Killing and catching dolphins at Taiji (Japan) and the dolphin-gate

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an organisation located in the USA to protect marine mammals from the very cruel killing (and/or catching for the dolphins) at Taiji (Japan).
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Please read the article below . I just have this comment :
(the text is horrible enough to add more ........)
Japan is killing in a horrible way whales and dolphins or/and
take the "good looking" dolphins to be used in "dolphin shows"
all around the world, not only in Japan.
To see more videos of it, surf to :
to see (FREE of charge !!) more short movies of those
items by typing the words "Whales killing japan" or
"dolphins killing japan" or other combinations in "SEARCH".

If after those videos and articles you "LOVE TO BUY"
japanese products (cars, electronic devices, etc), then
I must say that you don't care about the welfare of animals
and in this case about the very cruel slaughter of such gentle
and intelligent mammals (NO FISH, as the japanese fishermen
maybe are calling their ugly hunting). Remember the quote of
Mahatma Gandhi about such horrible behaviour in some countries.
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(This is the article that you MUST READ)

The Ugly Secret Behind the Slaughter:
Dolphin Captivity Industry Subsidies Keeps Hunt Alive
A delicacy in Japan, most of the dolphins are butchered and sold on Japanese
supermarket shelves as whale meat or dolphin meat. Fishermen also claim they
kill dolphins because they eat too many fish, a scientifically false argument.

However, our investigators have revealed shocking new information suggesting
another major, and hidden, cause.

The tragic secret behind the slaughter is that the US and International dolphin
captivity industry is fueling the massacre. They are organizing and funding the
hunts in order to buy "show-quality" dolphins from the Japanese fishermen to use
in dolphin shows, "Swim-with-the-Dolphins" programs and aquariums.

The dolphin captivity industry would have you believe that they are "saving the
dolphins" from being butchered. Not true.

The majority of the about 500 dolphins in the 49 Japanese dolphinariums were
obtained through the drive fisheries.

In one instance, dolphins obtained from the Japanese drive fishery were shipped
to a European dolphinarium where they were traded for killer whales. The killer
whales were then shipped to the United States (!!!!).

Some dolphins obtained through the Japanese dolphin drives have been drafted into
the US Navy (!!!). Others are being sent to "Swim-with-the-Dolphins" programs or display
facilities in Japan, China, the Philippines and other destinations around the world.

The dolphins and other small whales that are selected and purchased by members of the
dolphin captivity industry represent a much higher commercial value to the Japanese
fishermen than the ones that are slaughtered for meat.

The multibillion dollar (!!!) dolphin captivity industry is not "saving" the dolphins from
the drives. The industry is helping to maintain the drives by making the practice
profitable for the fishermen. This must be stopped.

Send a message to the US and international aquarium and dolphinarium industry. Ask them
to demand that their colleagues immediately stop doing business with the Japanese dolphin


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Posted by Rainbow_GFCF - Manager.
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Hi asta,
Thanks for your statement and motivation.
You know that there is a very cheap (it is FREE of charge!!) way to post articles at "Indymedia" as you can ulpoad (for free) videos at
I forgot the exact URL of Indymedia, but you can try or
I already posted some articles there and it is quite easy to do and the WHOLE world can read your article. It is in fact alternative news, because the usual newspapers are often in the hands of "money makers" and your article is, maybe, going against their business of whaling (and also the dolphin-gate!!!). Read what I post in my first link :

The GreenFreedomCyberFighters

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So, the campaign of Magritte is OK now, but BEFORE the IWC in May 2007, more "pushy" "campaigns" are obviously needed to change the decision of the danish (and other) governments to NOT VOTE pro-whaling in Anchorage. The vote will probably be on 31 May 2007 at the end of the official 59th annual IWC meeting.

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