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February 26, 2007: Gay leader attacked by lynch mob and cops stands strong; Nashville-New York musical roundtrip. Plus Anglican leaders demand Episcopal acquiescence, Prodi's promised civil unions preempted by Italian politics, Irish Republic rejects UK-style partnership law, France's top court nixes lesbian co-parent adoption, and more news.

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SEGMENT #1 - "NewsWrap": A tense meeting of global Anglican Communion
bishops in Tanzania ends with member Episcopal Church USA being ordered to
unequivocally ban blessings of same-gender unions and the ordination of openly-lesbigay
bishops by September 30th; the center-left coalition government of Italian
Prime Minister Romano Prodi collapses, and likely means the death of
recently-proposed legislation to legally recognize same-gender couples; the Republic of
Ireland's parliament soundly rejects a civil partnerships bill modeled on the
measure that took effect in the U.K. in December 2005, but Prime Minister
Bernie Ahern's government promises its own bill to grant limited rights to
same-gender couples later this year; France's highest court refuses to allow a
woman to adopt and be the legal co-parent of the child conceived through
artificial insemination by her lesbian partner; Texas lesbians become the first
foreign couple to register their "civil solidarity union" under the new law recently
enacted in the Mexican state of Coahuila, while same-gender couples begin
registering their civil unions in New Jersey; and the attorney for a disgraced
vocally anti-gay minister and now former Southern Baptist Convention leader
busted for soliciting sex from a male undercover cop in Oklahoma City argues that
his client had the constitutional right to do that (written by GREG GORDON,
KELLEY; reported this week by SHERI LUNN and CHARLS HALL) [10:21] + "Audiofile"
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SEGMENT #2 - On Valentine's Day, GARETH, one of the leaders of J-FLAG, the
Andrew's Parish pharmacy when all hell broke loose. Three men of Gareth's
acquaintance were followed into the store by a woman screaming anti-gay epithets,
hollering that they should be killed. She soon attracted a crowd, and the men were
trapped inside by a mob of over 200 crying out for blood. Meanwhile inside,
Gareth was on the phone with his contacts in the New York offices of Human
Rights Watch, one of the international groups that has documented homophobic
violence in Jamaica. They in turn mobilized activists in Geneva and Kingston to
pressure the Jamaican Commissioner of Police and local authorities to
intervene. Over an hour later, as they left the store under the "protection" of the
police, one of the men was hit in the head with a rock, prompting the police to
fire tear gas into the crowd. All the way to the station, the police
continued to heap verbal abuse on the men they had "rescued," and Gareth was beaten
for objecting to their treatment. The Valentine's Day confrontation was no
isolated occurrence. Incredibly, the situation is worse now than it was two
years ago, when Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch brought Gareth and
his J-FLAG compatriot KARLENE to the U.S. to network with LGBT activists and
lobby government officials for assistance. Gareth and Karlene -- who could not
then and cannot now use their last names -- talked with This Way Out's LUCIA
CHAPPELLE about their organization and its dangerous mission (continues next
week, with intro/outro music from "Get Up, Stand Up" by PETER TOSH). . . . . . . . 8:38

SEGMENT #3 – "TWO" I.D. by filmmaker JOHN CAMERON MITCHELL ("Hedwig and the
Angry Inch," "Shortbus") [:11] + A country favorite's nostalgic salute
(excerpts from "Halleluia" and "Where the Heck is Hopland?" from KITTY ROSE's "LIVE
AT THE RYMAN"), and two debut artists ("Marlboro Man" and "Fishnet Sailor"
from ROBERT GERMAN's "SIRENS OF BROOKLYN," and "My Nitch" and "The Whole World
Is Fallin' in Love" from BRIAN GLENN's "ORIGINAL INTENT") take this month's
"AUDIOFILE" on a roundtrip from Nashville to New York (with comments by each
artist, hosted by CHRIS WILSON and JD DOYLE, and written and produced with
CHRISTOPHER DAVID TRENTHAM/ [6:57]. . . . . . 7:08
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P.O. Box 928 c/o Laura Oltman 5515 Vaught Dr.
Hopland, CA 95449 Pigeonhole Records Nashville, TN 37209 475 3rd Ave. #3 Brooklyn, N.Y. 11215
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