in Texas. Wilkerson, now standing alongside his partner James ("Jim") Davidson, the man who has an interesting history dealing with tax-free foreign Free Trade Zones, are both going strong in business because of financial business fraud crime victim monies put into it from portions gained out of the FIBG LTD. bank system network, Restoration Project, and other fraud project monies Brink and Ziegler laundered.

Jim Davidson was first approached by James Gregory Ziegler in 2002 on instructions from Van Brink who wanted to control a digital e-metal currency exchange, and once again funds derived from the Restoration Project plus shares of stock from EQUITY RETIREMENT DISTRIBUTORS LTD., which James G. Ziegler pumped into the LAKE VICTORIA FREE TRADE ZONE and FOREXAFRICA.COM LTD. accounts was additionally used in 2003.

My initial post in this message thread mentioned complex issues briefly, amongst which, that of an organized financial crime network infiltrating a FREE TRADE ZONE and FOREX markets, at:

Kevin Wilkerson's co-partner ( Jim Davidson ) mentions his prior Free Trade Zone "opportunities" he engaged, which he briefly outlines within his curriculum vitae (CV) several times, found within the surface information on VERTORO provided (below):

- - - -

Global Bank Tower - Suite 15A
50 Street
Panama City
TEL: + 507 6565 6285

VERTORO - a business service of EZEZ S.A.
9639 Hillcroft - Suite 802
Houston, Texas 77096
TEL: + 1 (832) 295-9725
PAGER: Pager: (713) 990-9536 (Jim Davidson)


VERTORO was founded in 2006 to help individuals and businesses educate and protect themselves from the collapse of the dollar.

The name "VERTORO" is derived from the Italian words for green ( verde ) and gold ( oro ), reinforcing the transition from green American dollars into worldly gold.


Our vision is to be prepared to shift millions of individuals and tens of thousands of businesses from the hyperinflating fiat currencies to free market alternatives in the 2006 to 2010 timeframe.

As the dollar hyperinflates into worthlessness [ ], and as other major world currencies follow suit, masses of people will recognize the value of gold, silver, and other free market alternatives.

VERTORO is here to guide them into a better future for themselves, their property, and their posterity.


VERTORO digital gold pros are pioneers in the field of free market money.

Our management team, includes:

Jim Davidson [E-MAIL: - Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer]

Kevin Wilkerson [E-MAIL: - Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer]

John Kyle [E-MAIL: - Director of Exchange Operations]

Stephanie Sailor [E-MAIL: - Director of Marketing]

Sandy Sandfort - Political Risk Analyst

Christian Carlson - Chief Operating Officer


- - - -

Founder and CEO Jim Davidson is responsible for business planning, investor relations, and business development.

At 44, he brings 3 decades of entrepreneurship and 2 decades of successful management in banking, aerospace, consulting, online systems, and free market money to the company.

Prior to founding the company, Jim Davidson was president of GOLD BARTER HOLDINGS, executive vice president and CFO of AWDAL ROADS COMPANY, and Chairman of the Board for INTERGLOBAL PARATRONICS INC., three (3) companies that used online currencies.

His experience financing GOLD BARTER HOLDINGS and bringing it to profitability brought him into contact with many of the major players in the online currency industry.

- - - -



Rice University (Houston, Texas) Jesse H. Jones Graduate School of Administration, Master of Business Administration, Marketing - May 1987.

Columbia University (New York, New York), Bachelor of Arts, History - May 1985.

- John Jay Scholar
- National Merit Scholar
- Organized Columbia L5 Society
- Minor studies in astrophysics and economics

Lawrence High School (Lawrence, Kansas), High School Diploma - May 1981.

- Valedictory speaker
- Kansas Scholar
- Degree of Distinction from National Forensic League
- President of Debate Team
- Certificat d'honneur Concours National de Francs
- Organized Lawrence High School L5


EZEZ S.A. (Panama City, Panama)

Chief Executive Officer (February 2004 to present)

- EZEZ, as successor in interest to INDOMITUS INDUSTRIES INC., was responsible for business planning, investor relations, and business development; and,
- Company re-organized in 2005 to capitalize on free market money opportunities worldwide.

GOLD BARTER HOLDINGS - Awdal Free Trade Zone, Port Awdal

President (January 2002 to December 2003)

- July 2000, co-founded company to develop alternative online auction systems;
- 2001, company released GOLDBARTER.COM and CAMBIST.NET;
- Early 2002, consistent cash flow needs led to expansion of CAMBIST into exchanging national currencies for online gold; and,
- Led company secured debt and equity financing, reduced debt to less than 10% of capital, and posted 4 successive quarters of profit in 2003.

AWDAL ROADS CO. - Port Louis, Republic of Mauritius

Executive Vice President & CFO (January 2000 to July 2002)

- Responsible for business planning, investor relations, and business development;
- In 2000, company organized to capitalize on infrastructure opportunities in AWDAL;
- In 2001, company established agreements with local clan elders suited to the establishment of a Free Trade Zone port facility;
- Following attacks at World Trade Center, company put further development plans on hiatus due to various NATO pronouncements about anticipated bombing of port facilities in Somalia;
- Early 2002, company explored a new Free Trade Zone opportunity in the Coast Salish territories of North America; and,
- Late 2003, another Free Trade Zone [ Lake Victoria Free Trade Zone ] opportunity in east Africa [ Uganda ] was brought to the attention of the company.


Chairman & CEO (1996 to present)

- In 1996, the company was organized to capitalize on a number of information technology opportunities especially in web design, hosting, and software development; and,
- Oversaw business operations on a daily basis, responsible for business and major client relations, supervised consultants and professional support personnel, proposed policies and plans to board of directors.


Proprietor (1993 to 1996)

- Provided consulting and management services to companies in software development, single board computer manufacturing, software training and instruction, health care services, publishing, product distribution, and aerospace;
- Traveled extensively;
- Developed and implemented business plans, managed staff, trained students, developed marketing materials and plans, provided publicity services, created proposals to clients, operated business on a daily basis;


Senior Vice President for Marketing (1990 to 1993)

- Implemented press conference December 17, 1990 to promote "The Ultimate Adventure" sweepstakes opportunity;
- Obtained contract with Soviet space agency Glavkosmos in October 1993 to put one American on the MIR space station for 1-week;
- Organized team of support companies in publicity, legal, sweepstakes administration, accounting, and advertising services;
- Wrote business plan, raised funds, negotiated with investors and suppliers;
- Developed publicity and marketing plan; and,
- Subsequently worked with a variety of clients in product distribution, business planning, and management consulting projects.


Director of Marketing (1989 to 1990)

- Established marketing effort for MicroSat, a privately owned commercial space venture developing and marketing a small commercial satellite launch vehicle;
- Wrote, edited, and produced marketing materials. Developed and produced corporate slideshow;
- Conceived and implemented market research program;
- Oversaw development of vehicle libery and artistic representations including paintings and models; and,
- Also authored business plan sections on marketing and competition, developed trade show display, monitored media, developed and produced proposals, created customer contact database.


Analyst (1986 to 1989)

- Supported new and ongoing business activities for Space Services, a privately owned commercial space venture developing and marketing a series of small commercial satellite launch vehicles and small suborbital launch vehicles;
- Served as proposal manager for Starfire I proposal;
- Organized team to write winning technical proposal for sounding rocket campaign of 3 launches;
- Co-wrote and edited 50-page technical proposal;
- Coordinated with cost proposal team;
- Wrote, edited, and produced Starfire I Users Manual;
- Supported proposal teams in writing and financial analysis for proposals for various commercial and governmental contracts;
- Served as logistics manager for 2 Starfire I missions, managing transportation of equipment from various manufacturing sites to testing site and launch site, from launch site to refurbishing sites;
- Developed and maintained budget for these activities;
- Actual logistics cost for first launch was several thousand dollars under budget; and,
- Served as narrator for launch activities for public and company guests at launch site.

Summer Intern (April 1986 to August 1986)

- Selected for summer position between terms at Rice business school. - Wrote major sections of Space Services company business plan;
- Rewrote part of Conestoga Users' Manual;
- Co-wrote Space Services proposal to US Air Force for the Medium Launch Vehicle; and,
- Initiated University Pioneers Project, developed survey questionnaire, mailed to over 800 researchers, organized response data.


Supervisor (1984 to 1985 weekend shift)

- Appointed supervisor after working as clerk from November 1983;
- Initiated weekend shift for First Chicago's commercial check processing facility;
- Hired and trained personnel, supervised clerks, controlled $45-million in transactions each weekend;
- Responsible for balancing accounts and shift change procedures; and,
- Work was term time and summer during college.


Business plan development, including: historical and pro forma financial preparation and presentation. Write, edit, and organize business plans, prospecti, and shareholder reports in consultation with legal and accounting professionals.

Investor relations, including: identification, correspondence, presentations, negotiations and follow-up. Meet with and convince investors to provide financial backing to various types of ventures.

Negotiations. Plan, organize, and conduct negotiations as team leader or support staff. Largest acquisition negotiated, $30-million; comparable item recently acquired by another party for $100-million. Largest sale negotiated $7.2-million.

Proposal development. Plan, write, edit, organize and produce proposal documents and related materials to support sales in both governmental and commercial sectors.

Conference organization. Plan and produce conferences from one hour symposia to week long trade shows.

Team management, including: interview, selection, hiring, firing, promoting, and rewarding.

Motivate teams to produce to goals set by the team or by upper level management. Have managed teams to produce quarterly revenues in excess of two million dollars, to exceed goals by more than 50%, and to produce quarterly profits for an entire year.

Marketing materials development. Develop illustrations, graphics, write copy, integrate into presentations and marketing plans.

Accounting systems development. Develop spreadsheet and database applications for accounting, marketing, and management.

Research including library, marketing, and investigations. Plan, organize, and implement research projects.


- 3-years study French, 3-years Spanish, significant reading ability, limited conversation ability;
- Experienced with macro programming in Lotus 123, Access, Excel, and similar programs;
- Limited programming ability in Pascal, Visual Basic, Dbase III/IV, Paradox, Access; and,
- Experienced HTML developer, graphics developer.


- Open water scuba diver; and,
- Marksman.


- HOUSTON SPACE SOCIETY INC., president and treasurer, 1987 to present.
- SPACE CAPITALISTS, founder, 1999 to present.


- "The Iconoclast in Space" essays; Houston Space Society Press, 1998-99.
- "On the Death of Friends," poem; Houston Space Society Press 1993.
- "The Atlantis Papers" book, 199 pp; After Dark Publications, 1993.
- "Joyride" short story; After Dark Publications, 1993.
- "Space: More than Missions" story; Final Frontier Magazine, 1988.

- others


Alaska, Awdal, Canada, Coast Salish territories, Djibouti, Belgium, England, France, Holland,

Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Kingdom of Hawaii, Mexico, Padania, Republic of Texas, Somaliland,

Taiwan, USA, Wales, Yemen.


- - - -

Kevin Bruce Wilkerson [E-MAIL: - Chief Technology Officer]

VERTORO Co-founder and chief technology officer Kevin Wilkerson is responsible for technology planning, research and development, software design and implementation, and technology operations.

At 42, he brings more than 20-years of experience with computers and software to the company.

In 2005, prior to joining the company, Mr. Wilkerson developed a prototype technology demonstrator [EDITOR INSERT: "PMMIT" ] for a closely related business opportunity [ EDITOR INSERT: “EQUITY RETIREMENT DISTRIBUTORS LTD." ]. He has extensive experience in software development and online systems, including a successful private messaging service.


Kevin Wilkerson biography is seen, at:

- - - -

Sandy Sandfort - Political Risk Analyst

Political risk analyst Sandy Sandfort provides legal analysis, corporation formation, and contract support. Mr. Sandfort's professional experience covers a broad range of business endeavors.

At 59, in addition to the practice of law, Sandy has over a decade of experience in international financial services in managerial and sales positions. More recently, he has been involved in several dot-com businesses including three start-ups in managerial, sales and writing positions.

Mr. Sandfort has also been a freelance writer. His articles on business, legal, technological and other subjects have appeared in such publications as The Los Angeles Times, Wired, InfoBahn, Mondo 2000, Freedom Today, and Reason.

Mr. Sandfort received his Bachelor of Arts from the University of Missouri at Kansas City and Juris Doctorate from the University of Missouri at Kansas City, School of Law. He has also worked as a teacher and actor. He has traveled in the Americas, Europe, Asia and Oceania. He has lived in Costa Rica and Singapore. He has skills in English and Spanish languages.


- - - -

Stephanie Sailor [E-MAIL: - Director of Marketing]

Marketing maven, public relations pro, ad critic/ad creator, writer, designer, artist, visionary.

Ms. Sailor is Head Creative Brain of MOLTEN MEDIA, an integrated marketing agency. Her unique approach towards marketing and public relations has landed her scores of local and national media coverage for a wide variety of Libertarian issues.

Ms. Sailor professionally pestered Illinois politicians in the late 1990s by hosting a

Libertarian Party cable TV show, creating and implementing a Libertarian Party ad campaign for Chicago Transit Authority trains, and running for United States Congress in 1998, 2000, and 2002.

Despite running no-budget cyber campaigns, Ms. Sailor's anti-machine stance led to a permanent change in election laws within the state.

As a U.S. Constitution 2nd Amendment enthusiast, Ms. Sailor helped enlighten the anti-gun city of Chicago, promoting the right to self-defense by training anti-gun reporters how to safely operate and shoot firearms, forever transforming their views on guns.

Ms. Sailor stepped away from the political arena in 2005 to focus her energies on non-party projects, such as launching MOLTEN MEDIA.

For more information:



- - - -

Christian Carlson - Chief Operating Officer

Christian Carlson co-founded INDOMITUS INDUSTRIES INC. in 2004, with James ("Jim") Davidson, and has been involved in the digital gold community since 1999.

At 23, Mr. Carlson has recently completed a degree in finance and accounting at the University of Houston.

He specializes in financial planning.

In addition to his work for INDOMITUS INDUSTRIES since 2004, he also has 4-years term-time work experience at the Family Education Institute of Houston.


- - - -

John Kyle [E-MAIL: - Director of Exchange Operations]

John Kyle is among the most experienced exchangers currently in the profession.

His work at CAMBIST is highly regarded in the industry.

While chief financial officer of GOLD BARTER HOLDINGS, Mr. Kyle created millions of dollars of exchange related revenue for the company, personally handling fulfillment and customer service on tens of thousands of orders.

During his tenure with the company from 2002 to 2005, revenues grew from $100,000 per quarter to $2-million per quarter. The company also became profitable during that time.

Mr. Kyle is personally familiar with gold bullion purchasing and financial services consulting for private clientele.


- - - -

John Amendall E-MAIL: - Advertising


- - - -

Kevin Wilkerson business partner, Jim Davidson of VERTORO, is truly a "space cadet cowboy" from what his writings depict about FBI torture, mind control, and conspiracies read at his HOUSTON

SPACE SOCIETY INC. website OPERATION LIGHTNING STRIKE PROJECT HEADQUARTERS instructing others who have become maligned and misunderstood to send their donations, to:

100 West Medical Center Blvd.
Webster, Texas 77598



- - - -

Davidson promotes in his writings that, "NASA, as it exists today, must be destroyed."


- - - -

Additionally, further Jim Davidson webpages may be reviewed, at:

There are about 4,000 internet web pages of these organizations tied to Jim Davidson, the co-founder of VERTORO in partnership with Kevin Wilkerson today.

- - - -

Here (below) is more on VERTORO:

EZEZ S.A. [ Est. 27DEC96 ]
HOUSTON SPACE SOCIETY INC. [ Harris County, Texas - Non-Profit (501c3) Corporation]
SPACE TRAVEL SERVICES CORPORATION [ Jim Davidson, Howard Stringer, and David Mayer ]
5300 North Braeswood - Suite 394
P.O. Box 266151
Houston, Texas 77096
TEL: (713) 271-2070
FAX: (713) 271-6989
PAGER: (713) 990-9536
CONTACT: Jim Davidson, Co-Founder 1996 and 2003 Treasurer (see dossier)
CONTACT: Kevin Bruce Wilkerson, Co-Founder 2004 (see dossier)
CONTACT: Stephanie Sailor
CONTACT: Sandy Sandfort
CONTACT: Tara A. Horrigan, Co-Founder (see dossier)
CONTACT: Christian Carlson
CONTACT: John Kyle
CONTACT: Perry S. Jones
CONTACT: Clifford E. Carley
CONTACT: Alvin O. Carley
CONTACT: William D. York, et al.
CONTACT: Howard Stringer
CONTACT: David Mayer


9639 Hillcroft - Suite 139
Houston, Texas 77096
TEL: (713) 990-9536
FAX: (713) 271-6989
CONTACT: Jim Davidson


9639 Hillcroft - Suite 802
Houston, Texas 77096
TEL: (713) 726-1434
FAX: (810) 283-4082
CONTACT: Jim Davidson

- - - -


Subject: What I did for Winter Vacation 2005-06
By: Jim Davidson
Date: Sat, 25 Feb 2006 16:49:53 -0800

Dear Friends,

Well, it has been very hectic, but more fun than several barrels of gutted socialists.

In October 2005, a good friend in New Zealand said, "Hey, Jim, why don't you buy my stock exchange?" Sidd, owned PVCSE.COM so, I did. See: [ PRIVATE VENTURE STOCK EXCHANGE ]

That meant raising some capital, which turned out to be pretty easy to do. Quite a few people in the digital gold community were interested in making sure PVCSE kept going in the right direction.

We've already implemented some upgrades, such as the "total trading history" link on the market data page. We've also built the early draft of a new look for the home page: [ PRIVATE VENTURE STOCK EXCHANGE ]

With that part out of the way, it became clear that the next thing for the digital gold community was a way to bring in a lot of new users. Part of that function is to help merchants add digital gold to their payment options. And, in line with our ability to list stocks and provide members of our exchange with investment deals, it seemed like our talents in writing business plans, financial planning, analysis, forecasting, market research, and the like might be useful.

What does that spell? It spells "management and technical consulting." With that insight, VERTORO.COM [ VERTORO GOLD ] was born, see:

Then my friends in FREE WEST TRUST agreed to help capitalize the company with 10,000 grams of gold worth of stock they held in another company ( listed on PVCSE ). That proved sufficient to get us a long way toward having VERTORO up and running.

It has been a busy winter, but more is in the works.

This May 2006, I plan to run up to Worland, Wyoming for a Free State Wyoming jamboree.

In August 2006, out to Los Angeles for World Science Fiction convention.

Early September 2006, back east to Stowe, Vermont for Eris and a chance to test out Vermont carry.

Mid-September 2006, we're planning a Free Market Money seminar sponsored by FREE MARKET MONEY ASSOCIATES, at:

And, EZEZ S.A.

Anyone curious about any of these things would be welcome to e-mail me at [EMAIL PROTECTED] for more info.




- - - -

Millions and millions of dollars were taken victims of financial fraud crimes through internet websites, e-mails, telephone calls, FAXs, postal services, and private couriers that act as conduits to deliver deceptive messages from international and domestic financial fraud criminals whom deceive people into giving their hard earned money for everything imaginable under the Sun, on the basis of what they are led to believe.

I have personally tasked this international criminal organization network for over 45-months, during which time not one (1) but ‘several U.S. federal government agencies’ have refused to stop it even when presented with thousands of pages of compelling black and white evidence.

When both numerous domestic and international U.S. federal agency law enforcement is unwilling to act on over 5,000,000 pages of black and white evidence presented to it regarding this case, there is something seriously wrong with who’s protecting the chicken coop from these financial carnivores.


Offshore Informant




e-mail:: homepage::

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Mark Herpel 07.Jul.2007 15:13

Can you also tell us who killed Kennedy?

I'm not familiar with Zig Z. or any of his dealing, but you can't conclude guilt by association simply with the inclusion of someone else's name and business information in your 'alleged' fraud article.

Did you ever wonder why no US law enforcement agency will take action? Do you think that maybe they are after some real crooks and not ones your deluded mind can dream up?

Clearly, some material you bring is credible and but that's the minority of stuff you have written. Most of its crap or information that has no connection to your accusations. Its a big list of maybes and desires.

Conspiracy theorist unit....I'll be looking forward to your next investigation and I'm really interested in that Kennedy story...any strong feelings there?

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Foreign Investment Frauds

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