A Candle: The New Song Movement is here!


A Candle
A Candle

The New Song Movement (Nueva Cancion) is now in the English language and it is taking a place in folk music with the song “A Candle”

The song A Candle from the New Song artist Jose Luis Sepulveda was released to the major Internet music network MP3.COM.AU. The song is now at the TOP 10 ranking of folk music charts.

The New Song originated in Spanish speaking countries after decades of political abuse, dictatorships and war. The New Song Movement or Trova is a form of folk music that integrates traditional and modern music, a truly multicultural form of music the New Song movement is starting to get more than just acceptance in countries like Australia. However the New Song is also PROTEST MUSIC something that music needs during these years.

A Candle can be downloaded at the following address:


Music for peace not racism or war

homepage:: http://www.mp3.com.au/track.asp?id=139276

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