Canadian Imperialism Out of Afghanistan!

Tens of thousands of Canadians died on the battlefields of WW1 and WW2. They did this thinking that they were fighting for freedom. The real reason for their sacrifices is much more sordid; they died as cannon fodder for Canadian and International Capitalism. They died because the bonds of fraternity between the workers of the world, real, but tentative were ripped apart by the joint efforts of Stalinism and the forces of so-called democracy (the veiled face of capitalist rule). They died fighting their class brothers many of whom were mystified and poisoned by a competing ideology, fascism (the naked dictatorship of capital, where the veil is removed). They thus died for a form of capitalism, and in doing so suffered the loss not only of their lives but of the classist perspective which is the only way out of the nightmare quagmire of imperialist war.


Since the Korean War Canadian Imperialism had managed to re-invent itself as a “peace-keeper” which meant in reality that instead of shooting people in the head on the battlefield, they performed the less glamorous, behind the scenes acts of repression that freed the more bellicose imperialisms (namely the U.S.) to do their dirty work. Nevertheless it worked to a certain extent; Canada was seen by many as a peace-loving country, its outward symbol the universally loved maple leaf on young people’s backpacks. So pervasive was this belief that many American youth, loathe to share the “ugly American” appellation of their parents and their nation, also took to wearing the little red maple leaf flag, as a sort of alternate pacifist symbol.

This insolent and deeply cynical posture has been dropped. Today, in Kanduhar, in Kabul and elsewhere in Afghanistan another Canadian Army carries out its grim occupation. It doesn’t call itself a peace-keeping force. It is there to shoot people in the head. In fact a Canadian soldier now holds the record (they keep such records!) for shooting someone dead over the longest distance. And in the heat of a firefight it often doesn’t matter whether those it shoots are Taliban combatants or women and children caught in a merciless crossfire. This is Canada’s role in Afghanistan—murderous point dog for US and Nato Imperialism.

The pacifists moan about the injuries to human rights, they seek to build a consensus of opinion punctuated by the voices of careerists and religious charlatans, to bring moral suasion on the Conservative Harper government. “Haven’t we done all we can there? Isn’t it time to disengage and bring our boys home?”

But Canada no longer bills itself as the world’s peacemaker—their new slogan is

Internationalist communists would put forward a different perspective. They would bring the forces of the proletariat onto the terrain of struggle against their own bourgeoisie and against world imperialism.

Strike against Canadian Imperialism in Afghanistan!
Tell Canadian soldiers the truth about why they have been sent there to kill and die!
Form soldiers committees to struggle against this occupation!
Better they come home in bodybags than remain as oppressors!
The best outcome for the proletariat is the defeat of this Imperialist incursion!
For an international communist party!

International Communist Party

Editions Programme, 3 rue Basse Combalot 69007 LYON - FRANCE

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