Brigitte jailed as a scapegoat for planning alleged Aust terrorist attacks


He had, "lost all hope of being understood"
He had, "lost all hope of being understood"

Defence lawyers called for his acquittal, saying Brigitte's statements to French police were obtained under pressure and that the prosecution's case was riddled with inaccuracies.

The prosecution said the French Muslim convert travelled to Australia in May 2003, on the orders of the Pakistani group Lashkar e-Taiba.

But Lashkar e-Taiba is allegedly a Pakistan-based group fighting against Indian control in Kashmir. So why would they be giving out those sorts of orders to come to Australia? Doesn't make any sense at all!

And allegedly he was to join a terror cell run by Faheem Khalid Lodhi, a Pakistani-born person who was jailed for 20 years in 2006 for thought crimes, himself a scapegoat for the alleged war on terror.

Now doesn't that suit our government so well? You couldn't even plan it? Could you? I mean two men convicted of thought crimes that just happened to be working together for a group that has its own fight with Indian control in Kashmir.

The court heard evidence of a web of connections linking Brigitte to Lashkar e-Taiba operatives in Australia, Britain and the United States.

Buy you can bet that we the general public won't here or see the evidence of it!

Under interrogation, Brigitte did admit attending a training camp in Pakistan but he later said he had been unduly pressured into making those admissions.

At the time of his arrest, Brigitte was in possession of a 'link'--- to a website describing sensitive sites including a Sydney nuclear plant, the city's power grid and military installations around the country.

A link to a website extraordinary____go on? We don't have any of those do we?

The prosecution said all those sites were potential targets. But everything is a potential target if they say so, right? Especially if you have a link of a website? Right!

The 38-year-old from the French Caribbean island of Guadeloupe went on trial last month on charges of "criminal conspiracy in relation with a terrorist enterprise".

Which is another name for nonsense propaganda!

A state prosecutor had requested the maximum sentence of 10 years imprisonment at the end of the three-day trial, arguing that Brigitte played a major role in the alleged attack plan.

Defence lawyers called for his acquittal, saying Brigitte's statements to French police were obtained under pressure and that the prosecution's case was riddled with inaccuracies.

Brigitte, who has been in detention since 2003, has protested his innocence.

He refused to speak throughout his trial, saying he had "lost all hope of being understood".


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For a laugh

Suspect 'admits responsibility' for Sept 11 attacks?


The arguments set out in this paper rest on one general theory - that the events leading up to, and arising from, the September 11 attack on the United States may best be understood as unfolding in the context of a pre-fabricated, professionally coordinated legend, the elements of which were gradually acted out and disseminated in a finely calibrated disinformation campaign spanning more than a decade. Like any theory, its validity largely rests on the strength of its explanatory power in accounting for the number of synchronicities and anomalies that are so much a part of these events, as well as presenting an integrated picture of many of the main (i.e. most public) players and operatives.

In presenting my arguments, if some of my conclusions appear less soundly grounded by the facts than others, that perhaps is due to the murkiness that one inevitably butts up against in attempting to reconstruct certain elements of the 9/11 Legend. For the sake of clarity, I have blatantly woven in my conclusions, speculations, and analyses with the facts as recited in order that the reader would be able to see how I have integrated and accounted for many of the events within the abovementioned interpretive framework. Nevertheless, it is my hope that I have made it possible for the reader to distinguish between the facts as reported and my interpretation of those facts. Toward that end, I have sought wherever possible to list the sources for my information - leaving it, in the end, for the reader to evaluate the relative merits of my various conclusions and speculations .

Moreover, I do not expect the general validity of my hypothesis to rise or fall by the truth or falsity of any one specific conclusion. Like any theory, some elements will inevitably need to be refined or modified so as to make it a more valuable tool as an interpretive framework for a contextual, integrated reading of all the relevant facts. And context is the key word here. Many of the more popular theories concerning September 11 rest on a selective reading of the facts. In other words, they focus on certain elements of the story - failing, in the end, to account for a wide-ranging number of facts and anomalies that cannot be adequately accounted for by such theories. As one prime example, the complacency theory for 9/11 only works so long as one studiously and consistently ignores the compelling circumstantial evidence for all the various well-timed coincidences that stubbornly recur in practically every rudimentary recitation of the facts. However, a well-grounded complicity theory would have to account for not only individual coincidences, but would also have to integrate a large number of these coincidences within a coherent overall explanatory framework.

In view of such an aim, one would be hard-pressed to advance a compelling complicity theory with either the Saudis, Pakistanis, neo-cons, or Israelis acting as the main, self-contained operative instigators. For one, such theories would have to posit each of these entities as rogue players operating outside - and in opposition to - the global political infrastructure as it presently exists. Moreover, one would have to account for all the evidence and "spin" offered by the main players at the head of that infrastructure - that is, the authorities within the U.S., U.K., and E.U. - who have played the instrumental role of publicly disseminating the Official 9/11 Legend.

Fortunately, one need not re-invent the proverbial wheel in constructing a list of the main suspects - for if the Official 9/11 Legend can most coherently be interpreted as a global project, then surely it would be reasonable to posit a globally connected network acting behind the scenes, one that would consist of a supra-national grouping of intelligence operatives acting in conjunction with a globally interconnected network of political, corporate, and media elites. In short, one would need to look at the global political/corporate infrastructure as it presently exists.

It is not within the scope of this paper to map out comprehensively the full contours of this global network - nor, admittedly, could it properly be done with the available evidence at hand (despite the claims of those researchers who give the impression that the so-called New World Order is a fully exposed agenda with a ready-made membership list available for viewing). Rather, there is circumstantial evidence of a covert global network working in concert to choreograph a wide-ranging 9/11disinformation campaign. Whether this network operates specifically through global entities like the World Bank, the United Nations, or the Bilderberg Group - or instead is comprised of an insular group of global elites who happen to be influential within these institutions - is a question that can not be definitively answered at this point. And whether the 9/11 disinformation campaign has been conducted for the purposes of a truly new world order, or simply for oil, geopolitical stability, monopolization of utilities, water, food, or population control by way of viral threats - any one specific agenda at this time cannot be proven beyond a reasonable doubt (in the fullest legal sense). Perhaps an intended new order encompasses all of the above, involving an intersection of a number of common interests.

What I am suggesting, then, is the existence of a covert global political network operating through an increasingly sophisticated corporate and media infrastructure. This allegation is nothing new, of course. As far back as the 1970's, during a turf battle between the C.I.A.'s William Colby and James Angleton, a great deal of evidence attesting to the existence of this covert infrastructure was partially unveiled during a number of congressional investigations. Officially, we learned of a covert project to infiltrate the American media with C.I.A. assets, code-named Project Mockingbird. In Rolling Stone magazine, one of the poster boys of "mainstream" investigative journalism, Carl Bernstein (of Watergate fame), estimated that there were as many as 500 journalists in the United States on the C.I.A. payroll. Moreover, former C.I.A. Director William Colby had gone on record as revealing, "The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any major significance in the major media." Congressional House investigator Gaeton Fonzi has gone on record as demonstrating how the political and covert structure has operated to obstruct and obscure certain investigations when they had threatened to expose politically unpleasant facts. Director Colby's good friend, former Senator John De Camp - who believes that Colby was later murdered - has documented cover-ups involving child prostitute rings, many of which have been used to compromise various political figures and expose them to bribery. Put simply, a surprisingly large number of "mainstream" sources have attested to aspects of what we can reasonably conjecture as a widespread covert infrastructure of control and information. As I have conjectured elsewhere in this paper, we can see how certain corrupt networks like BCCI have served as the model for taking this infrastructure global.

Further, we have seen how the Official 9/11 Legend has been overlain with a number of equally plausible cover stories and counter-legends, involving various neo-cons, Saudis, Pakistanis, Israelis, or even Iraqis. Again, we have seen a precedent for this type of information campaign, as it has heretofore most successfully been used in obfuscating the facts behind the J.F.K. investigation. Indeed, it is as if the J.F.K. Assassination Legend has served as the textbook model for framing the 9/11 Legend and its off-shoots. As with the 9/11 Legend, the J.F.K. Assassination Legend also had its various equally plausible offshoots, each with their own proponents.

Thus, while most of the mainstream media - and, most famously, Gerald Posner, who authored Case Closed - have mostly ignored the last official congressional investigation in 1979, which deemed the assassination a "probable conspiracy", figures as high as Lyndon Johnson had voiced suspicions of a "foreign" conspiracy, while C.I.A. bigwig James Angleton had mischievously pushed a Soviet conspiracy. Others, like House Chief Counsel Robert Blakey, have pushed a mob conspiracy, while still others have attempted to build a case implicating pro-Castro Cubans, anti-Castro Cubans, right-wing John Birchers (the forerunners of the recent militia threat), or Texas oil barons. Certainly, evidence can be marshaled to show each and every one of these elements percolating along the edges of the "Official" lone-gunman theory. But my main point is that, like the Official 9/11 Legend, these counter-legends exist - and indeed were built in - so as to furnish a number of false leads, thereby obscuring the most essential fact that a long-standing covert infrastructure has stage-managed both the crimes and the cover-ups, while parceling out the information to various witting - and unwitting - operatives. It is the classic case of not seeing the forest for the trees.

As for the existence of this infrastructure, it, too, has been obscured by various false leads and counter-legends - most perniciously, through super-natural, extra-terrestrial, or anti-Semitic theories, all of which share in common a tendency to discredit mainstream discussion of elite covert networks. Whether these theories come by way of long-exposed hoaxes like The Report From Iron Mountain or The Protocols of the Elders of Zion; whether the U.F.O. tales are stoked by individual military/intelligence disinformation operatives unveiling "secret" groups like MJ-12; or whether we get a "unified field theory" of all these theories by way of authors like David Icke (who claims to have psychically "channeled" the revelation that our world leaders are, in truth, reptilian shape-shifters) - the main effect, if not intent, is to distract truly interested observers from the more dry (and potentially more damaging) writings of researchers like Peter Dale Scott, Greg Palast, Lisa Pease, Donald Gibson, John De Camp, and others who have credibly documented real evidence of political and corporate corruption.

In positing the existence of such a covert infrastructure, I do not mean to imply that all elements of this infrastructure are necessarily "in the loop." Indeed, a great many influential journalists - like Bob Woodward, Evan Thomas, Vernon Loeb, Judith Miller, Seymour Hersh, etc. - have built their careers on special access to an insular clique of politically connected intelligence operatives. And while it is in their interests to market themselves as hands-on "investigators," in many cases they serve as nothing more than passive mouthpieces for their anonymous informants, nursing the treasured informational threads that keep their by-lines on the front pages. Likewise, we can not be sure as to which political players are kept in line through financial or sexual bribery, and which of those have come on board for purely ideological reasons. Yet as regards the Legend of 9/11, we can make a circumstantial case against certain individuals who likely can be placed in the so-called "loop" - for the very reason that they have been so instrumental, and particularly well-placed, in establishing what we know and how we know it. Individuals like James Woolsey, Robert Mueller, Jerry Hauer, Richard Clarke, Yosri Fouda, Vincent Cannistraro, Robert Baer, and Bob Graham - though some are likely not among the most senior masterminds, the scope of their hands-on involvement here, along with the foregoing information which most directly connects them to a possible conspiracy, should suffice at least to trigger a truly independent investigation involving a far more incisive look into the background and activities of these highly influential operatives.

The intention of this article has not been to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that there exists a conspiracy to fabricate an official 9/11 Legend. Without the benefit of subpoena power in order to obtain the relevant documents and witness testimonies, that would indeed be legally impossible. However, it has been my intention to amass enough circumstantial evidence in order to compel a truly thorough investigation along these lines. In this respect, all one need do is to ultimately establish, on a less stringent balance of probabilities, that it is more likely than not that the "official" legend of 9/11 was in fact a covertly choreographed cover story spanning many years, involving many of the above-named individuals.

Yet in the light of past failed attempts to unearth the existence of systemic corruption, it would be naive to expect that one could employ the "establishment" infrastructure itself so as to expose its seedier contours. Rather, citizens need to establish a parallel infrastructure, one that involves a collective partnership between various law enforcement officers, military personnel, lawyers, politicians, business people, and journalists - in other words, among the very classes of people who essentially establish and reinforce our "mainstream" perceptions. We need to counter the psychological herd mentality which compels the masses among these groups to follow the designs of those higher up in authority. There are, at present, likely thousands of decent law-abiding Americans who have witnessed many aspects of the anomalies described herein, yet they have been intimidated or discouraged from revealing what they know. Without a powerful countervailing elite group to harvest their testimonies and "mainstream" the incriminating evidence, they are left with no recourse but to remain silent.

In the end, the American justice system may provide the best solution for getting at the truth. With a powerful, interconnected group of elites who are outside the present framework, we can indeed ensure that thousands of powerless bureaucrats, air traffic controllers, and any number of other well-placed witnesses have a venue to deposit their valuable testimonies, forcing previously taboo subjects onto the mainstream agenda. It has been my intention with this paper to present, as much as possible, a reasonably comprehensive case for the existence of a huge and sophisticated disinformation apparatus that has carefully structured our perceptions as regards the events of September 11. Moreover, I have sought to supply a theoretical framework in order to demonstrate how such an operation plausibly could be pulled off, marshaling a great deal of evidence from mostly mainstream sources, and building a circumstantial case against those above-named individuals who likely had the motive, means, and opportunity to partake in fomenting this historic criminal fraud upon the American - and indeed, global - populace.

Propaganda is most effectively countered by truth. In the aftermath of September 11, there is, in fact, a relatively compact group of individuals who have both the means and the personal interest to "mainstream" the circumstantial evidence provided herein - namely, the families of the victims of September 11. At present, many of these families are cynically being used in order to present a complacency theory behind 9/11, thereby unwittingly lending their imprimatur to the establishment of an over-arching police state apparatus - the manifestation of the "homeland security" blueprint which had actually preceded September 11 by several months. Yet it is my contention that if these families were made aware of the full extent of the various anomalies, coincidences, and well-timed set-ups - and that the interaction of these elements may only be explained within a complicity paradigm - then they may use their moral suasion and political capital in order to tear the veil off the herd mentality which keeps the truth well-hidden from the masses.

And we will get to that truth once we fully expose the garland of lies which decorates the Official Legend of 9/11.


Revelations on Brigitte throw doubt on Lodhi conviction

Comments by a former chief of French security intelligence that Brigitte is a person of no importance who Australian authorities play on to create fear have undermined the case against Lodhi, convicted last year in Sydney on terror charges after being linked with Brigitte.

Doubtful justice in Lodhi sentencing

In Lodhi’s case, this has meant that the threshold of what constitutes “beyond reasonable doubt” has been lowered to an alarming degree. Justice and civil rights are the victims of this “war on terror” in which the government and security agencies benefit politically from convicting supposed terrorists. It is likely that Lodhi’s conviction and sentencing demonstrates, as in the Thomas case, that terror laws are being used to jail people who are not terrorists.

Australians have become a victim of terrorism

The John Howard government's terrorist antics have been the most dangerous acts of aggression on sovereign nations for 200 years. Why wouldn't people fear some form of retaliation or false flag terrorist act now? What you do is what you get! So why do it? Why take the risk? Then tell us about the risks because of what you do? Who should be scared? John Howard should be scared at the next election. We should be scared that he was elected last time and that the mass media power help reinforce that fear by propping up a war criminal and his governments terrorist antics.

Explosive equipment was for special effects in a movie scene

Mr Amundsen a teacher told the court the equipment was for special effects in a movie scene. So how did the DPP get it so wrong? Why did they initially claim that he was a terrorist? Surely the police had questioned him at some stage and had already known the real truth about the matter. So why were all Australian's told lies about terror by the prosecutor? A solicitor of the court? And by John Howard's ABC?

Bin Laden in the classroom


Lib/Lab Truth Scale TV

Yeah there was Johnny Howard lecturing about how the Liberals could lead NSW with a Peter Debnam's 'Let's fix NSW' campaign. But the way I see it they know how to 'fix it', all right! In more criminal ways than one. You just have to think like a war criminal and invite the spirits in for a chat about history...


How is it that Prime Minister John Howard can accuse other people of some crime or lies? No, you do not need to be clairvoyant or have any special supernatural talents to meet up with or to see one of the more see-through inhabitants of politics in Australia today. You just need a strong heart and an eager mind. While other people, who are being accused, belittled, tainted or desecrated by numerous criminal politicians and their media allies. Politicians who don't lead us by any form of example and who break their own morals, principals, values, and ethics. Politicians who break their own laws in order to deceive us and to suit their own political ends.

NSW committal for terrorism scapegoats begins at Penrith Court

In reality this is just a waste of taxpayer's money. The rules of evidence and standards have been reduced to compliment the draconian laws that go along with it. This is just a show trial for political purposes and all Australians should bow their heads in disgrace that the war criminal John Howard has stooped so low in order to continue his fear mongering and resource wars in the middle east.

Australia: The New 51st State

John Howard's servility to the US is even greater than Tony Blair's and has earned him the nickname Bush's deputy sheriff. The conspiracy between Washington, the media and politicians is eroding the country's freedoms

Tasneem Chopra at Free David Hicks vigil 2 March

This week's vigil was addressed by Tasneem Chopra of the Islamic Women's Welfare Council of Victoria ... MP3, 5min.10, 608KB.

Long-delayed “terrorist” hearings to commence in Sydney

There has been a deafening silence, however, over the fact that Muslim men are being held in similar conditions in Melbourne and Sydney, with the bipartisan agreement of both major political parties.

Senior lawyers accuse Australian government of war crimes over Guantánamo

The demand for the laying of war crimes charges against Howard, Ruddock and Downer should be taken up by ordinary working people throughout the country. The government’s ongoing treatment of David Hicks, and its defence of the illegal US military commissions, constitute a threat to the democratic and legal rights of every Australian citizen. They demonstrate the real face of the so-called “war on terror” and are a warning of the equally repressive measures being prepared at home against government opponents.

An alleged international security expert from the US? CIA?

No question in my mind, sorry! I think we need to get Smart! What do you think 99?

Document says 15 Million Australians planning terrorist attacks

A leaked Australian intelligence document says Australian politicians are facing a greater threat from terrorists than at any time since the September 11 false flag operations by the US neocons in the US in 2001.

"Camp Howard" - Australia's very own Guantanamo Bay on Christmas Island - Feb 20

The completion date for this $364 million dollar Guantanamo-style detention complex is mid-2007...

David Hicks vs The Commonwealth: Back in Court

"It seems that the Australian government is working overtime to get David to plead guilty so everything can go according to their plan. David's unjust imprisonment is now clearly an election liability," added Bassi.

The Howard government, RAMSI, and the April 2006 Solomon Islands’ riots Part 2

The Howard government immediately moved to derail the official investigation, using all the dirty tricks at its disposal. Former Australian Federal Court Justice Marcus Einfeld, who was appointed head of the inquiry, became the target of an extraordinary media witchhunt in Australia, ostensibly over an unpaid $77 speeding fine. Following Einfeld’s announcement that he was resigning from the Solomons’ investigation, the barrage of sensationalist stories disappeared from the headlines as suddenly as they had emerged.

High Court More Vulnerable To War Criminals?

Lawyers for Mr Thomas have argued the order imposed by the Federal Court is at odds with the Constitution.

Australian Man Robert Jovicic Gets A Visa?

An Australian man who has lived in Australia since he was a child has been given a two-year visa and has thanked the Immigration Sinister Kevin Andrews for allowing him to stay home. What he can be assured of though is that he is an Australian no matter what the John Howard government say.

Demands grow for release of Australian Guantánamo prisoner, David Hicks

But such is the mountain of lies from Canberra that government officials are losing track. On Monday, February 5, the government’s threadbare claims were suddenly cast aside when Howard told a meeting of government MPs that all he had to do was ask for Hicks’s release and the Australian would be repatriated.

Prosecutors drop terrorism charges against ex-teacher

Why because the Howard Government lied to you again and ramped up false fears in the community along with this list that I have compiled here for your perusal!

Fair trial impossible in Melbourne terrorism case, lawyers say

Lawyers defending Melbourne's 13 terrorism suspects might ask for a permanent stay of proceedings, unless issues with the National Security Information Act can be resolved.

Lawyers for the 13 men, who are due to face trial this year, say adhering to the provisions of the National Security Information Act would make a fair trial absolutely impossible.

Ron Merkel QC told the Supreme Court that the requirement to inform the Attorney-General of any issues lawyers might cover relating to national security was only possible in a "bureaucratic dreamland, divorced from the criminal process".

The lawyers want the power handed back to the court, calling for a process whereby the judge, not organisations such as ASIO, decides what information is a potential security risk.

If both sides can not agree on a compromise by March 1, lawyers could ask for a permanent stay.

If you're waiting for Lib/Lab then you're just waiting for a catastrophe!

What about all the scapegoats the Howard government has produced for their war on terror/resources? Most, still languishing in isolated segregation prisons and still waiting to be heard. Rendition and torture of our citizens? 20 years for thought crimes? Jury asked to push on when they couldn't make up their mind? Rules of evidence and standards lowered in our local courts? 5 years in Guantanamo without trial or charge? Military style Kangaroo Courts, Control Orders? Detention Orders? Indefinite Detention? Then we have Australian citizens being held in detention and even being deported?

[BringDavidHome] [mardi gras]

We need volunteers to join in the walking group in the parade. We're seeking 50 volunteers to get dressed in bright orange coveralls, along with others to carry banners, placards and other assorted dress to emphasise the message that David Hicks must be brought home.

Former medical student to stand trial over suspected training

Today his lawyers sought special leave to appeal to the High Court, arguing the Commonwealth did not have power over acts committed in foreign countries with no connection to Australia.

Hicks: Campaign Kits

Also in the Current Issues section of the website, read the UN's comments on Australia's counter terror laws.

ADA defends security despite rocket launcher theft

"There were all these hysterical stories a couple of weeks ago about military armouries being open to terrorists and it just wasn't true," he said.

The importance of being alert


Hicks fundraiser: Guess who came to spoil dinner?

I'm proud to be in the same photo frame as this extraordinarily brave and committed father and my own brother who my family and I love as a human being and not the distorted bogeyman that we read about in the papers.

Hicks: Canberra Convergence

Thanks to supporters in Canberra an add will be appearing in the Canberra media Thursday 1/2 & Saturday 3/2. Looking forward to see you all.

SDO Demo Crazy Failures mp3

It is not about defending D Hicks, it is about OUR rights of protection from powerful individuals and state - radical radio 30 mins stereo

In the face of mounting opposition, Australian government backs new Guantánamo courts

“It is time for the 50,000 members of the profession—from High Court judges to articled clerks—to have the courage to withdraw their services for a day to make it clear to John Howard and Philip Ruddock that we are ashamed of them. Both of them obtained law degrees predicated on the belief in the presumption of innocence. They are a blight on the profession,” Birrell wrote.

Sedition on the streets of Melbourne is a collection of individuals who want to challenge Australia's sedition laws publicly. This Indymedia reporter met them on the streets of Melbourne outside the offices of the Victorian Justice Department holding their weekly vigil and leafleting the public about the sedition laws.

HREOC renews call to end mandatory detention

21 January 2007: Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission - HREOC has released a report on Villawood (Sydney), Baxter (Port Augusta), Perth, Maribyrnong (Melbourne) and Northern (Darwin) Immigration Detention Centres. It details observations made during visits in October and November last year by Human Rights Commissioner Graeme Innes and his staff. In a statement HREOC has renewed its call for an end to Australia's mandatory immigration detention laws...

Bring David Hicks Home Vigil

People gathered outside the Commonwealth Department of Foreign Affairs in Casseldon Place today to protest the ongong detention without trial of David Hicks. David Hicks has started his sixth year of detention in the US administered Guantanamo Bay Camp on the island of Cuba, still without trial. Much of this time has been in solitary confinement. Hicks alledges he has been subject to torture and abuse by US authorities.

Australian Parliament must reject US kangaroo courts for David Hicks

Bring David Home campaigners are calling for a Canberra Convergence on the opening of Parliament on Tuesday 6 February at 11am on Parliament lawns.

UN report: More than 34,000 Iraqi civilian deaths in 2006

Children are also increasingly vulnerable, with many having lost multiple family members. Some desperate parents engage in trafficking of their children outside Iraq to work as sex slaves or child laborers, or offer them for unlawful adoption.


“Australians, across the political spectrum, are now demanding the release and repatriation of David Hicks and members of parliament must do all that is necessary to redress the travesty of justice that has seen this young Australian spend five years and two months in legal limbo,” Ms Obeid added.

Close Guantanamo Bay - Melbourne Protest

Some quick video clips from today's protest at Casselden Place organised by Civil Rights Defence as part of global protests against Guantanamo Bay.

Man refused bail over rocket launcher charges, discrepancies?

Peter Debnam is also a 'chip off' the old neo-liberal rocket launcher 'war criminal', block, John Howard, who has a very good reason to hype up and generate fear in the community for an illegal and degrading war in Iraq. Sinister?

Australia: Here we go again more Howard gov't lies


Another scapegoat or two bite the dust!

John Howard the rocket launcher and his AFP now lay the blame of lost rocket launchers on a scapegoat in custody. Typical propaganda to make himself look good. Again! But now there is a specific target and I strongly suggest it's John Howard's war on terror and how much of a boost he can give to his fear factor so he can continue war mongering!

Xenophobic rocket launcher, so why was it reported really?

Police say they are unsure if the claims, published in a 'Sunday newspaper', are true and they are now being investigated. [So why was it reported today by howard's 'abc' and the 'Melbourne age'?

Community probe reports of AFP training with CIA and M15

"We can determine that there have been other reports about the illegal and degrading wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the complicity of the AFP in the Bali bombing in 2002, and now the fire sale of Australian military hardware, including a rocket launcher found on a tip. After the rocket launchers that went missing from the Australia War Force just recently and that's part of the inquiries that we are making," They said.


U.S. Army Subpoenas Independent Journalist to Testify

Ring a bell? Jack Thomas and Four Corners!

Read on or better still watch the program if you can.

Australian court orders re-trial on terrorist charges

His re-trial is a warning that the political and media establishment will stop at nothing to try to secure convictions to bolster the “war on terror” and overturn essential protections against official persecution, such as the rules against torture and double jeopardy.

Political scapegoat to face retrial for a Walkley award

But the facts about his torture seems a little difficult for John Howard's ABC to spit out in today's news! And John Howard's motives should be very clear to everyone. Scapegoats have become the latest fascism.

Australia Complicit in CIA Bali Bombings: Community

[There is] no doubt whatsoever of the CIA's involvement and the complicity of the Australian goverment and that view is shared by us and by our counterparts in Indonesia.

Bring David Hicks home - thousands of people rally across Australia

"John Howard, he doesn't want (to) bring David Hicks here for so many reasons, because he's a good witness against the crime of the government overseas."

Billboards going up, lawsuit filed, David Hicks home by Christmas?

Finally, this Saturday December 9, you can join thousands of Australians nationwide to mark the fifth year of David's detention without trial. Peaceful protests are being coordinated by a coalition of action and human rights groups including Fair Go for David and Amnesty International, with key speakers at each event including Major Mori in Melbourne. Order your own Bring David Hicks Home sign and check out the details of a gathering near you.


Close Guantanamo prison camp - Stop the war on civil liberties

Hicks: Major Mori speaks

According to Mori, All it would take is for the attorney-general to make a telephone call [to Washington] and David would be coming home. But the Australian government has a political problem, he said, because for five years they've labeled Hicks an accused terrorist or a terror suspect. Theyve admitted that if Hicks was brought home they could not charge him with anything because he has not committed a crime under Australian law. Mori believes the Howard government is still hoping the US will do the dirty work for them.

No compo for malice, rendition, false imprisonment, assault - including torture - government secrets?

The court was also told that the Government will be mounting two confidential defences in the case - one of which will only be released to Mr Habib's lawyers.

hoWARd's connections with the abc in Australia and abroad

[So you have to have a story behind it to make up for the distance between false flag opps in Indonesia all the way across to Iraq and Afghanistan that's a huge leap to cover without a terror tale to hook into? What about the Icon of the Terror movement G W Bush? At least we know he's guilty! Osama bin Laden hasn't been found guilty of anything, yo!] And Indonesia has been blowing up bombs in their own country just to move people out of villages for years!]

Australia: Anti-Muslim “terror plot” unravels

Without waiting for any evidence, Prime Minister John Howard and his ministers immediately claimed that the arrests provided disturbing new proof that “home-grown” terrorists were preparing attacks in Australia. Howard told parliament: “If they have broken the law or been involved in terrorism, well they deserve everything they get.”

Draconian scapegoat orders 'stacked against' Thomas

A constitutional law expert says the system is stacked against Melbourne man Jack Thomas.

'Control order' should frighten all Australians

Greens Senator Kerry Nettle today condemned the issuing of a 'control order' to Jack Thomas by the Attorney General Phillip Ruddock and renewed The Greens call for this arbitrary power to be removed from law.

Australia: The torture of Jack Thomas

Given the High Commissioner’s role and the reference to “high places,” there is every indication that the Australian government sanctioned these abuses. What is indisputable is that, acting on its behalf, the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions sought to secure convictions that depended entirely upon the completely unreliable statements that Thomas made in his desperation to stop the beatings, avoid being sent to Guantánamo Bay and be allowed to go home.

Jack Thomas served with control order

Anyway who cares about civil liberties should be outraged at this decision. We hear about authoritarian governments putting people under house arrest in Burma – well, now it’s happening right here in Australia!’

Professor George Williams says

University of New South Wales law expert Professor George Williams says the matter could be tested in the High Court.

He says the case will reduce people's confidence in the
justice system.

"The fact that a jury is not involved, the fact that the criteria are loaded against the person because the standard of proof is significantly lower than it would normally be, mean that even though a judge, I have no doubt, will attempt to give a fair hearing and do his or her best - doesn't matter," he said.

"You've got the system stacked against someone.

"This is not a normal process and indeed that's exactly the problem with it."

If they were any tougher they'd Rust!

Tougher terrorism laws predicted after Thomas ruling?

A top defence lawyer says he is concerned the Government might push for tougher anti-terrorism laws as a result of the quashing of convictions against Melbourne man Joseph Terrence Thomas.

abc 18 Aug 06

Judge quashes Thomas conviction

This is fantastic news. Congratulations to Jack and the Thomas family! It is a vindication of everyone prepared to fight for basic rights -- and makes the bus trip all the more important. We're in the process of putting a press release out. Good news for a change!

Joseph Thomas conviction immoral


DPP should lose the plot!

Now why would the DPP do that? Based on some notion I suppose, that john hoWARd (the hangman) wants to use Thomas's butt again, to raise the fear stakes in the introduction of the new Anti-Liberty-Dissent Directives!

David Hicks’s release from Guantánamo

The ongoing imprisonment of Hicks, which is designed to psychologically destroy him, has further underscored the contempt for legal precedent and democratic rights that characterises the entire Australian political establishment.

Andrew Sullivan and the Tortued Truth

Mr. Habib said he was taken to a room with hooks on the wall and a barrel, set sideways like a roller, on the floor. His arms were stretched out, he said, and each wrist was handcuffed and fastened to a hook on the wall. By his description, the only way not to be left hanging was to stand on the barrel; an electric wire ran through it. Mr. Habib said he believed the interrogators in that room were Pakistani.

Mr. Habib said that when he refused to confess to being part of a 1995 terror plot, one man turned on the current. He lifted his feet to avoid the shock, he recalled, and he was suspended from the wall.

"I lost everything," he said.

The American Concentration Camp located at Guantanamo Bay must be closed. Let the people go free. Pardon them. Show them Christian charity. Stop this evil.

International Protest Day calls for the end of Guantánamo Bay

Lawyers denied access to secret truth in scapegoat case

In preparing his defence case, two of his lawyers, solicitor Adam Houda and barrister Peter Lange, saw information that the Commonwealth says they should not have had access to.

Anti-terrorism laws target non-suspects: expert

The forum will look at Australia's legal response to terrorism but would be minded to think of it as scapegoating for john hoWARd's illegal and degrading war of aggression on Iraq that's errorism on purpose. In short, the 'fear' of the politics of a war criminal!


National Day of Action calling for the repatriation of David Hicks - 5 years of imprisonment & torture at the hands of the US army is more than enough: SATURDAY 9 DECEMBER 2006 - 12NOON - SYDNEY TOWN HALL Wear orange - bring drums

The Sydney Morning who?

Mum asks Downer to help sons in prison and the Sydney [Boring] Herald thought they would help out?

Sydney Daily Telegraph (Murdoch owned) skirt the anti terror censorship laws with deliberately false yet cunning stories?

Australian media seizes upon Muslim cleric’s comments to whip up xenophobia

There is now an inescapable necessity for all those opposed to militarism and war, and committed to the defence of democratic rights, to develop an independent political opposition to the xenophobic campaign being directed against Muslims. No faction of the media or political establishment has any opposition to the drive to militarise society under the banner of “Australian values”, and all are complicit in the cultivation of anti-Muslim communalism.

Homegrown war criminal's 'a serious problem in Australia'

Jump, scream, run and hide the muswims are coming to get you! Everywhere I turn there is another terrorist. I opened the sugar bowl this morning and there was a terrorist cockroach just waiting to get me, after stealing my sugar mind you. So we must be very alert and very alarmed. How else would a war criminal get re-elected after a holocaust and what looks like a third interest rate rise this year? Mostly, Howard's goals can only be attained, amongst other things, if he pushes race hate buttons and whilst you continue to live in fear.

Another Gov't Scapegoat Denied Freedom

However the governments criminal acts and clergy all lie and cannot be believed to the gross dissatisfaction of the general community which have no confidence in the violation of human rights and dignity based on hearsay and rhetoric about thought crimes.

Scott Parkin and Iraqi Asylum Seeker win court victory

In a huge victory - Scott Parkin and two Iraqi asylum seekers have won the right to view their negative ASIO security assessments in the Federal Court. The decision will expose the governments bogus attempts to link peace activism and asylum seekers with terrorism.


QLD errorism suspect prepares bail application?

Appearing via video link today for a mention, Amundsen regularly spoke over the magistrate, saying he wanted to make another bail application because he now has technical information to prove that the devices in his home were not bombs.

Lodhi gets 20 years for thought crime?

But what effect of what bombing attack? Thought crime attacks cause no vicitims or I might add no real threat to anyone! More fear has been created by the authorities baseless charges of crimes that were never committed and by the parrot press screaming out terrorist.

Amendments to proposed anti-terrorism/liberty directives have been dismissed in the Western Australian Parliament.

Convicted attention seeker Jack Roche called by afp as informant

A convicted 'attention seeker' Jack Roche now an afp informant has given hearsay evidence at the committal hearing for 13 men facing [alleged] terrorism charges in Melbourne.

American Concentration Camp located at Guantanamo Bay

Lodhi lawyer welcomes Thomas appeal win

Perhaps the abc should get another Walkley award?

Prosecution playing 'dirty tricks' in terrorism trial

The defence lawyers for Melbourne's 13 terrorism suspects have accused the prosecution of playing dirty tricks.

The prosecution today played a taped conversation between defendants Shoue Hammoud and Bassam Raad in which the prosecution alleges Raad suggests the authorities that put other members of their group in jail need to be slaughtered.

But in a heated volley of legal argument, defence lawyers said the reference to slaughter instead refereed to Raad's fears about what could happen to his friends in jail.

The defence lawyers said the prosecution was trying to drum up outrageous headlines to excite the media and to compound the fear being peddled in the Australian community.

The defence lawyers said the prosecution should just get on with the evidence.

ABC 18 Aug 06

Court hears fishing expedition letter 'referred to sacrifices to a cause'

The letter reads: "My love, How I miss you already? What would I ever do if we were separated for more than a day? Inshallah I will never find out. May the only cause for our separation be the cause of Allah. And may he grant me paradise alongside you as queen of your Hoor." [kiss, kiss, kiss, hug]

Faheem Lodhi - another non-terrorist jailed under Australia's 'anti-terror' laws?

Jack Thomas, a non-terrorist, has been jailed under Australia's anti-terror laws. Now Faheem Lodhi has been convicted under the terror laws on flimsy, circumstantial evidence. It is likely he is another non-terrorist jailed for political purposes under the terror laws.

Terrorism scapegoat was kidnapped, court hears

The Melbourne Magistrates Court has heard a man charged with [allegedly] directing a terrorist organisation was kidnapped last year.

The court was told Abdul Benbrika alleged in a conversation recorded by police that he was questioned and hit during an abduction which lasted about six hours.

The defendant did not indicate who was responsible for the alleged kidnapping.

Magistrate Paul Smith heard police initiated an internal investigation into the alleged kidnapping, but it was dropped after numerous efforts to contact Benbrika.

HoWARd's abc 15 August 2006

Magistrate allows AK-47 photo to prejudice scapegoat trial

No doubt that the magistrate seeks to incorporate the media throughout the proceedings of these innocent men because of a lack of concrete evidence and just so they can be used as scapegoat's for hoWARd's war on terror.

Former medical student to stand trial in kangaroo court!

Lawyers for the 23-year-old argue the charge is not constitutionally valid because they say the laws cannot cover alleged acts committed on foreign soil which do not have an Australian connection.

Student loses bid for High Court hearing

Lawyers for the 23-year-old argue the charge is not constitutionally valid because they say the laws cannot cover alleged acts committed on foreign soil which do not have an Australian connection.

Attorney General Ruddock is Oddball over anti-terrorist laws!Attorney

Attorney General Ruddock attacks different laws.

Australia's Guantanamo

Have the 13 Muslim men arrested under Australia's new anti-terror laws been subjected to Guantanamo Bay-style conditions? It's an allegation being made by Civil Rights Defence

Major Michael Mori writes re David Hicks

The US Supreme Court has ruled the special Guantanamo trials illegal. An acceptable solution from the Americans is likely years away and our Government has run out of excuses not to act. Nearly 40,000 Australians have put their name to the Open Letter calling for David Hicks to be repatriated. I hope you'll join us now by clicking on the link:

Judges weigh 'Joseph Thomas's' appeal! Get your facts right!

What would she have imposed for stealing a passport?

Standardising terrorism in the prison population?

Try giving us hope, access to our communities, a sense of caring by the outside community. And letting us out to make restitution instead of building festering anger.

Scapegoats accused 'exploited' by guberment prostitutor

The rest of the prisoners had to stay in jail in AA maximum security segregted with no contact with human people in a box within a box with no fresh air or sunlight with the worst of the worst offenders.

Jury indicated it could not reach a verdict, but was ordered to push on?

These charges were that he collected maps of the Australian electricity supply system in preparation of a terrorist act (15 years), BUT WITH NO DETAILS ABOUT THE PREPARATION ACCEPT MATERIAL TO SUPPORT THOUGHT CRIME? that he sought information on chemical prices for the use of explosives for a terrorist act (life), BUT NO SOUND EVIDENCE ABOUT WHETHER THE CHEMICALS WERE GOING TO BE PURCHASED OR USED FOR THE USE OF EXPLOSIVES OR A TERRORIST ACT and that he possessed a document with information on the manufacture of poisons and bombs in preparation for a terrorist act (15 years). THAT HE LIKE MANY OTHERS MAY HAVE DOWNLOADED FROM THE INTERNET WHICH IS NOT ILLEGAL USUALLY?

A dangerous precedent: Australian man convicted of “preparing terrorism”

Since 2001, the government has seized upon the “war” declared by US President George Bush for both domestic and international purposes. Under the guise of combating terrorism it has participated in the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, diverted attention from mounting economic and social problems at home and legitimised previously unthinkable police state-style measures, including semi-secret trials, “preventative” detention and the ability to impose life sentences without any evidence of an actual terrorist act.

Secret evidence used in Australian “terrorist” trial

Lodhi was bundled into the court building in shackles, in full view of the media. The display was intended to convey the impression that he is a violent and highly dangerous individual. Like several other Muslim men charged with terrorist offences in Australia over the past year, Lodhi has been denied bail and held in virtual solitary confinement in a “super max” prison, cut off from family and friends. Under state and federal “counter-terrorism” laws, the traditional presumption in favour of bail has been scrapped. It will only be granted in “exceptional circumstances”. On receiving a confidential affidavit from the Commonwealth, Magistrate Michael Price imposed a number of secrecy orders despite vigorous objections by lawyers for Lodhi and by media organisations. The orders mean that the affidavit itself will remain suppressed, and the media is barred from disclosing even the general nature of the material relied upon in it.

Merry Christmas Mr Kent and Mr Haddara

After and ASIO fishing expedition they were charged last month with knowingly belonging to a Melbourne-based terrorist group, that did not exist.

ASIO raid family home

This is an assault on civil liberties, for all Australians - on the eve of Human Rights Day 2005 that marks the day in 1948, that the United Nations adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Shame hoWARd shame on you!

Tight security impedes scapegoat case

Indymedia has learnt this includes a bank account his supporters say was set up to fund legal representation for Muslims facing any kind of legal action. The prosecution is understood to allege the money was intended for terrorist purposes.

Some evidence is prejudicial to national insecurity

It has been previously reported that he is facing nine charges and is accused of planning a major terrorist attack on Sydney defence sites and the electricity grid using downloads off the internet and having 100 rolls of toilet paper to wipe his arse after low level bombs and farts. Shit!

Terrorism suspects' custody conditions 'inhumane'

"This treatment is very cruel and inhumane and what I've put forward to the Premier Morris Iemma to intervene and put an end to this scandal," he said.

Things and places identified

He said Mulahalilovic worked as a handyman, lived with his wife, parents and brother and, with the help of family members, could provide around $1 million security to ensure his freedom until trial.

Dangerous handyman terror threat?

But the only mother of SATAN here is John HoWARd and his new Ant-Terrorism Bill!

Terror suspects 'kept in dark'

"They're all kept in solitary confinement, they're kept in Guantanamo Bay style conditions and they're very oppressive," he said.

What are the dangerous chemicals police found when they went fishing?

If police say they were making bombs when they were painting motor vehicles then the only terrorist act that wasn't prevented was when police went on a fishing expedition.

Man shot by police in fishing raids

But there is no such thing as an independent investigation team in NSW because police investigate themselves and cannot be relied upon ever.

ASIO fishing expedition makes arrests

Are you satisfied truthseeker? Well I'm not this is just another public relations exercise that no one can prove. But trust us we know best?

hoWARd, ruddock, ellison, keelty and news ltd plotted chaos

Now they go on in the article to describe themselves as intelligence officials? But I'm sorry to say that any group of people who ask another group of people to believe what they believe based on no evidence is amongst the most unintelligent and lost group of people the world has ever known.

Houses raided over 'possible' political attack plans?

"Furthermore, nothing is reasonable about a raid on people's homes because for an alleged possibility. For those sorts of enquiries one should approach a 'soothsayer' and if you get the all clear only then should they approach people via the front door with the appropriate warrant to search one's home. A warrant based on concrete evidence that has been filtered by a juge or magistrate of the court to see whether the material is frivolous or vexatious."

If he'd been given his passport he'd be a free man

During his trial Mr Mallah's defence counsel said he was only trying to sustain the media spotlight when he sold details of his plans to an undercover officer posing as a journalist.

Melbourne man charged over ASIO links

Apparently this victim will appear before the Melbourne Magistrates Court later today and hopefully he won't be sent to the nearest "AA" Super-max prison for "social isolation" just in case ASIO aren't telling us the truth!

Australian prisoners' linked to Bin Laden: Ten News

Hatzistergos: "For example, because of a perceived risk that they may engage in, or incite other persons to engage in, terrorist activities."

Terrorist prisoners held in a "box within a box" with no "fresh air or sunlight" at Goulburn HRMU may incite alleged terrorists in Long Bay to blow up Long Bay Prison's Twin Towers?

Mercy for murderers

Every family member of a 'victim' must feel this way. So when you think of the innocent victims in Bali then also think of the innocent victims in Iraq and Afghanistan the very reason for Bali.

hoWARd, will keep chilling you!

All this nonsense to hide the fact that the Bali bombing was not State Sanctioned Terror when it clearly was in relation to the explosive used in the second Bali bomb blast in 2002 which was clearly military hardware.

Australia's Terrorism Wake Up Call [164]

The horrific bombings of the Sari Club and Paddy's Bar in Bali, on October 12, 2002, considerably strengthened the hand of the CoW in pursuing the War on Terror. Here was an opportunity to harden the hearts of the Australian and US public against Islamic fundamentalists. It was also a chance for the Indonesian government to justify harsh measures in the war again

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Aust: Rudd vows to bar Brigitte from Australia

Parrot Press 16.Mar.2007 07:00

Federal Opposition Leader Kevin Rudd says a Labor government would not allow Willie Brigitte back into Australia after he was last night sentenced to nine years in jail for planning terrorism attacks here.


So where does he get the idea that after ten quick years as a scapegoat for the alleged war on terror that Willie Brigitte would actually like to come back to Australia? Bring his friends? Tell his friends it's a great place to visit? Nope! I don't think so Kevin Rudd you Dud!

And if I can also say.... Mr Speaker, that Lab are apart of the conspiracy theories because Lib/Lab are one in the same. Never once did Kevin Rudd ask one single question. He just ranted and raved on like a hairy chested govt beast. If the opposition is not there to ask any questions then you have no oppostion IMHO.


Brigitte case shows terrorism set-ups working: Community

Brigitte case shows terrorism measures working: Keelty

The Australian Federal Police Commissioner, Mick Keelty, says the Willy Brigitte court case is a good sign that international cooperation on terrorism is working well.

The Frenchman is considering appealing against his nine-year sentence for conspiring with Pakistani extremists to plot terrorist attacks in Australia.


The Willy Brigitte court case is a good sign that international cooperation on scapegoats for terrorism is working well.