Dave the Chimp's "If TV is your God, is Jesus the remote control?" expo @ Biokip Gallery

personal expo of the english artist Dave the Chimp

The Biokip Gallery opens its doors from the 7-4 to the 30-4 to host the works of Dave the Chimp, one of the leading figures of the whole street art movement, in an expo titled “If Television is your God, is Jesus the Remote Control?”.
An expo promising to make us think.

Dave draws and paints since always, in the streets by ten years, and he become soon one of the most representative character for the street art community, he helped create Big Cheese Magazine and is also a founder member of Finders Keepers Crew.
The English artists works as head designer at Hessen Metal Skateboard Hardware and Artist in Residence at design/advertising agency Fold7.
He is now busy in a collaboration with the german artists Flying Fortress under the name Visual Rock Stars and he finally got his directorial debuct realising a videoclip for the band Robots in Disguise.
Dave the Chimp’s works appear between the pages of many magazines and books about street art as website wooster collective’s “Hollywood-the remix”, on the two issues of “The art of rebellion” and on the Italian “Izastickup” made by Microbo, Bo130 and The Don.
He can count so many expos in his career, some of them organized in London, Munich, Hamburg, Barcelona, Milan, Portland and Tokyo.

In “If Television is your God, is Jesus the Remote Control?” Dave the Chimp keep on using holy images taken by the religious world, minding to his meanings more than to the technique. He prefers a simple style because as he says “If you're told what to think, then where is the space for your own thoughts?
Dave’s work was designed to make the people think and he’s really into engaging the mind of the viewer.

Exhibiting in the Biokip Gallery Dave the Chimp aims to create a show that requires everybody’s participation.
No fear, nothing scary.
So switch off your television, switch on your brain, and come visit the show.

Biokip Gallery
via Della Pergola 3 Milan

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