University-wide anti-war walk-out and demonstration: March 20, 2007, Rutgers-New Brunswick

We, a coalition of student organizations, are staging a walk-out and rally at 1:30pm on March 20th, 2007, the fourth anniversary of the war. The rally will take place at the Vietnam Memorial inside Voorhees Mall on College Avenue, followed by a march. We are calling upon the entire Rutgers community, including students, faculty, staff, and alumni/ae to join us in this public action in opposition to the unjust War in Iraq.

On March 20th, 2007, the fourth anniversary of the declaration of the Iraq War, a coalition of organizations on the New Brunswick campus of Rutgers University, including Rutgers Against the War (RAW), Belief Awareness Knowledge Activism-Students for Middle Eastern Justice (BAKA), The Central and South American Alliance (CASAA) and Tent State University (TSU), among others, will stage a university-wide demonstration in opposition to the war.

On this day, Rutgers University students will be coming together in solidarity to make a strong statement that we refuse to stand for the war any longer. "We're interrupting our normal routine for one day to send a message to those who represent us in Congress and to the American people that we need to end the war now. Our activism will empower students across the nation and encourage them to join us in our resistance to the war" said Suzan Sanal, a Douglass College sophomore.

Students are encouraged to walk out of their classes at 1:30 p.m. and march down to the Vietnam War memorial on Voorhees Mall on the College Avenue Campus for a rally and multiple speakers. The speakers will include Iraq War veteran Chad Hetman, Sue Neirderer from Gold Star Mothers, and Rutgers faculty and students. Following the rally, we will march from College Avenue to the Marine recruiting Station on the Corner of George Street and New Street in New Brunswick for a second rally and additional speakers.

Students organizing the event hope that it will raise awareness across campus of the atrocities of the war, and motivate more students and faculty to become involved in the anti-war effort. The students believe that it will create a sense of empowerment and unity in the Rutgers community as people opposed to the war and advocates of justice and peace come together to take a strong stance to pressure the United States Government to enact the people's will.

WHAT: Campus-wide walkout and demonstration against the War in Iraq, on the New Brunswick campus of Rutgers University, in honor of the fourth anniversary of the declaration of war.
WHO: Rutgers Students, Faculty, Staff, Alumni, and Community Members.
WHERE: Rally and speakers on Voorhees Mall at the Vietnam Memorial behind Scott Hall-43 on College Avenue in New Brunswick (The College Avenue Campus).
Then a march down George Street to the Marine Recruiting Station-at 303 George Street in New Brunswick for another rally and more speakers.
WHEN: March 20, 2007, beginning at 1:30 p.m.

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