The Barrow Creek Incident

"The Falconio Case" Investigation. Viz-a-Vis "The Barrow Creek Incident" Proper.

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"The Barrow Creek Incident"

Most of the information containd therein (with exception to, The Trial Notes)
were made available PRIOR TO TRIAL, to
AHC UK, AFP AU, Falconio case NT, The Prosecution NT, Media UK and AU and, The Defence Team Adelaide SA.

This included mention also PRIOR TO TRIAL of,
The stop at AILERON by Lees and Falconio and also that,
Falconios Blood WAS mixed with that of the road Kill.

They Were Told That "The Barrow Creek Incident" WAS a "Scenes Simulations Exercise"

For over Five Years, I have allways maintained my Integrity by Disclosing my Full Name.

To, The Prosecution, Media and The Defence, in matters relating to

"The Falconio Case"
"The Barrow Creek Incident"

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Brian Wyborne - Huntley Esq

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Bloody Hell Do Dingos Undress Babies ?

Johnny Outback 17.Mar.2007 10:51

Well you gotta admit this blokes bit the bloody biscuit and knows the ins and outs of a ducks arse regarding This case,
I must agree in general with most of the points he has made.
So give credit where it is due.
At least he has had the balls to stick his neck out for an Australian.